We all are familiar with shampoos and what they do by now. Simply put, they wash the hairs clean. Shampoos have been around for a pretty long time now. As long as we use hair styling products on our hair, we would always need a shampoo to wash them off.  Even though their use seems to be obvious, you can’t just pick up any shampoo product and start to apply on your hair. The African American hair especially, needs a lot of good choices when it comes to shampoo use.

The black hair is quite unique. Its uniqueness makes it even more important to use the right products when it comes to hair care. Bad decisions like the wrong choice of a shampoo can cause displeasing effects. The long array of shampoos you would find at a hair product store might overwhelming, making you choose a shampoo that would do little or no good to your precious hair.

I understand the struggle of making these decisions so I’ve decided to compile a list of the best shampoo for your black hair, based on the needs of your hair.

Best Shampoo For Black Hair Comparison Table

7 Best Shampoo For African American Hair

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

The Jamaican Castor Oil is not a newcomer in the shampoo industry. This is a brown, thick product that works like magic. This shampoo has fascinating benefits that makes it a necessity for almost anyone with natural hair. It is useful in treating dandruffs and promoting hair growth. It even works for keeping a clear skin.

The distinguishing black colour and burnt smell of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil comes from roasting technique it was made from. This natural processing technique makes it one of the safest products to use. It works for virtually all hair types, strengthening and increasing hair growth.

I recommend this product because it restores the glow to the hair by washing off dirt gently from the scalp and strengthening hair from the root. It also works fine for releasing annoying tangles. This natural shampoo is capable of healing damaged hair and reducing split ends.

The best shampoo for black hair considers the peculiarities of the African American hair. Thus, Jamaican Castor Oil comes with a leave-in conditioner whose key ingredient is coconut oil. This makes Jamaican Black Castor Oil a must-have for anyone who wishes for a safe transitioning.

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Great positives

The benefits of this product would be most valuable to those with an already damaged hair seeking for a second chance. This shampoo is filled with reparative omegas that would aid healthy hair growth. It is also a great way to get rid of hair smells and replace it with a natural hair fragrance with the blending of peppermint oil.

Asides that, the processing method for Jamaican Castor Oil which includes the use of no heavy chemicals makes it one of the safest options around. Another fascinating benefit is that it has been blended with Apple Cider Vinegar, an effective ingredient used to balance pH levels in the hair scalp. A balance in hair pH levels is needed for healthy hair appearance.

Mild concern

If you’re looking for a fast action formula, this product might not be for you. While the natural ingredients from which Jamaican Castor oil was made from may be a huge plus on the health side, this would only imply that the course of action might be slow although some changes would be noticed with immediate application. Its effects become permanent with routine usage.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Do you have a wavy, straight, curled or tightly coiled hair? Keeping the bonds of a curled hair can be another herculean task and most shampoos don’t seem to get the right formula. Well, the Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo brings a solution.

This shampoo was formulated with Olaplex Bond Building chemistry made specifically for curly hair. It delivers an effective washing while maintaining the curls of your hair. Some of the active ingredients of this shampoo are:

  • Water
  • Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate
  • Fragrance
  • Decyl Glucoside, to mention but a few.

It repairs and maintains bonds, gently cleaning your hair while offering hair protection. This moisturizing and reparative shampoo is ideal for restoring strength and increasing the moisture levels of your hair. Using this shampoo is a great way to improve your hair texture, boosting its shine and manageabity.

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How To Use:

For best results, I suggest this method of usage:

  • Use this product with OLAPLEX N*3
  • Then rinse from hair
  • Followed by using OLAPLEX N*5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner.

Great positives

This product works for virtually all hair types, repairing and maintaining your special type of hair bond. If you’re looking to stop frizzes and flyaways, then this is for you. If you’re also searching for a shampoo to make your hair shine while reducing breakage, you should consider this.

This shampoo exactly delivers what it promises. Plus it has an amazing fragrance that compliments the beauty it adds to your hair. If you’re not the natural products enthusiast, this is definitely for you.

Mild concern

While this might be a great option for those seeking fast action shampoos, it comes with a high budget plan. Moreover, the other products to be used along with the shampoo would also increase this budget. Well, considering the effects it does, this isn’t really too much a price to pay.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Just as the name suggests, this shampoo is best product to increase hair growth. This product contains caffeinated compounds, essential oils and other active ingredients to give you an unequalled result. This USA made product has gone through several years of improvement to give bring that hair surge you desire.

This product contains two major ingredients:

  • Caffeine which has been proven to prolong the life cycle of hair follicles and encourage

healthy hair growth when used transdermally

  • Saw Palmetto that has been shown to block the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is a hormone that has been proven to cause baldness in both males and females.

This product also contains Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory ingredient. However, Ketoconazole has been discovered to help people with thinning hair in recent times. This makes it one of the best shampoos for black hair.

With an easy to use direction, this shampoo offers a great opportunity to grow your hair, making your hair thick and supply your hair follicles with the right nutrients for hair growth. This product works effectively for both men and women.

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Great positives

This highly researched, biotechnology-based shampoo formula delivers the best hair growth action. Other hair growth shampoos only add a few ingredients to a standard shampoo, making those ingredients wash off before they can begin to take effect. Ultrax Lab Hair Surge, however, has been specially formulated to make its active ingredient stay right on your hair so that they can deliver an invigorating action on your hair follicles.

If you are looking for the best hair recovery shampoo, then this is for you. I suggest that you use this shampoo 5 times a week for maximum results.

Mild concern

Considering the length of your hair, you might need to use a few pumps of this product than your regular shampoo. This is because this product requires a large quantity to lather.

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

Are you tired of seeing your hair fall away while brushing or getting in the drains? This is a sign that your hair is losing strength and thinning away. You can finally stop premature hair loss and safe yourself from balding.  Pura D’or is the best shampoo to reduce hair thinning and hair breakage. This product promotes hair growth and thickness.

This hair-saving shampoo was made from 24 exotic ingredients from around the world and has been blended into a single bottle to give you the best anti-thinning shampoo. This product contains 17 DHT blockers to help tackle baldness. Some of its ingredients are:

  • Nettle Extract
  • Red Korean Seaweed
  • Argan Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Black Cumin Seed
  • Vitamin E

You can say a final farewell to bad hair days by using Pura D’or. With qualities like improving your hair appearance using its gentle formula, you’re guaranteed a 100% satisfaction.

Great positives

A great advantage of this shampoo is that it is safe for colour treated hair. It does not strip your hair colour off. It is also effective against scalp irritations. If you have a receding hairline, then this product is for you. It also works for bald spots. It also comes with a great scent that makes your hair smell nice.

Most shampoo contains a big deal of carcinogens. This is a different case with Pura D’or. It is a safe to use organic shampoo that delivers unbelievable anti-thinning results within few weeks.

Mild concern

This shampoo may be quite sticky when applied and may be quite difficult to comb through. Also, it begins to show effect after about 8 weeks of dedicated usage. Well, incorporating shampoo time into your shower time can make this easy to go through.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

As we age, certain physical attributes are certain to show up.  One of these physical changes is the appearance of grey hair. While most people would resolve to use hair dyes, Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is ideal for maintaining grey hairs and making it less noticeable. This is a shampoo that contains violet pigments that would help in toning down unwanted hues on your hair. It improves decoloured hair and neutralizes yellow reflections, eventually make your hair cool and bright. This intensive action shampoo is useful for streaked, grey or excessively lightened hair and restores a natural shine to it.

Though going grey is definitely cool, using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo would remove yellow stripes and other unnatural hair colours from your hair thereby giving your hair a generally balanced look.  This is a perfect product for people with aging hair.

Great positives

This is not just a shampoo, it is also a toner. This product has been designed for colour maintenance. This is a toning shampoo that works just as expected. It works great on natural grey or silver hair. This product makes a distinct mark from other “violet wash” you can think of.

This shampoo is also suitable for blonde hair. It would be useful to note that this product works by removing unwanted pigments, so do not mistake it for other pigmented products that come in other colours as those enhance the pigment in your hair boosting your hair colour.

Mild concern

I would not recommend this product if you cannot commit to regular use. Also, you must be prepared to do the work with this product. This is more than just a regular shampoo, so you would to do some extra massaging from root to tip. This product is not sulphate free.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

The tea tree oil is a household name among hair stylists. The tea tree oil is quite common for its wide range of medicinal values. Do you want a shampoo that would simply wash away hair impurities and restore the vitality and lustre to your hair? Then I recommend this product for you. This award winning shampoo gently washes away impurities, leaving your void of dirt and particles.

Also known as melaleuca oil, this essential oil shampoo was derived from special leaves native to Australia. This shampoo contains ingredients like peppermint and lavender oil that leaves your hair refreshingly fresh. Peppermint and lavender oil adds a sweet fragrance to your hair.

Great positives

This is a relatively cheap product, plus it is derived from natural ingredients. If you have an oily, dry, or a generally sensitive scalp, then this is for you. It works perfectly fine with little or no irritation. Another great deal about this shampoo is that it helps in tackling dandruff. This is possibly the best anti-dandruff shampoo you may find around, preventing itchiness and giving an immediate calming effect. The fragrance it adds to your hair is perhaps another reason to consider this shampoo.

Mild concern

The major drawback of this shampoo would be the fact that it makes your hair dry a little. This is only for a brief period following application and can be resolved using a hair moisturiser.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Shampoo

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Shampoo

This is a shampoo that also works as a conditioner, transforming dry and dull hair strands into shiny and lustrous strands. This shampoo has been blended with ingredients like Aloe leaf juice, sweet clover and rose extract. This perfect blend hydrates your hair, makes it softer and easier to work through.

This is a beautifully scented shampoo that effectively cleanses your hair from the root to tip without adding weight to it. This is a perfect product to revive dry and brittle hair, resulting in a brand new level of transformation. The conditioner which has been blended with Pro-vitamin B5 and Biotin helps to detangle the hair, making it easier to style.

This is also a colour safe product which contains no Petrolatum, No Mineral Oil and No Artificial Colours. I recommend that you completely wet your hair before applying this shampoo.

Great positives

This silicone, paraben and sulphate free shampoo is great for bleached hair and works just fine without adding weight to your hair. It is also a perfect hydrating shampoo and perfectly safe to use as a co-wash.

It works for thick coarse hair and can be used on locks too. If you want a shampoo that would also pass as a quick conditioner, then I recommend this product. This shampoo comes with a great smell of Vanilla and perfume, leaving your hair with a sweet fragrance that lasts a really long time. Also, this is one product that comes with a relatively cheap price so it is definitely sure to be within your budget.

Mild concern

This shampoo might feel a little bit too sticky and might mildly dry out your hair. The stickiness might also clog up the pump so you would want to put more attention to maintaining the bottle properly.

Factors That Should Determine The Choice Of Shampoo For Your Black Hair

Certainly there is a long list of shampoo around and choosing a particular can be really confusing if you do not have a laid down standard to follow. All shampoos don’t have the same action and most work in different manners. Even the way to use a shampoo varies from product to product. So, I have compiled a list of the things you should consider when choosing your shampoo the next time:

  • Know Your Hair Type

Most companies do not make general shampoos anymore; specificity on the hair type is becoming the standard for shampoo production. Using a shampoo that is not meant for your hair type would produce little or no effects, if not making your hair worse. You can’t keep using the wrong products and be expecting the right results.

If you feel like your hair is oily or frizzles after stepping out of the shower, then you’re probably using the wrong product. Here is a quick breakdown:

A fine hair needs just a gentle and clear shampoo that is formulated for daily use.

A dry and coarse hair would require a creamy shampoo

A coloured hair would need a colour safe shampoo

You can save yourself a whole lot of stress by using the right product.

  • Use Shampoos Made With Natural Ingredients

Leave it or take it, natural ingredients are safer to use, they supply the necessary nutrients to your hair and you’re protected from chemical hazards. Most natural shampoos are very gentle. If you can’t get a natural shampoo, it is quite easy to make at home. Heavy chemicals can damage your hair so it is safer to natural ingredients. Moreover, shampoos made from natural products are cheaper than the heavy chemical shampoos.

  • Go Through The Labels

So you’ve succeeded in narrowing down the options by following the two steps above. The next important action to take is to read the labels of each product and identify which is most suitable for your hair type. Particular attention should be paid to what the shampoo brand promises to deliver and decide if this suits your needs.

Most times, I recommend that you steer clear of products that claim to be suitable for all hair types except if you have a very regular hair. Our hairs are quite unique, so it is almost impossible to find a hair product that would work for everyone in the same way.

  • Pay Attention To The Sulfates

Now that you’ve gone through the label, you must have come across an overwhelming list of ingredients from which the shampoo has been made from. Most times, you are likely to get confused and eventually ignore the list of ingredients.

Well, here is the most important ingredient you should look out for; Sulphates. The most commonly used are sodium laureth sulphate and ammonium lauryl sulphate. These two chemicals are responsible for the lather factor in shampoos so they’ve been associated with its cleansing power. However, these agents can also be irritants. So I advise that you opt for sulphate free shampoos.

  • Choose Shampoos With High Water Content

The sole purpose of a shampoo is to help you get rid of dirt. Water is a huge determinant in achieving this purpose. When selecting a shampoo, I recommend that you opt for one with high water content because this makes it easier to use, less sticky and highly effective. The water content would also help to hydrate your hair, keeping it moisturised. This is especially necessary if you have a dry and coarse hair.

  • Consider The Protein Level

Protein is a basic necessity for a proper hair growth. Just as eating high levels of protein can help boost your hair growth, a good quantity of protein in your shampoo can have a similar effect. Protein shampoos supply proteins to the hair follicles, causing a surge in hair growth. If you’re looking forward to a fuller thicker hair, choose shampoos with high protein content.  This is also a great way to prevent hair loss.

  • Look Out For The Vitamins

Vitamins are great biological catalysts. Their functions are widespread in the body and hair care is not an exception. While considering a shampoo, opt for products that contain a couple of vitamins as this is essential in rejuvenating your hair. Some key vitamins to look out for are: Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E etc.

These vitamins are known to prevent hair loss, prevent dryness of the hair and prevent thinning of the hair.

  • Consider The Price

Not all cheap products are bad likewise not all expensive products are effective but your budget should have a great influence on the type of shampoo you opt for. This is because some shampoos require continual use for a long period of time to get a permanent result. Most of these shampoos are usually small and may finish within a few pumps. In all, I recommend that you stick to a product that you can get with ease.

How Useful Is The Tea Tree Shampoo For Black Hair Care

Also known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil is gotten from the leaves of the tea tree shrub native to Australia. What makes the tea tree oil special are its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects making it a useful agent in combating dandruffs that might develop in your hair. It is even capable of killing lice in the hair without any adverse effect on the scalp.

Tea tree oil also clears the hair follicles from clogs, clearing the root of your hair from excessive oil ultimately allowing your hair to breathe. The tea tree oil is quite gentle regardless of its powerful anti-microbial actions. This makes it hair friendly especially for the African American hair.

I recommend that you use tea tree oil in very little amounts and it is even better when used diluted. This is because your skin might be sensitive to the oil. If you have a sensitive skin, I suggest you try it out on a small skin area before full application.


The key to having a great hair is by making hair grooming a daily routine. Dedication is also important after your hair care plan must have been set. Thinking of a way to start taking proper care of your black hair consciously? Well, washing your hair with a shampoo is a great way to start. As I have advised in the course of this article, it is important to understand your hair type before getting a shampoo product.

Generally, the content of a shampoo should be the major factor for choosing a product and not the brand name. Using the right shampoo would go a long way in the overall appearance of your hair, giving that intriguing wonder associated with the black hair.

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