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7 Best Ball Trimmers That Help You Groom The Right Way

Okay, imagine this. You’re getting ready for a date, and you’re more than ready to go beyond second base. But the only thing holding you back is the garden you’ve grown around your private parts.

While it won’t ruin anyone’s day, it’s always better to make sure you don’t have hair down there, even for the health benefits it provides.

Regular shaving prevents sweat from accumulating in the compact region, saving one from a foul smell, and preserving their esteem. Since ingrown hair can always lead to infection, trimming on the regular is healthier than the latter.

If you’ve always been ready to manage the length and present your family jewels the right way, but never had the right companion to seek guidance, I’ve got some news for you, pal! Just be sure to stay tuned until you reach the end.

With the help of this material, I will be unveiling not one, not two, but seven ideal ball trimmers that are currently at the top of their game, and the facilitators of the best results. What makes a good ball trimmer, you ask? Give the following portion a read.

Top-grade Ball Shavers & Trimmers For Removing Awkward Hair “Down There”: A One-line Overview

Top-grade ball shavers & trimmers

Before I get started on my favorite picks, you must learn the fundamentals of each candidate. And while you’ll find all the key features of each candidate attached at the bottom half of each sequence, perhaps a one-line label can be the perfect way to kick things off.

The table below might not make sense right now, but will probably come into place once you’re done reading about each candidate mentioned on this list. Don’t take it for granted, however, as you will eventually have to skim through the table for garnering a better understanding.

Name & BrandBest For
MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 4.0 Best for functionality 
MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0 A banger for its buck
Meridian The Trimmer Original A travel-friendly tool with incredible control 
OLOV’s Electric Trimmer A great pick for novices
Manspot’s Premium Body TrimmerAn affordable substitute for frontrunners
Philips Norelco 7000A two-in-one shaver for body and tushy
Philips Norelco 5000 A must-have for traditional users

Qualities Of A Good Ball Trimmer: Traits Assuring A Good Experience At Any Cost

Qualities of a good ball trimmer

If you’ve skimmed through the previous segment you must be wondering why you need a ball trimmer to begin with.

Additionally, if you’ve already decided upon obtaining a ball trimmer, you must be wondering about what you need to assess before placing your trust in the results of each.

Ball trimmers come in various shapes and sizes, but compact ones are easier to handle, whether you’re a beginner or a specialist. With smaller sizes, it is easier to clean the mess from even the hard-to-reach areas.

Another must-have in every good ball trimmer is a skin-friendly blade. Yes, even a regular trimmer readjusts the length of your bush, but not all of them are built for the sensitivity possessed below the belt.

Often, the heads of regular trimmers can cause nicks and cuts, which can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Some regular trimmers also contain lubricating strips, which can make sensitive skin itchy.

The next one in line is good battery life, which is not something that most guarantee. After all, manscaping is a work of art, requiring tons of time to generate accurate and presentable results without damaging the skin. At least 60 minutes should be provided by the device to bring out the best without any repercussions.

It’s not just the trimmer that will guarantee good results, but also the additives, which brings me to my next point.

In short, a good ball trimmer should have the right attachments to help make shaving easier, as well as blading oils to increase the shelf life of the device. Having a battery indicator, a travel lock, and being waterproof can also be three more traits that a good ball trimmer could use.

Last but not least is a lenient noise level, which is not something many talk about. Often, sound pollution can cause noise anxiety, leaving users open to injuries due to such distractions. It can be dealt with, though, as long as the trimmer has a dB level of 70 to 80.

Top 7 Ball Trimmers That Promote Safety When Grooming

Prioritizing safety and comfort over a time-friendly procedure, ball trimmers are definitely caring beyond measure. They shave with generosity, which can further be exploited with a slow and steady motion and gameplan. There’s no need to be scared of ball trimmers, even if you’re a beginner.

Whether you’ve done it before or are a debutant in the world of personal care, having a ball trimmer is necessary for you to keep as a man. If you’re open to taking suggestions, may the following reviews help you out!

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 4.0

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is perhaps the easiest tool to use if you prioritize functionality, being regarded as one of the best in the business. The device contains ergonomic housing with an incredible structure, immediately grabbing the eye with its monochromatic scheme.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 4.0 design

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Just in case you missed out on the fundamentals of the Lawn Mower 4.0, here’s a table that will get you back on track!

ModelLawn Mower 4.0
Blade SystemSkinSafe Technology
Battery Life90 Minutes
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featureTravel lock feature

Standing at 12cm long, and around 3cm wide, the Lawnmower feels perfect as a ball trimmer. The dimensions feel ideal in my palms, further increasing its likability by offering a lightweight structure. It features a plastic, curvy, body, which blows the mind away with a glossy outlook.

Housing of Lawn Mower 4.0

The button configuration is quite simple, too. I like how there’s only one button in the middle of the handle, which offers more than what you expect. Additionally, for first-timers, this ball trimmer is easy to understand.

Lawn Mower 4.0 when powered on

With one push, the Lawn Mower 4.0 starts its engine and gets to work, moving at an RPM of 7,000; a feat that has yet to be topped by any other brand producing body groomers. When pressed three times, however, you can avail of the new travel lock system, my favorite aspect of this trimmer. It prevents unintentional power-ups, saving the battery life, which I feel many ball trimmers don’t have.

According to MANSCAPED themselves, the device weighs in at around 8 ounces. True to their words? Most definitely. It was so easy to move around my privates, even around the slightly small-framed areas.

Lawn Mower 4.0’s ceramic blade

Let’s talk about the blade, shall we? If so, let me tell you that it’s more efficient than what one may imagine. Featuring the signature SkinSafe technology, these blades offer an effective shave without injuring the skin. Going against and towards the grain is also easy, if I may add.

The blade seamlessly shaved my privates without any tingling sensation, and without leaving behind symptoms of redness; another selling point, in my opinion.

If you’re hoping to groom not just your family jewels, but also your torso, know that the Lawn Mower 4.0 can easily get the job done. Just use the comb attachments if your skin is injury-prone, as it has happened to me a couple of times.

The motor? Quite powerful. With the help of the blade, I can give an effective clean-up in under 5 minutes. In other words, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is the ultimate solution if you have a schedule as packed as mine.

Lawn Mower 4.0 in water

Just like the Lawn Mower 3.0, this Lawn Mower is waterproof. While I’m not the biggest fan of shaving in the shower, knowing that it can absorb more water damage than most ball trimmers is an absolute delight. Sure, it doesn’t align with my preferences. However, it might just align with yours.

With over 90 minutes of battery life, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is one that makes manscaping a relaxing activity. Taking into account how powerful it is, however, I’m sure it’ll take you around 20 minutes to give yourself a thorough cleanup. Source? Me!

Lawn Mower 4.0’s battery indicator

Often lose track of the battery life? Notice the LED indicator. If the indicator is blinking, perhaps you need to recharge the battery. This is a common find in most premium quality ball trimmers, but looks best when the Lawn Mower 4.0 takes the lead.

A selling point that really can help anyone irrespective of experience is everything that’s provided, especially the comb guards.

The first one, which equates to a 10mm shave at max, helped me reduce bulk from my pubic hair, which could easily have led to mishaps had the attachments been loose. To my luck, however, each attachment perfectly blends with the head of this ball trimmer.

The other attachment, conversely, was ideal for me and my 5 o’clock shadow. It provided a shorter length, which often allowed more air to pass through my enclosed areas.

Lawn Mower 4.0 with attachments

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Inside the box are blessings in disguise, involving the brand new charging station, which makes Lawn Mower 4.0 a good device overall. If the dock is too big for your suitcase, you may even equip its charging adaptor and cable.

The dock is a bit too big in contrast to the ergonomic build of the Lawn Mower 4.0, in my opinion. However, if all else fails, you can also just pack the cable, which I believe is a much easier fit.

Lawn Mower 4.0 when engraved in charging station

Why is my Lawn Mower 4.0 blinking and not powering on? Try pressing the power button three times. It’s probably preserving its energy using the travel lock system.

My Final Take

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is a great model to go for if you prioritize functionality. I know it served me well with its performance in the bathroom. But what impressed me most was the travel lock feature, which not only increases longevity, but also calms the nerves of those that frequently go on work trips.

Offering a nick-free experience, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is definitely something to look forward to if you have sensitive skin. The design feels like a prototype in my eyes, but offers smooth operation nonetheless, making this option a must-have in my books.

Pros and Cons

From having outstanding attachments to being a win-win in every way, here are some positives regarding the Lawn Mower 4.0 in my eyes, and a negative that needs some work.

Great modern-day designTakes time on larger surfaces
Impressive travel lock feature
Outstanding attachments
Portable charging station

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0

Next up is the Lawn Mower 3.0, another promising candidate with its own selling points. While it lacks a couple of prominent features found in the Lawn Mower 4.0, this device of MANSCAPED is definitely not an underdog by any means.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0

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When inspected closely, the Lawn Mower 3.0 feels like a win, especially when pitted against its successor, the 4.0. If you need a recap regarding its specifications, though, the upcoming table should be of help.

ModelLawn Mower 3.0
Blade SystemSkinSafe Technology
Battery Life90 Minutes
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featureNoiseless motor

The Lawn Mower 3.0 is equally slender in contrast to the Lawn Mower 4.0, and ditches the plastic body of the 2.0 for an ergonomic design, which feels more premium.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower 3.0 ergonomics

Alongside providing what seems to me like an hourglass-shaped handle, the Lawn Mower 3.0 contains a rubber grip coating at the front and back, providing a better view than the successor, in my opinion.

lawnmower 3.0 in the palm

The device is just as narrow as the 4.0, standing at 3.5 centimetres. However, The head is slightly wider, offering softer yet effective results overall.

This MANSCAPED device reprises a minimal build, possessing only a power button and a flash. Tired of shaving in the dark? Don’t forget to establish some light with the beamer underneath the blade, which was of great assistance when there was a blackout in the neighborhood.

Lawn Mower 3.0 next to 4.0

Lawn Mower 3.0 next to 4.0

In addition to feeling great when being held, the Lawn Mower 3.0 is also a device that weighs lighter than the average MANSCAPED device. While subtle, the ball trimmer-turned-body groomer is lighter than the 4.0. Unbelievable!

Blade Close-up

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Though it also prioritizes safety by offering SkinSafe technology, the gap of the ceramic blade feels slightly wider. In comparison, gliding through the Lawn Mower 3.0 was easier for me as opposed to the 4.0.

I must say, with the help of the Lawn Mower 3.0, it was much easier to avoid nicks and injuries.

Blade looking dull? Follow the instruction manual! It says there that, just like most ball trimmers, the shaving head needs to be replaced once every 3 months. Therefore, if you notice anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to invest in a replacement blade.

The power of this device is incredible, operating at 7000 RPM, the same level as the 4.0. The noise levels? Just as promising. On average, the Lawn Mower 3.0 only picks up sound that stays within 80 dB.

Lawn Mower 3.0 under water

Waterproof? It sure is! It can solve your hairy issues when dry, as well as when drenched in water. Don’t cross the limit, though, which, according to the experience I had, is no more than 30 minutes!

What doesn’t receive enough flowers is its battery life, which provides a run time of 90 minutes. Though you can take it one strand at a time with this device, you can use it for a couple of sessions if you’re useful with your time.

Lawn Mower 3.0 with attachments

What’s inside the box? A lot and not enough at the same time. The device comes with a travel-friendly charging station along with an adaptor and a charging cable.

Do you know what it lacks, though? An extra comb attachment. That shouldn’t be an obstacle, though, especially if going for a hairless look is your aim.

Final Take

The Lawn Mower 3.0 is a slight downgrade as opposed to the 4.0 if you take into account the functionality it offers. However, in my opinion, it only lacks the travel lock feature, which can be made redundant if you have a travel pouch.

I really like the design of the Lawn Mower 3.0. It provides an easier feel than that of the 4.0, despite being the predecessor. What it reprises is the waterproof build, outstanding battery life, and a skin-safe blade that will take care of your testicles, as well as your torso. A liability is the set of additives, which didn’t bother me, but can bother a newbie.

Pros and Cons

From having the edge over its successor to providing a session with minimal noise pollution, here are some pros and cons of MANSCAPED’s The Lawn Mower, 3.0.

Better feel than the Lawn Mower 4.0Could provide more comb attachments
Battery life is as effective as prominent ball trimmersLacks a travel-lock feature
Ergonomic grip offers better operation
Noiseless motor

Meridian The ORIGINAL Ball Trimmer

Meridian’s ball trimmer, otherwise known as the Trimmer Original, is not one you can have an advantage over, or dismiss.

Meridian’s ORIGINAL Ball Trimmer

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Among body groomers and ball trimmers, I feel that this device is the ultimate tool that ensures a smooth sailing session by minimizing damage.

While weight is the biggest attribute, it’s not the only selling point of Meridian’s ball trimmer. Alongside its weightless operation are the key features that propel the ball trimmer to success, all of which I’ve mentioned on the table below.

ModelThe Meridian
Blade SystemHigh Quality Ceramic Blade
Battery Life90 Minutes
DesignErgonomic & Shock Resistant
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featureCompact hardware

While the device contains three colors, I prefer the sage over the onyx and aqua. The color way makes the visuals more pristine, pairing sublimely with the soft rubber housing of the handle.

Meridian in hand

This device is easily the best one on this list, but only if you consider the way it adjusts to the dimensions of one’s palms. The rubber grip not only feels soft, but the fact that it only weighs 4 ounces, and barely covers a length of 9 centimetres is a big win in my eyes, and for my hands.

The device is complemented even further thanks to the basic housing, which only has a button and three LED compartments for the battery life. If you ask me, this is perhaps the best possible investment to make for those who often find themselves feeling technologically handicapped.

Blade system of Meridian

Constructed with a ceramic blade, the Meridian provides seamless operation at any cost. Since it also claims to be a good body trimmer, I also put it to the test by reducing the density of my chest hair.

After 20 minutes, not only was my chest clean, but so was my upper body. It’s safe to say that the safe yet effective nature of the shaving head really rejuvenated my confidence.

Detached blade of Meridian

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Detaching the blade is what I liked best, as it follows more of a clip-on system rather than being completely detachable. Putting it back on only takes a second, that too without ruining the structure of the motor, which is something everyone has done before.

Often, many seem paranoid about damaging the device. And although there are tons of trimmers curated with waterproof housing, not many have the edge over the Meridian when it comes to safety.

Meridian under water

To go above and beyond in order to defend the user, Meridian’s whole body is shock-resistant. In simpler terms, if you ever drop this bad boy from an impressive vertical, you’ll be amazed to see how well it absorbs the impact without sustaining any damage.

To gather evidence of the previous trait, I dropped my sage Meridian from the sink. Unlike any other device that would bounce and break, this body trimmer just rolled over!

Meridian with comb guards

Now that I’ve covered all the highlights, it’s time to talk about the liabilities, which start and end with the extra pieces provided. Though I do like the clipping guards from the outside, I feel that the material could have been better.

Additionally, I wish a case and a charging station were provided to make the device as promising as OLOV, MANSCAPED, and so on.

Final Take

The Meridian is perhaps my favorite pick from this list, carrying the perfect size for a ball trimmer. It too offers a waterproof design, and a blade that provides a close shave without leaving behind a scar.

Meridian in action

With a shock-resistant body kit, this bad boy can pass through all the lows. The Meridian is also quite reliable if you’re seeking a full body shave, as the lightweight feel and soft grip can provide a simple yet effective shave.

What it does lack is a charging station, which may be an issue when being miles away from home. However, with a 90-minute run time, the Meridian can easily shave your jewels a couple of times.

Pros and Cons

Meridian’s ball trimmer is what I would suggest everyone to purchase, yet again. It provides a great experience without damaging your bank account, and can be a great companion for travel. However, there are certain challenges about using the Meridian’s original ball trimmer, which you may find below.

Soft rubber-grip designLacks a charging station that cheaper alternatives offer
Lightweight handle with easy operation
Resilient body kit
Push-system detachable blade

OLOV Electric Body Trimmer

The next candidate belongs to OLOV, an American brand with a mission. Representing the brand is a ball trimmer that can also tackle various areas, preferably through the help of the accessories provided.

OLOV Electric Body Trimmer

Although the packaging is something I’m not a big fan of, I like OLOV’s electric trimmer and just how much it does to assure an average Joe a safe and enjoyable experience.

OLOV in hand

The ball trimmer is extremely thin, almost like a slenderman. The model is quite gifted vertically but feels almost like a pogo stick when used.

Knowing the basics is crucial. If you zoned out, though, cover the tracks with the table below!

ModelOLOV’s Electric Trimmer
Blade SystemCeramic Blade
Battery Life50 Minutes
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featureCost-friendly

Overall, I had a great time just moving it in an upward and downward motion when gliding it through my skin, as its weight pairs perfectly with its structure. Its lightweight nature led to efficiency, which drastically reduced the time frame of my grooming session.

precision trimmer of OLOV

I’m a huge fan of the blade, too. The stainless steel blade is made of ceramic, making it immune to heat. When shaving my body as well as my privates, the blade didn’t just show how well OLOV is, but also impressed me with its dominant battery life. Any issue? Not really. Although a grip around the handle would’ve been nice.

OLOV being rinsed in water

Just like the rest of the trimmers on here, OLOV is a trimmer that can represent you in and out of the shower, taking care of all your grooming needs at the push of a button. What I’m really fond of is the golden-coated power button, which can appease even a maximalist if promoted correctly.

A couple of things that I really like are its pricetag, mobility, and premium-grade visuals. However, if I were to pick one, I wouldn’t even pick any of the former aspects. I’d pick its ability to turn into an ear and nose trimmer.

OLOV on charging stand

The fact that it also has a charging stand is a nice added touch, although I fear the plug might lose grip after a while. However, what impresses me is how prepared OLOV was for the previous issue, as this device also carries a cable as Plan B.

To seal the deal, OLOV clashes heads by providing two effective, plastic-based attachments, which blend perfectly with the ceramic blade. The circumference is a bit undersized, but shouldn’t be much of a bother if you take into account the other benefits it provides.

Final Take

OLOV is a bang for its buck if you’re seeking a device that will take care of the hairy issue down there at a moderately fair budget. It carries a narrow ceramic blade that provides a closer shave than the rest of the candidates, going the extra mile by providing attachments for trimming nose and ear hair.

OLOV’s electric trimmer

OLOV’s ball trimmer reminds me of the Lawn Mower 3.0 and 4.0 from the outside. It carries a jet-black coating with a minimalist-like feel. The handle, while effective, does feel like a miss in my eyes, often looking out of place when pitted against the rest of the candidates.

Another issue, you ask? The battery. I personally don’t have an issue with the runtime OLOV’s electric trimmer provides. 50 minutes really is enough when your form is right.

However, it is powered by a NiMH battery, which is quite backdated at the moment.

Pros and Cons

OLOV’s electric trimmer deserves tons of praise. It offers a series of positives that make it a must-have in one’s arsenal, but also carries certain shortcomings that are impossible to dismiss. Give the following table a view to find out what I like and dislike about OLOV’s electric trimmer.

Premium design with a golden touchNeeds more grip
Outstanding battery life for priceNiMH battery is unreliable
Blades that prevent heat damage

Manspot: Men’s Premium Body Trimmer

In all honesty, I feel that Manspot’s Premium Body Trimmer and OLOV’s ball trimmer radiate on the same wavelength. Both of them provide necessary attributes that not only clean the bush, but can also take care of one’s whole body.

MANSPOT with attachments

Upon opening the box, the box of Manspot swept me away with its minimalism. It felt as though I was staring at the long-lost twin of MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0, but a bit less convenient.

Manspot in the palm

The size? Crafted to perfection. I’m still in awe of the flooring of this ball trimmer, which is coated in rubber at the centre and matte-based plastic around the handle. The handle is slightly bulky as opposed to the Meridian, feeling more natural than that of the OLOV.

Here are the key features of Manspot’s body trimmer that can help you learn more about what the gadget offers and prioritizes.

Blade SystemSuper sensitive ceramic blade
Battery Life90 Minutes
DesignShock Resistant
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featurePrecise Shaving Blade

The stainless steel blade reminds me of the one used for Meridian; effective, safe, and skin-friendly. Altogether, it was a great experience with this tool, as the motor runs consistently without suffering any hiccups.

Manspots ceramic blade

With the blade, I believe that a full-body shave is quite possible. If you’re worried about cutting yourself, however, don’t forget to make use of the clipper attachments it provides, which can be used to reduce bulk from the back, even.

Manspot in motion

Running for 90 minutes equates to 6 or more sessions in my eyes, which is exactly what the Manspot provides. The blades feel clean and comfortable, and don’t even cause a single scratch when I fumble my form.

The bodykit? Immune to water. It stands with a small frame, too, which I think makes this device better than any option manufactured by Philips. In fact, as opposed to Philips, Manspot’s trimmer is incredibly weightless.

Manspot weightless

Now comes the disadvantages, which start yet again once the attachments are assessed. I feel that most up-and-coming brands really miss out in contrast to reliable contenders because of their attachments, which seem dull and ineffective as opposed to the premium ones.

While the dimensions of OLOV’s guards were undersized, I feel that Manspot did the exact opposite by providing chunky and loose attachments, which clipped more hair from my body than was required.

Manspot with attached guard

Another trait that gave me the ick was that, after using it for just a couple of minutes, my fingerprints were all over the device. Now, the feel of Manspot’s ball trimmer is nice, but not if it accumulates marks within seconds of use.

Final Take

When push comes to shove, Manspot’s ball trimmer is quite similar to OLOV’s. However, it beats OLOV when you take into account the design aspect, which looks way too similar to the Lawn Mower series. It is also quite weightless, and offers a matte-based handle that fits quite easily in my palms.

Manspot design

With a narrow blade, shaving any area is easy for this trimmer. Additionally, just like most of its competitors, Manspot’s ball trimmer offers a great battery life of 90 minutes.

However, when used for a long time, you might notice fingerprints around the handle, which shows just how much experience they lack as a body groomer. The attachments are also a bit too undersized for the build, shaving more hair than what’s expected.

Pros and Cons

Despite being a newcomer in the world of grooming, Manspot’s body trimmer can trim your privates in any way you want. If you’re seeking a way to look into its strong-points and negatives, give the following table a view

Can provide a full body shaveCollects fingerprints around the handle
Better housing than OLOV and Meridian
A great alternative to the Lawnmower 3.0

Philips Bodygroom 7000

A one-man army with two helping hands is the Philips Bodygroom 7000, a classic among newbies. It contains two heads; one of which carries a foil trimmer, another that carries a trimmer.

Bodygroom 7000 frontal look

The Norelco series is carried by successful projects such as the Bodygroom 7000. Despite containing obvious drawbacks, the Bodygroom 7000 is perfect for its features; an element that I’ve mentioned with the help of the table below.

ModelPhilips Bodygroom 7000
Blade System4-D foil shaver
Battery Life80 Minutes
Waterproof HousingYes
Standout featureTwo-way shaver

This device hit the shelves quite some time ago, but is one for the books, in my opinion. It carries a metal-case body that is somewhat durable, despite feeling extremely heavy. It feels like the Bodygroom 5000 with an extra head at the bottom, if you ask me.

Philips bodygroom’s foil system and precision trimmer

Philips bodygroom’s foil system and precision trimmer

While impressive from afar, the two-headed trimmer that specializes in trimming the testicles is quite heavy, if not, the heaviest on this list. I don’t know how others might feel about this, but I sure had a hard time trying to put this gadget to the test.

The Philips Bodygroom 7000 provides the same grip as the Bodygroom 5000, resembling the same design as well.

Handle of Philips Bodygroom 7000

It has two power buttons, but also carries an adjustable guide that can cover a range between 3mm and 11mm; enough for one to groom their body. Nonetheless, despite all the fancy and functional upgrades, the weight of it turns out to be a liability.

Not all is bad about this grooming tool, however, as the foil head is quite agile, and safe for skin.

Philips Bodygroom when used on forearm

Philips Bodygroom when used on forearm

When used on damp skin, the trimmer went through in a heartbeat, leaving behind smooth skin and zero scratches.

Overall, I feel that this foil trimmer is far safer in contrast to the narrow blade of OLOV, which can cause a few scratches if used incorrectly.

Despite being a trimmer that peaked in 2010, the Bodygroom 7000 is worth it in every way for providing the same running time as its peers in this article.

Norelco 7000 in hand

What makes it even more promising is the fact that it’s cheaper, and also an immune device in the shower.

Can’t find the charging point? Look behind the power button. Charge the device for just a couple of hours for a run time of 80 minutes.

Bodygroom 7000 Charging point

Bodygroom 7000 Charging point

Downsides? Not many. In all honesty, if the device was less heavy, and focused more on providing attachments as opposed to carrying an adjustable trimmer, I feel that it would’ve ranked much higher on this list!

Final Take

Truly timeless is what I associate the Philips Bodygroom 7000 with; a hybrid among the big dogs. It provides a foil shaver that isn’t just good for sensitive skin, but also provides a guarded blade that can cover a range of lengths.

While it would’ve been easier had it been more light, I feel that the Bodygroom 7000 would’ve been the leader of this tribe. I personally can vouch for the efficiency and power that both heads hold. However, I would still say that the adjustable lengths aren’t as strong and promising as comb attachments.

Pros and Cons

There’s no one in the grooming world that doubts Philips Bodygroom 7000, or disregards its potential. It’s not always perfect for the candidate, however, as it too suffers tremendously for lacking in certain areas. From having a weight issue to being a two-man-army, here are some good things and concerns about Philips Bodygroom 7000.

Can shave the body and private parts at the same timeFeels heavier than most
Provides a great wet shaveAdjustable trimmers are backdated
Is relatively cost-friendly

Philips Bodygroom 5000

The Bodygroom 5000, on the other hand, is something anyone and everyone should try out. It reminds me of the Philips One trimmer, comprising the same basic build, but with a heavier and more reliable base and handle.

Philips Bodygroom 5000 frontal look

To understand why the Philips Bodygroom 5000 can help you, you might have to give my previous review another read. If you’re seeking more pieces of info on its attributes, the following table should help.

ModelPhilips Bodygroom 5000
Blade System3-D Foil Shaver
Battery Life60 Minutes
Waterproof HousingNo
Standout featureBack attachment

The Bodygroom 5000 is almost 3 years old. However, due to being a foil trimmer, it ranks rather high on the list of body groomers and ball trimmers out there.

blade and handle of Philips Bodygroom 5000

Another promising attribute of it in my eyes is surely its design. While I do believe the trimmer contains more length than the average trimmer, I believe that the handle it provides gives off tons of grip, which saved me from dropping it in the beginning.

What compliments the previous factor is the design, which only contains a power button. The device also contains a very minimal battery indicator, which flashes red when out of charge. That shouldn’t be much of a bother, however, as this machine served for an hour when I used it for assessment.

foil head in hand

The foil head can rotate in various ways, offering flexibility in mobility when in use. I shaved some of the hardest areas of my body with the shaving head, such as the armpit and my family jewels.

To my surprise, it got the job done in minutes. That too without leaving behind a nick. Since the trimmer comprises self-cleaning blades, I didn’t have to spend a couple of minutes removing pieces of hair.

Philips Bodygroom 5000 in motion

The comfort that it provides is outstanding, if you ask me. It feels like a modern-day razor with a better grip, shaving head, and lifespan. It also doesn’t feel like a prototype of the Lawn Mower 3.0, which reminds me of OLOV at times.

Bodygroom’s neck

Unlike the rest of the candidates, however, this trimmer is NOT waterproof. Perhaps that’s why this Norelco shaver carries a back attachment, which too isn’t as impressive as it seems in theory.

While the reach of the trimmer increased remarkably, the attachment was too heavy for me to navigate. In other words, if you do want to shave your back, you may even opt for any other grooming tool on this list.

Philips with attached back attachment

I also like how orthodox it feels in contrast to the ball trimmers on this list. I do wish it came with a new blade, however, as it could be hard to find a replaceable blade without digging through the web.

Nonetheless, if you want a quick shave without nicks, and have skin that often needs tons of care when being groomed, this device is a bang for its buck. It can fit even a moderately-low budget, and can be replaced in under 2 months if faulty.

Final Take

Transitioning from using classic razors to a technologically advanced ball trimmer can be a bit unnatural at first. And while I assure you that the move will be worth the change and investment, you can also look for a hybrid of the two, which starts with Philips Bodygroom 5000, a great investment for your man parts.

It provides a vintage-esque vibe with its design, resembling the Philips One blade from afar. However, this modern-day ball trimmer carries all the technological advancements that can help make ball-shaving a regular activity, and a fun one too.

What I love is that it reprises all the good qualities in its flexible shaving head, battery life, and build. It also walks the extra mile by offering a foil shaver, proving to work best with sensitive skin.

Pros and Cons

I’ve already mentioned how Philips Bodygroom 5000 is perfect for veterans hoping to reprise the feel that a typical razor provides, but also use a trimmer that is safe for their family jewels. However, if you missed the part where I mentioned the benefits and drawbacks, give the following segment a view.

Offers a classic razor-like feel with technological advancementsBack extension is heavy and unnecessary
Foil shaver can help minimize damage to sensitive skinThis trimmer is not waterproof
Minimal build with great grip

Step-by-Step Guide to Shaving Your Balls without Injury

Shaving your balls without injury

While these are the best ball shavers and trimmers on the market that we’d recommend, the actual act of shaving your balls isn’t as simple as just dragging one of these across your sack.

Shaving your balls is definitely a little more involved than grooming the rest of your body, as it’s so sensitive down there and the terrain is very different from the rest. You also want to be as clean as possible, and add whatever products are out there that can help make your shave as smooth and painless as possible.

Here I’ve written a quick step-by-step guide to help you shave your balls so that you don’t miss anything.

  • Clean Your Tools

Clean Your Tools for shaving ball

And I don’t just mean your shaver. You want to make the whole shaving operation as clean as possible, because both the risks and effects of infection are pretty nasty when it comes to manscaping. Even if your shaver is designed to avoid cuts, you’ll never completely eliminate the risk of a nick or two while you’re shaving, so you want to prevent any infection if that happens.

Ensure that your shaver is clean by wiping it down with alcohol before you begin. Wash your hands, balls, and everything else in your nether region too. One good recommendation is to take a hot shower before the deed, which can help soften the skin and hairs, priming them for a good shave.

  • Add Shaving Cream

Add Shaving Cream

For your balls, though, not just any shaving cream will do the trick. Make sure you use one that’s optimized for sensitive skin.

Adding a shaving cream will ensure that the razor glides over your balls as smoothly as possible. It will also soften the hair so that the razor has an easier time with it.

  • Pre-Trim Your Ball Hairs With Scissors

Pre-Trim Your Ball Hairs With Scissors

Though many shavers claim that they’re designed to avoid tugging and pulling at long hairs that stray into the blade, you want to minimize that anyway. Before you start shaving, gently pull at your ball hairs and cut them with a clean pair of scissors. You don’t need to be extremely close, just make sure that you don’t have anything that looks like it should belong on top of your head.

  • Tug At Your Ball Skin Before Shaving

Tug At Your Ball Skin Before Shaving

Your scrotum skin is very loose, and that means some folds of skin may get caught in your shaver’s blade and get nicked in the process. Pulling it back smoothens the surface and prevents the risk of injury.

  • Begin The Shave

Begin The Shave

With clean balls, tools, and shaving cream applied, it’s time to start shaving. Press your shaver head gently into your balls and glide it over hairy areas. As all of our recommended shavers have heads that pivot to follow the contours of your skin, you don’t need to push hard. Make sure to shave in the direction that each hair grows. That will help prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Clean Up Any Wounds

Clean Up Any Wounds

No matter how good the razor or how careful the shave, a little blood is inevitable. It may be an extra source of panic for you too because it’s your balls that will be bleeding.

Don’t worry about it—minor nicks can easily be fixed. Just cover up any small cuts with clean, damp tissue and press down gently for 5 to 10 minutes. That should stop the bleeding fairly quickly. Of course, stop your shaving until the bleeding stops, and clear away any shaving cream or aftershave to prevent it from getting into the wound and irritating it.

  • Add Aftershave

Add Aftershave

The application of aftershave is particularly important, as it can prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs from forming in your balls. Of course, just as with your shaving cream, you want to use an aftershave that’s designed for sensitive skin. Avoid aftershave formulas that contain alcohol, and look for aftershaves that include moisturizing action.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some questions related to ball trimmers that you can easily benefit from. It isn’t just based on answers found on the web, but also based around the knowledge I possess regarding personal care overall!

Q: Why Should You Get A Ball Trimmer?

Ans: Getting a ball trimmer might seem unusual at first, especially if you’ve never had one before. However, if you trust my guide, you also have to know this: Ball trimmers are life-changing!

Ball trimmers contain blades that often trim the strands without any damage. The housing is made of materials that are skin-friendly as well, taking minutes to give the selected region a thorough clean-up.

Need to shave more than your jewels? Worry not, as most ball trimmers are also top-tier body groomers. With the comb guards provided, one can shave their pits, legs, back, chest, and any other selected area, as long as it’s not the face.

Another reason? You can shave in the shower! Yes. Most ball trimmers are waterproof, promoting both wet and dry shaves. On average, a ball trimmer can chew up about 30 minutes of water damage!

Q: Best Ball Trimmer For Beginners?

Ans: From the list above, I’d suggest you go for Meridian’s ball trimmer. It carries the perfect size and relies upon a soft rubber housing to provide an incredible grip.

The design calls for seamless navigation, containing skin-friendly blades that glide past a set of pubes like a walk in the park. It only contains a power button and a battery indicator, both of which make it easy to comprehend.

To reduce bulk, this groomer, also known as a ball trimmer, contains two solid attachments. Need to shave some more sensitive areas? Good! This trimmer can trim your legs and armpits in a jiffy.

Q: How To Use Ball Trimmers Safely?

Ans: Just because you have it in your arsenal, doesn’t mean that you’ll be good with it. Similarly, if you’ve never used a ball trimmer before, you might expose yourself to minor injuries, which can easily ruin your first impression regarding trimmers.

However, if you take enough steps, your first time can be an experience full of safety and security.

The first thing you have to do is get a premium-grade ball trimmer. No razor. No clippers. Just a ball trimmer. Since most are enriched with blades that prevent nicks and cuts, having even the worst form won’t let you down.

Clearing the area from any residue or dirt is also important, so take a shower. Free the skin from build-up and sweat so the ball trimmer doesn’t get stuck.

It is important to pull your skin taut as well, since more hair can be plucked that way. The state of elevation will also prevent your trimmer from making contact with skin, saving you from some scratches.

Too scared to use the open guard? Use one of the attachments. You may even trim the hair down with scissors before letting your ball trimmer get to work.

Final Takeaway

If you give your all when skimming through this article, you won’t just become aware of how important it is to find the right grooming tool when shaving hair down there, but also learn more about the leading frontrunners that make shaving your tushy a pleasant experience as opposed to one full of anxiety.

While I am in favor of all the formerly mentioned candidates due to either their price tag, skin-friendly blades, and promising battery life, among other things, I also believe that I’d always go with Meridian if I were to pick one.

Meridian might not provide the best attachments, or look like the most visually pleasing candidate out there.

However, because I prefer convenience over anything else, I fully trust the size of Meridian to provide me with effective results, and smooth navigation.

It may not contain a travel lock feature like the Lawn Mower 4.0, but it provides a waterproof handle, straightforward configuration, exceptional running time, and a convenient price tag to make things easier.

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