Best Shaving Cream

Using a soap for a shave can be quick and easy, it can be found any where for super cheap and is an option used for shaving a man’s face, but every time soap is used subtle damage is happening the skin.  Soap dries out the skin, causing a less than pleasant texture to anyone touching a face. The experience of shaving is unpleasant, and can feel as if the razor is ripping and dragging the skin, causing little nick. This is not only an unpleasant feel, but also damaging as cuts can lead to infection.  So, instead of the damaging choice of soap, choose the best choice: shaving cream.

Shaving cream is the best option for a close and smooth shave. Using shaving cream will prevent nicks and cuts in the skin from dragging blades.  It will increase smoothness, and leave the user with a refreshed sensation.  Shaving cream does not dry out the skin and can increase moisture so that the skin will feel silky and soft.  Using shaving cream also is great for a quicker shave.  Because creams have been emulsified with water they have been per-whipped and makes for a less time consuming event in a rushed morning.

The next question becomes: which is the best shaving cream? Because there are hundreds of choices.  Of course every man is going to have their own opinion of what gives their face the closest, smoothest, touchable shave but to look across the board the over all some best shaving creams available are the following.

Proraso Shaving Cream Tube SV-14x

85This shaving cream is sold for $8.78 and comes in a 5.2 ounce tube.  But with Proraso shaving cream, a little goes a long way; use a quarter size amount and lather on the face and every time will equal a smooth and close shave.  For a proper lather, using a shaving brush is recommended.

Proraso shaving cream gives a luxurious lather giving a sensation of freshness from the eucalyptus oil and menthol; it also gives a wonderful wake call to those who have sleepy starts to their day.  Also this will leave an smell that doesn’t have to washed off or covered up with after shave.

Using this shaving cream will  guarantee the closest shave of a mans life. Keeping the skin soft and smooth.  Users that have had razor burn issues, will notice a improved quality to the skin.  The cream has a consistent texture from start to finish and is a great choice.

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Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream

Billy Jealousy comes in an 8 ounce container and sells for $17.40.  This cream was name  the 2007 best shave cream in Esquire Magazine.  Because the shaving cream provides the user with a razor glide that prevents irritation and cuts in the skin.  When product is use correctly wash face and then massage the foam less (lotion-like) cream on the face.

Billy Jealousy has micro silicon beads that feels gritty when applied to the skin.  However, this product gives lubrication that protects the skin leaving the user with a clean, fresh and smooth shave.

While the price might seem steep, the results are worth it for most users.  The bottle will last as long as used as directed.  The scent mild and does not leave a ‘stink’ behind that has to be covered up.  Overall, this is a premium product for a close, smooth shave for the serious daily shaver.

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Tribute Supply Co. Shave Cream for Men

256The Tribute Supply Co. Shaving Cream is sold 4 ounce containers for $22.51.  While the price is high for four ounces, the user only needs a pea size amount for each time of use, the container last approximately four to six months. Tribute Supply Co shaving cream is made out of barber grade ingredients.

When the Tribute Supply Co formulated this shaving it they did so with sensitive skin in mind, so that it can be used on any type of skin but will not bother those with needs of sensitivity.

This shaving cream leaves the skin feeling fresh.  When used with a shave brush the lather is thick and after the face is shaved the skins is smooth.  This is a product that is meant for someone who is willing to put in the effort for a great shave.  It’s one of the best creams currently on the market.

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

This shaving cream is sold for $15.08 and comes in 5.3 ounce container.  Included is the lathering bowl to make for an easy experience. When used as directed, it will last.  Because with the sandalwood shaving cream you only need a little, because it will go a long way.

This cream is has been scented with lavender, rosemary,sandalwood, cedar, jasmine and rose creating a masculine and floral scent that is both appealing and subtle.

Using Taylor of Old Bond shaving cream gives the user a experience that is similar to that of the old time barber shop.  The soap bowl comes with a screw on lid that allows the user to not have to have a separate lathering device.

Using this cream gives the user a fresh face, smooth skin, and a drift back to the past with the old soapy smell.     This is one of the best products on the market.

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Shaving Cream

If you want just a basic plain cream, then just getting an unscented cream is best for you.  This shaving cream gives an ultra smooth shave, silky skin and a quick and easy shave.  Just getting a basic cream will work, for the shave routine.For those looking for a close, smooth, silky shave any of these products are the best for you.  They will provide excellent shaving experiences.  Making the consumers average morning routine have a zest of awesome.  These shaving creams will make the shaving experience better for any shaver.

Silky smooth, refreshing and close personal shave is what can be expected when using the shaving creams listed,  Each man will have their own opinion on what will work best, but these creams are the best on the market with the best proven results. Hope you could pick the best shaving cream for you from the above list!