Best Shaving Brush For Wet Shave

The classic wet shave is an art form many thought lost to convenience era razors but logic is thankfully bringing it back.  In decades past shaving was a process that included lather, a good lathering brush, and a sharp razor.  The result was a clean shave and little irritation the next day.  Men often went to the local barber to get this kind of treatment which also had a built in social structure and community.  As the modern era began shaving became a solitary act but originally had a similar process to the barber shop treatment.   In the last four decades crafty marketing has tried to convince us to replace this process in favor of cheap and steeply overpriced disposable razors in the interest of saving time.  Our grandfathers, who also most likely shaved at home a majority of the time, took little more time in the morning than we do today.   Shaving could be done after a hot shower and the only extra maintenance would be the care in the shaving brush itself.  While it is true that time is precious in our modern era the process one should take in the shaving process is one that will create the quality and irritation free investment saving you time, as well as your face

One of the most essential ingredients of a clean shave is a good shaving brush.   The dense yet soft feel of the bristle is what can hold a thick lather and paint the face while exfoliating the pores.  This preps the face for the razor getting the cleanest shave possible.  A good brush will not be synthetic and will instead be made from either boars or badger bristles.  The better quality will be a badger hair brush as the softer bristle is easier on the face.  The shaving brush will most likely be the most costly upfront investment outside of the safety razor but the long last will prove much more valuable than any disposable option. We have reviewed some of the best shaving brushes out there to get you started.

               Getting started with a quality brush can seem difficult.  Here are some $12 to $64 options:

The Simply Beautiful Basic 100% Pure Badger Brush

68863This brush can be purchased on Amazon for $11.95.  This is an excellent choice for someone who is new to the world of wet shaving and is not ready to invest at a higher level.  This is a densely packed brush head made of pure Badger bristles.  The bristles are known to initially have a slight shedding in the first few uses but with proper care this will stop.  The handle is made of a heavy plastic that resembles ceramic and has a similar hand feel.  This is a basic brush that will deliver the quality result of a great shave.  The best part about this brush is the retail costs is comparable to many brushes that offer synthetic or boar materials.  Those brushes may boast more bells and whistles but the Simply Beautiful Basic will deliver the badger bristle quality result that cannot be emulated.

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The Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

2453This brush can be purchased on Amazon for $12.95.  The Escali is another great value for a pure badger bristle and non-synthetic experience.  The base on the Escali is wooden and the densely packed bristles will hold a larger amount of lather and water.  One should also expect some bristle loss as the brush gets broken in but with proper maintenance this will subside.  When brushed on the face the pure badger bristles will gently exfoliate the skin without damage.  The wooden handle also has a great hand feel.  The Escali brush does not come with a stand which is recommended for all brushes and can be purchased separately.  Because the handle is wooden it is especially important to keep this brush on the stand so it can dry upside down and prevent any warping of the base.  Proper maintenance is essential for all brushes to ensure a long last and wooden handles need to especially heed this advice.

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Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

468The Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush can be purchased on Amazon for $12.99.  This brush is densely packed with pure badger bristle as the other brushes but has a longer bristle to distribute the shaving lather evenly.  The handle is also a little longer giving good grip or a good option for those with larger hands.  Like the other brushes some initial bristle loss is to be expected as the brush is worn in.  The Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush doe shave some durability complaints.  This brush does have the wooden handle and a metal washer to keep the bristle knot in place but the longer bristle and handle may make meticulous maintenance more essential for long last.  Many people choose to purchase this brush as more of a travel or non-daily use and have a higher grade brush for daily use.  The brush will deliver a great quality shave which is why many prefer it as a travel option.

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Parker Safety Razor Black Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor shaving brush

Parker Safety Razor shaving brush

This brush is available on Amazon for $25.88.  This is a great investment for the person who values quality as well as a fair price.  The biggest change in comparison to this brush and the badger brushes in the $10-$15 range is that this brush is made from pure Black Badger which is a higher grade of bristle.  The uniformity of all black badger is also noticeable is you are upgrading.  This grade of bristle is known for softness.  The brush maintains a densely packed bristle for holding lather.  The wooden handle has a fancier varnish finish than the lesser cost brushes for a sleek look.   One of the other added bonuses of this brush is the free stand.  With the lesser cost models the stand is not a part of the package leaving one with an extra cost.  There is, of course, the ability to make a stand out of a hanger but most would agree the art of shaving might be muddied by such a primitive solution.

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Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush (Chrome Handle)

Parker Shaving Brush

Parker shaving brush

This model can be purchased for $63.88 on Amazon.  This brush is truly the best of the moderately prices shaving brushes.  The badger bristles are 100% silver tip badger bristles which is the highest quality badger bristle.  The reason the silver tip is the best is because it is the softest and has the best face feel.  The same density and exfoliating applies as with the other brushes.  The handle is chrome and won’t warp or split if you forget to hang it on the stand overnight.  Also, this brush comes with a stand as well to ensure proper use.  Because the price is moderate and the materials are premium there have been some comments on bristle loss and the handle length.  With care the bristle loss will subside once broken in similar to the other brushes.  The handle length is a little shorter than the grades below.  If this hand feel is a priority then the lower models may be a better fit for you in this price range.  This brush is designed to last for years and will give the same quality you will find at your local shaving store for over $100 less.

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When it comes to shaving, there’s no single best shaving brush out there, its all about what you feel comfortable with and the list above is a really good starting point.