Best Shaving Gel

Albeit repetitive, shaving is a serious job – it needs both skill and application. And speaking of application, the impetus falls on what you apply on skin while shaving.

Shaving creams, shaving gels and shaving foams come in a boatload of varieties and models. Some are meant for tough skin and some take better care of sensitive skin.

The binding question is – which one is the best for you? We would like to take you through some of the best shaving gels available in the market today. We are sure you will find your speed among our top give picks for the day.

A short comparison of top 5 shaving gel

ImageNameFoamingCooling ScentRating & review
Aveeno TherapeuticAveeno TherapeuticYesNoNo4.6 by 58
Edge shaving gelEdge gel (Editor's Choice)YesYesYes (low)4.8 by 383
Nivea For Men shaving gelNivea For Men YesNoYes (strong)4.6 by 610
Gillette Fusion GelGillette Fusion Shave GelYesNoYes (moderate)4.5 by 278
EZ-BladeEZ-Blade OilNoYes (moderate)4.5 by 155

The new and the old methods

There are essentially two methods of lathering up. The olden way requires some DIY with a shaving brush a shaving bowl (scuttle) and maybe even a warmer. This method makes you a rich, barbershop like lather that guarantees genuine shaves.

Alternatively, you can have all this pre-done and compressed into a can. All you need to do is press the pump and have it laid on your fingers. This is the new method and the effect is (almost) precisely the same. And that is what we are talking about today – the shaving gels that offer better time management and every allied advantage.

So what makes a shaving gel worthy enough?

  • Does it make every shave close and comfortable? There is no one-off when it comes to the closeness and comfort f shaves. You will have to be very sure that the product you have chosen provides you with desirable closeness of shave every single time. The softer the gel makes your beard, the more closeness you can expect from each shave.
  • How well does it counter irritation and razor burn? There are very chances of skin burn and irritation if you are not using the right gel daily. Effective sensitive skin shaving gels come with added soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E. These are known to soothe the skin both through and after the shave. In turn, a good gel would also help your skin repair and become less sensitive to blades.
  • The action on razor glides: The major function of the lubricants and moisturizers present in the gel would be to promote better glides and make sure the razor does not get stuck in the skin while shaving. You will have to closely consider if the gel has the right elements which would provide enough lubrication while shaving.
  • Is the fragrance light enough? If you are shaving with something every day, you will not want it to follow either of the extremes. Look for something that is lightly fragranced. A highly scented fragrance might be too overpowering through the day. We recommend a lightly scented fragrance that is enough to get you into the right mood.
  • Does it heal and repair skin over time? For shavers with sensitive skin, the shaving gel has a two-pronged job – it should reduce daily irritation and burn and also make sure the skin improves with every application. It is important to see that the gel helps your skin attain full heath by the end of a few weeks.
  • Alcohol is a strict no:Presence of alcohol on a facial grooming product is least desirable. Moreover, much of the burn and irritation regular shaving gels are known to cause can be safely attributed to alcohol. Drying alcohol in particular leaves a tingling sensation on the skin, which can last the whole day at times.
  • Dispenser action: easy or hassle-prone: Most cans dispense shaving gels through a pump action. It really becomes easy if the action is smooth and if you can get the most out of it with just one pump full of gel. For dispensers that you plan to use for months and years, this actually a pretty valid assessment that you will have to make with the trial pack itself.

Our top 5 recommended shaving gel reviews

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, 7 Oz
Our impression


The Aveeno Therapeutic gel comes in a 7-ounce container and by the size of it looks like it will last you months. It works for protecting sensitive and dry skin when you are shaving. It also has a decent reputation for alleviating razor bumps.

A selection of moisturizing lubricants inside the bottle greatly reduces dryness of skin after shaving. However, you should be slightly skeptic if you have sensitive skin. There are some parabens in the Aveeno Therapeutic.

When you take the gel out of the canister, it is in the form of a very translucent gel. The foaming is done when the gel is scrubbed on your face. There is no funny or funky smell about the gel and it gently conditions the face while shaving.

Females can also use the Aveeno Therapeutic for the bikini area with a slightly longer exfoliation time. Once foamed up, the gel turns opaque. You will not be able to see the area you area shaving.

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  • Comes with soothing moisturizers.
  • Dispenses a healthy amount at one go.
  • Large 7-ounce canister.
  • Does not clog the bath sink.
  • Takes very little time to rinse.


  • Dispenser action not very favorable.
  • Standard issue with the packaging.
  • Quality control should have been better.

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin – 7 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Our impression

The pack of 6 Edge shave gel is a handy product is you mean to use it for daily purposes. There is aloe extract in the gel and it will be especially suited if you have sensitive skin.

The non-irritating formula gives you the confidence to keep doing well all day. You will notice a definitive smoothness in the razor glide owing to all the lubricants and moisturizers that have been added to the existing formula by Edge.

There is also a healthy quotient of cooling conditioners in the bottles. These conditioners leave that actual feeling of freshness on your face. If you look at it a bit more closely, your face will retain that happy texture all the way through the day.

The six bottles include one category each – pro relief, soothing aloe, extra protection, ultra-sensitive, exra-moisturizing and sensitive skin. So you basically get six formulas at the cost of one. Each one of these is geared toward sensitive skin shaving.

Best deal I found on the Edge shaving gel


  • Six different formulas.
  • Added aloe infusion for sensitive skin.
  • Extra moisturizers and lubricants.
  • Very smooth razor glide.
  • Leaves a day-long refreshing feeling.


  • Some containers found faulty.
  • Can clog up the sink.
  • Could have been more bubbly.
  • Steeply priced.

NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel 7 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Our impression

The NIVEA MEN gel for Sensitive Shaving is among the best ones for sensitive skin that we have known. It comes loaded with Skin Guard Technology™ and makes razor glides far smoother than it seems.

It is a pro in guarding against those irritating, invisible micro-cuts and shaving irritation in general. It has been known to provide a very comfortable and close shaving experience. The end feeling it leaves on the skin is thoroughly comfortable and soothing.

If you have been using a shaving gel that has caused irritation in the past, that could well have been because the presence of dyes in the cream. In the Sensitive Shaving gel from NIVEA, there is no presence of dyes at all.

You will receive a product that is filled with natural ingredients only. You receive a pack of 3 7-ounce bottles, so you get a total 21 ounces of shaving gel. The lather is creamy and rich and provides a comfortable and rich shave.

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  • Skin Guard Technology™ guards against small cuts.
  • Saves skin thoroughly from irritation.
  • 3 7-ounce packs.
  • Demographically tested for compatibility.
  • Vitamin E enrichment.
  • Makes super-smooth razor glides.


  • Not great for tough beard.
  • Average on Afro-American beard type.

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel, 7 oz (Pack of 6)

Our impression


The Fusion Hydra gel from Gillette has been specially designed for sensitive skin. At Gillette, they understand how sensitive skin takes some beating every time you shave.

The hydrating elements used in the Fusion Hydra shave gel are great for softening the skin and making the hair of the beard wet.

These moisturizing elements soften the beard and reduce even the most negligible chance of the razor getting stuck in the skin.And that is what makes this shaving gel a great gift all around.

The even better thing about the Fusion Hydra is that you get a pack of 6 cans at once. And ad

Ding that with the amount of gel you generally need for every session, you will see how the product neatly weighs up for months or maybe even a year if you do not shave that often. It works for both thick and light beard and you do not have to worry about the length of the beard either.

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  • Helps in softening hair.
  • Protects the skin thoroughly.
  • Comes with great razor glide.
  • Works well with any Gillette razor.
  • Covers all areas including ingrown hairs.


  • Not a true replacement for shaving foam.
  • Shaving could have been closer.

EZ-Blade Shaving Gel (6oz)

Our impression


The EZ-Blade gel for shaving sensitive skin has a few things that need to be mentioned pretty neatly. First off, it has been used for decades by professional barbers.

If you are looking for something that gives you true barbershop experience while shaving, this takes you another step closer to it.

The good thing about the EZ-Blade shaving gel is that you may use it with just any razor under the sun – right from the basic cartridge models to the most well-made straight razors.

The gel typically softens your beard while you are about to shave. It leaves a neat and clean feeling on your face for the rest of the day.

You may also opt for a water less shave since the shaving formula is actually shave-oil based. The gel is clear non-foam one that opens up the pores and relaxes facial nerves and muscles as you shave. While water is not needed for shaves, you may use water if you feel the need for it.

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  • Waterless shaving gel.
  • Effective for every day shaves.
  • Pre-shave oil based formula.
  • Can be used with any kind of razor.
  • Can also be used for wet shaving.


  • Large container, less quantity.
  • Slightly difficult full-shaving of face.
  • Tends to run down on the face.

Why canned foams? Why not tubes of creams?

You do not always have to establish a contradiction to be able to buy a product. However, if you are looking for comparative points for investing in foam, here are some:

More foam for less money: One can of shaving foam lasts you quite a while before you need to switch to another. So you receive plenty of value for money.

Easy application: Application of foams is a lot easier than applying gels. You just need to spread it out on the fingertips and apply on the shaving area.

Long lasting product: It is always a better move to pick up a product that lasts you longer. As already touched base on, shaving foams come compressed in cans and last you very long.

Less irritation: Since the lather quality does not depend on your handiwork, you can be sure there will be less irritation when you are using a good shaving foam.

Some questions that matter?

  • How long does a pack of 6 last?

A pack of 6 shaving foam cans can last you anywhere between six months and a year. That is, if you shave once daily, it will last you six years and if you shave once in two days, you will be able to extract a year of performance. This goes hand in hand with the adaptation of the foam on your skin. By the end of the first month, shaves will have become super-comfortable.

  • Is it okay to shave the bikini area with foam?

There are some that just work on all of the body. You do not have to be conscious if it is the face or the bikini area that you are shaving. However, not all varieties are like that. Some are strictly meant for male facial grooming. But you should look to find shaving cans that are strictly built for shaving the bikini area. Till then, keep looking for that perfect foam.

  • How much foam should be used per shave?

You should not waste much foam while shaving. In most cans, all you need is one pump full of foam and that is all. Spread the foam on the fingers and make sure it is evenly distributed through the hand. Then apply the foam on your faceevenly. Make sure you do not repeat application. If you are using more than one pump of foam, you are actually wasting it.

  • What kind of shaver is ideal for foam shaving?

There is no set rule on which shaver you should choose when shaving with foam. You may use a safety razor, a straight razor or an electric shaver. However, electric shavers are really suited when shaving with foams. It is not like they are constructed for the purpose, but most straight razors and safety razors work well if you lather up the cream or gel. So we would recommend using an electric shaver with foam.

  • Which ingredients should be avoided?

If you are looking for something that works well for sensitive skin, there is a long list of ingredients that you will need to avoid. Firstly, make sure there is no artificial dye in the foam. Any artificial dye would add to existing irritation. Read the ingredients column closely to make sure there is no presence of parabens in the foam. Parabens are chemicals that are known to cause irritation and itching.

  • How effective are aloe-based shaving foams?

While looking for foams that are meant for shaving sensitive skin, you must have come across several products that are aloe-based. In this context, you will be happy to note that aloe based shaving foams are actually good enough when it is about dealing with sensitive skin. Aloe has a very soothing effect on skin that does not allow the razor glide to burn or irritate the skin. Using a good aloe-based foam can also promote better glide.

What the Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin beats all other competition?

This is not so much about the difference in quality of the different products that gives the top spot to the Pack of 6 Edge gel. The pros outweigh the con very heavily here – it comes in six different formulas and has added aloe to rake care of varied skin sensitivities.

The extra lubricants and moisturizers promote superior razor glide, one that is better than all the other gels we just reviewed. Above all, the feeling of freshness that the razor leaves on the skin lasts on full day.

Bottom line

The best shaving gels we have today are a happy and numerically healthy lot. We hope you find the one that works just as hard as you.