Tom Ford has many great colognes. How do you know which is the best Tom Ford cologne? To find the best cologne I have gathered the most recommended Tom Ford colognes. Collecting colognes started as a hobby. Soon I had collected more colognes than I would like to admit.

I have chosen the top ten Tom Ford colognes to review. These aren’t just the best Tom Ford colognes. These are some of the best high-end fragrances available. You should stop buying cheap stuff filled with fake ingredients.

Here is an overview of the top ten colognes from Tom Ford:

Highlights of the Best Tom Ford Colognes

Grey Vetiver
(Editor's Choice)
Lemongrass, Wood3.4 OunceMen Check Price
Noir ExtremeWood3.4Men Check Price
Black OrchidFruity3.4Women Check Price
Private Blend OudVarious Woods1.7Women Check Price
Tom Ford NoirBergamot3.4Men Check Price
Tom Ford TobaccoTobacco1.7Men Check Price
Tuscan LeatherLeather, Raspberry1.7Men Check Price
Noir de NoirVanilla, Saffron1.7Men Check Price
Neroli PortofinoFloral, Citrus3.4Unisex Check Price
Tom Ford for MenClassic3.4Men Check Price

An In-Depth Review of the Tom Ford Colognes

Tom Ford Grey

Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver Eau De Parfume spray is a men’s fragrance. The bottle has an excellent silver plaque highlighting the bottles minimal style. The smoky glass of the bottle reminds you of ocean glass rubbed smooth by the waves.

Tom Ford Grey

The name “Vetiver” comes from a plant with a history of medical uses and incorporation in fragrance products. The Vetiver plant is related to lemongrass and citronella. The name Vetiver is a nod of recognition of the colognes fresh and clean citrus smell.

The smell combines a mix of spices and wood, highlighted by notes of citrus. I wear this fragrance when for meetings and dates. The scent is masculine but still subtle and pleasing enough to wear on dates. A few sprays of this cologne will last all day and into the night.

Perfume and cologne aficionados will appreciate the rich layers this cologne provides. Your whole body feels more awake after inhaling a whiff of Vetiver. The design of the bottle compliments the spirit of this scent. Vetiver is a layered but simple cologne perfect for evenings on the town or a business meeting.

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My Opinion

The bottle is minimalistic. The clean silver and foggy glass mirrors this fragrance’s clean masculinity. It is not an over-designed bottle. It reminds me of a wooded area just far enough from the ocean’s waves. This bottle matches the cologne’s fragrance. I enjoy the design of the complimentary bottle.

I like the layered aroma of Tom Ford’s Vetiver. Vetiver’s grapefruit and lemon undertones highlight the masculine smells of oakmoss and nutmeg. The full ensemble is brought to fruition by the sage. Sage supports and unites the other scents creating a full-bodied experience.

The layers provided by Vetiver inspire a self-possessed attitude. Well-groomed men will appreciate the compliments this scent attracts. A perfect cologne for men trying to improve their appearance. I believe Grey Vetiver is the best Tom Ford cologne for men.


I would prefer a more robust fragrance. Vetiver offers a strong and long-lasting smell but lacks the kick I desire. Not a bad scent by any means. It will please men looking for a clean and modest cologne.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men

Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme has a robust 4.8-inch-tall bottle. The bottle is gold and black in color. The caps gold color gives off a prevailing sense of self-assurance. The black semitransparent glass of the bottle compliments the gold cap.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men

Noir Extreme was adapted from Tom Ford’s scent Noir that was released in 2012. Noir Extreme was refined by Tom Ford and then re-released in 2015. The upgraded scent and bottle are now a must-have item for fans of cologne.

The scent of Noir Extreme is heavily influenced by nature. A strong woodsy smell makes it the perfect cologne for strong men. A hint of citrus can be picked up after the initial scent of spice settles. Other relevant accords are amber and vanilla which combine into a cloud of warm confidence.

Confidence and stability are the first words that come to mind when using Noir Extreme. The bottle and fragrance give off an impression of warm confidence. A couple of sprays will last you all night. Noir Extreme has moderate silage as to alert others of its presence but not overwhelm them.

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My Opinion

I prefer Noir Extreme over the original Noir. Tom Ford always crafts impressive scents. His revision of the original Noir has attracted new admirers of him and his company. I primarily wear Noir Extreme at night.

The bottle and packaging of this cologne are a great fit for the aroma. The gold and black are a classic color combination that suggests confidence and power. Tom Ford’s vision for Noir Extreme is successfully delivered in both scent and bottle.

The smell of Noir Extreme gives off a warmth reminiscent of fall and winter. The warmth is supported by notes of vanilla and wood. Its Asian influences are immediately recognizable. Saffron and mandarin oil provide an excellent backdrop for the rest of the scents to shine.

Noir Extreme is a classy cologne meant for celebrations and all-night events. The bottle is respectable and demands attention. The fragrance is subtler than its container. Silage is noticeable, but it is not obnoxious.


I love Noir Extreme’s confidence in both smell and design. The fragrance commands attention but isn’t overwhelming. This cologne is limited to fall and winter months. I would not recommend wearing it during the spring or summer when it is already warm. It is also a scent designed for the night owl. I do not suggest wearing Noir Extreme to work in the morning.

Tom Ford Orchid for Women

Both previous fragrances mentioned are designed for men. Orchid by Tom Ford is a women’s fragrance. Some people suggest Orchid is a unisex scent. Orchid is one of the top rated Tom Ford colognes available regardless of gender.

Tom Ford Orchid for Women

The bottle for Orchid is a familiar black and gold. The Orchid bottle is elegant and shapely compared to the Noir Extreme bottle. The height of the bottle is 6.5 inches. It has a gold accent tied around the neck of the bottle. The design is poised and feminine. It reminds me of a Greek goddess.

The fragrance is powerful. Its silage will grab the attention of those nearby and pull them closer. Floral notes of jasmine, orchids, and gardenia are immediately present. Cacao and truffle support this perfume’s aroma.

The fruity smell is grounded in cacao and truffle. The floral aromas combine well for an exquisite perfume. A man comfortable with floral fragrances will want to try this scent for himself.

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My Opinion

The bottle is well designed. Black and gold create an appearance best summarized as antique strength. The glass is durable, and the height and shape of the container are classic Tom Ford. Orchid is a strong scent, and the bottle represents that.

Orchid combines citrus, floral, and earthy note very well. This is a scent I would buy for a strong professional woman. The floral notes give this cologne wings while the cacao helps reel it back in. It’s an excellent fragrance for cold winter days or nights.

I enjoy the complexity of Orchid. While Orchid is fruity, it still allows notes of truffle to shine through. No single ingredient overpowers the other. This is a well-balanced perfume. I love the presence this scent brings with it. It is far from shy but not too confrontational.

The silage and strength give this cologne great confidence. Active women will be pleased by the magnetic atmosphere created by this perfume.


It’s great for women, but Orchid may be too feminine for most men. This is not a true unisex scent. This is not the cologne for you if you want to blend in with your environment. Orchid is perfect if you want to stand out and appear confident.

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood

Oud Wood is part of Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection. That is only one reason it is considered as one of the best colognes by Tom Ford. The Private Blend collection has been around since 2007. Colognes and perfumes in this collection are imagined, blended, and develop by Tom Ford himself.

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood

His craftsmanship is apparent in the bottle and scent of Oud Wood. The bottle is shaped like a Shinto shrine. The top is flat on top and tapers down into a lovely shape. The glass is transparent and offers dark blackish green tint to the liquid.

Oud Wood is one the most luxurious materials used in perfumes and colognes. It was initially used by priests and monks as incense. This is represented symbolically by its bottle.

The scent of Oud Wood is robust. Notes of oud wood, rosewood, and sandalwood stand out. These are accompanied by vanilla and amber. These ingredients make a sensual cologne when synthesized together.

My Opinion

Tom Ford always designs beautiful bottles that compliment his colognes. Oud Wood’s bottle is no exception. The classic shrine like design perfectly matches the smell of this cologne. It is a great addition for any perfume connoisseur.

The smell of Oud Wood brings you to another place and time. You feel as if you were transported to a beautiful temple bursting with incense. The woody smell is very prominent as the name suggests. Hints of vanilla and amber are felt in the background.

I recommend Oud Wood for fall days and nights. This is a great scent to wear on a first date. Oud Wood also makes an excellent gift for a husband or wife. This scent is unisex, but predominately worn by men.


Oud Wood will rank as one of your favorite Tom Ford colognes if you love the smell of wood. I would not recommend this cologne at work. Its sensual nature is best reserved for dates or going out with close friends.

Tom Ford Noir for Men

Noir was revamped by Tom Ford. Demand for the original scent only grew after the release of Noir Extreme. This cologne was released to accompany its female counterpart Violet Blonde. Noir is now a staple of the Tom Ford collection.

Tom Ford Noir for Men

Noir is perhaps the most complex cologne to date. The scent is bolstered by its bottles streamlined design. Cologne collectors will want this classic three by five-inch bottle sitting on their shelf. Noir is not just for looks. The container has a simple pure black color scheme, but the cologne is far from simple.

Noir boasts notes of bergamot. At the heart of this cologne are notes of black pepper and geranium. Opoponax and patchouli are present to bring it all together. These ingredients combine to portray a scent that is recognizable yet vague.

This is a unique cologne only Tom Ford could come up with. Men will appreciate the attention this scents paradoxical nature brings.

My Opinion

I am reminded of fall upon opening the bottle. This cologne is heavily influenced by Italy which is apparent in its enigmatic design. A few whiffs of this cologne had my mind searching for a description that does it justice.

This cologne does not last long. It is necessary to reapply it mid-day for all day coverage. The silage of Noir has a moderate reach. People standing close will know you are radiating a pleasant smell. People farther away will not know until they get closer.

This is an excellent scent for businessmen on the go. The floral notes of Noir are well balanced with black pepper and other more grounded scents. The short duration and silage of Noir make it convenient to switch colognes after work.


The short legs of Noir are both a pro and a con. Its subtle aroma makes it perfect for an office environment. This cologne is good for those looking for a complex aroma with a short duration.

Those looking for all day coverage will be interested in the other Tom Ford colognes reviewed here.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

This cologne was released in 2007. It has been widely coveted by cologne aficionados since its release. It has been designed as a complex and full-bodied aroma.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford crafted the scent by combining tobacco with vanilla and cacao. London served as his muse while working on this cologne. The result is a long-lasting and heady scent.

The bottle has a classic Tom Ford design. It combines black and gold to give the quiet confidence you expect from Tom Ford. The glass is partially transparent to protect the cologne from light. The bottle holds 1.7 ounces. It is also 5 inches tall and 1.8 inches wide.

The aroma given off by Tobacco Vanille is well balanced. Tom Fords influences appear at the center of the ensemble. The other scents are built upon a base of woody and fruity smells. This diverse mix helps create a unique experience.

This cologne will appeal to men that want a long-lasting cologne. There is no need to reapply after applying once. The smell of London is easily recognized. It is a perfect gift for a friend or colleague that travels a lot.

My Opinion

Tobacco and Vanille by Tom Ford is a long-lasting heady smell.  It is an excellent choice for those with a European fashion sense. The minimalistic bottle is perfect for the home or for traveling.

I love the smell of pipe tobacco. Tobacco and Vanille perfectly capture the scent of rich tobacco leaves. This is one reason it is one of the best rated Tom Ford colognes for men. The vanilla harmonizes with the tobacco and helps unwrap the dry fruit smell.

The longevity of this cologne really makes it stand out. One spray can last the entire day. The longevity is accompanied by high silage. This is a scent that will last and make itself known. I recommend wearing this cologne in the fall and winter.

This is a good option for outdoor events. The sent flourishes in wide open spaces and compliments a modern or rugged look.


The smell may be too far-reaching for some men. This may bring unwanted attention if you wear it at work. Tobacco notes may not be suitable for every man. The smell of tobacco is controversial people either love it or hate it.

Tom Ford for Men EDT Spray

This masculine cologne was released in 2007. It was the first cologne released by Tom Ford with the modern gentleman in mind. Its popularity spread around the globe making Tom Ford synonymous with high quality.

Tom Ford for Men EDT Spray

The bottle reflects the prestigious nature of Tom Ford products. This is a bottle for men that demand the best quality. It could easily be mistaken for an antique. The see-through glass and gold accents are reminiscent of the early 1900s. The gold label lets you know this is a cologne for the modern man.

The scent inside is astonishing. The scent is propelled forward by the combination of lemon, ginger, and orange. This blast is followed by tobacco and pepper. Finally, a leathery smell reaches the nose. It is an elegant fragrance for men looking to show off their masculinity.

Tom Ford for Men is suitable for all men as a flagship product. The bottle holds 3.4 ounces making it perfect for home use as well as an excellent choice for your first venture into cologne.

My Opinion

Tom Ford for Men boasts a rich scent profile that combines the best ingredients to make a cologne suitable for all men. It will make old and new cologne aficionados happy as a classic Tom Ford product.

The bottle was meant to be displayed. The golden color of the liquid inside the clear glass reminds me of a bottle of a beautiful whiskey bottle. The liquid inside practically glows. It is a great gift for a deserving significant other.

You are hit with a rush of citrus upon smelling Tom Ford for Men. The masculine musk of tobacco and pepper settles in as the citrus calms down. The smell of various woods cements this fragrances place in history.

This is the perfect cologne for any man.


This cologne lacks longevity. This is not an ideal all-day cologne. The silage is noticeable but not as strong as I prefer. Men looking for a classic smell will love it. Men looking to generate a robust presence will find this cologne unsuitable.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

This is another influential cologne by Tom Ford. Tuscan Leather is part of his Private Blend collection. Tuscan Leather is just one of the twelve Eau de parfums in this collection.  It has the potential to be used alone or in accord with other colognes.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

The bottle is a distinctive Tom Ford design. The amber transparent glass helps preserve the cologne from light. The gold signage informs you of the name and reputation of the product. It is a shapely and modern bottle.

Tuscan Leather is a straightforward cologne. There is no guessing about the keynotes here. The leather influence is present from the first whiff. A calm raspberry scent follows closely after. A closer inspection will reveal saffron as well. This is an excellent cologne for confrontational men.

The leather does not hide behind exotic smells. The leather greats you quickly and pleasantly instead. This is possibly the most masculine cologne around today.

My Opinion

The raspberry combines nicely with the leather notes. These scents dominate together. Wood is also present as a base note with leather. The leather creates a forward-focused smell suitable for leaders. The unique scent profile establishes an aura of independence. Many have tried to imitate the success of Tuscan Leather, but none come close to Tom Ford

Tuscan leather lasts all day. A few sprays in the morning will keep you smelling fresh. The smell carries well without being overwhelming. These qualities make it perfect for hard-working men. Women will be drawn to this fragrance.

I recommend Tuscan Leather for all business executives. Salesmen should also try Tuscan Leather. Very few colognes compete with Tuscan Leathers straightforward smell. I highly recommend this cologne if you like things direct and honest.

This cologne reminds me of the calm before the storm. It is soothing but keeps people alert. I suggest wearing this during the day.


The leather smell may be too much for some men. Tuscan Leather lacks the complexity of other Tom Ford colognes. This is not a cologne that lets you blend in.

Tom Ford Noir de Noir

Noir De Noir is a great everyday cologne. Its unique blend make sit suitable for men and women. The effect of this cologne is best described as sensual. This is the most well-balanced Tom Ford cologne.

Tom Ford Noir de Noir

The bottle is dark glass. It is easily recognizable as a Tom Ford bottle even without the gold label. The unique packaging is one reason cologne collectors prefer Tom Ford products. The bottle and cologne are both works of art.

Men will appreciate the notes of truffle, oud wood, and oakmoss. Women will enjoy the rose and saffron notes. Both masculine and feminine notes combine into a gender-neutral perfume. This is a great evening cologne. Cold weather helps the ingredients flourish.

You recognize the complexity of this perfume when the first notes hit your nose. There is a delicate balance between hard and soft scents. Tom Ford has blended Noir De Noir so well it is impossible to find a better perfume or cologne.

My Opinion

The balance of masculine and feminine smells is admirable. Tom Ford uses Noir De Noir to remind us why he is the top cologne maker. The bottles of classic design will look great next to your collection of fragrances.

I recommend Noir De Noir to men and women looking for a laidback scent. Noir De Noir is sophisticated but casual. The rose is supported by hints of vanilla. The wood notes are perfectly matched to the saffron.

College students will appreciate the cologne’s longevity. Professionals in high-stress environments will appreciate the neutrality offered by this cologne. Weekend warriors will be happy to find a cologne suitable for their lifestyle.

The longevity is outstanding. The scent is far-reaching but not unbearable for the workplace. These qualities make Noir De Noir a recommended perfume for men and women alike.


This is a well-balanced cologne. Men or women looking to highlight their masculinity or femininity will need to consider other options. The neutral nature of this scent may not be suitable for prominent personalities.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Aqua

Neroli Portofino Acqua is like summer in a bottle. Released in 2016 this cologne became an instant classic. The harmonious profile makes it suitable for both men and women. Neroli Portofino Acqua is a stylish cologne that appeals to all.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Aqua

The bottle is a beautiful shade of blue. The bottle has a familiar shape but stands out due to its blue and gold features. The color combination is both classy and relaxed. It is a fresh bottle holding an even fresher liquid.

You are hit with memories of a lost summer upon opening the bottle. I suggest wearing this cologne while on vacation. The refreshing bergamot and lemon are held up by neroli and amber wood. The fresh citrus notes remind you of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.

Neroli is advertised as a unisex fragrance. I do not suggest men that are concerned with appearances wear this fragrance. The relaxing notes are more feminine than masculine.

My Opinion

Neroli Portofino Acqua is an uplifting mix of floral and citrus notes. This cologne is great for summer and spring days. The scent is long lasting and adequate for most people.

The bottle is a lovely aqua blue. It reminded me of the water off the coast of a tropical island. The bottle alone is worth adding to your collection. The design deviates from the traditional gold and black design.

The smell is exceptional. This cologne is for you if you want to feel like you live in paradise. A breeze will help the fragrance travel to nearby noses. It is a very aromatic fragrance. I suggest men sample this perfume before buying.

The relaxed nature of this fragrance makes you want to travel. I highly recommended it for those heading to an island vacation.


Neroli Portofino Acqua is a feminine fragrance. Progressive men won’t mind the floral notes. Men with a more traditional taste should avoid this cologne. Women from all walks of life will appreciate this perfume.

What Makes Tom Ford the Best Cologne?

  • Balance

Tom Ford knows how to balance scents. Colognes like Noir De Noir are balanced perfectly. This unmatched ability to balance fragrances makes Tom Ford the best choice. There is never one scent that overwhelms your senses. Every note is included to compliment the others. It is a difficult task to balance a cologne’s fragrance. Tom Ford has consistently proven he can create classic, well-balanced scents. Even straightforward colognes like Tuscan Leather are balanced. Tuscan Leather’s raspberry balances the leather smell.

  • Professionalism

There are many reasons to choose a Tom Ford cologne. Their ability to make scents suitable for all workplaces is one of them. Smells like Vetiver is perfect for work. Vetiver is a breath of fresh air. Its balanced profile and longevity make it the ideal cologne for professionals. Other colognes like Noir De Noir are also suitable for work. It can be hard to find appropriate work aromas. Tom Ford has proven to make scents every professional can feel confident wearing.

  • Variety

Tom Ford has scents for everyone. No other brand matches their ability to match a cologne to an occasion. Noir is a great choice if you are going to wedding. Tuscan Leather will give you the confidence you need on a first date. There are then other colognes like Vetiver. Vetiver can be worn for any occasion formal or casual.

Tom Ford just can’t be beaten. They offer a wide variety of fragrances for every occasion.

  • Attention to detail

Every ingredient has a purpose. There are no filler ingredients to decrease costs. Tom Ford only uses the best ingredients. The attention to detail is noticeable in all their fragrances. The complexity involved in their cologne speaks volumes. This isn’t some grocery store cologne. You know everything has a purpose when you buy Tom Ford.

Tom Ford offers a quality product from scent to bottle.

  • Reputation

Tom Ford has been in the industry for decades. He helped put brands like Gucci on the map. Tom Ford is a brand known worldwide. Their name is synonymous with high-quality products. Tom Ford is committed to quality clothes and cologne.

The world of high fashion knows and love Tom Ford and his brand. His reputation spans generations. You can take pride in saying “Tom Ford” when someone asks where you got your cologne.

  • Design

Tom Ford brings a classic look to all their bottles. The Private Label collection is designed exclusively by Tom Ford. His reputation as a designer is at stake when he releases a new cologne. That is why he and his brand never release bad products.

It isn’t easy to design cologne. It is hard to pick the best ingredients and match them in the right ratios. You can rest easy knowing you bought quality with Tom Ford.

History of Tom Ford

Tom Ford started his brand after helping other high fashion brands grow. Tom Ford was an influential designer at Gucci and Saint Laurent. Many people jokingly claim Tom has the Midas touch since every brand he touches is successful.

He took Gucci from bankrupt to profitable. Most people consider him to be a revolutionary designer. His ambition led to him diving into the world of perfume.  He dove in even though the industry is resistant to change.

His first aroma was launched in 2006. Black Orchid was his first perfume. It was marketed as a women’s perfume. Tom Ford moved to men’s cologne after the success of this scent. His unique colognes Vetiver, Tuscan Leather, and Noir impressed even the harshest critics.

He has changed the world of perfume. His brand’s quick rise to fame is a testament to their quality. Tom Ford develops his products unlike many in the fashion world. He doesn’t slap his name on someone else’s work. His attention to details has made him the world most accomplished designer.

Tom Ford has since established one of the most dominant cologne companies. His success comes from his fearlessness. His confidence leaks into every cologne he designs. Tom Ford has already made history, and there is no doubt he and his brand will continue.


You can find all sorts of cologne at Amazon, but if you are looking for a cologne designed to match your needs, then get Tom Ford. The difference is noticeable from the first sniff. A well-balanced fragrance is hard to find. Tom Ford offers a host of pleasing mixed aromas.

Grey Vetiver is the most versatile fragrance there is. It is appropriate for all occasions, and its scent lasts all day or night. I highly recommend you start with this cologne. Its layers unravel and reveal a full-bodied aroma. The masculine wood notes rise to the top.

There are many great options for every man’s style. Rugged men will like Tuscan Leather. Noir provides a sensual touch. One of the ten colognes reviewed here will satisfy your senses no matter the occasion.

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