If you’re here reading this article, then I guess I’m not the only one troubled with dry and brittle hairs that easily fall off. These hairs have split ends as well making them difficult to manage.

You need the right cleaning product for the job. The best shampoo for Split Ends will do. This is one that doesn’t strip your head furniture off natural oils. Instead, it will strengthen your hair and guard it against dirt, dryness, discoloration, and the eventual degradation of nourishment over the years.

Wait, did I say, “Hair?”

I meant hair and scalp. This is where it gets tricky. Many of the shampoos do a good job in case of hairs but fail to protect the scalp. In this article, let me tell you about 5 products that don’t. These are some of the most efficient shampoos available.

Even if you don’t like these, you’ll find my buying guide quite effective and do your own research using the guide. Let’s dive in!

Best Shampoo for Split Ends – Comparison

NameSulfate FreeFeaturesSizePrice
ArtNaturals Purple ShampooYesColor Safe16 Oz Check Price
Maple Holistics ShampooYesHair Repair8 Oz Check Price
TRESemmé Split ShampooN/AVitamin blend19 Oz Check Price
Nexxus Promend ShampooNoColor Safe33.8 Oz Check Price
Himalaya Anti- BreakageN/AHair Growth13.53 Oz Check Price

Top-Rated Shampoos for Split Ends

At this point in the article, I’ll be handing you a list of some of the best shampoos in the business. Let’s look at the short reviews in which I’ve detailed my experience with these products. These short reviews will help you in choosing the ideal one that goes well with your hair type from the list as well.

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

First of all, let’s admit it, we all want to keep our hair in good condition. But sometimes haircare becomes a lot more difficult than it sounds.

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Our hair gets in bad shape because of either the limited time that we invest in it or because of improper care. I was very much annoyed with my rough hair that had a lot of split ends. Then I tried out the ArtNaturals Purple shampoo, and trust me, things changed.

As large as the naturally-focused array of hair care products goes, Artnaturals have always focused on the power of the natural human recovery system and senses. And the ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set does just that.

As a happy customer, I am quite pleased to say that it helped me cure my split ends and regain my naturally strong hair.

This renowned shampoo makes sure that we always remain safe from harsh chemicals and artificial colors that may cause allergic reactions or irritation. Plus, no sulfates are used in Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Shea Butter lines.

The “Ever Popular” Moroccan Argan oil, along with natural herbal extracts make sure not only to nourish your hair but also that you lose less hair than you grow.

The brassiness I used to see in my hair after washing totally disappeared after a week of using this shampoo and found that my natural vibrant color was returning. The formula of this shampoo was produced with the purpose of toning, protecting and balancing our hair.

The coconut extracts used in this one does the trick with split ends. This also helps to restore the bounce and volume of the hair. Your hair follicles will thrive and remain healthy because of the vitamin E’s powerful antioxidants that come along with the shampoo.

So, you get everything that’s good for your hair excluding everything that is bad.

A deep massage of the scalp with this shampoo will help you out in many ways. It promotes faster and fuller growth and locks in the natural color that you keep losing.

Here’s a healthy tip: Use the purple conditioner with the shampoo and you will gain some extra vitality that will help the recovery process of your hair and the shine will be renewed along with glossy manageability.

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What I Like about this Shampoo

  • Implementation of violet pigments ensure that hair does not become yellowish.
  • A scalp massage is very helpful with this product because of the integrated vitamin E.
  • ArtNaturals shampoo works great on Bleached and Colored hair. It’s made for stylists who like to flaunt their hairdos.
  • No Surfactant is included in the Shampoo which ensures color retainment for a longer period of time.
  • This shampoo gives hair the right tone and added coconut extracts make hair healthier.

What I Don’t Like about this Shampoo

  • This product is not competitively priced. In fact, it is over-priced in my opinion.
  • The Bottle might not seem attractive to many of the users. But it doesn’t pull down on the quality of the item.

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo

The Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo takes hair nourishment to a whole new level which would do wonders for you and your entire family. This shampoo is of 16 oz bottle size and can complete the needs of your entire family whether they be full grown men of little toddlers.

Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo

Thishair cleaning product not only strengthens the hair, but it also moisturizes and conditions it.I picked this shampoo up not too long ago when I was suffering from damaged hair and split ends. With a certain period of use I got amazing results.

This thing actually works and can breathe life to your dry and rough hair. Hair breakage became a thing of the past for me as this astounding product gave me back my hair’s health and vibrancy.

A large number of vitamins such as A B1 B2 and D make hair nourishment a lot more effective and not to mention, this shampoo is packed with antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids. For bio restorative skin balance, jojoba oil has been used as well.

Let’s talk a bit about strength and protection. There’s no point in just repairing hair, a complete hair care product should be able to give strength to each hair strand and protect it from possible damage.

The Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo does just that with the help of Almond oil and Camellia seed oil. These all-natural elements fortify the hair like no other.

We often can find a lot of harmful chemical elements that do more harm than good for our hair. But this one has stripped itself from all harmful entities that might have negative effect. The shampoo is free of paraben, sulfate, silicone, and artificial colors.

The nourishing ingredients that are implemented in the formula of the shampoo makes sure that the hair not only feels silky, soft and smooth =, but looks shiny and glamorous as well.

I got thick, strong and long hair as a result of using this shampoo for a bit of time and it also calmed down the minor irritations that I had on my scalp. This shampoo specializes in repairs, namely, breakage, damage and split ends. This is made possible because of the therapeutic blend of selected natural oils.

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What I Like about this Shampoo

  • The smell of the shampoo is just amazing. Your morning baths will be an enjoyable experience.
  • Argan oil is one ingredient is in abundance in this shampoo. It guards your hairs from damages.
  • Jojoba, almond and avocado oils are included in the package too. It works well in nourishing your hair.
  • I found minor inclusion of harsh chemicals. To be frank, many shampoos push chemicals too far.
  • Maple shampoo does its cleaning duties really well compared to its competitors.

What I Don’t Like about this Shampoo

  • No detangling conditioner is provided with the shampoo and that’s a bummer.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo

Finding the best shampoo for split ends may not always be easy. There are a lot of shampoos out there that offer a lot but fail to deliver the benefits when they actually matter.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo

Like the rest of you, I love my hair and I want to keep it healthy and strong. That’s why I applied this shampoo to improve my hair condition as I was starting to get a lot of split ends. And I have not been disappointed at all.

I was really annoyed with my hair once as it easily got tangled and breaks were as common as day. The shampoo I had been using didn’t do me good even with the moisturizer and conditioner.

But things started to move towards betterment after I started to use this shampoo. It really made a great deal of difference and now my hair is far better almost totally different than it was a few months ago.

TRESemmé is a renowned brand and has a very good reputation when it comes to hair nourishment. As the name suggests, this shampoo has an impressive blend that is just perfect for curing split ends.

It not only makes hair healthier, but it also makes it much more manageable as well. So, let’s get a bit more insight into how it performs these miracles.

The TRESemmé Split remedy shampoo is packed with an innovative reconstructing complex that is solely added to bind together split ends and fix damages while it’s at it. It cleanses and moisturizes hair for a much lusher and healthier look.

You will be glad to know that the shampoo is very much capable of repairing 80 percent of split ends through usage. Now that is impressive!

Like all good things, this healing shampoo too comes at a good price. Split ends simply can’t be repaired at salons, nor can it be achieved at salon prices. But as a user myself, I would definitely say that it is indeed worth it. Your hair strands are bound to look soft, smooth, and easy to style.

The split remedy collection that TRESemmé has, all basically use elements that keep on the split end binding process. It continues to improve the hair condition over time with use.

Continuous use generally results in better repairs. The experience, however, is not complete without the TRESemmé Split Remedy Conditioner and TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Treatment.

So, if you are willing to fix your hair condition and get rid of the split end issues, it won’t be a waste to check out this shampoo. You just might be able to say goodbye to your bad hair days.

What I Like about this Shampoo

  • Tresemmé is a quality product and it shows in the packaging, ingredients, and the results.
  • You might think that a top-tier shampoo for split ends will be pricy. But it’s not. It’s affordable.
  • You get surprisingly good lather with this shampoo when using. It helps when cleaning the scalp or hair follicles.
  • I found the aroma to be quite alluring and it lasted for a long time before giving out.
  • Overall, the shampoo comes inside a convenient packaging system that anyone will appreciate.

What I Don’t Like about this Shampoo

  • After using Tresemmé, hairstyling can prove to be difficult for some reason.
  • This shampoo can cause unwanted dryness if you’re not careful enough with aftercare.

Nexxus Promend Shampoo

For those who have experienced it, split ends can be really really annoying, even heartbreaking at times. Nexxus realizes this and provides the Promend Shampoo as the perfect solution.

Nexxus Promend Shampoo

Nexxus’s all-new ProMend Daily Shampoo & Conditioner offers a revolutionary system that does things right when it comes to repairing those split ends. And the best part about it is, it does it in only 3 washes!

Apart from repairing split ends, it also washes away harmful impurities and brings back the shine of your naturally healthy hair.

The Nexxus system is blended with the finest ingredients that nature has to offer to suit your hair care needs. This unique formula was born in salons and achieved perfection through science.

The shampoo is rich in concentrated Elastin Protein and Flax Seed Oil. Combined with the rest of the Promend regimen, the formula starts to work its wonders by realigning split ends and sealing them for a fresh cut look.

Not only this, but the regimen used in this shampoo is also efficient in repairing damage caused by heat styling and is also quite capable of regenerating the natural movement and glamorous looking hair.

Nexxus has an entire dedicated line of products that are solely for repairing split ends. The shampoo that we are going through is basically the first product in their lineup.

There are of course those who want to have more powerful results within an even limited sphere of time. There are solutions for that as well.

For even more intensive repair Nexxus would suggest you try out the Overnight treatment solutions. And as the name suggests, they actually do the repairs overnight while you are sleeping. How amazing is that?

But there can be different preferences for different people. I prefer to go slow and steady with healing, that’s why this one suited me just right.

There is a certain procedure for using the Nexxus Promend Shampoo. Nothing to worry about, there is an included manual that you will guide you step by step. It might look pretty vanilla at first, but my suggestion for you would be to try it firsthand. You might just get surprised by the results.

What I Like about this Shampoo

  • Nexus Promend shampoo keeps my hair moisturized for a long time.
  • This little product possesses conditioning effects that are impressive even after drying.
  • Nexus Promend is very effective for those who have long hair and have trouble maintaining it.
  • After applying the conditioner, there were less tangles in my hair. It remained fairly straight.
  • This thing repairs split ends very well, far better than its competitors I’d say.

What I Don’t Like about this Shampoo

  • Some people may consider the conditioner to be too thick for their likings.
  • This thing won’t do much for people with straight hair patterns.

Himalaya Anti- Breakage Shampoo

Himalaya has always served its users well by giving them proper hair-care and hair repair systems and building a flawless reputation throughout the years. The Himalaya Anti-Breakage shampoo speaks for itself with the intensive care that it offers regarding hair repair and nourishment.

Himalaya Anti- Breakage Shampoo

This shampoo specializes in formulating botanical extracts that naturally make hair stronger.

Even rough and brittle hair regain their natural smoothness and health. This shampoo especially works well for damaged hair that has split ends. It’s a highly effective blend of ingredients to ensure to bind split ends and make them stronger than ever.

The botanical ingredients used in the formula of this shampoo not only nourishes the hair but also improves the texture of the hair in an effective manner.

Himalaya has made sure that this formula is safe for the scalp and gentle towards hair so that it causes no harm whatsoever in daily use. In fact, both the ladies and the gents can use this thing without batting an eye. It’s tested to be safe with people of all ages.

The Flame of the Forest or which is known as the Butea flower takes care of all of the damage and breakage of hair in an all-natural hair. Additionally, Chickpea and Eclipta take up the responsibility of nourishing and fortifying the follicles so that they become more resistant to possible future damage.

There is a fine perk of this shampoo that I personally liked a lot. This shampoo is suitable for all types of hair, even artificially colored or permed hair as well. Whether you have dry, normal or oily hair, it will work its wonder regardless.

One thing good about the product is the fact that people behind it never tested it on animals. These types of shampoos often use chemicals to achieve the level of performance people desire from them. Such chemicals can prove harmful to the animals. I support this endeavor to the core.

What I Like about this Shampoo

  • This is an “All-Natural” shampoo that is great for healthy hair of all types and ages.
  • Himalaya shampoo strengthens hair and guarantees healthy results within days of use.
  • Use it regularly as your follicles will get stimulated for better hair growth.
  • This thing does not contain sulfates, parabens or silicone based harmful elements.
  • The makers didn’t test this on animals and that’s good because you never know which ingredient will trigger allergies for them.

What I Don’t Like about this Shampoo

  • To be honest, Himalaya shampoo isn’t too big on lather quality at all.

Some Advices to Select the Top Shampoo for Split Ends for Yourselves

I tried my best to give you the list of the top split-end repair shampoos for your hair. But still, if you need further guidance to select the best shampoo for yourself these tips and bits of advice might prove fruitful in your venture.

  • Argan Oil Works Magnificently

Argan oil is one of the most superb natural ingredients a shampoo can possibly have. It is great for hair strengthening and repair. Split ends get a huge boost because of this element and it keeps hair healthy for a longer period of time.

So, before you make your purchase it is best to check the back of the bottle or box. If Argan oil is within the list of ingredients then there is a high possibility that it is going to be a good buy.

  • Repair Capacity is Important

Not all shampoos repair hair the same way. Some bind the split ends through sophisticated formulas and some also use natural healing techniques that our scalp has and enhances it. Not every repair system is suitable for everyone. So, it’s best to choose what suits you most.

Some prefer fast repair, for that purpose alone, some brands produce intense and fast repair lineup of products. Normal hair care shampoos simply won’t do if you don’t want to wait a long period for curing your split ends. It would be therefore best to choose wisely.

  • Bottles Can be Important

This might sound silly at first, but bottles and bottle caps do have a serious impact on the comfort of using a shampoo. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, sometimes you have to. Just wonder squeezing the shampoo bottle continuously for a couple of times only to have a huge splatter of unwanted shampoo on the palm of your hands.

The bottle creates an appeal when it is stylishly designed and when it is easy to hold on to. Getting a good grip and having a good bottlecap that can consistently distribute the right amount of shampoo is important nevertheless.

  • Natural VS Chemical ingredients

Just because the elements used are not natural doesn’t mean they are not effective. In some cases, a few chemical elements work like a charm.

But keep in mind that extensive long-term use can have some side effects including irritation and allergies. So, if you want to avoid these problems, it is better to simply go for all-natural shampoos.

Natural elements might not prove to be as fast as chemical components, but they sure can be very reliable and safe. So, at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal needs. Fast results at the cost of possible side effects? Or long-term results that will prove fruitful without any kind of damage.

  • Pricing is an Issue

No doubt, here are shampoos out there that can offer a lot at reasonable prices. But keep in mind that there are some quick result shampoos by some exclusive brands that demand a bit extra. This, of course, cannot be called unreasonable, because additional benefits come at a certain cost.

So, if you prefer a budget-friendly shampoo, you can go for something easy going and promises results after a few washes instead of repairs that start to take place overnight. To get the best value for your money, check for the features that matter to you and disregard the absence of those that don’t.

  • Other Features Count as Well

Let’s face it we don’t always buy a shampoo for the sole purpose of repairs only. The primary function of a shampoo is to cleanse the hair of daily impurities. Some shampoos do it better than others while maintaining the hair care features intact. Smooth and silky hair can be offered by some shampoos as a bonus feature.

So, the next time you are willing to buy a shampoo, it is probably a good idea to check for the results that it offers. Healthy hair doesn’t just mean hair without split ends. Hair grooming is a whole new world that can’t be explored with only a handful of benefits.

My Two Cents at the End!

There you have it! My guide on best shampoos for split ends is now finished. These shampoos are mostly natural with ingredients picked from nature itself. They are not damaging to your hair. Instead, they repair, moisturize, and protect hairs against hazards of all kinds.

If you want my opinion, Tresemme will serve you the best amidst the lot.

However, let me be clear. Changing the hair product(s) alone won’t be enough. You need to take some nutritious supplements as well.

Did you pick a product from my list above? If so, please let me know how things turned out for you. Let me know in the comments below.

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