Best Straight Razor for Barbers: My Top 5 Choices & Buying Guide

Today, we will look at a blast from the past!

The straight razor is the very first, original razor designed for a clean shave. Yes, there are tons of different razors available in the market today. But ironically, they have all evolved from the design of the original cut-throat straight razor!

But like the popular saying… Nothing comes as good as the original!

Straight razors have tons of advantages over the many different types of razors readily used today.
The following are some of the benefits which you may not have considered:

  • The closest shave to get your skin feeling nice & smooth
  • A shave that lasts longer to avoid that five o’clock shadow
  • Durability which lasts a lifetime
  • No skin irritation or ingrown hairs
  • More cost effective over time
  • Get the same, effective, close shave every time

So today, we will look at some of the best straight razors of professional grade to help you to choose your perfect tool & join the growing comeback trend of the traditional straight razors.

Comparison of the Best Straight Razor for Barbers

Feather Folding Razor
Stainless Steel2.10 oz. Check price
Dovo Straight Razor
Carbon Steel3.52 oz. Check price
Feather Straight RazorStainless Steel3.20 oz. Check price
Utopia Care Barber Razor
Stainless Steel3.84 oz. Check price
Parker SRX Razor
Stainless Steel2.30 oz. Check price

Top 5 Straight Razors for Barbers Reviews

1. Feather SS Folding Handle Razor

This stainless steel folding handle traditional straight razor by Feather is great option for beginners.

The Feather SS comes in the classic color combination of the stainless steel body with a black handle. The handle is engineered specially for providing excellent grip. Also, the handle is made of heat resistant resin/gum material which can withstand up to extreme temperatures of 275 F.

Feather SS Folding Handle Razor

Feather claims for this to be its most innovative razor found worldwide. Regardless of the claims, this straight razor by Feather has the ultimate experience with simplicity in its design. The design of this straight razor is focused on achieving a comfortable shave, even for beginners.

The stainless steel body allows smooth shaving and it is built to resist heat, chemicals and other impurities that it may come in contact with. The razor head is rounded with maximum exposure for the blade for a soft and smooth shaving experience.

The blade head is designed as a spring mount which can be easily taken apart using a single touch and reassembled after cleaning. The blade replacement is very fast and simple allowing you to easily drop the old and replace with a new one.

Get Feather SS Folding Razor at Amazon

My impression

The Feather is a great starter straight razor which is very balanced and lightweight at just 2.1 ounces. The special handle material used allows excellent grip and control. The blade replacement and cleaning procedure is made very simple with its one-touch design mechanism.

The razor is safe to be used with disinfectants such as boiled water or ethanol. The razor head comes off easily for cleaning with water directly on it. The Feather SS folding handle straight razor is recommended barbers! But it is also an excellent option for first time users who are developing their skills of using a straight razor, either personally or professionally.

What could be better?

Compared to other products by its competitors, this Feather stainless steel straight razor falls short in its offerings. The plastic enamel handle does not provide the ideal weight or feel for a premium shaving experience.

Also, it does not come with additional replacement blades and the manufacturer also recommends the use of Feather blades for optimum performance.

2. Dovo Straight Razor Carbon

The Dovo carbon steel straight razor comes in a gorgeous Ebony wood handle in a blue metal gift box which is reusable as its storage tin.

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon

The German brand Dovo is a manufacturer of the highest quality razors. Dovo has been in the business since 1906 and their reputation is that of excellence. This Dovo carbon steel straight razor is one of its premium products.

The Dovo straight razor is shipped as a ready-to-shave razor, so there are no preparations needed and is a great option for your first shave with a straight razor. The blade is light yet sharp and the rounded point is best for beginners. The high-quality of the carbon steel makes it very durable and the “Prima Silver Steel” etching gives it a classy look.

The Ebony black wooden handle great on the eyes and tight grip for your hands to avoid slips. Working with its balanced weight of 3.52 ounces allows you to not put any extra pressure while shaving for a graceful shaving experience.

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My impression

The Dovo carbon steel straight razor has a simple design but at the same time, it is elegant and stylish. It is just great to look at. The finely crafted blade with the gorgeous etching complements the wooden handle for a look that is pure classy. The weight gives it the feel of a premium straight razor.

The quality of a Dovo product is undeniable and while it is an excellent choice for beginners, expert barbers will love it and that’s the reason it’s so great for first timers. Unsurprisingly, this may just be one of the best straight razors of 2018 by Dovo among all the reputed global manufacturers.

What could be better?

Dovo products do not come at a cheap price but straight razors are most definitely a long term investment which ultimately prove their cost effectiveness. While the carbon steel material makes it hard and durable, it may require repeated strokes for a close shave.

The unit does not come with any additional replacement blades even with its not-so-modest pricing.

3. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

The Feather stainless steel Japanese straight razor has the iconic Japanese design without the traditional folding design of straight razors. The design makes it a very comfortable and lightweight unit which can be easily maneuvered across your face. It is aimed at giving the closest shave and it will fulfill your goal every time.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

With this Feather Japanese straight razor, the sharpness of the blade will never be an issue. The Japanese company ensures that this razor is equipped with one of the sharpest blades. The exceptional sharpness of the blade and its unique design make the razor a solid 3.2 ounce weight which allows you to get the closest shave without applying any added pressure.

This Japanese straight razor by Feather has a resin handle which is heat-resistant and provides superior tight grip. The shorter than normal handle makes it easy to use by switching hands easily and its weight gives the handle the premium feel. The blade head is spring-mounted making it easy to remove blades for cleaning and replacements. But extra care must be taken since the blade is extremely sharp.

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My impression

The Japanese craftsmanship on display by this Feather straight razor is exceptional and may be a bit intimidating for newbies. It is built for professional barbers and requires extreme skills for injury free use. The design is one of kind and not seen in other straight razors and the blade is exquisite.

The blade is replaceable so maintenance is not required since you can simply replace it. The stainless steel body has lifetime durability. The unit is not too light and not too heavy, making it the ideal weight for easily reaching varying contours of your face for the closest and cleanest shave.

This Japanese straight razor is highly recommended for professional beauty and barber use only by its manufacturer, Feather!

What could be better?

This Japanese straight razor is fairly expensive from its competition but you will most definitely get more than you bargained for from this premium straight razor. A superior shaving tool which will last a long time for its big investment but replacement blades are not provided with it.

4. Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

Utopia Care offers a professional barber straight edge razor with a 100% stainless steel body. The ready kit comes with 100 premium Derby blades to last through hundreds of shaves and each of the blades are wrapped individually with wax paper. Truly, a complete care package by Utopia.

Utopia Care Barber Straight Razor

The razor has a black matte finish all over its stainless steel body which gives it an exquisitely classy look. The finishing material is dust and rust deterrent for long term performance. It has a blade cover which can flipped easily and the metal grip is made for both comfort and easy control.

The classic styled design of this straight edge barber razor guarantees a reliably close and smooth shave each time with its premium Derby blades. The good quality blades allow for effective gentle strokes with a steady motion and pressure for a seamless shaving experience.

This professional barber straight edge razor by Utopia Care is the heaviest straight razor in this list weighing in at 3.84 ounces. The stylish design and heavyweight of the razor gives it the ability to offer gentle strokes with maximum hair removal without any extra pressure on your skin saving it from skin irritation, burns, cuts, etc.

My impression

The superior design and expert balance of the heavyweight professional straight razor by Utopia care is most definitely a great find. It has notable control and the premium blades included are a bargain for its purchase. Not only will you say goodbye to cuts and scratches, you will also bid farewell to any additional costs for blades for a long time to come.

For those with sensitive skin issues such as irritation, burns, etc. the premium Derby blades are truly high quality blades which ensure that your skin remains silky smooth after every shave. With the approximate 30 degree angle maintained, you will save yourself from any undue damages.

What could be better?

Although this complete shaving kit by Utopia Care claims to be professional grade, the blade quality is not at par to heavyweight competitions such as Japanese and German brands. This may be due to its fairly cheaper pricing, but the quality must be ensured to compete with the other premium brands in the market.

5. Parker SR1 Heavy Duty Professional Straight Barber Razor

The SR1 Heavy Duty Professional 100% Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor by Parker is one of the most premium straight razors in the market today. Parker has been in the business as a well-reputed manufacturer for over 40 years. Truly, it has been one of the most dominant leaders offering the finest shaving equipment.

Parker SRX Barber Razor

Like every single one of its products, the SR1 is also built with innovative design which ensures the highest industry standards. Customer satisfaction is reflected with their products. The SR1 straight razor is completed with 5 Shark Super Stainless blades to deliver on their customer satisfaction commitment. Every Parker razor is hand assembled to ensure the perfect shaving experience with features such as:

  • Heavyweight Steel Blade Arm
  • Rounded blade edges to minimize or eliminate cuts
  • Clip/Lock blade holder to ensure secure blade lock
  • Compatible with both single edge blades & ½ double edge blades

The Parker SR1 is a heavy duty straight razor designed for barbers weighing just 2.3 ounces!

My impression

Parker is a brand associated with premium quality equipment with an extended line of straight razors for both professional barbers and personal users. The design is beautiful and the blade replacement is easy with minimal hassle. Barbers can easily change blades as it mimics the traditional straight razor with modern day engineering.

This straight razor is already used across barbershops and is one of the most popular choices. This heavyweight performance delivering shaving tool is light in weight and easy to use. Quality is in no way compromised and it comes with 5 Shark replacement blades for a fine shave every time.

What could be better?

How do you make a handmade professional grade straight razor by Parker any better? The weight of the straight razor is definitely on the lighter side and for a premium quality razor, anything above 3 ounces will give more confidence to the shaver. The handle could be made a bit heavier for a more gripping hold.

Things to consider while choosing best straight razor for barbers

In order to prepare yourself for choosing the best straight razor, there are some things that you must consider and some characteristics that you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Get to Know Exactly What a Straight Razor Is

A straight edge razor, or more commonly known as a straight razor, is the original cut-throat razor. The nickname comes from the implication that it is so dangerous that it can cut your throat. As the name suggests, it has one straight blade which attached to the handle which can folded for securing the blade. The handle and the hinge has an extremely old school feel to it. That’s because this method is the oldest and most traditional style of shaving. Many go to lengths to state that this is the only way a man shaves. So, now you know what a straight razor actually is, but now let’s look at why you should use it?

  • Why You Should Use a Straight Razor

Recognize why it is that you need a straight razor. Yes, the straight razor may be a nostalgic equipment for men to experience the ultimate traditional shave. It may even make you feel manlier but those are just feelings! You must be aware that this traditional shaving experience will need your complete attention and significantly more time than you may give for a shave using normal razors. But you will enjoy every stroke. Straight razors will last a much longer time compared to your everyday safety razors and others. With proper maintenance, you can even pass down this ultimate shaving tool to your future generations.

The straight razors have a larger blade area offering more control over your shaving area. You are guaranteed a closer shave every time compared to other razors. But there are costs involved, such as the need for an immense amount of expertise. The learning curve for using straight razors is very steep and will require a lot of time to master it properly. First time users may get many cuts and nicks before getting the hang of it. If you enjoy shaving and are passionate about this traditional experience of it then you must invest your time and attention to learn to use it.

  • Designed for Professionals

You will quickly realize that most of the straight razors available in the market are designed specifically for professionals. The best straight razors are made for barbers however, the trend is making a comeback in everyday users’ homes as well. Always check to see if your chosen straight razor is made for the barbershop. That would mean you are getting one of the best built tools which will last you a lifetime. While your expertise and technical skills are a concern, it is important to know that you are investing in something that is of professional quality. If it doesn’t feel professional then it probably isn’t!

The professional quality straight razors will allow you to develop your technique without any hassles. Visit a barbershop and you will see that the straight razor is the ultimate weapon of choice for top-notch professional results. A barbershop grade straight razor will have a blade-lock system with water-tight design. As such that the snap-lock will ensure that the blade sits tightly without the slightest of movements. Also, specially engineered straight razors for barbers are more rigid and are made with enhanced resistance from everyday use.

  • Safety, Security & Sanitary Regulations

Due to the availability of straight razors from many different manufacturers, there are vital regulations which may or may not be followed by certain producers. So, check to see that your chosen product meets all the safety and sanitary regulations for straight razors. It is crucial that you consider your health and safety before using all kinds of consumer products. You may even contact the manufacturer with any doubts or concerns over regulatory compliances.

  • Developing Your Shaving Techniques

As a first time user, you should always take all necessary precautions before using a straight razor. Some of which we have already discussed. Even experts can make mistakes!

Now, the popular belief is that these cut throat straight razors can cause deadly injuries. This is a huge misconception, it is unlikely to cause fatal injuries since shaving equipment are held at a safe angle of approximately 30 degrees. In such cases, it is unlikely to cut through the skin into veins, etc. Regardless, give yourself adequate time and patience to master your passion for this traditional shaving experience.

  • Consider the Cost Effectiveness of your Purchase

When you make all the above mentioned considerations and preparations, you will realize how effective a straight razor may be for you. Only after you use one you can truly see if the same quality shave is provided throughout the product’s lifetime. The long term results from a top quality straight razor and its shaving experience is unmatchable.

If you are someone who just needs to get rid of hair from places quickly without too much effort, then a straight razor is not your tool. But if you are passionate about the shaving experience and are ready to invest your time and energy to acquire this skill, then get yourself the best straight razor for barbers today!

Why barbers prefer old school shaving?

So why is it that barbers across the nation still prefer this old school shaving method?

Simply put, this traditional method is still one of the best!

Traditional barbershops still use this method as it proves to be one of the most cost effective and convenient options for providing customers with a satisfied shaving experience.

If you think about it, you will see that there are many more benefits such as no hassle of electricity, charging, or wires, etc. giving barbers the freedom to work freely even in the tiniest of workplaces. Also, the cleaning process of most modern day razors or clippers are a pain! With professional quality straight razors, you just need the best straight razor blades for endless shaves, no overheating or technical malfunctions.

A combination of all these and more make straight razors to still be one of the most popular choices and is most preferred by barbers!


Straight razors, as the name suggests, without any of the extra bells & whistles are becoming a comeback trend in the shaving industry for homes also. Users prefer this option for its lack of skin irritation and for getting the closest shave for their skin. While the skill is hard to master, it is an elegant and convenient tool with the best performance which is hard to find in other razors, clippers, trimmers, etc. today.

Now that you are ready to pick up your straight razor, you should consider one of the reputed brands from our list today for the ultimate traditional shaving experience.

We have tested many different types of razors and these are some of the best straight razors for barbers available in the market today!

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