7 Best Shaving Cream for Women in 2021

Best Shaving Cream for Woman

“Women are More Complicated than Men.”

Don’t look at me! It’s true. Women have that uncanny aura about them that most men find irresistible. Leaving psychology aside, female body is complicated in more ways than their male counterparts’.

Right from their appearances to the skin they have, are different. That’s why women need specialized skincare products. This is true when it comes to shaving creams as well.

Women have thinner strands of hair than men and they have softer skins. Ladies’ skins can be damaged if proper care is absent. That’s why people need the best shaving cream for women they can get.

In this little article, I’ll be discussing 7 shave creams that I found to be in the upper echelon. These products soften the skin and hair, moisturize the skin after shaving, and leave you with a nice smell.

Let’s jump into the short reviews and find out more!

Top 7 women’s shaving cream – comparison chart

Top 7 Shaving Cream for Women Reviews

Women’s shaving creams are plentiful on the market once you dive in for a thorough search. It takes time to find the ideal one for each type of skin. Fortunately, I’m here with the 7 of the very best. I’ve explained what they can or can’t do in the next segment with short reviews.

1. Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream


I hope you all know how foaming agents can cause irritation on some people’s skin. If you are one of those few who always ends up with red inflamed skin after each shave, chances are you are blaming your razor for that.

But in reality, it’s caused by the foaming agent in some shaving crème. To your aid comes the Cremo coconut mango moisturizing shaving cream.

Cremo claims their shaving cream fights neck and razor burn very effectively. And I certainly can vouch for them. It will also provide you with a very close and smooth shave each time. Thanks to the unique and sleek molecules, your razor will glide through your skin effortlessly.

It makes your legs and arms so slippery and smooth, you will never cut your skin again. It also leaves a wonderful silky-smooth feeling after each shave. Heck, you don’t even need lotion on your skin as it contains all the necessary moisturizing agents. This is definitely the top shaving cream for women.

Speaking of moisturizing agents, this one comes with a bunch of necessary and natural moisturizers. Aloe, calendula and papaya extract are few of them. We all know how good of job papaya and aloe does as a skin moisturizer.

These are perfect for women with sensitive skin too as they also help rejuvenate your skin giving you perfect and healthy skin.

You’d be very glad to know that every ingredient used in this product are all natural. I kind of said it moments ago. Nothing artificial or other sorts of chemicals were used. It is also paraben free.

For those of you who don’t know, paraben is a chemical that is used as a preservative. They are very harmful to skin and can cause severe issues. So, yeah! Cremo definitely knows what they are doing.

One pro tip I’d like to give you ladies is making sure you follow the instructions very carefully. Don’t try to improvise or make stuff out of nowhere. Cremo clearly says to get the optimum performance out of the cream you have to follow the instructions.

For instance, they tell you to use one almond amount of cream each time. If you put more than that, it will not do very good when it comes to shaving. So, yeah! Please don’t try anything fancy.

Also, if you get scared by the foam or the lack of it, don’t sweat. It was designed that way.

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What I Like about this shaving cream

  • This little cream fights razor burns and prevents any kind of nick and cut on your skins.
  • People won’t require a moisturizer lotion as an aftershave. Cremo Coconut is competent.
  • The shaving cream creates a smooth, thin layer on the skin without too much foamy attributes.
  • You’ll like the aroma of this product. It lingers on for hours even after you shave with it.
  • Natural ingredients like aloe and papaya extract are perfect for people with sensitive skins.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • I didn’t find any negatives whatsoever with Cremo Coconut shaving cream.

2. Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS

IntiMD Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream

Okay, I was definitely skeptical about this product. Although it had numerous amounts of good reviews, I wasn’t sure about this one as I had bad experiences before. But after using it first hand, all my doubts went away. On the contrary, I was super impressed with the product. Especially, if you consider the price.

Intimate shaving can be a tough task as secret parts of our body has very sensitive skin. With that thought in mind, Coochy made a formula with 5 moisturizing ingredients.

These ingredients are Jojoba oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Maca Root (you know it’s good when Avocado and Aloe Vera are in it).

These are all anti-inflammatory and vitamin rich elements. They will 100% dramatically improve your intimate shaving experiences.

Well, all these are just “Talks” if they don’t work well in real life. Fortunately, Coochy plus intimate shaving cream is clinically and real-world proven. It works on all kind of skin thanks to its trusted shaving cream formula.

As the cream was developed with a formula that works really good on the private parts of our body (which has sensitive skin), it also works more than fine on other body parts as well. It softens even the coarsest body hair.

Pubic hair or underarm hair is no match for this shaving cream. This sure helps one avoid razor burn or cuts.

Another amazing thing about this product is the balanced pH value. In case you didn’t know, the ideal vaginal pH level is between 3.5 to 4.5. Anything below or above that means danger for your intimate parts.

That’s why they have integrated an advanced formula called ‘COOCHY PLUS’. This formula maintains that perfect balance to give you more enriched and healthy skin. It also helps prevent the chances of vaginal odor.

If all those science talks bored you, here’s a TLDR for that.

This shaving cream will keep your intimate parts healthy and irritation free.

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What I Like about this shaving cream

  • This shaving product is perfect for women who want a bit of extra care for their private parts.
  • People won’t feel or have any allergic reaction to this shaving cream during and after the usage.
  • Coochy Plus contains as many as five natural ingredients to help you care for the skin even after the shaving routine.
  • Thanks to these natural ingredients, the shaving cream is able to soften the roughest of hairs.
  • Razor burns and bumps are things of the past with Coochie plus and the patented formula at work.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • The strong scent might not be liked by some users. Keep that in mind while buying this cream.

3. Skintimate Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Skintimate Ultra

If you are a swimmer and you are required to shave every day, get the Skintimate shaving gel for women. Closer shaves are very much essential for any swimmers and soap just does not cut it.

Trust me, a soap will definitely be enough for a closer shave. That’s where this shaving gel comes into play. It provides you with a close shave unlike anything else.

It contains both natural and artificially made ingredients. Palmitic acid, Triethanolamine, Isopentane, Sorbitol, PVP, Titanium Dioxide etc. are some of the chemicals it contains.

However, all these were very carefully chosen, keeping the human skin safety on the mind. Natural ingredients are sunflower seed oil, vegetable oil, fruit oil, soy. They are all very effective agents for moisturizing.

It softens the hair of your private part very effectively. Also, the coating makes things super easy for your razor to glide through. It also leaves your skin very moist and soft after shaving.

Although this product was intended for people with dry skin, it also works very good on other types of skin as well. Their formula is sort of a hybrid formula that just works. You also don’t require any sort of aftershave or lotion if you use this cream.

You can also say goodbye to all those irritations and razor burns. The carefully crafted formula ensures this thing is idiot proof on any kind of skin. So, that’s definitely a plus.

It also has a nice smell to it. Unlike cheap and unhygienic products, this one contains natural fragrances.  I instantly fell in love with the smell of it. It’s neither strong nor weak. Just the perfect balance of both worlds.

With multipurpose use in minds, this shaving gel was designed to be used on all parts of the body. Public parts, underarms, legs, arms you name it. More importantly, it adjusts things accordingly.

The only improvement I’d make about this product is the packaging. I was not a fan of their packaging.

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What I Like about this shaving cream

  • Ladies who need to shave every day of the week will find this cream within budget and perfect.
  • If your skin is rough, this cream will do wonders to soften it up while shaving and afterwards.
  • The formula within will soften your skin and the razors will find it easy to glide over every time.
  • Skinmate is perfect for every part of your body including the intimate areas you care for.
  • I loved the fragrance of this item. It’ll sooth your skin and grant you a fresh feeling as well.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • What I Don’t Like about this Shaving Cream The makers could’ve upgraded the packaging of this item a little bit. It seemed bland.

4. EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

To begin with, EOS is a great brand. They are very popular for making good shaving creams at a budget price. However, Honestly, I was very surprised to see the bold claims they were making. Claims like EOS ultra being the best shaving cream for women putting a smile on your face.

So, naturally, I had to try it out. And it did put a smile on my face indeed. They absolutely have every ground to make such bold claims.

Probably the best thing about this shaving cream is the price. It is very competitively priced and easily available. But don’t get the wrong idea. It is cheap in price but certainly not in quality. Perhaps it is one of the top shavings creams available in the market.

I was also a big fan of the fragrance of this product. It comes with a lavender jasmine scent. It is really beautiful. I instantly fell in love with the smell. Id’ highly suggest you at least try the smell out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

It contains a variety of moisturizing agents. So, yeah! Even if you have dry skin. It should do just fine. It also provides you with necking free shaving sessions. Not only that, irritation and itching are virtually non-existent after using this shaving cream.

There is one thing that I should mention. If you get worried about the cream not making enough foam. Don’t panic. It was designed that way.

Moreover, their instruction clearly says it is non-foaming. And more importantly, it does a way better job than those cheap products that produce an enormous amount of foam. It is actually preferable to use as you can see through the cream. This provides you with much-needed control over everything.

The cream is super smooth and easily softens every type of hair. You can easily use it on the private parts of your body without having to worry about compatibility.

What I Like about this shaving cream

  • For ladies, the fragrance of this shaving cream is something to savor. Lavender-Jasmin at their best.
  • You won’t find any chemicals within the formula of this shaving cream and no harmful effects.
  • The packaging is actually see-through. You get what you pay for and see it too. Nice!
  • The shaving cream is consistent in providing results. The quality won’t deteriorate over time.
  • If you have dry skin, EOS Ultra moisturizing shaving cream is your “Go to” product for sure.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • It takes a lot more shaving cream than usual to pull off ideal result.
  • The razors are known to get stuck with this product from time to time.

5. Gillette Venus with Olay Ultra Moisture Women’s Shave Gel

Gillette Venus Women's Shave Gel

Ahh! The infamous Gillette. We all know how good Gillette is at the razor game. Turns out they are also great at shaving gel game as well (well, obviously!).

They are correlated after all). This one is actually an updated version of a previous model. Previously they had a metal bottom which left rust ring all over. This time, however, they have opted for a plastic bottom. No more rust now! Kudos to Gillette for listening to the community.

This time around, it contains 5 times more moisturizers for soft and smooth skin. It does way better than your typical shaving cream. Gel formulas have always been known for being superior to cream. Ivory soap bars are no match.

It actually comes in a pack of two (Each 6 ounces). So, yeah! I don’t believe you can get a deal better than this one. More importantly, Gillette is super conservative. Meaning it will last longer than other products in its class.

Another thing that adds up to its longer lasting nature is coverage. With remarkable coverage, you will never miss a spot. This is really efficient for those tiny little spots that normal shaving gels fail to cover.

You know what’s annoying? Running out of shaving gel while you are in the middle of a shaving session. Luckily, this one comes with an indicator gel gauge. So, now you can easily know how much gel is left in the can and when you should buy a new one. Now, that’s what I call convenience.

Well, although they recommend you to Gillette Venus Swirl razor for the optimum performance (why wouldn’t they, right?), in my personal experience it did perform just as good with other safety razors as well. The key point to note here is the quality of the gel, not the razor.

Red neck, irritation, and necking are also pretty much gone after using this. I’d highly recommend you try this one out.

What I Like about this shaving cream

  • Gillette is a brand ladies can trust with their eyes blindfolded for quality assurance.
  • It comes in a plastic bottle. Ladies won’t have problems like rust and corrosion due to water.
  • One can have a pretty good idea how much gel is left in the can thanks to the gel gauge.
  • I must say, this cream/gel (whatever you call it) covers your body parts better than most products.
  • Gillette won’t give you any irritations or red spots on your sensitive skins whatsoever.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • Personally, I didn’t find anything to worry about in this shaving cream.

6. Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Moisturizing Cream Shave

Avalon Organics Cream Shave

The fact that this product is cruelty-free made me fall in love instantly. Avalon moisturizing shaving cream is all organic. No animals were harmed and there are no harmful preservatives either. Also, organic extracts are well known for producing the best results. For all the purist out there, this is a perfect match.

Packed with a certified vegan formula that contains essentials oils and botanicals, this one is heaven for vegan people.

Along with Aloe Vera (which I absolutely love), it contains beta-glucan, bisabolo, inulin, potassium hydroxide, tocopheryl acetate, alcohol (1), benzyl alcohol. All these carefully selected ingredients are proven to work well on sensitive and dry skins. However, they work perfectly well on normal skins as well.

It will generously replenish and moisturize your skin for extra softness and smoothness. This results in a hassle-free shaving experience. One that you’ll never turn your back to.

One head up that I should tell is that you have to use a generous amount to get the extended result. This is not something like a little goes a long way. The price, however, does make it worthwhile. Where other products might last long, some of them do contain harmful chemical like parabens. This one is completely free of all harsh chemicals.

It has a funny smell to it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not something that I hate. But it surely isn’t something that I like either. Well, one could argue they could’ve added a little bit of fragrance in their formula. And I do agree with that thought.

But considering an all organic GMO-free product mindset, I do believe that would’ve destroyed the whole essence of “PURE”. So, I’ll give it a pass this time.

This is a cream that will 100% not give you any rush or bump as it’s an organic product. Unless you are allergic to organic extracts, you’ll do more than okay with this shaving cream.

What I Like about this shaving cream

  • This product is “All Natural.” I found no chemicals to be worried about at all!
  • While I’m at it, you won’t find any GMOs either. The formula is clean and beneficial for the skin.
  • Softens body hair like a boss! It even cares for ladies’ skins after shaving is done.
  • For people against animal cruelty, this is the ideal product as it is vegan.
  • Avalon shaving cream is specially tailored for sensitive and dry skin types.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • Ladies who like a lingering, fresh smell, won’t like this  fragrance-free product.

7. Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave

I’ve used a bunch of Alba products previously. And by far, this one is better than all of them. Every one of them I previously used had some form of issue. Issues like a rash, little to no lather, burning issue etc. This one successfully mitigated all those issues.

Like all other typical Alba Botanica products, this one is all natural. You can’t possibly go wrong with natural ingredients, right? It contains Aloe Vera, mint, and other vegetarian ingredients. Another plus is that it does not contain any parabens, phthalates either. Also, no animals testing was done.

After a few initial uses, I instantly noticed how good it was at moisturizing. It is clearly more nourishing and protective. My skin feels much more regenerated after using this one. I also didn’t need to apply anything extra after each shave which is always a plus.

It was a real champ when it came to softening my intimate hairs. Thick or rough, it does not matter. Through at it everything and it shall prevail. Also, while I was having difficulties reaching those tricky corners, this one came to my aid.

It also has a great scent to it. The fragrance mixed with mint Aloe made a surreal experience. Try it out. I’m sure you will love it.

Probably the only thing I’d change about this product is the thickness of the gel itself. It’s is actually really thick and heavy. It does not create as much lather as products at a similar price point.

As a result, you need to use a pretty generous amount of shaving cream each time you use. I wish they listened to what people have to say about their products before releasing a new one. Well, not all companies are the same.

What I Like about this shaving cream

  • People who like the natural formula for a shaving cream with light fragrance should go for it.
  • Makers came up with Alba Botanica without testing it on animals and didn’t include parabens.
  • Alba Botanica doubles as an aftershave. It makes and leaves the skin super soft after shaving.
  • This nourishing shaving cream is a perfect product for dry skin types just like my previous choice.
  • You’ll find the shaving cream giving you a close layer on your skin. Great for close shaves.

What I Don’t Like about this shaving cream

  • I’m not the fan of the quality of lather it produces on women’s skins.
  • Razors can drag on your skins from time to time. To avoid that, apply ample amount of the cream.

Things to consider while you are buying shaving cream for women

Want to diverge and venture out to find the ideal product on your own? Don’t worry, the buying advice I’m gonna provide you in this part of the article will prove helpful for women who want to do their own research. Let’s dive in!

  • Get to Know Your Skin First

The first rule of thumb when buying any shaving product (especially soap, cream or a gel) is to get an idea about your skin. It’s obvious that not every cream will suit ladies’ skins. Furthermore, if your skin is oily or a bit sensitive to most chemicals, you should know this beforehand.

There are six types of skins when we really get into the thick of things. People with normal skin types can use just about any shaving cream. However, women with dry and sensitive skins will need special types of creams that’ll get the job done for them without harming their skins.

  • Take My Advice: Go Organic

As soon as you open your devices or set foot in the stores, you’ll see so many products that you’ll get confused. Many of the brands will promise you this and that. Truth of the matter is; majority of the creams are made of chemicals. More often than not, they’ll harm your skins.

For me, the best shave cream is that which is organic. Nothing beats nature when it comes to taking care of us (our skins in this case). Products with natural lavender and Aloe Vera do a world of good to our skin. While you’re at it, look for creams that have moisturizers packed in.

They may not look like it but these creams are pretty competent. These things do the job of an aftershave once women are done shaving. Another benefit is that you won’t have to look for an additional aftershave once you have certain shaving creams.

  • Go for an Odorless Product If Possible

Whenever shopping for these items, go for one which doesn’t offer any smell. People might frown at me for saying this but it’s the safest way to do things. Many of the brands use artificial means (AKA chemicals, people) to get the soothing scent for their products.

If you are REALLY after a soothing scent, some of the natural and organic shaving creams offer that as well. Go for Gillette or Alba Botanica. You’ll find natural scents like lavender imbued within their products. Again, nature is the best when it comes to such items.

  • Judge the Lather Quality of Each Product

Most of the ladies overlook this little point. I tell you, it’s a crime to do so. Unlike men, more lather doesn’t mean the best in the business. There’s a fundamental difference in men’s and women’s hairs and skin types. Naturally, men need thick lather from their creams to soften up rough hairs.

Here’s why I dispute the claim for women. One, ladies don’t have thick and coarse hair (normally). Their skin is much softer than their male counterparts. They NEED something different. Ignore products that proclaim to produce rich and creamy lather. Instead, go for ones that provide a thin layer of lather.

These shaving creams produce just enough lather to guard the skins. Sometimes it is better not to overdo things and repent later on. That’s why, go with the right brand.

  • Check for Razor Burns and Bumps on the Face

Whenever people choose a brand or a shaving cream, it’ll be good for them to do a test run. If you’re buying it from a store, buy a small can or tube of cream first. Use it for a few days and check if your razor can perform better or at least at the same level as before with this cream at the helm.

When you’re buying a shave cream for women online, testing it is rather easy said than done. To make sure you’re getting the real deal, buy one from a reputed brand. Read the specifications carefully and cross check which razors work better with the particular shaving cream that you chose.

Always make sure that the shaving cream and the razor are good buddies. They’ll sync up and perform better. If possible, purchase the same shaving cream brand as the razor’s. May be its time to change the razor you’re using for all this time, eh? You never know!

Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the possible side-effects of unsuitable shave cream?

Shaving Creams may also have certain side effects like other skin usable products. You may be affected by several skin issues if you got a shaving cream that might be unsuitable with your skin category.

Most commonly the side effects could be

  • Irritation and redness
  • Stinging and burning
  • Ingrown hairs or razor bumps and Rashes
  • Abnormal allergenic syndrome

Sometime the continual side-effects symbolize negative vibrations from other shaving accessories.

What are most acceptable substances inside a shaving cream?

Often people getting confused while going to get a shaving cream by judging the elements blended within it. Yeah, this judgment is absolutely necessary to have a proper purchase decision. The most accepted substances inside a particular shaving cream should be focusing on your skin type.

For example, Vitamin E and glycerin are the common elements that can lubricate your dry skin and it will be more acceptable with 4.5 pH level. Now having a sensitive skin referring to those shave creams which must contain natural elements like Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Maca Root etc.

With a definite pH level below 4.5. In short, acceptable substances depending on your skin type.

What is the pricing parameter of selected shaving creams?

Evaluating a product in terms of price is a common consumer habit. Getting an absolute product with a perfect price can bring up the people’s efficacy level.

You can find that the pricing parameter has a waving carve in my selection; it means you can get your desired and suitable shaving cream at both cheaper and comparatively higher price.

The pricing is mostly depending on the quality, brand image and convenient budget of the customer. However, in my selection the pricing countdown is starting from 10$ and carved a pickup to 30$.

Ending The Conversation Here

The best shaving cream for women is the product which is friendly to the skin. Trust me, when it comes to our bodies, gimmicks don’t cut it. No matter how fancy a product looks, sooner or later it will out itself. That’s why it’s better to be informed and purchase the ideal one in the very beginning.

Your skin leaves little room for experiments. I wouldn’t speak for it either. Instead, feel free to buy one from the list here. If you’re willing to do the legwork yourselves, the buying guide is pretty much your starting point for the research. Happy shaving.

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