Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer: Top 8 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

Since styling trends are quite demanding these days, it’s always better to have a heat styling tool lying around inside your closet or bathroom to cut down the duration and make the procedure hassle-free. Tools such as hair dryers can be the most exceptional tool to rely on during that time, but only if their technological means don’t hamper your hair’s quality over time.

Although hair dryers mostly comprised titanium components back in the day to make every hair-drying routine short and effective, the use of each tool always came with a certain boundary due to titanium’s habit of damaging the hair. However, as the world of beauty gained more knowledge and made more changes, tourmaline hair dryers came into existence.

Despite being a fresh face in the beauty industry, tourmaline hair dryers are probably the best heat styling tools to place one’s trust in. In contrast to titanium and ceramic hair dryers, tourmaline is known for absorbing zero to minimum amounts of natural oils when drying the hair, bringing forward memorable results with tons of shine. To learn about the best tourmaline hair dryers that are taking the town by storm at the moment, buckle up and stay tuned until the end of this article!

Summary Overview Of Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Notable FeaturesPrice
BaBylissPRO 3000 Dryer1900 watts
3 heat/2 speeds Rubberized finish
Check price
TREZORO Salon Hair Dryer2200 watts
3 heat/2 speeds Infused outlet grill
Check price
JINRI 1875W Hair Dryer1875 watts
3 heat/2 speeds Lightweight Check price
Remington Hair Dryer1875 watts
3 heat/2 speeds Micro-conditioning
Check price
JINRI Salon Hair Dryer1875 watts
3 heat/2 speeds long-life dryer Check price
Conair miniPRO Hair Dryer1200 watts
2 heat & speeds Dual voltage
Check price
BERTA Ionic Hair Dryer1875 watts
3 heat/2 speeds 4 attachments
Check price

Top 8 Tourmaline Hair Dryers Review

When purchasing a tourmaline hair dryer, you should always examine the hardware and attributes before making your pick. Apart from ensuring that the benefits of the mineral tourmaline are present, try assessing the power of the motor, the amount of heat and speed settings and the selling points of each tourmaline hair dryer.

If you’re currently reading this article without any prior research, consider having a glimpse at the previously provided table. On another note, if you’ve already looked at the previous segment, move on to the next paragraph to learn about the best tourmaline hair dryers that your hair will tremendously benefit from!

HOT TOOLS Pro Artist

The Pro Artist of HOT TOOLS should definitely be considered to obtain a hair dryer that dries and styles any hair type with ease.

The 1875-watt motor that it comprises seems underpowered on paper, but it brings polished results in a quick and safe manner. The device uses Ionic technology to spread heat to the shaft while producing tons of negative ions, shielding the hair from losing its natural oils and becoming brittle.

HOT TOOLS Pro Artist

Weighing in at 35.2 ounces and consisting of ergonomic components, the HOT TOOLS Pro Artists is easy to hold, navigate, and work with when dealing with short hair as well as long tresses. In addition to having a power button, the device comprises a cool-shot button and two extra components underneath to monitor and set the heat and speed settings. For maximizing flexibility, HOT TOOLS Pro Artist offers a cord that is 8 feet long!

To tackle any and every hair type and density, HOT TOOLS offers 3 temperature settings and 3-speed settings. The device provides a finger diffuser, a concentrating nozzle, and a straightening pick to create healthy curls, sharp straight-cut visuals, and natural waves. If your post-shower routine involves air drying the strands, you can consider the cool shot button of HOT TOOLS Pro Artist as a reliable alternative!

When all is said and done, the HOT TOOLS Pro Artist is a great tourmaline hair dryer that can efficiently serve in the long run due to its performance attributes, Ionic technology and reliable hardware. If the packed button placement feels challenging to work with, consider allowing the device’s sublime styling results to make up for that burden!

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Great Positives 

Hot TOOLS Pro Artist is a tourmaline hair dryer that can be considered a one-man army. Using Ionic technology and multiple temperature and speed settings, this styling tool can bring presentable results without compromising hair quality.

This tourmaline hair dryer is assisted by its 1875-watt motor and ionic technology to fasten up each styling session. Since it only weighs around 35.2 ounces, the device is also easy to control and navigate during short to long styling sessions.

The ergonomic build of this device makes it presentable, but the extra attachments within its packaging make the device the perfect companion to have around until eternity. With 3 different attachments that bring forward multiple styling outcomes, the HOT TOOLS Pro Artist is a must-have for hair enthusiasts seeking to replicate all sorts of styling trends!

Mild Concern 

The buttons around the handles are high in volume, which can cause users to change the selected heat and speed settings accidentally.

The cool shot button surely works but comprises the same temperature as the low heat setting of the device, making it redundant.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

This is a hair dryer that professionals love. If it’s providing stylists with professional results, imagine what it could do for you at home. This has a powerful 2200w motor, yet, it’s a styling tool providing good results for everyone.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

The tourmaline and ceramic are emitting millions of ions. In fact, the 2200w DC motor is actually running faster for more ions per minute. The company created an ionic system that delivers 16 million ions per CM3 (cubic square inch). There aren’t a lot of dryers that can make that claim.

What that means for you is silky, moisturized hair. The grill of the dryer is actually combined ceramic and tourmaline. Think of it like conditioner being added to your hair with every inch of air from the dryer.

There are also great heat and speed options. Two buttons can be used separately. Low, medium, and high heat can be paired with low or high air. There are two types of concentrators included with this hair dryer. They’ll focus the ions, heat, and air right where you’re styling. Brush styling is easier with the concentrators, so you’ll definitely want that.

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Great positives

The ionic system is where this hair dryer really shines. It’ll also make your hair shine. The tourmaline and ceramic grill emits millions of negative ions. If you have frizzy, dry hair, this is exactly what you need.

Just one drying session with this tool will show a huge difference. Hair will be shiny, silky, and smooth. At a touch, you’ll feel the increased healthiness of your hair.

The tourmaline and ceramic provides a heat that is very gentle. It’s ideal for all hair types and textures. Thin hair won’t get damaged with this dryer. Thick hair will dry fast compared to some other dryers.

Mild concern

There is no way to turn off the ionic system. If you want tourmaline and the ions, you’re going to get millions of them. The only switches are for heat and air speed.

JINRI 1875W Tourmaline Hair Dryer

These tourmaline hair dryers are in no particular order, but this is one of my favorites. It’s a dryer with a powerful 1875w DC motor. The motor helps make the entire styling tool very lightweight. This is a stunning apple red that will really stand out, too.

JINRI 1875W Tourmaline Hair Dryer

It has tourmaline and ceramic inside. There’s a built-in ionic generator. With the materials and the generator, you’re getting a massive amount of negative ions. The ions will smooth hair and remove frizz and dryness. All important things for healthy-looking hair.

The 1875w motor powers the 3 heat options. It has hot, warm, and cool from which to choose. The speeds are low or high. There’s also a cool air button that will seal the cuticle. If you’ve ever wondered how your hair comes from the salon so smooth, it’s little tricks like that. They make all the difference.

There’s a concentrator included with this hair dryer. It has other great additions like a removable cover for the inlet grill. There’s a long cord as well as a loop for hanging. It’s easy to store this with the hanging loop. It can be attached to the wall out of the way.

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Great positives

Aside from the fact that this is a stunning hair styling tool, it has fantastic features. The tourmaline and ceramic materials are able to give you a salon style at home.

Personally, I loved the way that my hair felt after using this dryer. My fingers slipped easily through the silky strands. It has never felt so soft as it did after using the hair dryer.

The styling tool dries hair quickly due to the millions of negative ions. This leads to less drying time and more time for other things in your life.

Mild concern

There’s no diffuser included with this styling tool. Those with curly hair are going to have to find a diffuser to fit. A universal diffuser might match and provide the styling needed.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

This hair dryer is from BaByliss. It’s a company that most people have heard about. That’s because they have great styling tools that last for a long time. The tools have innovative technology, too. That continues with the 3000 dryer.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

It has tourmaline and titanium for inner workings. Titanium is a material that is strong and durable. The tourmaline works to provide incredible benefits to your hair. It starts with the heat. Tourmaline has infrared properties to heat hair from the inside out. It won’t burn hair or cause serious damage to the outer cuticle. There are 3 heat options and 2 speed options. It also has a cool shot button.

Tourmaline and titanium together deliver millions of ions to your hair. Negative ions will give you more than a couple benefits. You might be surprised to learn that your hair is full of positive ions. They are what makes your hair frizzy and dry. Negative ions neutralize the positive ones to give you moisturized hair.

Normally, BaByliss is known for their turquoise-blue tools. In this dryer, they’ve gone a bright, beautiful red. The rubberized finish is comfortable for gripping. Your hand won’t get tired and fatigued. The dryer has a 9-foot cord and comes with a concentrator attachment.

Get BaBylissPRO 3000 Dryer at Amazon

Great positives

The TT 3000 has 1900 watts of power in its motor. It has incredible power for the heat and speed options available. You can certainly turn it down if you like. The dryer will still do a thorough job of drying your hair.

While removing water, it’ll actually infuse your hair with moisture. Tourmaline has properties that cause it to emit negative ions naturally. The heat will penetrate the hair and dry from the inside. It won’t bombard the outer shell of your hair.

While the tourmaline is the star of the show, the bright red housing can’t be ignored. It’s stunningly beautiful, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it caught the attention of all your friends.

Mild concern

The red rubberized housing can fade over time. It’s unfortunate, but it can happen. It doesn’t happen all the time, though. You can certainly take steps to keep it red and beautiful as long as possible. Try to keep your hands dry while holding it.

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington is definitely a name we’ve heard in the beauty industry. They make a variety of styling devices like men’s and women’s shavers. This hair dryer comes from a company that definitely understands a woman’s beauty needs.

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

The D3190 has a strong 1875w motor. There’s advanced technology in this hair dryer. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without all the features of the dryer. There’s the proprietary technology called Micro-Conditioning. It makes hair healthier, reduces frizz, and nourishes hair.

The tourmaline and ceramic of this hair dryer is part of the technology. It emits a huge amount of ions into your hair with each blast of air. There are 3 heat and 2 speed options. Heat and speed are on different buttons for versatility.

Without attachments, any blow dryer is going to blast hair. It’ll fly around wildly and get tangled. That causes damage like split ends. A concentrator or diffuser is ideal for controlling the air and heat. This hair dryer comes with both.

Great positives

The protection you’re getting from this dryer makes it an ideal choice for anyone with damaged hair. If you’re looking for tourmaline, that’s normally why you want it.

It has micro-conditioners and advanced coating technology. It’s the same technology available in their shavers. It’s going to coat the hair and protect it from heat.

The ions are going to infuse the hair strands with moisture. Dry flyaways will be a thing of the past with this hair dryer. As soon as the first day, you’ll see an improvement in your hair.

Mild concern

The cord isn’t very long. You’ll have to make sure that the plug is fairly close to a mirror for styling. It’s around 5 feet long, which isn’t long if you have to stretch across the bathroom to see in the mirror.

JINRI 1875w Professional Salon Dryer

The JINRI Professional Hair Dryer is made for salon stylists to use. That doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t use it at home. You definitely want to use it at home to get a salon-style blow out. Friends will wonder how much you paid a salon for the style.

JINRI 1875w Professional Salon Dryer

It’s an 1875w DC motor powering this hair dryer. It’s strong and emits ions all over your hair. The tourmaline ionic technology delivers high and low speeds that will coat your hair in negative ions. There are also 3 heat settings. There’s low, warm, and cool. Along with a cool option, there’s a cool shot button, too.

The tourmaline and ionic technology is going to give you hair that you’ve always wanted. The hair dryer will last for a very long time, too. It comes with attachments to make your life easier. You’ll be blow drying your hair like a pro with a concentrator or diffuser attachment.

Hair that’s whipped around while it dries can actually break. You’re applying heat while also letting harsh air hit the strands. Hair can often look worse after blow drying – except by professionals. That’s because they know to use an attachment and have dryers with ions.

Great positives

After using this hair dryer, the softness of your hair will rival the blow out you’d get from a salon stylist. It’s a lightweight device that is pretty quiet.

Tourmaline and ionic technology will dry hair much faster than a blow dryer without those features. Even if you worried about heat damage, there wouldn’t be time for damage when it dries so quickly.

The diffuser attachment is really wide. It has a slight dip, so you can hold a lot of hair while you’re drying. Curls will be incredibly defined. Wavy hair will look shiny and beautiful. I can’t recommend this hair dryer enough.

Mild concern

The cool shot button has to be held down while sealing the cuticle. That can be a bit uncomfortable if you need to cool down thick hair. It doesn’t have to be used, though. One of the heat options is cool. You could always use that one.

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair has many household and beauty products. It’s because they are always trying hard to please their customers. They have advanced technology integrated into their products. This dryer in particular is meant for travel. It has a ton of features geared towards your on-the-go lifestyle.

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

The tourmaline ceramic technology is really good for your hair. You might be surprised by all the features they fit into this mini blow dryer. The natural ions from the tourmaline infuse hair with moisture. Even on the road, you want your hair to look silky.

The motor is 1200 watts. While you’d expect a travel dryer to be less powerful than a home dryer, this is still great even for thick hair. It comes with a concentrator, which is another surprise for a travel dryer. The attachment will help focus the air and heat. It can be switched from low to high for speed and heat.

Travel with this hair dryer is very simple. It can be taken on nearby road trips or longer trips out of the country. It’s dual voltage with the turn of the button. This cute, little dryer has folding handle to fit into any carryon or overnight bag.

Great positives

Conair’s mini dryer can fit in your bag whether you’re going to the gym or around the world. The folding handle makes this really compact. It’s lightweight, too. All important aspects for a travel dryer.

The handle is easy to hold, too. You might be holding this for a while if your hair is thick. The 1200 watts of power could take longer than your home dryer.

Its tourmaline and ceramic ionic technology will help when it comes to drying, though. Ions are known to break up water molecules quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be out enjoying your vacation with stunning hair.

Mild concern

It’s too bad this wasn’t cordless. It has a short, 5-foot cord. That’s going to be a problem if the hotel room’s outlet is too far from a mirror. Thankfully, many hotels and motels understand the need for accessible outlets.

BERTA 1875W Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

This tourmaline and ceramic hair dryer has an 1875 watt motor. While BERTA might not be a name you’re familiar, it has better features than some of the name brands you know. When trying this hair, dryer I was a bit dubious. It’s an incredible dryer that really tries hard to compete with the best.

BERTA 1875W Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

They certainly succeed in many areas. The materials will give you natural ionics. It’ll emit ions to tame flyaways and moisturize strands. At the end of a blow dry, your hair will feel healthier and silky compared to when you started. It’s not often you can claim heat makes hair better.

The options for this dryer include 3 heat settings. There’s hot, warm, and cool. It also has a cool shot button for sealing your style. There are 2 air speeds. They can be combined for any texture or style. Curly, straight or someplace in between, this hair dryer will take care of you.

In fact, they include 4 attachments. Everyone will find what they need with these nozzles. There are 2 concentrators of different widths. That’s for hair that needs to be straightened. It might always work to create waves in your hair. There is a diffuser and a comb, too. The comb can also help straighten. The diffuser is for curls.

Great positives

There are times when I want to have a sexy beach wave. Other times, my hair is a sleek, straightened fall of silk. This is a dryer that will assist in getting any style that is needed.

The ions are going to give you healthier-looking hair no matter what style you want that day. If you want to experiment with various hair styles, this hair dryer is versatile enough to deliver.

With 4 attachments, there’s no way you could go wrong. Even if you don’t think a new style suits you, it will always look professionally created.

Mild concern

There is only one small concern with this hair dryer. The barrel is pretty short without any attachments. It can easily suck hair into the back if your hair is long. That has to be at the forefront of your mind while drying. Hair pulled into the inlet grill can hurt and become damaged.

Features of the Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Features of the Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline hair dryers are going to supply you with an incredible amount of benefits. With a tourmaline dryer, you’ll be able to get a blow out that is like you went to a salon. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. It’s crushed and the fine powder is added to the dryer strategically.

  • Tourmaline-Infused Hair Dryers: Where is the Tourmaline?

Hair dryers are rarely completely done in tourmaline. They are infused with other materials. The best tourmaline hair dryers will have ceramic, titanium, or gold as the other material. The combination is better for your hair.

Tourmaline is very expensive since it’s a gemstone. You’re not going to find dryers made exclusively with the gem. Instead, it can be layered on the grill or as part of the inner components. The tourmaline works well with other materials to give you sleek, nourished hair.

  • Gentle, Infrared Heat in Your Hair Dryer

The gemstones work with ceramics and other materials to give a gentle, infrared heat. Infrared heat will penetrate the hair shaft to dry from the inside out. Instead of repeated heat blasting the outside, it will dry without damage.

Infrared heat is one of the best ways to dry hair when you have damage. It’s perfect for people who are worried about potential damage, too. If you’ve recently colored or bleached your hair, this kind of heat will protect your hair.

Infrared Heat and Air Speed Option

  • Air Speed and Quick Drying

The tourmaline works with the air speed to dry pretty fast. A fast drying styling tool is protecting your hair on a few fronts. It won’t be exposed to excess heat during the drying process. It causes hair molecules to break apart quickly. That is another way that it works faster.

You can use the right amount of heat and air together to get great style. It’s the basis for the rest of your styling. When you only apply the minimal amount of heat and air, you can go on to safely use another styling device.

  • Knowing Your Hair Type/Texture

The tourmaline in your hair dryer will be determined by the texture of your hair. It’s determined by the type of hair you have, too. You might have long, thick hair that’s coarse and hard to style. For that, you should consider titanium and tourmaline. It will work longer without causing serious damage.

Thin hair needs a lower temperature and less air speed. A tourmaline dryer with gentle ceramic or porcelain will be perfect for that texture. Hair that’s been bleached or processed requires tourmaline and a gentle material to ensure the hair isn’t subjected to harsh heat.

  • Ionic Technology and Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline hair dryers have a natural ionic nature. The hair dryer with ionic technology will dry hair much faster. The negative ions break up the water molecules. Hair requires less heat to become dry enough for other styling.

Less heat will always mean healthier hair. The tourmaline heat is super gentle, but if you can get away with less heat, it’s going to mean shiny, healthy hair. It reduces frizz and flyaways, too. Negative ions combat the positive ions that occur in dry, frizzy hair. It’ll be smooth and silky.

  • What Attachments & Features are Best?

That will definitely depend a lot on the texture of your hair. Curly hair will look better styled with a diffuser. A concentrator is going to focus air and heat on certain sections. When you use the right attachment, it’ll show in the styling of your hair.

Tourmaline dryers can have other features that are important in any dryer like a long cord. It should have other conveniences like a strong motor, separate heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the former guide and provided materials in the first half of this write-up, betting on one of the many mentioned tourmaline hair dryers should be a walk in the park. Just make sure to assess your hair type and jot down your expected results before you make your pick.

If you didn’t zone out even once when reading about the best tourmaline hair dryers, you can go ahead and give yourself the green signal. However, if your perception regarding tourmaline hair dryers is still a bit hazy and in the air, consider tackling the pending feelings of uncertainty with the following questions and answers!

Q: How is a tourmaline hair dryer different from a ceramic and titanium hair dryer? 

A: Although titanium hair dryers are better when saving time due to their ability to accumulate heat quickly, tourmaline hair dryers are better equipment to rely on in the long run.

Tourmaline hair dryers don’t just generate heat in a short span of time, but do so by producing a large sum of negative ions, which allows the styling tool to bring forward presentable results with moisturized ends. The heat that is generated by tourmaline hair dryers is also considerably gentle in contrast to the other two kinds of hair dryers, making them a specialist in creating memorable results without hampering the quality of hair.

Q: Will using a tourmaline hair dryer damage my hair?

A: While you should frequently give your tresses a break when using styling tools such as hair dryers, betting on a tourmaline hair dryer as opposed to a ceramic or a titanium hair dryer will be less damaging for your hair.

In addition to containing the promising properties of tourmaline, most tourmaline hair dryers contain Ionic technology. This attribute is widely recognized for its ability to create voluminous, shiny hair styling results without consequences.

To manage curly tresses, wavy ends, and dense straight-cut layers, tourmaline hair dryers typically provide a series of attachments involving concentrator nozzles, diffusers, and detangling combs, making them much more convenient to use on every hair type.


Tourmaline is the best material for ionic technology. It’s going to naturally emit the positive ions that make your hair glossy. You’ll immediately be able to feel the difference.

After reading the reviews and checking out the buying guide, it should have shed light on all the various features of tourmaline devices. They’re going to make your hair healthier-looking, reduce frizz, and impress you with the shine.

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