Hunting for the Best Shaving Brush in 2020

“Top Notch Shaving Brush is a Key Piece in Our Shaving Kit.”

I’m sure thousands of shaving enthusiasts will agree to what I just quoted. You need the ideal piece to get your shaving cream/gel/soap turned into perfect lather and soften your facial hairs.

But with hundreds of brands out there, it’s a difficult task for a layman to figure out the best shaving brush in the business. That’s what this article is for. Here, you’ll see some of my top choices and short reviews explaining why they are the best candidates for you guys.

I’ll be going over some of the benefits of these tools. There’s a buying guide and some maintenance tips at the end just to get you up to speed. I recommend you read the entire piece and decide how to proceed from here on your own. Let’s dive into the topic.

 Best Shaving Brushes Comparison Chart

Brush ModelBristle TypeKnot SizeIncludesPrice
Parker Razor Shaving BrushSilvertip
22 mmStand Check Price
Edwin Jagger Shaving BrushPure badger21 mmStand Check Price
Perfecto Shaving BrushPure Badger23 mmNo Check Price
Vikings Blade Shaving BrushAuthentic28 mmNo Check Price
Anbbas Shaving Brush SetPure Badger25 mmStand + Bowl Check Price
Shaveway Shaving BrushPure Badger30 mmNo Check Price
Anbbas Badger Hair BrushPure Badger25 mmStand + bowl
+ soap
Check Price

Top Notch Shaving Brushes That I Recommend

I get the fact that looking for top notch shaving brushes right and left. Let me shine the light upon few of the best in the business. I’m sure the following short reviews will prove helpful for guys in coming up with their ideal brushes.

Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush

Let me begin by saying “this brush looks super cool”. The stunning chrome base and faux handle make this shaving brush a perfect shaving companion. Not only that, but it can also be also a great addition to your bathroom décor.

Why wouldn’t it be? Unlike those machine-made shaving brushes, this one is completely handmade. This results in two major benefits. One being the attention to details, the other is outstanding quality.

Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush

I personally found the weight of the handle to be striking. I really love brushes with this kind of weight. It neither too heavy to operate smoothly nor father light. It feels masculine and very solid in my hand.

The overall volume of the handle was also perfect for my hand. You can apply your choice of shaving gel or foam with ease.

It creates an unfathomable amount of lather with any kind of shaving gel/foam. Even if the quality of the shaving gel is crappy, it will definitely make things go a bit better.

Speaking of shaving gel, if you are interested in reading more about the feel free to read our review on best shaving gel.

The 100% silvertip badger bristle is definitely a plus. It is literally the best raw material one can find. No compromises when it comes to quality. That is the main theme of this product.

In the span of 3 months of usage time, it did really well at odor control. I was really surprised to find how good it did at exuding a minimal amount of odor. The little odor it had gone away very quickly after a few initial usages.

The high bristle density provides us with another benefit. That is water retention. It does an exceptionally good job at this. It also allows you to quickly create a hefty amount of shave cream lather. As a matter of fact, if you use top quality shaving gels you can easily use it for two shave passes as the bristles can hold a substantial amount of cream.

For proper drying and storage options, this one comes with a plastic brush stand. It is way better than those metal one that leaves a ring of rust on your sink.

Overall, I must admit this is an outstanding piece of a shaving brush. Sure, there are other high-quality shaving brushes available in the market. But considering the price point. I’d say this one is the best bang for your buck product.

Get Parker Shaving Brush at Amazon


  • I love the fact that this is a hand-crafted item. No harmful chemicals or elements went into making.
  • The bristles have silver tips and they are capable of retaining cent percent water they soak in.
  • The product won’t feel too heavy on our hands. The weight distribution is even unlike many.
  • You can whip up substantial amount of lather with this shaving cream brush in your hands.
  • There’s a brush storage with this item to keep the brush safe, sound, and water-free when not in use.


  • Bristles are quick to fall off the brush if you don’t maintain it properly.
  • There’s an authentic smell of badger fur with this brush. Some may not like it that much.

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand

If you are into authenticity, brand, and premium treatment, then you will definitely like this Edwin Jagger shaving brush. It is bold, beautiful, and more importantly functional. This is definitely among the top-quality shaving brushes out there.

Most shaving brushes available in the market is too soft to form a good amount of lather. On the other hand, cheaper ones are too hard. Moreover, they start losing hairs from day one. Trust me, you definitely don’t want those hairs on your face as the razor will skip pass your skin because of them.

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush

Fortunately, the Edwin Jagger shaving brush has the perfect bristle softness. It can create a truckload (figuratively of course!) lather from any kind of soap or shaving gel. You don’t necessarily need to use hot water either (unlike some crappy products).

You don’t see a badger taking a hot bath, do you?

The medium size and decent weight of this shaving brush is also very good. It is your perfect grooming partner. The size of the brush is what you call a true medium. Meaning it is comfortable to hold in hand as it neither too big or too small for that matter. I like it that way. It gives me much more control over everything.

However, despite being a medium sized brush, it contains lots of bristles. It is actually decently dense considering the size of it.

Lathering with this brush is just like any other. But one thing that I was really impressed with was how it made my beards go straight. This certainly cleans a lot more at first shave pass. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens.

It comes with a few goodies inside the box. Out of all of them, I found the drip stand to be the most amazing. It comes really handy for keeping a clean bathroom setup. Moreover, it does a decent enough job at dripping out all the excess water from the bristles. The rest felt like a pure gimmick to me.

The only negative thing about this product is the size of the handle. Well, not negative actually. It’s more of a personal preference. I just wished it could be a bit longer. Just half an inch would have made it a perfect handle.

Although this is a bit pricy, but considering the performance of it, I think it is worth every penny.

Get Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush at Amazon


  • I like medium-sized brushes for a reason. They grant users more control and good weight balance
  • The bristles are not too hard on my face and not too soft either. It’s a perfect blend. Just as I like it.
  • There is an adequate number of bristles on the brush. Enough to produce rich lather.
  • Thanks to the drip stand the brush dries very quickly. It also acts as a brush stand in spare time.
  • One would not face bristles coming off extensively from the brush like so many other models available.


  • I’d say that the price is a bit too much for a shaving brush even of this kind.
  • The brush stand is a bit too small and the brush fits in with a bit of difficulty.

Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Okay, before we get down to business, I’d like to clear one thing. This brush has the best price to performance ration. Considering how competitively it was priced along with the It’s caliber definitely makes this the best shaving brush for sure.

This was actually a gift to my older brother. Later down the road after hearing praises about this shaving brush from him, this became my daily driver. And so far, this brush holds up way better than most of the brushes I’ve ever owned.

Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The perfecto shaving brush as the name suggests comes with 100% pure badger hair. Many say the produce brushes with pure badger hair. But not all of them are. So, keep this in mind while you make the final buying decision.

Perhaps, the most common issue with any shaving brush is hair falling off of it on the very first use (and even more down the road). With this particular brush, I haven’t faced this issue. Believe me or not. This is a first for me. Sure, a few bristles did fall. But not nearly as much as others.

One pro tip I’d like to give you guys for the longevity of this brush (or any brush for that matter) is after using it, hang it floating somewhere as opposed to laying it. This allows air dry to commence. As a result, less bristles fall from it.

The softness of the bristles was also perfect for my skin. It works very gently on your skin. No roughness occurred once in my several usages.

It creates perfect thick and rich lather every time.  It certainly helps the razor glide through your face effortlessly. It also fits perfectly with perfecto deluxe chrome razor and brush stand. So, if you have one of those laying around, you just found a partner.

Now, let’s talk about the handle. This is probably the only thing I was kind of polarized about. It is actually pretty small. As it’s small, it has an essence of compactness to it. BUT! It was actually too small for my hand. I was having a hard time adapting to it as I’m more inclined towards big handled ones. But I managed.

Weight, however, was a different story. I really loved the weight of it.

If you are a traveler or a newbie at the shaving game, I’d highly recommend you get this one rather than investing in something expensive. It is cheap but just as good as the expensive ones (in some cases even better).

Get Perfecto Shaving Brush at Amazon


  • Many of the brushes will tell you they are Badger brushes but Perfecto really is one!
  • The bristles won’t shed no matter how many time you use this thing and for how long.
  • The lather you get from whipping shaving cream with this brush is rich and creamy.
  • The weight balance of this shaving brush is great. It never feels heavy when in my hand.
  • The stand of Perfecto shaving brush is classy to say the least. It fits well with the bathroom décor.


  • Some of the customers might feel the handle to be a bit small for their liking.

VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Brush

The Vikings blade shaving brush is probably the most premium and luxurious looking brush of this list. The overall design language and premium built material give it a stunning look. Although this is sort of a mid-ranged shaving brush, it certainly looks like a flagship product.

But we all know look aren’t everything. There’s no point in buying something that is just not functional, right? Luckily for us, looks are not all this product has to offer for us. Let’s talk it capabilities now, shall we?

VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Brush

The previous iteration of this shaving brush had major issues. People were really frustrated with the quality. Seems like Vikings blade certainly learned their lesson. The new and improved 2019 version is much superior to its younger brother.

It is made of top of the line synthetic fibers that aims to compete with silvertip badger hair. I must say, I’m not a huge fan of synthetic raw materials. However, all my doubts went away immediately after using this. It does an extremely good job at replicating the look and feel of genuine badger hair.

It is heavy. This is probably heaviest of shaving brush I’ve ever used. And I absolutely loved the feel of it. When you hold it, you certainly get the feeling of holding something solid in your hand. However, if you are not a fan of heavy shaving brushes, this might not be the one for you.

The heavy-duty gunmetal base is another one of its premium features. It has two major benefits over any other typical bases. Firstly, it does a very good job at stabling the shaving brush when holding straight.

Secondly, it does not leave a rust ring on the sink. I was a bit worried about the metal base. But as I’ve used it for quite some times without any issue, I can confidently vouch for this product.

Let’s talk about water retention. We all know how important it is. This shaving brush will not disappoint you here either. It does exceptionally well when it comes to water retention. More importantly, it is not affected by the hard water at all.

This is something you should always keep in check as hard water and degrade the quality of your shaving brush over time.

This shaving brush is capable of producing an adequate amount of lather as well. It might not be as good as the previous one when it comes to producing lather. But it produces enough lather for a smooth shaving session.


  • I like the design of this thing to be honest. It looks classy and belongs to the upper echelon.
  • It retains the water for a long time. The bristles are great and won’t react to hard water at all.
  • The heavy-duty gun metal base keeps it steady and leaves no dust rings on the bathroom counter.
  • Those who are against animal cruelty will like the synthetic fiber brush tip of this thing.
  • Despite being composed of synthetic fibers, the lather quality is just like animal shaving brushes minus the cruelty.


  • People will find that Vikings Blade Shaving Brush is heavy. In fact, it’s the heaviest of the lot.

Anbbas 3in1 Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

If you love old school things, you will instantly love this shaving brush by Anbbas. The wooden handle paired with pure badger hair is a match made for the OGs. Don’t the wrong idea, it is still newbie friendly. As a matter of fact, I’d highly recommend the newbies to try this out (you know! For dem feels).

As you guys can probably already tell I’m a sucker for handcrafted products. Why wouldn’t I be? They are far superior to machine made products in every shape or form. This shaving brush being handmade, definitely made a mark on my mind.

Anbbas 3in1 Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

The handmade Manchurian ash wood handle is something they should be really proud of. It is ergonomic and very thoughtfully sculptured from wood. It also has a nice weight to it. For some protection, they have coated the handle with some sort of waterproofing solution (Although, I doubt this would be enough in the long run).

So, yeah! It contains pure badger hair. But you might not know that there are levels of qualities among pure badger hairs as well. you know! The usuals (A grade, B grade etc.).

Anbbas made sure they put the best quality badger hairs in their product. That’s why every single hair had to go through a 25-step quality control procedure.

I don’t know about you, but that to me seemed a bit too much. But on the contrary, it is a good thing that they are doing. The most certainly ensures quality over everything.

With wonderful shape and virtually 0 shedding, the bristles are something they should be praised of. Also, it has no bad smell at all. I was really stunned by their quality control. Moreover, it’s really soft and firm. You always get a silky-smooth feeling.

It absorbs plenty of water for producing a substantial amount of lather. These badger hairs also have heat retention capabilities. And it definitely can work with any sort of soap. Through at it everything and it shall prevail. The brush itself is fairly easy to clean and dry as it comes stainless steel shaving stand.

As the stand is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about stains or rusts on your bathroom either. So, that’s a plus.

You know what’s even more amazing? The lifetime guarantee of this shaving brush (as of writing this article). Anbbas was kind enough to do something that very few people are doing now. And I absolutely respect their audacity.

This just shows how much confidence they have in their product and quality control team.


  • The Anbbas has a great and elegant design with a wooden handle. It’s handcrafted like Perfecto on my list.
  • When Anbbas says this brush is made of badger hair, it is. It goes through 25 steps of testing to ensure the fact.
  • The shaving brush does well to absorb the water and it doesn’t get affected by heat.
  • You get the top quality lather you bargained for. Also, the weight balance is also just right.
  • You won’t notice bad smell coming out of the badger tips used in the making of the brush.


  • The wooden handle is vulnerable to water. It soaks water and degrades over time.

Shaveway 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Let’s get one thing straight. This shaving brush is not a premium product with all the fancy features. And it does not even try to do that. This is a shaving brush that just tries to be as economical as possible. Economical and functional, that’s what they tried to go for. And they sure did succeed at that.

If you are someone who loves to keep costs at a bare minimum, then this one should fit you just right. In other words, this one is for the smart spenders. With this, you don’t have to break your bank just to get a functional shaving brush. I’d say this is the best budget shaving brush.

Shaveway 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Although it is cheap, they somehow managed to put decent quality materials in this product. It comes it 100% original badger hair bristles. Badger hair is probably the only right way to lather shaving soap. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

It creates rich and thick lather every time. Shaving experience can be bad if the lather produced is not rich enough. It also does not lose hair into the soap as well.

I’m going to be honest with you, I truly thought this one was going to shed hair like crazy. But so far, I haven’t faced any sever issues. However, it does lose one or two hair every once in a while.

The nice quality tapered cut on the brush is also very useful.

Let’s talk about the wooden handle now. Well, it feels cheap to be 100% frank. But at this price point, you can’t expect something that was designed to impress the royal family. They had to make some trade-off. Unfortunately, the handle was the victim.

However, the handle has a nice shape and weight to it. Also, it’s pretty big. So, control is certainly there. On the side note, the black version of this shaving brush looks dope.

This can be your perfect travel companion as it’s cheap but functional. So, you don’t have to worry about losing something pricey while you are traveling (not that you should lose this). I initial intent was to replace the one in my travel kit. But I ended up using this as my daily driver for a while.

I highly recommend this to the smart spenders.


  • Shaveway is not pricy yet it manages authentic badger bristles within it. That’s good to see.
  • You’ll not have troubles with operating this brush thanks to a balanced, long handle.
  • Loosing bristles won’t be that much of a problem with this brush. They are bonded with strong adhesives.
  • For people who don’t know, this shaving brush is known for exfoliating our skins as well.
  • This is the perfect product to begin your shaving journey with. A beginner-friendly product at its core.


  • The product won’t cost you a lot. The design feels cheap. If you’re looking for something extravagant, this is not your thing.

Shaving Brush Set, 4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Hair Brush

Another one from Anbbas. Well, actually this one is kind of similar to the last one except it’s a complete shaving set. This is the only shaving set/kit of this review. I had to include this as it did provide some value over the base version.

As the features of the brush are essentially the same, we will see what this shaving set has to offer.

Shaving Brush Set, 4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Hair Brush

It is a 4-pc set with all the essentials for a smooth shaving experience. It comes with a goat milk soap, stainless steel shaving stand, shaving bowl, and of course the shaving brush itself. That’s all the things one could need for a grooming session.

The soap is actually the best of the bunch. Goat milk is wildly known for being nutritious for our skin. I literally forgot about my other shaving foam/gel after using this.

Every time I shave with this soap, it leaves a soothing feeling and soft skin. It also works perfectly in sync with the shaving brush. Every time I had more than enough lather for a perfect shaving session.

Next, let’s talk about the bowl. It is actually a shaving bowl with two layers. It’s good but a bit too small. You can barely operate properly in this bowl. Don’t get the wrong idea.

It’s not like the bowl is not functional at all. I just wish it were a bit bigger. However, considering very little price hike over the stock version of this shaving brush, I would not blame them.

The stainless-steel stand is something we are already familiar with. It is well designed and very ergonomic. It has a place for both the brush and the shaving bowl. From the image, you can get a feel of how functional the design is.

This brings us to the brush. Well, there’s not much to talk about it as we already discussed it previously. It’s handcrafted, badger hair has the best quality possible, they go through a 25-step quality control procedure, nice weight, cool handle, and all that.

This shaving set is a perfect gift for anyone close to you. I’m sure they will highly appreciate it.


  • This is a handcrafted item. Just to show how much it cares about us, there’s a lifetime guarantee attached to it.
  • Like the other Anbbas product on my list, this one has pure badger bristles and has gone through tests to prove it as well.
  • This thing absorbs water quickly and produces rich, creamy lather to use on your shaving routine.
  • Manchurian wooden handle adds a touch of class and weight balance to the shaving brush.
  • I liked the polished steel stand that came with the package. It gave a certain aristocratic vibe.


  • Again, the wooden handle can take in water and degrade over time.

Benefits of A Shaving Brush

Believe it or not, a quality brush has its benefits. It’s not only whipping the cream and producing lather. Interested in knowing what are the “Other” things it does? Let’s find out.

  • Do you know that shaving brushes actually exfoliate the skin? Sure, they do well to rub against our faces and produce rich lather. But in the process, these products massage and lift dead cells off our skins to rejuvenate them as well.
  • These brushes work fast. They whip up shaving soaps, creams, and gels faster than we do with our bare hands. Thus, we can save valuable time. Also, these things help in taking the soap, gel or cream to every corner of our faces without much of a hassle.
  • I keep saying that shaving brushes help us coming up with rich lather. The main reason behind it is superlative water retention. In simpler terms, the bristles keep water from falling over during the shaving process and help lubricate the shaving cream/gel/soap.
  • When we whip up lather with shaving brushes, the bristles rub against each other and create heat. Whipping the lather repeatedly and applying it to our faces causes the lather to be smooth. Plus, a part of the heat is transferred to our face to make us feel warm.

How to Buy One on Your Own?

The best shaving brushes are often hard to get a hold of when you’re searching for them on your own. Well, not when I’m around. In this section, I’ll be shedding light on some of the key factors that’ll help you in buying one for yourselves. Let’s dive in!

Look at the Size of the Shaving Brush You Need

I had to put this one ahead of the “Type” section for obvious reasons. You need a compact brush to apply shaving cream with. The overall length of the brush should be manageable. The overall length includes the length of the bristles, the handle, and the knot.

Many reviewers wouldn’t tell you but the length of the loft or the brush (known as the bristles) is crucial as well. Each brush has its own length for the loft. In my experience, 3.5 to 4 inches’ length of the loft will be just fine. If you buy a brush with a loft length of more than 4 inches will be hard to manage.

If people want to maintain a certain style when it comes to their beards, a short loft will do the trick. You’ll be gaining accuracy but sacrificing speed.

If you’re looking for a clean shave, go for longer bristles. Here, accuracy is not so much important as speed is.

You’ll need to consider the knot diameter as well. This is very significant. “The Knot” is the joint where the bristles are joined together with the handle. The bigger the knot the more bristles fit in. As you can see, going for a larger knot means you’ll have dense bristles as more bristles will fit in.

If you want my opinion, the knot diameter should be between 19 to 30mm. Reputed brands have a diameter of 20 – 24mm that incorporate a number of bristles sufficient for the job.

Look at What the Brush is Made of

You’ll do well to get to know the material that your tool is made of. So many things depend on the material. For example, if the brush is made of badger furs, you can expect it to retain water better than its counterparts. Also, badger brushes do a great job of massaging your skin and lifting the hairs.

However, there are variants as far as badger hair is concerned as well. You get what is called “Pure Badger Hair.” This is the lowest possible grade of badger hairs.

Then, there are the “Fine Badger Hair” brushes. These are a step-up from the previous variety. But they’re not as good as “Silver Tip Badger Hair” items. These bristles absorb the most amount of water and don’t degrade very fast. Silvertip badger brushes are made of furs from badger’s neck.

Besides badger brushes, users can choose boar hair brushes too. These things fall short in the “Water Retention” department but they are pricy. Despite utilizing boar hairs, the brushes aren’t very tough.

I wouldn’t advise people to go for these products because of the short lifespan compared to badger brushes and the synthetic ones.

As I said, synthetic shaving brushes sit right in the middle of things. These brushes are not made from animal furs. This is good news for people who don’t want animals to be harmed just for a shaving brush.

These products are tough. Tougher than boar brushes in my opinion. Thus, they enjoy a longer lifespan as well. But I’m not in favor of cheap items. They give synthetic brushes a bad name.

Lastly, you can pick a Horse hair brush. But there’s a reason I abstained from featuring one on my list today. You need to be thorough and check if the horsehair was disinfected or not. Horses can spread Anthrax if not properly taken care of. Last time I checked, it was (and still is) a dangerous disease to be toying with.

What’s The Shape of the Tip You Prefer?

The look and feel of the best shaving brush will change depending on the shape of its tip. You can pick from a “Bulb-style” or a “Fan-style” tip if you prefer. Synthetic brushes have somewhat of a hybrid tip at work. Older brushes used to have a flat tip as well.

The performance level from brush to brush won’t differ so much due to these small details. I’ve not felt any differences. But as I said, it will look different and feel different on our faces.

Look at the Handle of Your Brush

Most people will tell you, handles are not important on a product like this. To me, they are. Depending on the brand and how many bucks you’re prepared to sacrifice, you’ll have different types of handles to pick from. You’ll have the option to go with wood, acrylic, faux bone, bone, steel, and ABS plastic as well.

I’d pull you away from the wood. Sure, they look good. But there’s a catch. When used extensively, wooden handles collect water and get damped over time. They swell up and make it difficult for people to get a proper grip.

ABS plastic is good but it doesn’t give the impression of a quality brush.

Steel and Acrylic handles are here to stay. These things don’t collect water. These materials look good on any bathroom counter. Plus, they are damage resistant as well.

Get a Fix on Your Budget

Let me be blunt. The quality of your shaving brush depends on how much you’re willing to spend to get one. That’s why it’s imperative to fix a budget before heading out to buy one. Of course, every person has a different number in mind as far as money is concerned.

But just to give you an idea, a synthetic brush will cost people between $20 to $30. If you’re interested in the craft and want to purchase a handmade item, be prepared to shell out $50 to $100 depending on the brand.

When choosing a product, look at the brand. Choose a reputed brand. Don’t go spending too much on some brush that arrived yesterday and looks cheap.

Maintenance Tips for A Product Like This

Maintaining a shaving brush is not rocket science. You need to prep it, clean it after the shave, and keep it dry. When you’re beginning the routine, prep it by spraying water over it. That’ll soften up the stiff bristles that are there.

After the shave, make sure to rinse the brush under running water to make sure there are no leftover shaving cream, lather, and sticky lubricants. You’ll do well to give the brush a good squeeze. But don’t squeeze it too hard or you’ll end up breaking the bristles apart.

If you see the product getting out of shape, it is normal. It happens after long-term use. Just buy a bit of Borax from the nearest drug store. Take a bowl, mix Borax with water, and dip the brush inside the mixture. Don’t forget to give it a good rinsing and clean it thoroughly.

Make sure to hang it upside down on a brush stand after you are done. The water will slowly exit the bristles. Most brushes will come with a stand of their own. So, don’t worry about spending extra bucks on a stand (although spares are available on the market).

Do not expose the brush to boiling water. I know people who hold the belief that hot water sterilizes the brush. But this is not the case. Hot water stiffens up the bristles and makes them brittle. As a result, the fall off quicker than expected.

Let’s End the Chat Here!

I hope my piece on the best shaving brush choices will help you in one way or the other. This will arm you with the right tool to shave with each morning. With these models, you can kick start your day on the right foot. If you want my opinion, I prefer silvertip badger brushes as they are premium candidates.

If you’re against animal cruelty and feel the badger brushes aren’t for you guys, that’s okay too. Feel free to go for synthetic ones. But they carry a tiny risk for sensitive skins. In the end, the choice is yours. If you feel to move on your own, the buying guide will help you. Feel free to choose one for yourselves on your own.

Let me know how things turn out in the “Comments” section below.