Best Rotating Hot Air Brush: Stunning Hair With Less Work!

Every morning blow drying your hair with a brush can take a long time. After blow drying, you’ll still need to style. That’s why most women will do it once then try to maintain that style over the next few days.

With the best rotating hot air brush, it’s a one-step process that saves a ton of time. They are not complicated. You don’t have to use two styling tools at the same time, either. There are no extra steps needed for looking your best every day.

We’ve reviewed some of the top names when it comes to rotating hot air brushes. Read on to the end to see our guide on how to choose the right one for your hair length, texture, and style.

Top 5 Rotating Hot Air Brush Reviews

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

A hot brush will dry and style hair at the same time. Revlon is a company that understands the world of hair styling. They’ve been around for years and many customers are huge fans. It’s because they’re at the cutting edge of technology with their devices.

Revlon One-Step Hot Air Brush

In this hot air brush, you’re getting incredible styling with great materials. The brush has a ceramic coating. It even distributes heat, so there won’t be any damage. Ceramic naturally generates ions. With ions, you’re reducing frizz and making hair soft.

The hot air brush has a motor providing 1100 watts of power. It’s designed to fit US 120v outlets. It has two heat and speed settings. Starting on high or low will depend on the amount of water saturation in your hair. It’s also great for detangling hair and can be used with the cool option.

The brush isn’t round like some other hot air styling tools. It’s oval with a rounded edge. The flatter side can be used for smoothing hair. The rounded edge makes waves and flips. The brush has nylon pin bristles with tufts. That improves the detangling you get with this air brush.

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Great positives

The ceramic and its ionic properties make smooth hair possible. Instead of blowing drying then using a curling iron, you can do the same process with one device. It’ll cut your styling time in half.

A blow dryer will send hair flying all over the place. There’s less control than you’re getting with a hot air brush. The rotating plug helps you be mobile while styling. It easily switches from one side of your head to the other.

The cool tip and ergonomic handle make it easy to hold as long as needed. When you’re curling with the hot air brush, you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers. The cool tip keeps your fingers safe.

Minor concern

This hot air brush doesn’t travel well. It’s meant for a 120v plug, which is only available in the US. The company recommends that you don’t use a voltage converter with it.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

The brand is one that has been used in salons for years. You’re able to get the same styling at home now. This hot air brush will make hair shiny, smooth, and lovely. It’ll be free of frizz, too. The nature of a rotating brush means that it’s automatically smoothing your hair with the movement.

BaBylissPRO Nano Hot Air Brush

When you add in heat and air, you can create any style you want. There are 3 heat settings with this ceramic hot air brush. It has low, high, and cool as options. The heat options provide infrared heat in this nano titanium air brush. It produces ions naturally with the ceramic. It provides added drying and shine.

The bristles have a few benefits. It keeps hair from becoming tangled. The bristles add shine, and they reduce static as well as frizz in your hair, too. When hair is in the bristles, it won’t become tangled. They will create volume in your new, shiny hair, too.

The hot air brush rotates two different ways to provide curls and flips to your hair. The way you rotate will depend on the side you’re brushing. You can switch when moving to the other side. You can use this whether you’re right handed or left handed. It’s really convenient.

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Great positives

The heat and air you get with this hot air brush is strong. You can go from sopping wet hair to really beautifully styled hair in half the time you would spend using a blow dryer and curler.

The barrel is 2 inches. It’s a good ceramic heat. There are two advantages to ceramic. The material absorbs and sends out heat evenly. It’s a natural element for emitting ions. With ions, hair dries faster and is shinier.

The clients who ask about rotating hot air brushes will be recommended a list that includes this one. It has so many benefits that it would be a crime not to include it. No client has come back to the salon and expressed disappointment.

Minor concern

The rotation of the brush needs a constant pressure on the button. Once you take your finger off the button, it stops rotating. It’s a safety feature, but it can be a pain if you have a lot of hair to dry.

3. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

The company started in London, but they quickly became a name known globally. They have been around for over 3 decades. They deliver salon-worthy results since they really consider what each hair type needs to be its best. They have products that work specifically for every type of hair.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

Their hot air brush has a 1 ½” barrel. It’s made of titanium and ceramic. These materials are bringing a targeted benefit to your hair. The ceramic provides even heat while the titanium delivers volume. They stop hair from becoming frizzy with their advanced ionic tech.

The bristles bring you added shine and keeps hair from tangling. They’re very soft nylon bristles. Between the bristles and the barrel materials, you’re getting elements that will make hair incredibly shiny. The bristles are meant to keep hair from tangling, too.

With a 500-watt motor, styling will be pretty quick. There are two heat settings with this hot air brush. The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has a low heat and air power as well as a high heat and air power. There’s also a cool shot button for setting your style like you would with a blow dryer.

Great positives

With the 1 ½” size of this barrel, you’re getting really big, loose waves. The hair strands sliding through the nylon bristles against the titanium and ceramic are making it very shiny.

When your hair is shiny, it looks much healthier. Not only do you want strands that look healthy, you want waves without the frizz. Your style should have volume, but not because it’s frizzy or poofy.

The device is very light, and you’ll be able to hold it for a while as your hair dries. It’s much better than a brush and blow dryer. You won’t have to spend 15 minutes with both hands over your head.

Minor concern

Compared to some alternatives, this hot air brush is on the loud side. If you need a really quiet hair device, this isn’t going to be the one for you. It’s not like it’s as loud as a lawn mower, but there seem to be quieter versions out there.

4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

Revlon has been around for years. It was founded way back in 1932. The fact that it’s still around says a lot about the company and its products. It’s a multi-national company with all kinds of beauty and personal care brands. They make incredible products for hair styling.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

That includes this One-Step device. It has a wide, paddle brush. The width of the brush makes it ideal for smoothing and covering more hair. In one swipe, you can get more hair with a paddle brush like this. The pins have a massage ball on top for being gentle on your scalp.

Along with drying, there is ionic conditioning for boosting shine. It eliminates frizz while it dries your hair. Hair that is thirsty for moisture is full of positive ions. Ionic conditioning generates negative ions to moisturize hair and make it shiny. It helps to remove frizz and keep it away for hours.

There are two heat settings in this device. They’re powered by a 1000-watt motor. The low heat/air and high heat/air are the two options for drying and styling. You can choose high for drying then low when you’re ready to style. The cool shot button is how you’ll set your style when you’re done.

Great positives

If you style with a paddle brush, you’re going to love this device. It’s combining the paddle and the blow dryer together for you. With just one hand, you can get the same style in less time.

It has 3 temp settings. They say one is for thin hair, one is for thick hair, and the cool shot is to set hair. You can use the high for blow drying and the low setting for detailed style. It’s easier to style hair once it’s almost completely dry.

This is a great device for getting near the roots without blowing hair every direction. That’s what usually happens with a brush and blow dryer, which leads to tangles. You’re not getting that with this device.

Minor concern

The handle is a bit thicker than expected. It’s a thick handle middle to end. You’ll have to hold the handle closer to the brush. It can be very hot near the brush.


With Conair, you’re getting an American-based personal care company located in Connecticut. They’ve been selling beauty products since they were founded in 1959. Since they started out with hair dryers and styling irons, it makes sense that their products will be superior.


This device comes with 2 spin brush heads. Included in the box are the 1 ½-inch brush and the 2-inch brush. They are made with tourmaline and ceramic. The materials are making ions naturally for shiny hair. It reduces frizz to give you soft, beautiful hair.

Each of the brush heads rotates, which helps to enhance the shine in your hair. The buttons allow you to go left or right based on your preference. The bristles reduce the tangles and are anti-static. You can get big, bouncy curls with either of these brushes.

There are 2 heat settings and speeds. Low air/heat and high air/heat are the options you can choose. It’ll depend on what you’re trying to do to your hair. There’s also a cool button for setting your style. It has a removable filter for keeping the motor clean and free of dust.

Great positives

The rotating hot air brush can be used with or without the rotation. That’s a great feature since you might want to do some quick styling. The spinning of the brush is giving you great shine.

Combining the spinning with materials like tourmaline and ceramic lead to soft, shiny hair, too. It releases ions naturally, which can help to protect hair. It’s going to reduce the amount of frizz as well as promote healing.

It can be a bit scary to use a rotating brush if you have longer hair. It doesn’t have to be. The brush has detangling and anti-static bristles, so your hair won’t get stuck. Use either brush for the type of curls you want.

Minor concern

The brush doesn’t spin on the cool setting. Once you’re done styling, you can use the cool button to “set” the style. It’s not going to rotate like it did for the heat, though. That won’t make a huge difference, but is something to note.

How To Choose The Best Rotating Hot Air Brush

There are a few things to think about before you buy a hot air brush. Most of them involve your hair, and what you want for your personal style.

  • Materials for the Hot Air Brush

The right materials can mean the difference between a good hairstyle and one that doesn’t last the full day. Older brushes have metal barrels, and you’ll want to stay away from those. For your hot air brush, it’s important to consider what features you need.

Ceramic and tourmaline tend to generate more ions than other materials. Ions coat hair and moisturize it, but that’s not always good. Especially if you have thin hair. It can weigh hair down.

  • Temperature Settings and a Cool Shot Button

Due to the fact that everyone’s hair has different requirements, you need a varied temp and speed settings. It’s good to have high and low speeds and heat. It’s helpful when drying as well as styling.

Usually, people will use a high heat to get most of the dampness out of the hair. After that, low heat and air are good for getting a specific style. The cool shot button is perfect for setting the style for the entire day. It smooths hair out as well.

  • Rotating Switch for Easy Change

The switch for rotation should be in an easy place to reach. Some buttons can be in a spot where you’d normally place your hand. They should be convenient, but not where they can be easily hit by accident.

There are usually two buttons for rotation. You’ll switch as you move from one side of your head to the other. It’s helpful when you’re trying to get a uniform style on the right and left.

  • Barrel Shape and Size

There are a few different barrel shapes for hot air brushes. Paddle brushes are not necessarily rotating, but they’re able to dry hair while giving it style. Round brushes are usually rotating. They can give you big, loose curls that shine.

Oval is another shape for hot air brushes. They will create flips and curls as you want depending on how you hold the brush. The size of the barrel matters, too. Most of the time, the barrels are 1 to 2 inches.

  • Anti-Static Bristles

Bristles come in a few design styles. There are short bristles that will detangle and make hair shine. They’re usually made of nylon in different lengths. These bristles ensure that hair is detangled and able to touch the barrel easily.

The other kind is the pin bristle. It often has a massage bead on the top of it. They’re common in paddle brushes. These are good for stopping static as well as keeping hair from getting tangled.

  • Length of Your Hair

The length as well as the state of your hair is another consideration for the hot air brush you choose. If you have long hair, you want a device that won’t cause hair to get pulled. It should have a bigger barrel, so hair doesn’t get stuck.

Short hair can benefit from a smaller barrel. The hair’s thickness will also influence the type of barrel that you choose. The bristles, temperature, and speed will all change on the length of your hair.


Rotating hot air brushes are convenient and easy to use. It saves you time. Some people can’t get the hang of drying with a brush and hair dryer at the same time. These devices take all of the error out of the process. They do the work for you.

The best rotating hot air brushes are made from the best materials. They will blow hot air with ions for moisturizing hair instead of pulling the moisture out. Drying hair and making it smooth shouldn’t cause damage. The hot air brushes are actually helping to heal your hair and make it look incredible.

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