Best Single Blade Razor that Shaves Quick and Easy!

Let’s say you wanted to look clean and suave each day of the week. You want all that swag and manliness to work in your favor for a special meeting. How to get there?

Different people have different routes of achieving the perfect look.

Ask me and I’ll tell you to shave it clean for the day and walk in the conference room with all the confidence of the world.

People do have their means to get a clean shave. Some prefer electric shavers and others opt for wet shaving. I belong to the second school of thought.

Not only that, I’m more of a purist (as I mentioned in my earlier pieces) when it comes to wet shaving itself. I prefer a good ol’ single blade razor for the job.

The best single blade razor for me is the one which cuts it clean without leaving weird residue and traces of hair on my face. It should be easy to clean and maintain.

I don’t want all the best things only for myself. I want to let my readers in on my shaving routine and the products I use. Luckily, I found few of them (7 to be exact) that fulfill my requirements.

Hence, I designed this piece to educate you about these products with a buying guide and beginner-friendly shaving instructions.

Single Blade Razor – Comparison Table

Merkur Safety Razor60 G4.1 "Germany Check price
Feather Model AS-D290 G 3.9 "Japan Check price
Vikings Blade Razor70 G3.7 "China Check price
Edwin Jagger Razor75 G 3.7"
England Check price
Merkur Classic
77 G3.3 "Germany Check price
Muhle R41 Razor
72 G3.5 "Germany Check price
Parker 22R Razor85 G3.7 "India Check price

Why Do I Need One?

I have a razor with “Multiple Blades.” I don’t need a measly single blade product. My razor cuts close to my skin. Yeah, I get this a lot. Multi-blade razors do cut close to user’s skin. Very often, they are one-sided. These razors need multiple passes just to cleanly shave one part of your cheek.

On the other hand, single blade products come with sharper blades and comfortable handles. One can hold it as close to the skin as he/she likes. People can shave with both the sides of the product. You can control how much of the blade is exposed at each side of your razor too.

A good shaver won’t cause bumps on the skin. Sharp blades don’t require multiple passes or against-the-grain shaving for a clean cut. As a result, there won’t be red patches on peoples’ cheeks. And, these are cheaper than the others. Do I need to give you more reasons to own one? I guess not!

Best Single Blade Razors that Make My List

With all the premium brands around, it was tough on my part to compile a list of just the top 7. I did leave out some of the brands and included the heavyweights in terms of design, comfort, and feeling I get while I shave each morning.  Let’s have a look at these products.

1. Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

Feather single blade razor

You get the better end of the deal with Feather AS-D2 “All Stainless Steel” razor. Why? The product comes at you with 5 stainless steel blades as well. Knowing the quality of the company, I was sure that it would deliver a product that satisfies even the staunchest critiques of wet shaving. And it did!

This Japan-made model comes with various perks that a pro comes to expect from Feather’s razors. I loved the packaging and the cushion inside. It does a lot to protect the razor and the blades.

Users have a nice length to the handle. At 3.5 inches, the razor handle gives you plenty to grip on. Thanks to an upgraded design from the D1 model, this tool gives you textured handle. The texture helps you grip this shaving tool properly. Believe me, your fingers will rest in a comfortable position.

No, the razor doesn’t slip through fingers when I’m wet shaving. One can use multiple blades with this razor. I’d advise you to use blades from “Feather” as well. With these, you’ll have superior control as to which areas to cut and which to leave alone. Let me tell you, these are better than straight razors.

Cartridge razors are expensive. Compared to that, the double edge blades can get closer to skins without cutting them. One thing I should tell my readers is that this razor has some weight to it. And, the handle is screwed to the top so that you can’t use other handles with this razor head.

Get Feather Model AS-D2 at Amazon

Things I Loved about the Razor

  • This is not a traditional “Butterfly” opening system razor, you need to separate all the parts.
  • The handle has a nice length to it. At 3.5 inches, it is easier to grip than most of its completions.
  • The razor head is built in a way that you can clearly see the edge of the blade and wash it.
  • This product includes five blades from feather. A combo of razor and blades function flawlessly.
  • Feather single blade razor is made in Japan; the craftsmanship and efficiency shines through its design.

Things That Could Have Been Better

  • This razor is for the experienced. Without stroking at the right angle, it won’t work properly.

2. VIKINGS BLADE The Vulcan Safety Razor


The subheading should give you an idea of what you guys are looking for when purchasing this VIKINGS product. One thing’s for sure. I don’t need to remind my readers that VIKINGS stands toe-to-toe with other brands when it comes to shaving accessories.

I love the construction of the product. It doesn’t come close to my fascination with Merkur, yet, this one has a butterfly opening system. It’s great when you don’t have to unscrew different parts just to slip in a blade to prepare the razor for a wet shaving session.

What’s so good about it? This is a Vulcan Razor head. The design minimizes nicks and cuts. With the “Butterfly” system, you get to change blades in as little time as five seconds. On top of that, makers have supplied the blades for the job too.

For people with larger hands, a razor with a little over 4.6 inches of the handle shouldn’t be too hard to grip. This grants you comfort and ease when you are handling the toughest corners of your face or pubic region. On top of that, the grip is textured. Our hands won’t get tired even if we hold it for too long.

VIKINGS claims that it followed the Eco-friendly procedure to come up with the razor-making formula. With it, you can reduce the waste and plastic usage. It is less of a burden to the environment surrounding us.

To round it all up, VIKINGS gave the razor a nice package. It is well-covered and cushioned. This is thanks to the leatherette and Alcantara combo. One can take it to vacations if he/she chooses to. Also, if you want to gift it to somebody, the case makes it all the more appealing.

Get VIKINGS BLADE Razor at Amazon

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • The razor head from VIKINGS is my favorite with a cool opening and quick blade changing system.
  • Overall steel construction grants it sturdiness and durability that only a few of its competition rival.
  • Eco-friendly procedures were followed in making these razors.
  • No animals were harmed at all. You’ll have large handle to help you with a better grip on things. Thanks to it, shaving will be easy.
  • The case is a special addition that I’m happy with. Now I can take it to vacation as well.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • I couldn’t find negative things to say with this VIKINGS razor and blades combo.

3. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

I’ve always loved Merkur as a kid. No, I didn’t shave back then. My father did. And with grace too. Partly because of the ease of use and crafty handles these things offered (they still do). With this one at the helm, Merkur did their best to continue their rich legacy.

For starters, Merkur claims that the handle of this razor is meant for “Man-Sized” hands. It is their way of saying, “People with large hands can grip the razor just fine.” Thanks to the “Textured” grip, my hands don’t slip up even when I’m dealing with too much lather of a shaving soap, cream or gel.

For those of you who are curious about how long the handle is, it is 4.16 inches in length. This long handle can get you pretty close to the facial hair to deliver a clean shave. Despite the closeness of the shave, people don’t feel the razor burn as they do with other safety razors.

Moving on to the razor head, Merkur decided to be diverse in the design. You’ll find as many as four different single blade razor models that are popular. Depending on which model people opt for, they might get open or closed comb designs. Both the two designs are easy to clean.

Let me tell you, Merkur’s long-handled razor features three parts. You can separate the razor head, the handle, and the blade holder. I know many people who consider it quite a bit of work to actually put together these three pieces every time they want to shave. But this design makes cleaning easy.

As far as blades are concerned, I enjoy a freedom while choosing them. One can use any type of blade from any company and pair it with Merkur’s Long Handled Razors.

Get Merkur Long Handled Razor at Amazon

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • You have a number of models of Merkur to choose from according to what you like.
  • I loved the 4.16-inch long handle. It gave me superior control over my shaving routine.
  • One can choose between open and close comb designs that are handy when switching blades.
  • You can separate this razor into three parts. It makes your job of cleaning it easier than ever!
  • Merkur’s models are the best options when it comes to providing irritation-free shaves.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • Some of the single Blade Razor Reviews claim that the razors don’t do well when shaving heads.
  • The handle is bulky and has a weight to it. This is the tradeoff when you’re after sturdiness.

4. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger

I like this one for a simple reason. You get to use all the Double-Edged blades with this razor. It saves people a lot of money in the long run. Also, this safety razor can be available in four varieties. The Ebony, Ivory, Chrome, and lined Chrome. I must mention that this is a “Slanted” razor.

People will frown when I say, “Slanted.” This type of razors requires an experienced hand to get the level of precision and delicacy needed for a close shave. But Edwin Jagger is a brand which creates the perfect balance between a close shave and safety level one needs with slanted razors to achieve it.

The design makes it durable. People might call it “Heavy.” For me, it all balanced out. As the best double-edged razors go, this one is compatible with men of all hand sizes.

One can choose between regular, short, and long handles of the same product along with different designs suiting their personalities.

No matter which variety you pick, the razors are rustproof. For all of you who shave in the shower, this razor is a safe bet. I prefer the chrome-lined one. It gives me a better grip than the others.

Like all the other products, this Edwin Jagger item can be separated into three parts. You can make out the razor head, the handle, and the piece where people rest the blade. It’s a moment’s job. Because of this, switching blades is as easy as pie. Cleaning this thing is even easier.

To get a better performance out of it, I’d recommend using one top shaving creams in tandem with this product. A gel can stick onto the blade and create a layer of goo that hinders quality shaving. Remember to make good lather before you leap your way into the actual shaving routine.

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • The designs and size options are perfect for anyone venturing into wet shaving or is a pro.
  • I love that the handles are non-slippery. This way, there will be less accidents while shaving.
  • One can control the razor’s exposure onto skin for a close shave. Works for sensitive skin too!
  • Edwin Jagger razors are rustproof. The durability of theirs guards them against physical damages.
  • I love that the makers included 5 blades with the razor to kick things off. Users can pair any brand of blade you want with it.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • If anything, there’s no travel case with this product for safekeeping.

5. Merkur Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor

Merkur Classic

I hate to repeat myself but I don’t have much of a choice when it comes to products from Merkur. If the previous model was the “Queen” of the pack, this one is the “King.” With MK-34C, one has platinum coated blades that give shavers a better performance than “Simpler” varieties.

This German product stroked it out of the park with this 2-piece razor. It’s thick and heavy due to the making. I won’t complain. The classic razor is durable and stylish to look at. Sure, it may have some weight but that helps in getting a close shave and tackling in-grown hair, unlike many others.

The handle needs to be praised too. The knurled design makes it easy to grip. No matter where on your face you are shaving, the handle offers you comfortable strokes. As a result, one can get as close to his/her skin as that person wants. With the right shaving soap or cream, gliding isn’t a problem.

Few of the reviewers might take objection to the size of the handle. It’s smaller than few users would like. But you have different razors with varying handle sizes from Merkur itself.

I like how Merkur didn’t “Over Complicate” things with the loading system. The razor separates into two different pieces. This allows users to quickly unload the old and load the new blades. It takes less time as there are fewer pieces to pick apart and put together.

This is a slanted razor as well. One needs to lather up his face and hold it at an angle of 30 degrees. The next thing to is to apply slight pressure and shave according to the grain of the facial hair. Users get the option to use any DE blade with this product since it’s compatible.

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • Quality build and the weight gives Merkur 2-piece razor a feel of royalty and sturdiness like no other.
  • I like the knurled handle because it offers me good control while navigating facial contours.
  • 2-piece razor like this opens up easily and in short time for quick blade changing and cleaning.
  • This slanted razor offers users better shaves than any straight razor could thank to the angle.
  • This is very cost effective. One can use any DE blade in combo with MK-34C at the helm.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • As I said earlier, this is a short handled razor that’d troublesome of the users.

6. MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor


When we’re discussing single blade razors, how they open up for people to load blades in, becomes a big factor. In my case, I prefer simple options. The simpler the better. Hence, MÜHLE R41 makes it onto my list of single blade razor models. R41 comes with a blade and simple set of instructions.

This is a German product like Merkur but doesn’t have that much heritage or legacy behind it. But that doesn’t stop MÜHLE from handing users a simple razor with a compact design. The finish you spot on the handle is fine and engraved. Thanks to this, our soggy hands won’t slip up when tackling contours.

This thing is made for direct shaving experience for people. Like I said, the razor head follows an “Open Comb” style. As such, the blade is clamped at the curvature of the edge. This gives it enough exposure to stay sharp and prevents any residue from finding its way to the blade.

The same design benefits easy cleaning as well. It opens up conveniently to be washed. Even before someone washes the razors, the stubble travels away through the gap between the blade holder’s edge and the foam. One can use aggressive blades like “Feather” as well as normal ones like Derby for shaving with it.

I must say, I didn’t need a second go at my face to get the clean shave I desired. Just one try with the grain of my facial hair was enough. I can vouch in favor of the same outcome even if your beards are thicker than mine. It’s all in the blade’s position and the razor’s angle on your faces.

It was amazing to see that the razor works well even when my stubble was three days old. The sharpness of the blade and effectiveness of the strokes remained the same.

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • This blade has a simplistic but functional design with an Open Comb system.
  • One can clean and maintain the razor easily thanks to the Open Comb system & blade Curvature.
  • The handle is textured making it impervious to slipping and accidents that might happen.
  • I can deem this product as “Beginner Friendly” thanks to the simple “How-to” guide it has.
  • As always, people get a sample blade and can use any blade with this product as they like.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • I don’t have issues with the performance. But the razor must be handled with caution. It’s aggressive on your face.

7. Parker 22R – Long Handle Butterfly Open  Safety Razor

Parker 22R

This is the end of the road for me as far as shortened single blade razor reviews are concerned. I was wondering where to put Parker 22R on my list. It’s not that the effects will lessen lower down the order, but this “Butterfly System” razor is close to my heart and mind when it comes to premium products and for good reasons. Let’s explore them!

Parker is a brand active for 40 years and still going great guns. The 22R for example, is the best for beginners and experts alike in terms of shaving experience and closeness. This is a heavy razor. The weight helps when people are looking for a close shave navigating tough stubbles.

I must commend the design. Brass is a material that’s not in any way susceptible to rust. Mine is going great guns despite quite a few accidental drops from varying heights. The 22R looks gorgeous thanks to the plating finish makers gave it. On top of that, the handle gives you an awesome feeling.

Yes, the handle is textured like the most of my picks today. What takes it one step beyond is the fact that it’s long and doesn’t let wet hands disrupt the grip. Water or slipper soap slowly drip down the handle keeping my hands in a position so that I can vary my grip pressure for a comfortable shave.

I’ve long been a fan of the “Butterfly” system. I wish few of my favorite brands had this. You need to twist the knob beneath razor head. The head will pop open. Just take out the worn-out blade and put in a new one and you are done. It’s that easy!

Did I mention that the entire razor is hand-assembled? Makers did so to ensure top-notch quality and precision for each part. On top of that, users get as many as 5 Stark Super blades with the package. I believe, it’ll kick start your wet shaving journey nice and smoothly.

Things I Loved about this Razor

  • The handle is a long one for perfect grip even when people are in the shower and wet.
  • Brass construction grants Parker 22R rust resistance and the durability it needs for the job.
  • The product is hand-assembled to ensure craftsmanship and precision for a close shave.
  • You get as many as five blades with this one. This is one product that’ll save a lot of money for you.
  • People with thick and inward hair should try the razor. Its heavy and should cut through easily.
  • Butterfly opening system makes changing blades a moment’s job. It takes me five seconds.

Things that Could Have Been Better

  • I didn’t find any dirt on the single blade razor so far.

Going to Buy a Single Blade Razor? Keep These Things in Mind

Leaving a few behind and selecting a handful of razors wasn’t such an easy task as it would seem. When you are going out to buy one, there are certain aspects you need to push up on your priority list. What are those? Let’s Find out!

  • How Does the Construction Feel to You?

One should always pay close attention to how these “Single” blade razors are made. Primarily, these are metal razors with stainless steel, brass or Chrome at the helm. Each material has its own advantages and drawbacks. The stainless-steel razors are lightweight, easily maneuverable, and cheap.

Chrome has a fantastic look. Most of the times, the handle is textured to avoid slip-ups. You’ll find different patterns engraved on the razor. This can be heavy or lightweight depending on how you like it.

My personal favorite is Brass. It’s heavy. But it compensates for its weight by delivering in other sections. For example, the razor is rust resistant. You need less pressure on your hands to cut through stubbles of hair thanks to the weight. Also, brass handles and razor heads are durable and slip resistant.

Choose the razor that goes with your hands (i.e.: length and feel). Make sure to get one that complements your style. I’m sure you’ll find a number of them on my list.

  • What Stage Are You in as A Shaver?

Trust me, your experience as a shaver matters when choosing these razors. For example, a newbie in wet shaving should go for hollow razors. These razors form a concave with the blade. Hollow razors are normally lightweight and have little to no edge. The blades are a bit duller than normal in this case.

Experts can do well with heavy razors. An expert shaver knows how much pressure is needed to shave a tough spot on the body. Depending on that, the grip on the product changes.

An expert can use heavy razors because they don’t need that much pressure. Stretching the skin and carefully navigating is all you need (more on this later).

  • How Good Is the Handle?

There’s no good in purchasing an expensive razor if you are not feeling comfortable with it. A big part of “Comfort” lies in how well you hold the handle. Of course, the grip needs to be textured and sophisticated so that it doesn’t slip when people are using it while taking a shower.

However, one should pay close attention to the height of the handle too. If you have large hands, a 4.5-inch handle should fit your bill. For people with smaller hands, 3.5-inch handles are just fine.

How long your handle should be, depends on your shaving style too. If you put pressure on your face while shaving, you need razors with bigger handles. Ones who go with the grain and feeling, need smaller products with smaller handles.

  • How Well Does the Blade Perform?

An ordinary product can turn into the best single blade razor for you guys if you get the blade right. Make sure to check the temper of the blade. When pushing the blade inside with your thumb, it should make a clear “Ring-Like” mark there. That’s the sign that the blade will cut well.

Also, consider what the point of the blade would be. You can pick one between the sharp and the rounded point. Sharp point blades don’t require people to put too much pressure on them. Rounded point blades are somewhat dull. But people can fall victim to more cuts and nicks.

While we’re discussing blades, my advice would be not to pick blades that are too wide for your own razor. Wide blades sweep through your faces at weird angles. This may result in nicking or cutting. I use a blade that’s not wider than 5/8-inches. It’s a safer option than to end up with bruises after shaving.

  • How Does the Razor Blade Open and Close?

Choosing how a razor head opens and closes plays a big part in how much time you spend in changing blades. People can get three types of razor heads. A type of razor head is screwed with the handle. Another type is “Open” or “Closed” comb design. The second type takes less time when working with blades.

Personally, I favor the “Butterfly” type. There’s a small nut that you turn at the bottom. Then, the top half opens and the blade is exposed. One just takes the old blade out and puts the new one in. All that’s left is closing the top half. It’s by far the quickest way of switching the blade.

How to Use a Single Blade Razor?

There’s no point in buying a good razor if you don’t know how to handle it. Let’s be honest, I can’t teach you all the nooks and crannies of wet shaving and safety razors in a 4500-word article (more or less). Instead, I’m going to give you the basics of how to handle one in this section.

  • The things you need are a good shaving razor, a skin that’s ready, a lot of patience, and the technique of handling such a product. Wash your face with warm water and apply some of the shaving soap or cream you have at your disposal. Few people use a damp and hot cloth for the job too.
  • After lathering up your face, you’ll need to get the safety razor ready. Equip it with a fresh blade each time before you shave. Make sure the blade is sharp but not to the point where you have difficulties controlling it.
  • Next thing one needs to do is to cut the beard. Here’s the deal: People often use force and pressure to get through the stubble of beard. This is ideal if one uses a disposable razor for the job. Top Safety Razors don’t require such pressure.
  • Make sure you position the razor at an angle. Remember, I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on pressure? Well, that’s because I favor the angle. Put your product at an angle of 30 degrees (maximum) and it will do the job just fine.
  • When going through a thick stubble, make sure to shave with the along the grain. This way, there are fewer chances of the shaver suffering from nicks and cuts. Top Single Blade Razors use sharp blades. That’s why shaving along the grain is all you need for a close shave. Shaving against the grain is not necessary.
  • While shaving, make sure you clean the blade and the razor head often by rinsing them under water. This keeps the product free from hair stubbles. Thus, the razor won’t be clogged.

Let’s End It for Now

People might get confused with all the varieties of razors. But I urge my readers to choose single blade razors when put against their cartridged cousins. Single blade variety will give you guys closer shaves. Although you’ll have to put in the effort but the result is worth every second.

When it comes to picking the best single blade razor out of seven of the top brands, it’s your choice. I’ve put in the effort one needs to research on these products and found some of the best in business. I guess choosing the perfect one now is like playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

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