Best Shaving Cream for Head: Expert Opinions and Reviews

Best shaving cream for head

Bald is the new bold!

Today, it has become a trendy look to get bald and flaunt a smooth & shiny head.

But to get that smooth shave you need two major ingredients – a good razor & the best shaving cream!
A top quality, best shaving cream for head could become the difference between a great shave and a shave that’s just “meh.”

You can get the best quality razor in the market but even the best performing razor would fail to deliver a close & smooth shave if the shaving cream does not meet standards. Therefore, the shaving cream is considered equal or sometimes more important than the razor to deliver a sleek and shiny look.

Also the shaving method, thickness of your hair, even the duration of your willingness matters. But none of these come close in terms of importance compared to the razor and the shaving cream.

Nobody ever likes to experience a bad shave, we’re here to help with our comparisons of the best shaving creams in the market.

Let’s begin!

Comparison Table of Best Shaving Cream for Head

Cream ModelFragranceMoisturizer
Taylor of Old
SandalwoodSandalwood Oil Check Price
Art of ShavingSandalwoodCoconut Oil Check Price
Head Slick Cream
MentholMentholated Lubricant
Check Price
Jack Black Supreme
No Perfume
Macadamia Nut Oil
Check Price
LAB Series Cream

Men’sCoconut Oil &
Shea Butter
Check Price

Top 5 Shaving Cream for Bald Head Reviews

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream is considered as the gold standard of shaving creams for a long time. The use of botanical extracts in the cream made the company famous since they started in 1854 and has become a timeless product among the consumers.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

The consistency of this cream feels quite like a lotion but transforms into a complete smooth, consistent and rich lather. The rich lather created from the cream makes the hair soft and opens the pores for a close and smooth shaving experience. At the same time, it moisturizes the skin on your head with glycerin that eliminates any kind of irritations and discomfort.

The Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream comes in a plastic bowl for ease of lathering. This plastic bowl is reseal-able for subsequent use and the cream performs best with a brush for creating a remarkably smooth lather and subtle fragrances which makes shaving your bald head much easier. It has a manly sandalwood aroma with the combination of a variety of tones that includes lavender & rosemary.

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Great Positives

Although it is well renowned for delivering the best shaving experience with a safety or straight razor. You can also use this cream for shaving with cartridge razors as well as electric razors with satisfying results. The reseal-able plastic bowl makes the lathering comfortable and easy for frequent use.

The consistent and rich lather opens the pores on your skin and soften the hairs that allows the blades glide smoothly over the skin and delivers a close satisfying shave. This is most beneficial as the hair on your head is thicker than others parts of your body.

Its glycerin keeps your skin moisturized resisting any tug and pull which provides a silky smooth shave every time with zero irritation. Also, its sumptuous wooded balance of tropical sweet perfumed Sandalwood and Cedar, with Lavender and Rosemary gives off a confident manly fragrance.

Important Concerns

It is recommended to store the shaving cream in a dry place and at room temperature between 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a gap between the cream level inside the bowl and container top; therefore, the cream may reposition while handling. It is recommended by the manufacturer to use the cream within 12 months after opening.

2. The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream

If you are looking for a shaving cream that delivers the best performance with any kinds of razors whether it’s straight or electric razors; then the Art of Shaving’s Sandalwood Essential Oil shaving cream might be just the right choice for you. It works perfectly and provides close & smooth shave each time, every time by any type of razor with a rich, creamy lather.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving’s Sandalwood Essential Oil shaving cream has the perfect blend of ingredients which includes glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils from sandalwood. This provides the right balance of moisture when shaving your head to avoid any irritation and burning sensation from the razor. This is important as you may not have the best angle at all times to shave your head.

To deliver an ultra-sleek shave it creates a rich and smooth lather. This ensures that the hairs become soft and open the pores on skin for blades to glide on the skin without any friction and irritation. It’s rich and creamy texture makes it very easy to apply on your skin. You can use a brush or use your hand to apply it, either way you will get a rich lather on your skin. It contains an anti-aging formula which nourishes and moistures your skin that keeps you fresh long after shaving.

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Great Positives

Versatility of this Sandalwood Essential Oil shaving cream makes it desirable among the consumers for both personal and professional use. It’s best performance delivery is not dependent on razor type. Also you do not have to own a brush to apply the cream on your head. You can easily use your hand to apply on your skin for a good shaving experience.

The essential oil in this cream also includes a botanic germ-killing element which helps to heal any cuts or razor burns while shaving and reduces skin spots, dismisses any skin irritation and swelling. Its subtle sandalwood aroma is not overpowering thus it does not create any discomfort while breathing.

Most of all, the rich glycerin, coconut oil and essential oil of sandalwood cream keeps your skin nourished and moisturized and leaves it feeling refreshed long after your shave.

Important Concerns

Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Although it is a little expensive compared to other best performing creams in the market; but you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the amount of lather you’ll need for a proper shave.

3. HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream

HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is specially developed for shaving the head. This shaving cream has a thick lubrication agent that helps the blade to glide effortlessly. This allows you to have a close and smooth shave without irritation and razor burn. Its authentic lubrication cream goes a long way providing twice as much shaves compared to other shaving creams in the market.

HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream

The lubrication agent of this cream is water-soluble which makes it very simple to rinse under running water and stops the blades getting clogged. This cream delivers sleek and close shave with any kind of razors, such as cartridge razor, straight blade or electric razors. So you do not have worry about changing the razor to be compatible with the HeadBlade HeadSlick Shaving Cream.

This cream comes with mentholated lubricant, creating a cool and refreshing experience after each shave. Although this cream is designed especially for the full head shaving experience but you can also apply it on your face and other parts of the body. It has no artificial color or fragrance that would create irritation on the skin. It is very easy to apply with hand or brush, anyway that suits you.

Great Positives

HeadBlade HeadSlick Shaving Cream one of the best options for shaving your bald head available in the market. It has been developed for delivering the best sleek shaving experience possible. Its distinct lubrication allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin for a close shave. Also it works best and delivers flawless performance with all kind of razors.

Its water dissolving ability makes it so easy rinse whether if it is on your skin or on the blades. The thickening formula of the lubricant in this cream softens the hairs making it easy for the blade to cut. And as the cream is infused with menthol, it is able to keep your skin cool and refreshed after the shave. Although shaving the head might need more cream than any other parts of the body but an 8 oz. pack will give you plenty of shaves.

Important Concerns

Rinse properly after use. As it is specially designed for head, you would find the cream delivering best result for shaving head. Although shaving the face would not disappoint you. Keep it in cool and dry area.

4. JACK BLACK Luxurious Shaving Cream

If you are searching for a shaving cream which is able to perform multiple tasks at same time, then Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather is the right choice for you. It is a three-in-one shaving product, compared to traditional foams or gels in the market. It has a rich lathering formula that brings up the hair away from the skin. This allows the blade to glide smoothly on your skin and delivers a close and smooth shaving experience.

JACK BLACK Luxurious Shaving Cream

The PureScience formula of this shaving cream contains the perfect balance of macadamia nut oil, soybean oil, jojoba oil, glycerin and organic edelweiss extract. The PureScience formula provides hydration to your skin to leave your skin moisturized, soft and with a refreshing feeling. The triple layered hydration formula creates a cushion of protection between your skin and the razor blade. This helps reducing tug and pull, skin irritation, cuts and burn from the razor to create a painless shaving experience.

Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather only contains certified natural elements that balances one another to deliver a silky smooth shaving lather which creates a close and painless shaving experience. It does not contain any kind of artificial aroma, color or chemical preservatives which is tested and certified by the dermatologist.

Great Positives

The organic edelweiss extract in the cream keeps your skin soothe and calm long after shaving as well as helps for fast healing. The Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather is a perfectly formulated shaving cream with the best organic elements to be highly efficient, yet very easy to use.

Most of the products from Jack Black are vegan which ensures their ingredients do not contain any kind of animal substance, artificial or chemical coloring, fragrance or preservatives. The macadamia nut oil helps soften the hair by penetrating below surface of the skin and hydrating the hair roots.

The antioxidant agent of soybean oil enriches your skin with moisturizer which reduces razor burn and irritation. On the other hand, jojoba oil and glycerin are also included in the cream to keep the skin soft, moisturized after shaving to keep your skin refreshes.

Important Concerns

To achieve the best performance, apply on slightly wet skin. Apply an even layer of cream over the skin with your hand or a shaving brush. Use circular motions to stimulate a rich, creamy lather. Use a sharp and clean blade; rinse the blade thoroughly while shaving. Use cold water for rinsing.

5. LAB SERIES Cooling Shave Cream

Lighten up after every time you shave with a refreshed feeling with a cooling shaving cream that revitalizes your skin by providing a silky protective shield and helps reducing irritation and razor burn. LAB SERIES Cooling Shave Cream is one of the best creams for shaving and has delivered reformulation to their traditional shaving cream with a better revitalizing and cooling sense that became a big-time winner for those who desire an effortless pain-free shaving.

LAB SERIES Cooling Shave Cream

LAB SERIES Cooling Shave Cream had included peppermint oil to their ingredient that provides the cooling sense. It revitalizes your skin and delivers refreshing sensation to the skin long after shaving.  The ultra-smooth and rich lathery, concentrated cream also contains coconut oil and shea butter to develop a silky smooth shield on your skin to deliver a better glide consistency for the razor, ensuring elimination of tug and pull, razor cuts and rash.

Although the cream has a rich lather; but its quick dissolve formula allows easy reins and does not clog up the blades of the razor. It comes in an easy resealing container which make it comfortable for frequent use and easy lathering allows to apply using both brush as well as your hand.

Great Positives

LAB SERIES Cooling Shave Cream’s rich lather softens even the toughest hair on your skin for a smooth blade glide effortlessly reducing skin cuts, razor burn and redness. Also it’s peppermint oil leaves a cool feeling on your skin and the coconut oil and shea butter keeps your skin moisturized for longer period after shaving.

It rinses very easily under running water and does not clog up the blades whether you are using a cartridge razor, straight razor or electric razor. Its resealing plastic container would allow to use the brush on the cream which make the user to apply the cream without any extra hassle. And twist-top resealing system makes it easy for frequent use. It builds up smooth and consistent lather with a rich and silky texture with a very small amount. So it would last longer than the others.

Important Concerns

You would be able to bring out the best performance with straight or cartridge razors. Although it also works perfectly with electric razors. Store the container in a cold and dry place. Rinse off after shaving. 

Things to Consider While Choosing the Shaving Cream for Head

Shaving your head is more complicated and delicate than shaving other parts of your body. If you are not bothered about the quality of your shave and settle for a mediocre one; then you can grab any shaving cream from the store.

May be you just check the scent or price tag; however, if you are serious about getting a quality shaving then you should never settle down for a mediocre shaving cream.

These are a few major factors to consider before you buy the shaving cream for head.

Type of Your Skin

This is the most vital factor to consider before buying the best shaving cream. Majority of the people have three basic types of skin: Sensitive, Oily and Dry.

You should always choose your cream based on the type of skin you have!

  • Sensitive skin reacts to astringent; creating rash and redness after use. Therefore, you should avoid those shaving creams which contains any kind of astringent in their ingredient.
  • If your skin is oily; then you should use the shaving cream that contains astringent. It helps to reduce the oil on your skin and stops your pores to clog.
  • Look for a cream which has a glycerin base and contains natural oils if your skin type is dry. Glycerin and the natural oil helps creating a base which allows easy gliding to the blade on your skin reducing tug and pull.

Avoid These Ingredients

Not all the substance used in a shaving cream are natural and what ingredients goes in your cream is a major factor. There are few ingredients that you should always avoid.

They are:

  • Parabens

Let’s be straight; paraben means problem. Some of the creams includes parabens to stop bacteria growth but they can also trigger asthma and allergies. Therefore, it is high recommended to avoid shaving creams that contains parabens.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS will remove the natural oil base from your skin. Although it is used with the intention to clean up your skin with direct application. Also it does not wash away easily; once applied it remains on your skin up to 5 days.

  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS

Although it is included in the ingredient to decrease the side effects of petroleum based elements but also may cause irritation to sensitive skins and can develop organ toxicity.

  • Artificial Aroma

Anything artificial cannot be good. More than 3000 chemicals can be used in the name of “Fragrance or Aroma”. It is better to avoid them if you can.

Look for These Ingredients

Look for the shaving cream that uses organic elements in the ingredients. Organic and natural oils are good for your skin and keep it moisturized for longer period after shaving.

  • Natural Oils

Look for jojoba oil and almond oil in the ingredients; these oils provide nourishment to your skin and does not feel oily as they evaporate quickly on your skin.

  • Essential Oils

Sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender are rose oils are known as essential oils. They work as natural anti-bacterial and leave a pleasant, natural aroma.


Finding the best shaving cream for head can be tricky as there are many options available in the market.

Also shaving the head is trickier than other parts of your body. As the hairs on your head are thicker and roots are stronger; therefore, it requires a richer lather to soften the hair and more moisturizer to open the pores.

Now-a-days, a bald head carries bold statement and you would require the best shaving cream to work with the razor to deliver a sleek and shiny shave.

So don’t settle down for a regular shaving cream which can only deliver a mediocre shaving experience. Go for the best in the market to enjoy the best shaving experience.

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