Bringing your little one home from the hospital leads to the most joyful and scariest time in a parent’s life. You’re now responsible for that little life in your arms. Each little sniffle and cough may feel like a stab through the heart.

Imagine when your newborn gets yellow scales on his head. Unfortunately, it can happen to any newborn. You may be confused and concerned. This is just one of the things you need to worry about with your little one. She needs the right kind of treatment for this affliction.

That’s where we come in with the best shampoo for cradle cap.

We’ll discuss the best shampoos as well as body washes. There are a number of things you can do about cradle cap, and this in-depth report will help.

Comparison Table of Best Shampoos for Cradle Cap

What is Cradle Cap?

It can be a little alarming to see scaly flakes on your newborn’s head. They can also be seen on their eyelids, nose, ears, and groin. Doctors don’t really know why an infant will get this condition. It’s thought to be a part of the newborn’s skin due to mom’s hormones.

Signs of cradle cap

  • Oily skin covered with white scales
  • Dry skin with yellow scales
  • Flaky skin and mild redness

Cradle cap might also be called infantile seborrheic dermatitis. It doesn’t cause any itching, so your baby isn’t suffering. New parents can find it difficult to look at. It shouldn’t be picked at. That could hurt the baby – not the flakes.

Top 6 Shampoos for Cradle Cap Review

Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo

Cradle cap can be removed by washing your baby’s hair twice a week. It helps to remove the buildup of scales gently. It’s important that the shampoo is gentle for their skin. Especially around their face. This product is good your baby’s skin.

Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo

It has natural ingredients like oatmeal, vitamin E, Shea butter, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Oatmeal will actually soothe baby’s skin. Vitamin E reduces swelling and repairs damage. Shea butter is moisturizing, and aloe vera smooths the skin.

Tea tree oil treats the follicles and removes any clogged oil. There are flower extracts like marigold and lavender. They reduce swelling and improves blood circulation to the scalp. All of these ingredients work together to soften scales, so they can be removed. The ingredients also soothe the skin and protect the follicles.

There are no parabens in this shampoo. It’s hypoallergenic and has a light scent that won’t be a problem for your little one. The shampoo foams when used. It can be massaged to soften the flakes. This is fantastic for bonding with your baby through touch, too.

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Great positives

The most important thing about this shampoo is that it’s safe for your newborn’s skin. You want whatever touches their skin to be as gentle as possible.

It’s gentle, but also, it’s effective. The ingredients include gentle ingredients like aloe and shea butter. There are no harsh additives like parabens.

Everything together will remove the flakes from sensitive skin without causing irritation. This can work really fast. It might only require one use before you see results.

Mild concern

This shampoo doesn’t come with a brush or comb. You’ll have to buy one separately. That shouldn’t be a very big deal. You’ll want to pick out a brush yourself, or you might already have one to use.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

The Puracy shampoo and body wash was created by doctors for very sensitive skin. You might not be aware of how sensitive your newborn’s skin is until you use a shampoo or body wash. This product has been featured on the television shows like The Today Show and websites like the BUMP.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

It’s been featured so prominently because it has the most gentle ingredients. It’s a naturally tear-free shampoo. Parents can expect all the ingredients to be natural or derived from natural sources. They’re all taken from plants or fruits. It also has minerals like natural sea salt, too.

There is plenty of shampoo and body wash to treat your infant’s entire body. While the flakes and scales are called cradle cap, it can appear in many places. It’s especially prominent in areas that have natural oils. There is 16 ounces of shampoo/body wash in each bottle. This arrives in a pack of two.

It’s a product that is free of parabens. It doesn’t have sulfates or any petrochemicals. There are no harsh ingredients that will cause your little one to develop a rash. No dyes or phthalates, either. All it has are natural ingredients to bring moisture to baby’s skin. It’s hypoallergenic and pH balanced.

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Great positives

There are plenty of natural, pure ingredients in this shampoo and body wash. That’s why the BUMP named them the Best Baby Shampoo. It was developed by doctors who understand baby’s skin.

It has a really pleasant scent that is really light. It’s not overwhelming at all. It’s a citrus blend of pink grapefruit with natural botanicals. The baby wash/shampoo is perfect for adults, too.

The pH balance won’t cause other kinds of rashes while ridding your baby of cradle cap. It’s really good for sensitive skin, and I’ve used it myself on a number of occasions.

Mild concern

The pumps on the bottles can be broken quite easily. It’s best to remove the wash from the pump and use your own. That way you don’t have to worry about the bottle breaking and leaking everywhere.

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children

Infants can’t use adult shampoo to take care of cradle cap. It’s not really a dandruff problem, anyway. Cradle cap is a combination of flaking skin and oils. Babies need a shampoo and body wash that is sensitive to their needs. Some doctors recommend an adult dandruff shampoo, and that won’t help your little one.

Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children

Doctors recommend an adult shampoo because it contains an FDA-approved ingredient. It targets seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff in children. This medicated shampoo has the pyrithione zinc that’s active in adult shampoos. It was created by a pediatrician.

The shampoo can be used as a body wash, too. It has licorice root extract, which helps to soothe redness. Infants can have irritation, redness, and bumps on their skin. The extract will bring down inflammation and reduce redness in places like their ears or the backs of their knees.

It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. It’s also free of BPA and alcohol. There’s nothing harmful in this that would cause irritation or burning to your baby’s skin. The B5 vitamin in this shampoo will moisturize the skin and hair.

Great positives

This is a shampoo that can be used on infants as well as kids in elementary school. It stops the itching that they can experience with dandruff and cradle cap. It’s not always itchy, but this will soothe any kind of issues with irritation.

It doesn’t have a strong odor. The best part of the shampoo is the fact that it’s medicated without smelling like medicine. It won’t linger on your child’s head as a medicinal odor through the day.

Once the cradle cap is gone, this shampoo can maintain your baby’s hair and soft skin. It will keep the skin moisturized, and that can be enough to ward off cradle cap, too.

Mild concern

This shampoo is not tear-free for babies and children. You’ll have to be incredibly cautious when washing their hair. It can’t get into their eyes.

Elizabeth Parker Naturals Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo

This is a natural shampoo for cradle cap that is a viable alternative to medical shampoos. This brand was created by a new mom who was disappointed by the products out there for her new baby. She wanted a product that wasn’t full of chemicals. She created it herself since she couldn’t find it.

Elizabeth Parker Naturals Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo

It’s pH balanced. At around 5.5, it’s the same as your baby’s skin. This will keep irritation down. It won’t strip hair to get it clean and remove oils. It has ingredients like Manuka honey, orange peel oil, aloe vera, and cehami. The cehami is more powerful than aspirin for inflammation, pain, and irritation.

The ingredients in this shampoo will penetrate 7 layers to ensure that skin is being nourished deeply. It does that without stripping hair of natural oils. It won’t leave behind a terrible chemical buildup, either. The natural ingredients mean that there aren’t chemicals.

Things like paraben, sulfate, alcohol, gluten, and fragrance are noticeably absent. It makes the shampoo great for infants. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any weird smells that linger. You want to smell the fresh scent of your baby – not a chemical shampoo.

Great positives

Parents are often at a loss to get rid of cradle cap naturally. They use olive oil, which leaves their baby’s hair very greasy. They sometimes use Vaseline, which isn’t the best product for babies.

The shampoo can remove cradle cap in as little as one wash. It’s effective and doesn’t leave a residue behind like some natural, at-home methods. It helps to rub the shampoo in while washing.

Use a brush to gently massage your little one’s head. There are combs that will remove the dry skin from their scalp. It does so without hurting your baby.

Mild concern

There are only 4 ounces of shampoo in this bottle. You don’t need a lot when your baby is a newborn. You might need more when she gets older. More hair means more shampoo.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

This company has been in the business of skin care for over 60 years. They have natural products for infants as well as moms-to-be. All their products have been tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. That includes this shampoo that we’re about to discuss.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

Ingredients in this shampoo are geared towards an infant’s sensitive skin. Almost all the ingredients are natural. One of the leading ingredients is avocado. The ingredients are meant to be safe for the delicate skin of your newborn. It can be used on babies as old as a few days.

The ingredients are hypoallergenic and free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, and phthalates. The shampoo has been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. It’s tear-free to gently wash your baby’s hair and scalp without causing irritation or pain.

This is a foam shampoo that will gently and thoroughly clean your baby’s hair. It will soften the flakes and help remove them without causing pain. It’s a good idea to let the foam sit on the scalp. A soft brush can be used in circular motions to remove oil and stimulate the skin.

Great positives

Mustela is a foaming shampoo that is free of all the nasty chemicals found in some cleansing products. The company is always trying to develop new products that are good for your baby.

They also provide certified products that are perfect for the environment. The company has been certified by B Lab, which is a non-profit holding companies to higher standards.

Using this shampoo with a small baby brush gave me a chance to remove the cradle cap. It was great for bonding. Babies love baths when you start young. Cradle cap was removed, but that was secondary to the chance to bond with my little one.

Mild concern

The smell is tolerable for some people and not for others. It’s a bit on the chemical side. Friends have used this and didn’t report a smell at all. I noticed a bit of a smell, but it didn’t linger after the foam was washed away.

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash

There are plenty of botanicals in this shampoo and body wash. It can treat everything from eczema to cradle cap to dry skin. Those with rough, dry skin – even adults – can use this shampoo and wash for their skin. It’s meant to be used on all ages with sensitive skin.

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash

It has natural colloidal oatmeal. It’s a natural moisturizer. It’s the same kind of oatmeal you would use for an organic facial scrub. It soothes itchy skin, which is good for dandruff or cradle cap. There’s also ingredients like organic Calendula flower. It’s gentle for a newborn’s skin.

There is natural coconut oil that hydrates and moisturizes. It has the natural Shea butter of the African Shea tree. It’s long been the base for medical ointments. It brings down inflammation. It’s a good emollient with humectant properties. That means it’s a fantastic form of moisture.

Along with great ingredients, it’s worth talking about the ingredients it doesn’t have. It doesn’t have soy or dairy in it. The organics are hypoallergenic, too. It was given certification from the B Lab. It’s a non-profit that vets companies regarding their social and environmental performance.

Great positives

There are completely natural ingredients like the coconut oil, kudzu root extract, cacao seed butter, and sunflower extract. They will work gently on baby’s skin.

The organics are very soothing. It’s cruelty free and isn’t tested on any animals. They don’t have to test them on animals because they’re organic and gentle.

Vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories are going to have a huge impact on your little one’s cradle cap. Just like it did for mine. It only took a few washes to see a huge difference.

Mild concern

The natural fragrance is pretty strong. It’s not an artificial odor, but it can really linger on the skin. If you or your baby is sensitive to smells, that’s going to be a problem.

How to Know if Your Little One has Cradle Cap

  • Flaky Skin

Cradle cap can be found in a few areas on your baby. It’s most common on the head. The flaky skin will look like scales. They’ll be in patches on the head, nose, ears, or groin.

  • Oily or Dry Skin

You’ll notice that the skin is either very dry or very oily. It can vary depending on the child’s skin. Some infants have naturally oily or dry skin.

  • Yellow/White Scales

On newborns with light colored skin, you’ll see the scales in yellow. Those newborns with darker skin will have white scales.

  • Thick and Hard to Remove

The scales are hard to remove. Some parents try to pick at the scales to remove them. It can be tough to see scaly flakes on your baby’s skin. It shouldn’t be picked at. The flakes don’t hurt unless you try to pull them off.

  • Doctor Visit

Most new parents will want to visit the pediatrician. It’s common to feel unsure of whether it’s normal. Your newborn’s doctor will be more than happy to let you know that everything is ok.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Cradle Cap Shampoo

Before deciding on a shampoo, it’s vital that you understand what the shampoo is supposed to do. The shampoo won’t instantly remove cradle cap. It is meant to help heal the skin over time. It can take a few washes to see it getting better.

  • Skin Sensitivity and Your Infant

Cradle cap isn’t like dandruff you’d get as an adult. Don’t try to use an adult shampoo for your infant. It’s important to get the right kind of treatment for their very sensitive skin.

Infants need very gentle products and a gentle touch. The treatment shouldn’t irritate the skin. That’s why it’s very important to get a product that’s especially for infants.

  • Organic Ingredients for Soothing Skin

The best way to ensure that you’re not damaging their skin or hurting them is to use organic ingredients. All-natural ingredients are not going to have harsh chemicals.

They’re often way better than using chemicals or man-made products that have names you can’t pronounce. Any chemicals are going to seep into their skin. It’s always best to stay away from bad additions to products.

  • Routine for Washing Hair

Most pediatricians recommend a gentle shampoo to remove oils from the baby’s head. You’ll want to be careful to avoid getting the shampoo in their face. This isn’t recommended for areas like the eyes or nose.

There are specific shampoos, ointments, and balms to soothe skin and remove flakes. It can be very frustrating to deal with scales. It helps to have a bath routine including ointment and shampoo.

  • Itchy, Red Skin

For the most part, cradle cap isn’t itchy. It can become red, though. If you believe that your baby’s skin is itchy, a doctor visit can’t hurt. Cradle cap can sometimes show up with yeast issues. Those can be itchy.

Itchy skin can still be treated with the right shampoo and a skin care routine. The cradle cap isn’t a result of lack of cleanliness. It’s about the oil and skin. They are not controlled by having more baths.

  • Understand the Treatment of Cradle Cap

It’s unlikely that your doctor will prescribe cream. It’s often a simple matter of using a shampoo along with a brush. You can apply baby oil to soften the scales before the bath.

During the bath, you can use the shampoo with a soft brush. It helps to remove the scales. You want to do it very gently. Not all the scales will be removed. Every bath will remove a few more. It can take weeks to rid your baby of the scales.

  • Brushing Your Newborn’s Scalp

You can gently brush her scalp with a tiny baby brush. It’ll help loosen more of the scales. It’s a good way to bond with your baby, too. It’s a time you can talk to her while she looks at your face.

It’ll be done super gently, so it’s like giving him a scalp massage. Your baby will absolutely love the contact and having your attention. Just don’t try to pick it off when it’s not ready.


The best baby shampoo for cradle cap is one that won’t dry your newborn’s skin. You want to remove the scales without causing damage to your child’s sensitive scalp. It’s important that your little one has a treatment that’s as natural as possible.

You don’t want to use an adult’s dandruff shampoo even if the pediatrician says it’s okay. It can cause weird tingling, and it has chemicals. Not something you want to subject your baby to when she’s so tiny.

After all we’ve covered here, you should have a good idea of the kind of shampoo and/or body wash you need.

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