There are many things that have gotten better as technology has advanced, things like the Internet, smart phones and medicine. All of these technological advancements are meant to make our lives easier; but there are some items where the original product and design haven’t changed in centuries because they haven’t needed to. The straight razor is one of those things. The straight razor has stood the test of time because it is an uncomplicated tool that if highly effective.

If you are unfamiliar with shaving using a straight razor, you are missing out on an age-old tradition that has survived despite the technological advancements in men’s grooming. You can easily find the best straight razor kit for beginners using information from my reviews, and learn how to put the nostalgia back into the ritual of shaving.

Shaving with the straight razor kit is a life skill that has been passed down through generations which signifies masculinity and class. Once you’ve mastered the skill of sharpening and shaving with your straight razor, you’ll see there is no substitute for classically designed shaving tools and traditional techniques.

 Straight Razor Kit – Comparison Table

ModelBlade SizeBlade Grind
Notable FeaturePrice
Naked Armor Razor Kit13/16”Half & fullTravel Box Check Price
Naked Armor Black Vintage13/16”Half & fullTravel Case Check Price
GBS Shaving Grooming Kit5/8"Half & fullBowl. Brush Check Price
Anbbas Shaving Set5/5"Full10 Blades Check Price
Classic Necessity Shaving Kit5/5"Half50 Blades Check Price

Top 5 Straight Razor Kits Review

The Solomon Straight Razor Kit by Naked Armor

This kit from Naked Armor comes with everything you need to start wet shaving with a straight razor. The kit includes a 13/16” stainless steel blade, and a leather strop and sharpening paste to keep your blade in mint condition. You also get a Badger Friendly Wood brush to lather the Natural Shaving Soap (200mls) on your face.

The Solomon Straight Razor Kit

The Natural Soap has been made by hand using milk, butter and coconut oil to protect your skin and reduce irritation. There is a leather case for safe travel and your kit will come packaged in a reusable wooden box.

The blade is made from high quality Japanese steel and is 15.7cm long. The blade has been honed ready for immediate use, and is in between a half hollow and a full hollow. The stainless steel will not rust or chip and it maintains a super sharp edge for a close shave.

Naked Armor has constructed the handle from Algum wood and it features 115 grain two-sided gold copper heads. Not only is it attractive, but these accents on the handle ensure it is perfectly balanced for comfort and maneuverability.

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What I love about this straight razor kit

Japanese stainless steel is used in this razor as Japan produces some of the strongest stainless steel in the world. You can be sure that the blade is high quality and extremely durable.

I really like all the inclusions in this kit. You do not need anything else to begin wet shaving with a straight razor. If you haven’t used a straight razor before, this kit even comes with instructions on how to sharpen your blade with the leather strop.

It is packaged really nicely too. I think this kit would also make a fantastic gift for Groomsmen, fathers, or brothers. The combination of wood, leather and steel make this a useful gift that will last for decades. This would also be the best straight razor kit for beginners.

Mild concern

This set is my favorite for those who are new to using a straight razor. This kit really has thought of everything and I was not able to pinpoint any negatives to this kit.

The Black Vintage Straight Razor by Naked Armor

Naked Armor promises the best quality shave with their line of straight razors. This straight razor has been hand crafted using the best materials available. The 13/16” blade has been made with high quality Japanese Steel that is hardwearing and extremely durable.

The Black Vintage Straight Razor

The strength of steel is measured by what’s known as the “Rockwell Scale,” or HRC. To give you an indication how tough the steel is that’s used to make Naked Armor’s straight razors, it measures between 60-66HRC. Common kitchen knives or garden axes measure between 50-58HRC.

The blade is 7.5cm long and incredible sharp allowing the user to achieve a precise and close shave. Your straight razor comes pre sharpened and perfectly honed and ready to use immediately.

Naked Armor has manufactured the handle from Algum wood, which is durable and comfortable to hold. To create the overall balance of this straight razor, the handle has 115 grain two-sided gold copper heads. This razor is a mix between a full hollow and a half hollow.

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What I love about this straight razor kit

This straight razor has a real vintage look that you can imagine was around in the 1950’s. While it looks extremely cool and retro, it has been made using modern Japanese Steel for the closet shave you can possibly get in your own home.

The leather case is classy and enables you to store your straight razor safely while not in use or while travelling. It’s also packaged really nicely and I think it would make a great gift.

Straight Razors from Naked Armor are also a great ethical choice, as switching to a straight razor rather than using disposable options, limits the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill.

Mild concern

The Black Vintage straight razor from Naked Amor does not come with any sort of soap or shaving cream to lather your face and you will need to purchase separately if required.

GBS Straight Razor Grooming Kit

The GBS is a great straight razor kit for beginners. It comes with added extras to make sure you have everything you need for your professionally close shave.

GBS Straight Razor Grooming Kit

As well as the straight razor, you will receive a 20” leather strop for sharpening and keeping your blade in great condition. There is a natural shaving puck (3oz) which has a masculine scent called “Ocean Driftwood.” A stainless steel bowl and black handled bristle shaving brush is also included to complete your straight razor kit. You will also receive a leather case to conveniently store all your shaving equipment.

The 5/8” blade of the GBS is made from carbon stainless steel and once honed, it will provide close shave and professional results. The handle is made from acrylic, it’s smooth and easy to hold.

What I love about this straight razor kit

I really like the stainless steel bowl and brush that comes with set. The bowl is very shiny and you can tell its high quality. It rinsed clean really easily and it’s handy to have this designated bowl to lather up your shaving product before application.

The brush itself is very soft, but at the same time, the bristles are quite dense. It felt like the bristles were just stiff enough to gently exfoliate my skin as I was applying my product. It lathered up really well with the aid of this brush and helped to achieve a comfortable shave and reduce the chance of skin irritation.

Mild concern

The GBS does not come “shave-ready.” You will need to take time to properly strop the straight razor before shaving.

Anbbas Straight Razor Shaving Set

This is the only straight razor kit on this list that comes with a convenient stand for storage and to air dry the badger hair shave brush. If you like to have your shaving equipment on display, you will be able to do this in style with the Anbbas Set.

Anbbas Straight Razor Shaving Set

The brush is made from traditional badger hair. It’s a nice round shape and it’s firm with a silky feel. It will work well with all soaps and foams and generates a great lather.

In addition to the stand and brush, this kit includes your 5/5” straight razor, a resin bowl and 3.5oz shaving soap made from goats milk. There is a carry case for all of your equipment, and well as a small leather case for the actual straight razor.

The Anbbas straight razor has a handle made from Olive wood, which gives this razor a classic look. The double-edged blades are made from durable stainless steel and you will receive ten replacement blades with your kit.

What I love about this straight razor kit

Most shaving brushes that are made with traditional badger hair are known for occasionally dropping or shedding bristles with each use. To counteract this problem Anbbas developed a unique gluing process so the bristles stay in place. You can be sure that your shave brush will last the distance along with your straight razor. The handle of the shave brush has been handcrafted using solid Manchurian Ash wood, which is comfortable and easy to hold.

This straight razor kit also comes with ten replacement double-edged blades so you needn’t sharpen your razor so often. This would be great for a man who is not too concerned with having to sharpen the blade manually. You can just replace it as the blade begins to dull. You should get approx. 3-5 shaves with each blade.

Mild concern

Using Badger hair is the traditional method used to make shave brushes. If you have ethical issues surrounding the use of animal hair in the production of products, this may not be the straight razor kit for you.

Straight Razor Kit by Classic Necessity

This straight razor kit from Classic Necessity comes with the basics a beginner will need to get started. The straight razor has a black matt finish. It’s stylish and comfortable to hold.

Straight Razor Kit by Classic Necessity

The 5/5” stainless steel blades are rust and tarnish free, and you will receive 50 double-edged replacement blades. The blades provide a super close shave and long lasting results. Classic Necessity uses only the finest quality materials in the construction of their straight razor so you know you will get professional results.  You can also be sure that your straight razor is durable and user friendly as Classic Necessity provides a Starter Guide with this straight razor.

The handle is sturdy and easy to maneuver. The razor glides smoothly and it’s easy to open and close. The blades are simple to replace and there is not need to sharpen blades manually with a strop or sharpening stone.

What I love about this straight razor kit

The replacement blades provided by Shark, consist of 50 double-edged blades. The blades are easy to replace and will normally last for 3-5 shaves depending on your beard density. This is an extremely cost effective set as you can expect to get at least one years worth of shaves with this straight razor and replacement blade set. Having a straight razor that has replacement blades means you don’t have to worry about learning to use a sharpening stone or strop to manually sharpen the blade.

I think the look of this razor is really great too, it looks sleek and modern. If the more traditional look of wood and steel is not for you, you may prefer this black matt finish.

Mild concern

This set from Classic Necessity does not come with any shaving products or shaving brush. If you like the extra lubrication and glide that shaving foam provides, you will need to purchase those items separately.

Things to consider when selecting the best straight razor kit

  • Blade Width

The width of the blade is measured from the spine of the blade to the razor’s sharp edge. The width of a straight razor is measured in inches, and calculated by how many eighths of that inch. For example: If a blade is one inch wide that would be expressed as 8/8, a full inch. A blade that is half an inch wide would be expressed as 4/8 of an inch. A wider blade can carry more soap or foam, during multiple shaving strokes and will let the user repeat more strokes before needing to rinse off the shaving product.

The down side to a wider blade is that it is not as easy to wield as a thinner blade. A blade that is thinner can shave closer to hard to reach spots like sideburns, around your nose and chin, however the thinner blade will not hold as much shaving product and you will need to rinse it off more regularly.

If you are new to shaving with a straight razor, I would recommend 58 “ blade width. This is good size for learning to wield a straight razor. It’s not uncommon for men to have several straight razors in different widths, specifically for shaving certain areas of the face.

  • Blade Grind

The blade grind refers to the shape of the blade. When straight razors are manufactured they differ slightly in shape and can affect the shaving experience.

A “fuller grind” means that the blade itself is thicker and refers to wedges and quarter hollow straight razors. The weight between the handle and the blade will be more evenly distributed resulting in a smooth, relaxed feel. Blades with a fuller grind will be the best option for a beginner as they are more forgiving if your shaving technique is less than perfect.

Blades that have a thinner grind (full hollow blades) do allow for more flexibility as they are moved across the face. A thinner grind will allow you to get closer to the skin although there is not much room for error.

  • Blade Edge Profile

This refers to the whether or not the blade has a slight curve. Most of the best straight razors for beginners are those that have a straight profile. They are the most common and will provide an amazingly close shave as you improve your technique.

Blades can also have a slight curve and these blades are known as a ‘smile.’ Men with angular faces prefer a smile profile as they can get a closer shave across the cheeks.

  • Handle Type

The handle of straight razors can be more visually striking than the blade itself. They can be made from wood, acrylic, or steel. It will be your personally preference that will ultimately decide what handle type you choose.

However it’s not just the look on the handle that you need to consider. The best straight razor will have an even weight balance between the blade and the handle to ensure a comfortable feel while shaving and enhance maneuverability around your face and neck.

  • Fixed Blade or Disposable Blades

Straight razors can come with either a fixed blade or blades that can be removed and replaced once they are dull. If you choose a straight razor that has disposable blades, you will not need to learn sharpening techniques. However you will have the ongoing cost of the replacement blades. If you choose a straight razor that has a fixed blade, you will need to spend some time learning sharpening techniques; but this will be more cost effective in the long run.

  • Sharpening Method

If you do decide to choose a straight razor that has a fixed blade, you will need to learn how to keep it sharp. The most common method involves using a leather strop. If your straight razor kit doesn’t come with a leather strop, you will need to purchase one separately. Every straight razor with a fixed blade will require stropping every two to three shaves.

Periodically your fixed blade will require additional sharpening known as honing. Prolonged use will leave your straight razor dull and re-honing will be required once or twice a year. You can have this done by a professional sharpening service or you can do it yourself with a sharpening stone.


There is no disputing that using a straight razor is the most iconic and traditional way for a man to get a precise and close shave. Sometimes the latest and greatest gadgets on the market are not always the best for you, and I think men’s grooming tools is one of those areas.

There is a reason that professional barbers have stuck with the traditional straight razors for centuries. The straight razor provides impeccable results that modern electric razors just can’t achieve.

There is something timeless about the ritual of shaving with the straight razor kit. It should have with all the equipment you need to get that smooth barber feeling, in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve mastered the art of shaving with any of these traditional straight razors featured here in my reviews, I highly doubt you’ll go back to the plastic modern alternatives.

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