To many of us, “Shaving” is as crucial as breathing.

Without it, our morning routine feels bland and colorless.

While people might prefer different ways to get to a clean-shaven look, I prefer the old-school method.

I’m a purist when it comes to shaving. I believe, “Wet Shaving” is the most comprehensive technique to get rid of your facial and pubic hair.

Sure, it requires a lot of preparation and its fair share of apparatus. But the end result is all the more satisfying when done right. Also, I’m well on my way of taking care of the apparatus part for you guys.

As a part of the ongoing series of articles, this one addresses products I discussed on when searching for the best shaving cream for sensitive skin.

I must admit, searching for sensitive skin specifically put me in a bind. But few of the brands I discussed in this piece are there from the inception of the idea of shaving creams.

Feel free to look into the factors that prompted me to select these brands and their products in the first place too!

Top 7 Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin – Comparison

Product Name & BrandSizeOur RatingPrice
Proraso Pre-Shave Cream3.6 OZ4.7 Check price
Neutrogena Men’s2 OZ4.4 Check price
Gillette Series7 OZ4.5 Check price
Pacific Shaving Cream3.2 OZ4.5 Check price
NIVEA Men7 OZ4.3 Check price
Edge Shave Gel8 OZ4.6 Check price
Dove Men+Care9 OZ4.2 Check price

Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin to Buy This Year

When it comes to shaving creams, very few brands and models stand the test of time and leave a faint smell and smile on our faces. I’ve worked the hardest I can to compile a list of these items. While I was at it, I threw in some shave gels and foams as well.

Proraso Pre-Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin shaving cream

When someone has Poraso at the top of his list of shaving cream choices, you know that person means business. I certainly do! This Italian brand is sitting near the top end of the spectrum of shaving since 1948. The features and benefits I’m about to tell you, give it the Barbershop quality that it boasts.

For starters, Poraso Shaving Cream is organic. To be exact, 97% of the ingredients come from nature itself! To be exact, this Italian vintage brand used Oatmeal, glycerin, and green tea extracts for the formula. These two work together to sooth our skin to the point where we don’t feel razor burns at all.

That means one doesn’t have to worry about animal fat being there in the formula. I guess it goes without saying that the makers didn’t kill off any animal for the sake of this shaving cream.

While we’re discussing “What Is” and “What’s Not” in the shaving cream, I should mention that you don’t get any SLS, parabens, and silicones as part of the deal. That means, no synthetic elements or chemicals. Poraso doesn’t give me nasty irritations and doesn’t cause my skin to swell after shaving.

Instead, it softens the skin. As a result, the safety razors effortlessly glide through our facial curves. This thing is no threat for sensitive skin at all! Thanks to the texture, it’s easy to prep the cream for a shaving routine. Trust me, you need very little of it to come up with enough lather for multiple passes.

I think people will love “Menthol-Centric” smell that Poraso Pre-Shave Cream gives off. It’s refreshing and goes with the “Cooling Effect” on someone’s skin.

Get Proraso Pre-Shave Cream at Amazon

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • Softening and cooling of skin do a world of good to people who have a sensitive skin type.
  • This cream conjures up rich and creamy froth as quickly as in 30 seconds or so.
  • This cream guards users against razor bums, burns, and irritations for the duration of shaving.
  • One doesn’t need to warm poraso shaving cream for the froth to go through multiple passes.
  • Natural ingredients don’t trigger allergies; they moisturize the skin even after shaving routine.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • If you are not careful and put sufficient water in, it can dry faster than other products in its league.

Neutrogena Men’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Neutrogena Men’s

Just because I’m keeping Neutrogena at #2, doesn’t mean it’s anything less than Poraso in terms of capacity. In fact, the brand boasts “Pro-Soothe” technology that cools users’ skins and guards them against irritations of any kind. Neutrogena begins working from the first contact with our skins.

Now you know one of many logics of mine for putting it here. Congrats!

This shaving cream does other things too. For example, it’s known (and tested by dermatologists) to counter razor burns and bumps. But still, the razors can get as close to our faces as they need for a hair-free shave. On top of this, Neutrogena is a moisturizer and pretty good at that too!

Make sure you use a bowl to lather it up quickly. To do that, use a bowl. Creamy lather comes handy when you need multiple passes. It lubricates our faces better than a half-baked froth from any shaving cream from “Tom, Dick, and Harry” brands out there. Also, Neutrogena takes care of in-grown hairs too!

Once it’s done the job, I could rinse it off from my face. It was great to see that it didn’t leave any residue and oily substances on my face. So, yes, Neutrogena clears out “Completely” during the first wash after the shaving routine. You just need cold or hot water for the job.

There’s a reason as to why it doesn’t cling to your face. It’s the making of this shaving cream. Neutrogena comes to us with a “Non-Comedogenic” formula. It’s a fancy term for creams that don’t clog your skin pores.

An additional benefit of this is necessary skin oils will be able to get in and out of the pores uninterrupted.

As far as the fragrance goes, it’s not overpowering like some of the alternatives. This is due to the natural ingredients that are used in the formula. No animal cruelties here people!

Get Neutrogena Shaving Cream at Amazon

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • You can forget about razor bumps, red spots, and razor burns disturbing “The” perfect shave.
  • I found the smell soothing and not too overpowering as opposed to other brands.
  • The Comedogenic formula helps our skin pores to breath and moisturize during shaving process.
  • One only needs Neutrogena of a dime’s quantity to produce rich and thick lather all over the face.
  • It’s a shaving cream meant for people of both the normal and the sensitive skin types.
  • You get a pack of two with the price you pay; so, no complaints whatsoever!

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • Neutrogena’s cream, as a reputed brand, belongs to an expensive league of shaving accessories.
  • Doesn’t aid people much in the “Fragrance” department.

Gillette Series Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin


Be honest with me on this. Did you think for a second that I’d leave Gillette out of my list? I know many of you were expecting this one to be at the top. I couldn’t but add this “Aloe-enriched” shaving cream onto my list. Besides natural ingredients, it comes with a subtle scent that lingers even after you shave.

The aloe in this Gillette cream (I should say gel) works to moisturize and hydrate our skins at the time of shaving. Having natural ingredients help people with sensitive skins. They won’t develop allergies. Also, harsh reactions to skins, burns, and bumps are out of the question!

I’ve got to say, the makers ARE smart. The guys at Gillette threw in some natural lubricating agents with Aloe to give the cream a “Gel-Like” look (don’t say I didn’t tell you). These agents help people to get a quality lather. Also, the razors can pass through our faces comfortably without triggering irritations.

This Gillette shaving cream formula does three things to be exact. It spreads evenly throughout the area of application and forms a protective layer onto the face. My razors can get close to the skin without nicking it in the process. At the end of the shave, I get a refreshing feeling each time.

If hydrating, protecting, and revitalizing skin don’t make Gillette the best shaving cream for sensitive skin, I don’t know what does. I didn’t even an aftershave to mask the scent (the cream did it for me). Oh, did I mention that you’ll be getting a pack of 6 cans? Well, now you know.

Get Gillette Shaving Gel at Amazon

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • A pack of this Gillette shaving cream brings you six cans for an affordable price. A definite win!
  • This is not some cream heavy on fragrance. It’s very light and lingers on after I’m done.
  • Aloe Vera doesn’t react with sensitive skin while protecting it from outside threats while shaving.
  • 3X formula grants moisturizing features, protects our skin, and refreshes it after people are done.
  • Gel-like texture of Gillette grants it a long shelf life after purchase.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • If you are a picky shaver and a purist, you might not like how this shaving cream foams.
  • While the cream remains in tip-top shape, the bottles are  susceptible to rust damages.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Pacific Shaving cream

Since, I’m chewing through the “Patty” of my product burger (my fancy way to say mid-point), let’s do something different. Let me give you a shaving cream for men and women alike. Not different enough? Let’s say, the shaving cream is caffeinated. Not to mention it’s a miracle worker for people with sensitive mugs.

One thing I like about Pacific Shaving is that the makers derived Caffeine naturally. Other than this, we have aloe and spearmint oil essence. Pacific shaving company went out of its way to make the cream smooth. I could notice the smoothness when I was lathering.

Thanks to the rich froth, razor blades rode my face smoothly as well. Pacific Shaving made use of concentrated formula in this case. You need a little bit of it to cover your face, hands, and legs. One tube can go on for months depending on how many times you shave.

Do I need to mention that there were no razor bumps, burns, skin twitching, and red spots? I suppose, I do. A slew of antioxidants kept my face rejuvenated during the shaving process. Antioxidants come from natural caffeine as I mentioned earlier.

While Pacific Shaving packed their product with all these, it doesn’t include parabens, sulfate, SLS or any other synthetic products. The cream doesn’t itch when one is midway through shaving. Girls can apply it to their body as well. As always, there’re no animal parts involved.

So, how does it smell like? To me, it felt like fruits. I can guess it’s either balsam or Citrus.

Want more reasons to like this product? It comes packed in a TSA approved size. People can take their vacation knowing it won’t be confiscated by the airport guys.

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • Natural caffeine and its antioxidants keep your face and body parts fresh while you shave.
  • People with sensitive skins will be safe. No itches, burns, bumps, and cuts whatsoever.
  • This one has a subtle smell of citrus or balsam. It won’t override your perfumes.
  • Don’t worry about taking it to vacation trips. Compact TSA-approved size doesn’t pose issues.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • Lather quality could have been improved. People have complaints about thin froth.
  • Concentrated formula causes this cream to be a bit stickier than what I’m used to.

NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Foam


With this heading, people should know a quality product is up for grabs. NIVEA is a brand that doesn’t disappoint. I use the normal version of its shaving cream lineage. The cream is great in its own way. Rolling out another one hits the ball out of the park for NIVEA.

Before going on a rant about its features, I must mention, “It is for ‘Men’ Only.” Naturally, NIVEA pays extra attention to making it “Irritation-Proof” once it hits our skins. Applying it won’t cause an insane burn or an itch. There’s nothing in it to upset our skins. Not even a tiny bit of alcohol.

This shaving foam does a good job at softening beards. With it, NIVEA combined the trademark moisturizing quality we trust the company for. The result is soft facial hair (even in-grown and flat lying hairs) and unbelievably close shave. Razor blades can glide over the skin without hitching for a second.

If you are worried about the foam making your skin rougher than before, don’t. Moisturizers in the formula work to hydrate our skins even after we shave with it. For me, the top shaving cream for sensitive skin is the one which repairs skin. NIVEA does this by removing dead follicles.

One thing needs to be put out in the open. It is a foam rather than a gel. People won’t be needing a shaving brush to apply it on their faces. It is perfect for times when you need a quick shave before an important occasion.

I must say, the smell is quite fitting to the NIVEA name as well. It doesn’t smell like cologne. If someone is not standing near me, that person won’t even notice it.

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • NIVEA is known to produce shaving cream/foam with moisturizers in tow. This is no exception.
  • The moisturizers create smooth and thick lather for the razor blades to glide on and cut hair.
  • This thing doesn’t come with alcohol or any dye for that matter. It won’t dry our skins like others.
  • Subtle smell and quick spreading lather makes it a perfect fit for quick shaving prior to meetings.
  • Applying it once softens facial hair and conditions the skin after shaving preventing post-shave rash.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • If you want to increase lather thickness, be sure to apply it in large chunks. It empties pretty quickly.
  • I wouldn’t disagree when someone says it is pricier than its peers.

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin

Edge Shave Gel

Let me be honest with you, Aloe is the key ingredient among many that Edge Shave Gel that prompted me to get it on to my list. Along with that, you have skin moisturizers like Sunflower Oil and Glyceride that keep our face hydrated while we go about our business of shaving.

One thing good about Edge Gel is the fact that it doesn’t cop out when it comes to lubricating our faces. The lubricating agents coat my face in a fine froth. As a result, the razor passes through without causing burns, nicks, and cuts. Edge Shave Gel is perfect for sensitive mugs as I didn’t see rashes on my face after shaving.

As usual, glycerin acts as a binding agent that thickens the gel. It also spreads the lather when you spread it all over your face.

Like all gels go, this one conjures up a decent froth. My experience with these accessories tells me that it just might edge out Gillette to get the mantle of best shaving gel thanks to Sorbitol on the ingredients’ list. Sorbitol, as we know, is used in the best of kinds of toothpaste. Sorbitol cools the face for better shaving.

I won’t lie to people, “The Edge” has some chemicals embedded within it. But most of these chemicals are also used in toothpaste and other “Doctor Suggested” meds for our skin, teeth, and face. In a way, these are doing more good than bad in my opinion. Obviously, I’d not suggest “Edge” to allergic people.

As far as the smell goes, a light fragrance was coming from the Edge gel dedicated to “Sensitive Skin.” It didn’t overpower my perfume. I didn’t feel stench coming from my face after three or four hours.

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • Lathering with this is a quick process. You just need warm water to go with a bit of the gel.
  • The froth from this product is rich and creamy. Even a thin coat is enough for good shave.
  • You won’t feel any burn or itch while the razor glides down your chin and around.
  • With Edge, shaving is a “One-Step” process. You prep your face and apply the gel, and that’s it.
  • One can even shave his or her head with this shaving gel just as well as the rest of the body.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • The smell could feel like that of paint. It could feel a bit unpleasant to some of the users.

Dove Men+Care Shave Gel, Sensitive Plus

Dove Sensitive Plus

As we move on to the last product that’s on my list of Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin. Since I’m technically cheating and inclined to referring Gels, for now, Dove Men+Care perfectly fits the bill. This one doesn’t carry any fragrance. But don’t let that deter you from buying. Dove is known for moisturizing and caring for skin. This is no exception.

Dove Men+Care Sensitive + comes handy when it boils down to a rich lather. This gel is quick to respond to warm water. It spreads quickly and throughout our faces. Dove’s product is specifically formulated for keeping “Men” in mind. It’s natural that Sensitive+ will soothe people with sensitive skin as well.

Dove put in moisturizers to help men with razor burns. Use the right razor with this product and you won’t feel any bumps, razor burns, and itchiness on your face. Dove Gel produces smooth froth. The one time I used it, my razor glided smoothly without any hitches when I was shaving my cheeks and throat.

This product cools our faces each time after shaving. I was searching for an aftershave to use with it. Incidentally, I found Dove Post Shave Balm that complements Dove Sensitive Plus. If one buys the face lotion and face wash too, I don’t think he needs anything else ever for face care.

People might think I’m making shit up for the sake of this article. No, I’m not. Manufacturers have put their backs into it. The effort in choosing the ingredients and combining them into a gel shows. This thing is tested by the dermatologists to be top-notch. What more can anyone ask for?

What I Liked about This Cream in Particular

  • Dove offers a complete solution for shaving of sensitive skins as part of sensitive+ bundle.
  • Moisturizer in this gel allows for skin nourishment during and after our shaving routine.
  • Don’t worry about skin rashes, nicks, cuts, and razor burns; Dove Shave gel takes care of it all.
  • The shaving gel is fragrance-less. Users won’t be complaining against odor that they don’t like.
  • This thing hasn’t reached here without testing. Dermatologists tested and found it safe for use.

What I Didn’t Like about this Cream

  • Few of the users complained about the container not dispensing the gel well enough after a while.

Factors that Should Influence Your Buying Decisions

When choosing a cream, gel or a foam (the choice is yours) don’t go at it blindly. Instead, take a step back and think for a while to determine what things you want from your shaving accessory. Make a checklist of hurdles that you want that product to pass. Here’s my personal checklist that I use as a touchstone.

  • Having Natural Ingredients in There is a Plus

Just like in the case of shaving soaps, having natural ingredients in the formula pays dividends. It’s our faces we’re talking about. Putting our skin “Toe-to-Toe” with chemicals and synthetic elements can disrupt the normal processes.

Let’s not even talk about acne and other skin troubles we can get into thanks to these chemicals.

On the other hand, natural ingredients are safe. These ingredients nourish our cells from within. Having these elements means the makers are kind to the environment and natural order. They don’t trigger allergies. Some of these natural resources work well to smooth our skins when the time of shaving comes.

  • Important: The Cream/Gel/Foam Should Soften Up Your Skins

No matter whichever product you pick to aid you in your shaving routine, it SHOULD AID you. That’s the point. Part of the shaving process is making our skins softer as we get into the nitty-gritty of shaving hair.

The shaving cream/gel/foam of our choice should deliver quality lather prior to our session with blades. While most products do that, very few proceed to the next step. That is ingredients penetrating the outer layer of our skins and getting absorbed so that they can nourish and soften it from within.

Soft skin makes beard stand out and easier to tackle than a rough patch. Also, a soft skin makes razor passes comfortably without causing burns or bumps. Moisturizing gel or cream should do the trick. I’d advise you to go for Dove or Poraso shaving cream from my list if you are interested.

  • “The Chosen One” Should Not Cause Harm to A Sensitive Skin

One product can’t (and frankly, shouldn’t) serve all of us. There’s a limit to things one product can do. Normal shaving creams, gels, and foams tend to work well for the “Usual Type” of skin.

However, the shaving cream for sensitive skin should come with ingredients that soothe and reduce razor burns, bumps, nicks, and cuts. These products should address the irritation we all face after we’re done. Check if the ingredients of the brand you guys chose possess allergic qualities or not.

Subconsciously, rate your choices on one to ten depending on how well each of them clears these hurdles. Purchasing comes afterward depending on an average performance level.

  • I Don’t Favor Artificial Color or Dye and Smell Enhancers

I do believe that a product should look good. But enriching dye or any artificial color to achieve the looks? Never! Many might argue that these colors are either “Food-Grade” or harmless to the skin. But hey, if you get one that contains a name that’s too hard to pronounce, that’s a chemical right there.

Before long, people will end up having rashes. Some of the users might even have discolored skins to contend with. That’s why I say, “Natural is always better.” For eOne cannot replicate the effects of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, C, and peppermint with some chemical mumbo-jumbo of an ingredient.

I uphold the same values when it comes to the smell of a product. The smell shouldn’t be overwhelming. There’s no point in buying a shaving cream, gel or foam that smells like the cologne we wear. Chemical-induced smell reacts with our skin pores. With these, reports of skin diseases are common occurrences.

I prefer little to no fragrance (I’m not joking). Very few of the shaving foam or gel brands have subtle smells or no smell whatsoever. As a result, when buying these, people will have to worry about less (or no) chemicals interacting with their skins.

Let’s Call It a Wrap!

Yes, this is a long article indeed. Some of you will say, “Casey, you didn’t stay true to the idea of best shaving cream for sensitive skin. You branched into gels and foams too!”

Indeed, I did. If one looks deeply into it, there are a number of shaving gels and foams that deliver the same level of performance as a cream does. There’s very little to differentiate between the three.

While I appreciate Poraso for the incredible smoothness and texture, I can’t throw away dove or NIVEA or Gillette. These three have always been the mainstay when it comes to caring for the sensitive skin type. In fact, they do it better than some shaving creams when it comes to post-shave skin maintenance.

Whichever brand you end up choosing, make sure it corresponds well with your skin type. Even sensitive skins have certain borders unique to a person. One has to make sure not to step onto the wrong wire.

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