Best Shaving Gels that You Should Hunt Down in 2020 and Beyond!

Most of us claim that we know all about shaving gels. In truth, we don’t. Let me explain a bit. The most common sight today is Aerosol Shaving Gels. They produce foam like no other. In truth, they are not shaving gels at all. The ideal gel would be transparent and thicker in consistency than shaving creams.

Also, the best shaving gel for sensitive skin should moisturize our skins rather than leaving them high and dry after shaving. Natural ingredients should do that. Also, they work as anti-oxidants.

Of course, you need to get the best shaving gel in the business to do that for you. That’s where I (your friendly shaving enthusiast) come in. In this gem of an article, I wrote about some of the best in the business. Also, I tucked in segments that’ll tell you if you’re the candidate for a gel or not.

Feel free to do your own research with the buying guide at the end of the post. Trust me, it helped me. It will help you. Without dwindling on the topic further, let’s address it properly.

A Short Comparison of Top 5 Shaving Gel

Edge Shave gel for MenYesYesYes (low) Check Price
Nivea Gel For MenYesNoYes (strong) Check Price
Tomb 45 Shave GelYesNoYes (moderate) Check Price
PFB Roll On Shaving GelOilYesYes (low) Check Price
Gillette Fusion ProGlide GelYesYesYes (moderate) Check Price

Who Needs a Shaving Gel?

To put it simply, those of you who don’t want to spend extra cash on a shaving bowl or a brush, should get this. This type of product only requires water and a small amount to create the ideal lather that you need for a perfect shave. That too, without making unnecessary mess.

These products are known for lubricating and moisturizing the skin at the time of shaving. Lubrication is crucial to the skin. It makes gel thicker than your shaving soap or cream. Thanks to lubrication, a thin layer between our hairs and the razor is created. Thus, the razors don’t cut our faces or body parts.

If you use electric razors and need a bit off visibility by your side, gels are the “Go To” product for you guys. Unlike shaving foams, gels are clear in the making. Some products don’t even produce lather. They remain transparent through and through. Thus, lather won’t block your vision while shaving with a bulky razor.

Gels are great for people looking to stylize their facial hair. For example, you can shave beard around your precious goatee with the non-lather gels. These gels don’t block your visibility and help maneuvering razors through tricky contours of your faces.

Our Top 5 Recommended Shaving Gel Reviews

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive SkinEdge

Sensitive skin has always been a big issue of mine. Razor burn, redness, rash etc. were always there to company me (an Unwanted company).  I’ve tried so many products, but Nothing worked. I always had to carry around those annoying red marks every time I shaved. Then I found Edge shaving gel for men.

After trying multiple products, I finally found the best match for my skin. This shaving gel is definitely the best shaving gel for sensitive skin. Ever since I’ve been using this particular gel for my grooming sessions.

However, in my area, I became almost extinct (locally). So, I had to buy in bulk.

We all know Aloe Vera is like the holy water for skin treatment. Keeping that thought in mind edge has made this gel. It contains Aloe Vera extract which has been processed in a way so that it becomes non-irritating on sensitive skins.

Are your beards hard and rough? If yes, then you will be relieved to hear that this gel works like a champ on thick beards as well. The intricate combination of lubricants and moisturizer allows you to have a buttery smooth shaving experience every single time.

It comes out of the can like gel and then lathers into a barrage of foam (a word of caution: don’t put too much gel. A little bit is sufficient). After you rub the foam all over your face for a little while, rough and thick beards get very soft. And that’s it, you are now ready to look all clean and shiny.

Most shaving gel in the market contains artificial fragrances which I absolutely hate. Moreover, sometimes these fragrances are the root cause of rash and redness.

Luckily for me, this one does not contain any masculine or feminine scent at all. So, yeah! In case you were wondering both genders can absolutely use this gel.

You what can also (potentially) cause skin issues? Aftershave gels. With this shaving gel, you can say bye to that as well. It contains a non-reactant cooling conditioner that leaves your face super fresh after every shaving session.

Overall, I think this one is a great grooming product that both men and women can use. Their thick formula along with other complementary features make this one the perfect companion for people of sensitive skin. I highly recommend this shaving gel.

Get Edge Shave Gel at Amazon


  • This is the ideal product for people with sensitive skin. It won’t trigger rashes or swell the skin up.
  • Edge Shaving Gel contains Aloe Vera that moisturizes our skins. That’s helpful in a big way.
  • The lubricants in this shaving gel allow people to withstand hard razor burns, nicks, and cuts.
  • This is a versatile gel. I commonly use it while shaving facial hair. Users can use it elsewhere too.
  • It should be clear at this point that both men and women can use this shaving gel as they see fit.


  • You must keep the product sideways or else, rust might set in outside the steel can.
  • I encountered air bubbles a few times when I decided to pour some gel on my palms.

NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving GelNivea

Nivea has always had a tremendous reputation for producing top-notch grooming products. When it comes to making shaving gel for men, they are still at the top of the game. The Nivea for men sensitive gel is by far the best thing you can find on the market.

Their experience fused with top quality material (and the art of chemistry) has produced this wonder of a shaving gel.

Although it does not work as effectively as the Edge shaving gel on sensitive skin, it is still very good. As mentioned earlier, I have very sensitive skin. And this one did a very decent job at avoiding skin related issues caused by shaving.

Razor burn and other minor irritations were pretty much gone. I just had very tiny redresses around my neck. Other than that, nothing too aggressive occurred. If your skin is not that much sensitive, I’d definitely suggest you get this one.

Moreover, you are getting a deal that no other shaving gel can beat. With the base deal, you get 3 (7 ounces’ pack) cans of shaving gel at a price which is virtually unbeatable.

Don’t get the wrong idea. This in no shape or form is a cheap product. It is a premium product that was priced very competitively (and I believe it’s a good thing).

Another thing that I very much like about this gel is the extra thick lather it produces. Trust me! You’ve never used anything like this before. The extra thick lather bares another good thing. That is how it processes thick, hard and rough beard.

After applying this gel, your beard or any other hair would become as soft as baby hair. As if you could even pull them with ease.

For me, this is certainly very important as overtime our beards (or hair) can go rough. So, yeah! Doesn’t matter whichever shaving gel you buy, make sure it does the job for you.

Okay! Moving on. Let’s now talk about what natural elements this shaving gel contains. Just like the previous one, it also contains Aloe Vera extract. Aloe is a very well-known natural remedy for sensitive skins.

This was a must-have addition for me. It also does an amazing job at giving you a post-shave soothing skin. Kudos to Nivea for that.

Get Nivea Men Gel at Amazon


  • I like the price it comes with. Weighing in the benefits, I couldn’t have priced it any better!
  • I bought a pack of three shaving gels. It saves you multiple trips to the store or online buyouts.
  • The moisturizer in the formula keeps your skin soft even after hours of shaving. It feels great!
  • You won’t feel any irritation after the shaving routine. This gel doesn’t need an aftershave.
  • The texture of this shaving gel (once lathered) is pretty smooth. The razors will glide smoothly.


  • Lather too much and it sometimes becomes too thick for the razor to work properly.
  • I had to be careful while pressing the dispenser on top. Pressing too hard caused too much gel to come out.

Tomb 45 Shave Gel

There are very few true gel formulae for shaving to pick from. Sure, there are a bunch of companies claiming to produce true gels. But not all of them are. I had to try this one out personally as it is one of those rare true gels.

Tomb 45 shave gel was invented by the infamous Criss Bossio (check out his Instagram). For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the if not the best barber I’ve ever seen. In my early days, his place was my go-to place for men’s grooming. His work was legendary so is his shaving gel.

Tomb 45 Shave Gel

It comes with a thoughtfully designed bottle with a cone head. It is basically a sauce bottle but better. From packing to label, everything about this shaving gel is perfect. It just shows how much care was given to it.

I genuinely love this product as it creates a very smooth shaving experience. With this, you will have the smoothest and least irritating shaving experience ever.

One thing that was of concern to me was how it didn’t produce any foam. I thought it would fail miserably at softening my hair. But boy oh boy! Was I wrong? It totally did the job.

Moreover, it takes away all the time consuming pre-shave preparation out of the way. This thing is a huge time saver. I highly recommend this to both barbers and non-barbers out there.

Another positive thing is control. As this gel doesn’t produce foam and is completely see-through, you have complete control over everything.

You can easily see what you are cutting into and what you’ve left behind. This comes really handy for those who want to style their beard in a specific fashion. No more accidental cuts for you and me(yay!).

It works perfectly in conjunction with DE safety blade and straight edge blades razors. After applying this, it will soften your hair within seconds. After that, it’s just a matter of blade maneuvering.

People will feel like cutting through butter with a hot knife. One blade is all you need. Now, you don’t have to buy a 5 blade cartridge gimmicks.

Although I personally don’t prefer shaving gels that leave a scent behind, this one had a decent smell to it. You might love the smell even more as taste varies from individual to individual. Nonetheless, I’d gladly take this over crappy gels any day of the week.


  • I like the design of Tomb 45, it’s non-traditional yet thoughtful to the degree that benefits users.
  • As usual with all the products on this list, you won’t feel any nicks, cuts, and razor burns at all!
  • Unlike some of the brands on the market, this gel doesn’t produce unnecessary foam of any kind.
  • Even after the shaving routine your skin will stay soft and moisturized for a very long period.
  • The Gel formula is amazing! It’s great for the skin and it leaves an amazing smell as well.


  • The scent of Tomb 45 is strong. If you’re not fan of strong fragrances, this is not your product.
  • This is not a product that produces foam. If you want one, go for shaving foam instead.

PFB Vanish Razor Bump Stopper Roll On Shaving Gel

Next up in our list of best shaving gel for men is the PFB vanishing razor bump stopper roll on shaving gel (again! mouthful). I must admit I was not sure whether I should add this into this list or not.

This one is actually a bit unorthodox. It doesn’t operate in a shaving gel or shaving foam way. After giving it a good amount of thought, I had to include this into the list as it has so much to offer.

PFB Vanish Razor Bump Stopper Roll On Shaving Gel

This one is not your typical shaving gel. It is more like a complementary product. It comes with a premium and a secret formula that works in sweet harmony with your day to day routine. Use it after tweezing, shaving and waxing and you’ll see the magic.

It helps to cool down irritated skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Not to mention, razor burn is like a piece of cake for this product.

If you are wondering how this weird thing operates, here’s how. You simply remove the cap and start rubbing the quick action roller on affected areas. That’s it. As simple as it gets.

Perhaps, the best thing about this roll-on shaving gel is the dark spot corrector. We all can agree these dark spots are super annoying. They don’t go easily but comes back pretty easily. Well, with this, you can say goodbye to those pesky dark spots.

The original formula strengthened with ChromaBright evens out the skin tone and balances everything. It also works as an anti-aging agent. Reducing age spots, skin discoloration, and pigmentation treating are some of its traits.

Are you worried about any chemical reaction or side effects this solution may cause? Don’t be. Their skin lighting solution was designed to be used daily.

This roll-on shaving gel is what one calls a true multitasker. You can use it on any part of your body (literally). Form face, neck, arm to legs and other private areas, this thing can cover everything.

Everything about this gel reeks of premium. The powerful properties clarify clogged pores. Moreover, camphor is dedicated to cooling burned areas and perverting infection. It does all that without irritating your skin. How cool is that? (no pun intended).

The only improvement I would make is to reduce the stickiness of the gel. I don’t like sticky stuff and it is a bit too sticky.


  • PFB shaving gel is one product that goes perfectly in sync with any aftershave lotion you use.
  • This is simple to use and it reduces dark spots in our skins as well. It’s sort of a skin cleanser.
  • You don’t have to worry about any razor burns, nicks, and cuts. No side-effects as well!
  • PFB shaving gel is pretty good as an anti-aging agent as well. It keeps you fresh and young.
  • It works as a cooling agent as well. This thing prevents infection from nicks and cuts.


  • It’s a sticky product. This is the thing I didn’t like about PFB as you need to apply a bit of water after shaving.
  • It has a tingling sensation when you apply this shaving gel. But people will get over it within seconds.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2 in 1 Shave Gel

This brings us to the last shaving gel on my list. I’ve always had a soft spot for Gillette as I started shaving with their razor. We all know how good Gillette is at making amazing razors. Turns out they are also amazing at making shaving gels as well. Well, obviously! They sort or come inherently.

Their 2 in 1 gel formula works perfectly for every kind of skin. From dry to oily to sensitive. Through at it everything and it will still come out as champion. Their skin care formula leaves your face smooth and cool after each shave.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2 in 1 Shave Gel

The previous version of this gel had an issue with packaging. The gel would pop out even after you’ve released the button. Now that this has been fixed, I literally have 0 complains about packaging (thank the heavens).

The “No Rust Plastic Packaging” is something that every other company should look into (yeah, I’m talking about you Edge). Primitive metals packages always leave stains and rust in the shower. Nobody likes that.

As mentioned earlier, I have very sensitive skin. Although I’d prefer the Edge shaving gel as my primary choice, I would not mind using this as an alternative. I did not really face any issue with Gillette Fusion ProGlide in my extensive usage. So, yeah! It is definitely among my best shaving gel for sensitive skin list.

The alpine scent also smells great. It’s neither too strong nor too weak. That’s what I like to see in scented shaving gels.

The most improved feature of this gel is the new formula. After applying, you can certainly feel a tingle setting in. It goes deep inside pores and softens the hair from the root. This results in easy and smooth grooming sessions. The coverage is also very good.

Although, they suggest you use a Gillette razor with this shaving gel (of course! Why wouldn’t they?) for optimum performance. I’ve had no issue with other razors at all. They were just as good.

It keeps your face very moist. While shaving you would not notice any difference. It just feels like any other shaving gel. However, after you are done shaving, you’ll notice the difference. It feels like there is a very thin coating of lubricant on your face.

Razor burn was never an issue for Gillette shaving gels. And the ProGlide sensitive shaving gel follows the trail of its ancestors very well. You also do not need to apply a notorious amount of gel to avoid razor burn. A little bit of gel should be enough (although this varies based on the amount of beard).


  • Gillette shaving gel doesn’t disappoint. It’ll soften your facial hair within seconds of applying.
  • Be it a dry skin or an oily one, Gillette works just as I expected it would. Flawless in performance.
  • The plastic can ensures that you don’t encounter rust after using it for months.
  • The dispensing system is easy to use. You’ll have less waste during taking it out and applying.
  • I like the alpine scent that lingers on. Also, the gel keeps my face and body parts moist after use.


  • I didn’t find any negative points to highlight after an extensive use of this shaving accessory.

How to Buy Quality Shaving Gels?

It’s very normal for people not to agree on something. If you guys don’t like what you see and want to buy a shaving gel on your own, this segment will help you get acquainted with products that’ll fit your bills. Here, I’m discussing the factors that are present in an ideal product of this kind.

  • Inspect the Can First

You need to take a good look at the gel can. As it happens, you’ll have two types of packaging/cans to deal with. One is the standard steel can. I don’t hold any grudges against this type but after using this for months, I’ve seen rust set in outside the can. Also, the rate of degradation is pretty high.

You’ll see plastic packaging as well. This type of cans is lighter than their steel counterparts. Also, you won’t see any rust setting in after long term use. Gel cans often have water marks due to months of continuous use as well. With plastic packaging, it won’t be an issue of concern.

  • Lather Quality Should Be a Concern

No matter what brand of Gel you buy, it should deliver when it comes to shaving. I’ve seen numerous brands produce watery froth when rubbed against my face or other body parts. This is not done. These types of gels often cause our razors to slip on our faces and body parts. Nicks, cuts, and bruises are obvious.

I’d advise people to go for a shaving gel that produces quality lather. No matter you do it by hand or by shaking a shaving gel warmer machine, the texture of the lather should be smooth. This way, it’ll spread nicely onto your faces. Razors and shaving machines will glide smoothly without leaving room for nicks and cuts of any kind.

  • Get the Best Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin

That just about sums it up. Not all of our skin patterns are same. Some of us have skins that can easily be affected by adverse conditions such as razor burns, blade frictions, germs etc. Some of the shaving gels expose our skins to harmful chemicals that facilitate these things. The ideal ones shouldn’t.

One should go with gels that have natural ingredients. These things are impervious to sensitive skin. In fact, natural agents like Aloe Vera cools our skins and reduces razor burns. Some of the ingredients act as anti-oxidants. Others act as ointments on nicks and cuts. The benefits of such things are endless.

  • Does It Do the Job of an Aftershave as Well?

If all the boxes above check out, I’ll tell you to be a bit greedy at this point. Try and get a product that does the job of an aftershave as well. It should contain moisturizer and feel good on your skins. Moisturizer protects our hide for hours after the shaving routine is done.

Many of us like a soothing smell of the product that’ll linger on our skins for hours. Frankly, I am fond of freshness that accompanies gentle, lingering smell for hours. The taste for fragrance differs from people to people. Some people may like it strong. There are products for them too.

However, if you have a sensitive skin, it’s advised to go for a shaving gel without any smell. Most of the time, the smell comes from chemicals. Few or the entire lineup of said chemicals might be harmful for your skins.

  • Issue of the Price

Shaving gels are cheap to begin with when it comes to price. You’ll find majority of the product to be priced below $50 or within $100. Rarely will it ever cross $100 threshold. Even then, I came across people who complain about the price when compared to performance. Pay close attention to that.

If you encounter a product that’s priced too high according to you, make sure that you run a raincheck on the features and benefits. Also, there are products that come in bundles. With the price of five, you can buy seven or ten of the shaving gels. It’s always better to buy in bulk whenever one has a chance.

Let’s End It Right Here!

At this point, I rather not drag out the article any longer. You have the 5 best shaving gels that I promised. If you want my verdict, it’s tight between Gillette and Edge shaving gel. I prefer both of them. Gillette has a reputation behind its back. Edge is user-friendly with a “Steel” can.

The choice is yours.

If you guys want, feel free to scour the stores and online marketplaces for a better fit. My guide on buying these products will more than be a decent help in this regard. Let me know if I should experiment with a new brand and an entirely new product. Your feedback in the comments helps me a great deal.