Best Travel Flat Iron: 7 Travel-Friendly Styling Tools to Look Your Best

Best travel flat iron

When you’re traveling, for work or pleasure, you want to look your best. Travel to other countries can be tough on your hair. Whether it’s humidity or dryness, your hair will reflect the climate. To combat this, you need the best travel devices. They should be portable and able to keep up with travel demands.

Travel flat irons used to be miniature versions of their big brothers. They’d have less power and smaller plates. Now, travel versions are powerful and have all the technology you need for smooth, sleek styles.

We have found the best travel flat irons for any budget. They have the friendliest travel features that you’ll need whenever you leave home. Learn how we made our choices for the best travel flat irons.

Best Flat Iron for Travel Comparison Table

Why Do You Need Dual Voltage in Your Flat Iron?

Dual voltage is what you need if you plan on traveling. If you’re staying in your own country, you don’t need to concern yourself with dual voltage. Traveling overseas requires a different thought.

Flat irons with dual voltage are able to work in different countries. While in the US, you might have 120V. In other countries the voltage ranges between 110V and 240V.

With a dual voltage flat iron, it’ll automatically change to the voltage needed. You won’t have to know the voltage of the country. It’ll work on its own. You will likely have to bring an adapter with you. That will depend on the flat iron’s manufacturer.

Top 7 Travel Flat Iron Reviews

1. HSI Professional Glider Straightener

HSI Professional Glider Straightener

The flat iron from HSI is one that you’ll definitely want to take with you. It can go on vacation, a work trip, or an event where you have to look your best. It starts with fantastic materials like the ceramic and tourmaline. They’re lightweight, but will work on every hair style and texture.

This straightener has a wide range of temperatures. That makes styling easy. The heat starts at 140F and goes all the way to 450F. There are micro sensors that keep the ceramic plates from overheating. Plates with micro sensors won’t have any hot spots. This makes the flat iron very gentle.

With the lightweight materials, this can go anywhere with you. The voltage is 110v to 220v. That will cover every country you could possibly want to visit. There’s a swivel cord with this flat iron. On vacation, you never know how far the outlet will be from the mirror.

The flat iron comes with plenty of extras. There’s a sample size of Argan oil for dry hair. It comes with a silk carrying bag. There’s also a heat resistant glove. All of these accessories and extras are sent for your convenience. You can take the Argan oil on vacation with you.

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Great positives

The flat iron is a good size and weight for travel. It’s a 1” wide straightener with light materials. It’s still going to feel substantial and not flimsy at all. It’s the perfect size to use at home. You can take the perfect home flat iron and take it on the road with you.

You don’t have to purchase a miniature flat iron to get the same kind of results. The same styling tool that gives you a great style at home can just go on the road.

The voltage for this flat iron will cover any country you want to visit. It’s a pain to research a place’s voltage when you have other things to worry about. That’s never going to be a concern with this hair styling tool.

Mild concern

The temperature dial is inside the handle. That can be a pain unless you use the heat glove to move the dial.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

The mini straightening iron is made with nano titanium and ceramic. These are materials that will work to give you beautiful, sleek hair. They provide natural negative ions that will make hair healthier. It’s the same materials that you’ll find in a normal-sized flat iron from BaByliss.

This is a mini straightening iron measuring 6 inches long total. The width of the flat iron is still 1 inch. You will find that width in most standard straightening irons. There’s no reason to sacrifice your styling preferences to get a travel flat iron.

In the flat iron, you’re getting a high temperature. People believe they have to give up on high heats to get a travel straightener. This heater reaches 440F. You can reach that temperature very quickly with the fast heat-up technology.

The flat iron is dual voltage for use anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, every country has its own voltage. In the US, you’re getting 120v. If you travel outside of the US, you’re going to find that countries can range from 110v to 240v.

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Great positives

In terms of weight and size, this is a fantastic travel option. It’s 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. It’ll fit into your luggage without weighing it down. That’s important when you’re traveling since the airline dictates the weight of your bags.

While it’s a good travel flat iron, it’s not small on essentials. It has a range of temperatures for all textures of hair. Any style you want while traveling is within your grasp. You don’t have to leave your styling tools behind on vacation or on a work trip.

The plates are a normal size and are smooth. Your hair will be silky and sleek when using this flat iron. It gives you healthy hair due to the negative ions. This iron has all the same features as the bigger version.

Mild concern

It takes longer to straighten hair that’s long and thick. That’s to be expected with a small flat iron. It should only be 5 or 10 minutes longer than normal.

3. 6th Sense Styling Technology Travel Flat Iron

6th Sense Styling Technology Travel Flat Iron

The flat iron is definitely made for those who travel. It’s a flat iron that doubles as a curling iron. The inside is the flat iron. The outside is the curling portion. This is a very unique take on a 2-in-1 styling tool. It’s made of nano titanium, which generates negative ions.

In this flat iron, you’re getting a length of 11 inches. It’s 1 inch wide.  It’s not as tiny as some travel options, but still smaller than an average device. It weighs 11 ounces. That will be light for your bag when traveling.

When it comes to heat, you’re getting one option. It’s a temperature that most hair can handle. It’s 374 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat transfers to the curling iron portion, too. You can lock the flat iron’s plates and start using the curling iron. It’s easy to transition from one to the other.

The straightening and curling iron combo isn’t the only great feature. It has extras like a locking button for the flat iron. It has dual voltage for traveling, too. There’s a carrying case that will work even when the iron is hot.

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Great positives

One of the best things about this device is that it’s 2-in-1. With the same tool, you’re getting two styles. You can straighten or curl. You can also do both at the same time.

The fact that this is a combination device means you get more space in your bag. It’s a good travel option since you won’t be taking two bulky devices with you. It’s also dual voltage for taking out of the country.

With this carrying case, you can heat up the device and style hair quickly. When you’re done, it slips into the heat-resistant bag before it’s even cooled. You can leave your hotel room very quickly.

Mild concern

With one temperature, it’s not going to be able to tackle coarse hair. Hard-to-straighten hair will be a challenge, too.

4. Lovani Mini Portable Flat Iron

Lovani Mini Portable Flat Iron

In this portable flat iron, you’re getting great materials. It’s a ceramic and tourmaline plate. It’s a great material used in some of the best flat irons. It gives you negative ions that fight against the positive ions in your dry hair. It’ll be healthier after using this flat iron.

It’s also able to curl your hair. That’s because it has rounded edges. The floating plates are good for all kinds of hair styles. The mini straightener gets all the way to 410F. That’s a good temperature for lots of hair styles. It works with many textures, too.

The straightener is very portable. You can take this with you anywhere because of the size and weight. It’s ½ inch wide, 7 inches long, and weight 6 ounces. With that size, you can get really close to the scalp. That’s especially good for straightening your bangs.

It has great extras for use and travel. There are handy cool tips on the casing to avoid burning yourself. There’s a heat-resistant case with a back pocket for storing the cord. It’ll be easy to toss this into your luggage. It’s good for worldwide travel. It will work well between 100v and 240v.

Great positives

While this is a tiny flat iron, it doesn’t lack for all the features you want in a styling device. It’s a miniature version shrunk down to be portable. It has high heat that will style all kinds of hair.

The dual voltage means you can take it anywhere in the world. As long as they have electricity and plugs, you can use this flat iron. It’s light and small for styling short hair or long hair. It’ll just take a bit longer with thick hair.

With this device, you’re getting a heat-resistant bag for a carrying case. After styling your hair, you can put it right into the bag while it’s still hot. That will make your life on the go much more convenient.

Mild concern

There’s no temperature control for this portable flat iron. It will get to 410F only. If you have thin or damaged hair, that might be too hot.

5. Jyfeel 2-in-1 Travel Straightener & Curling Iron

Jyfeel 2-in-1 Travel Straightener & Curling Iron

The 2-in-1 straightener and curling iron is distinctly two different tools. It’s a handy way to get more styling options while you’re on the road. The device is made with tourmaline and ceramic. It’s a good material for hair that needs to be healthier. It has negative ions for dry hair.

It’s a device that performs two roles. It’s a good curling iron as well as a straightener. It’s compact as well as being incredibly handy. It’ll fit in your bags easily. You don’t have to bring two devices with you to get beautiful hair styles on vacation. It has an inner set of plates for straightening. The outside is used for curling.

The device will get up to 410F for styling. That’s a good amount of heat for any kind of styling. Straightening, curling, or both can be achieved with that temperature. There’s a heat-resistant bag included. Its outside is a beautiful canvas design while the interior is resistant to heat.

In other countries, you have to worry about the voltage. You don’t have to research the voltage in every country you want to visit. Use this and know that you’ll always have the right device for your travel. It can be used in countries around the world. From 100v to 240v, it’ll change to the right voltage automatically.

Great positives

The company wants to make sure you can use this safely. They included a bag with an insulated interior. You can easily toss the heated flat iron into the bag without causing problems.

There’s also a glove for styling. At 410F, the device is going to get very hot. That’s a good temperature for styling, and you can be out the door very quickly.

For travel, you need a device that will work with any voltage. This flat iron and curling iron will work anywhere in the world. Work trips or vacations require a device to style your hair. You want to look your best. This is a great 2-in-1 styling tool.

Mild concern

It’s a high temperature that might not be suitable for thin or damaged hair.

6. Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener

Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener

The ceramic and tourmaline of this straightener give you plenty of negative ions. Dry hair is full of positive ions. The negative ones will neutralize the dry, frizzy hair. That’s great for healthy-looking, sleek styles. You can get those styles with this small flat iron.

It’s a flat iron that can be taken anywhere. It’s dual voltage and able to go to any country. The dual voltage of this flat iron will work in areas at 100v to 240v. The mini flat iron works with a plug adapter in any country.

In this flat iron, you’re getting a professional 410F high temperature. It only takes 30 seconds to heat to that temperature, too. It’ll style your hair much faster than other kinds of devices. That makes it a great styling tool to take with you on the road.

The flat iron comes with many extras. The device is a ¾ inch wide mini flat iron. It measures 7 inches long. It’ll travel snugly in your luggage or even a backpack. You can take it on an airplane or carry it in your backpack while hiking. It doesn’t weigh very much, either. It comes with a lovely bag for carrying.

Great positives

This is a really small, mini flat iron. You wouldn’t think it could deliver the same kind of heat or smoothness as a full-sized one. It definitely can. It has ceramic and tourmaline for negative ions. They make hair shiny and sleek.

You’ll get a quick heatup of 30 seconds with this flat iron. It’s able to work very fast and deliver great style. That will get you out of the door faster, so you can enjoy your vacation.

The flat iron is tiny while packed with power and heat. It’s wide enough for getting close to the scalp. Those with bangs will find this a great flat iron to use. It will fit in any bag you choose because it’s only 7 inches long.

Mild concern

The cord isn’t very long. It’s only 5.9 feet, which can be a problem in some hotel rooms.

7. MHD Professional Travel Size Mini Flat Iron

MHD Professional Travel Size Mini Flat Iron

This is a miniature flat iron from a company that makes incredible, professional devices. It’s a version they’ve shrunk down for travel. The width of the plates is 0.5 inches. It’s 5.9 inches long. That’s small enough for travel as well as getting in close on some styles. You can straighten bangs and short hair with this.

The flat iron’s plates are made of ceramic with a coating of tourmaline. Ceramic is gentle on hair while saving you from hot spots. The tourmaline and ceramic generates negative ions for healthy and sleek hair styles.

With this styling device, you’re getting a professional level of heat. There’s only one temperature setting for this flat iron. You’ll get 356F of heat all along the plates. There won’t be any hot spots to ruin your hair. The flat iron heats in less than 60 seconds for quick styling or touchups.

The styling tool is 110v to 120v. That’s good in certain areas like the US. You can take this with you when traveling within areas in that voltage range. That includes vacations or work trips in areas outside of the US like Aruba or the Bahamas.

Great positives

With this, you’re getting a professional-level heat with quality materials. The way that the flat iron gets to the desired temperature so quickly will make your styling faster. That’s what you want on vacation. It’ll get you out having fun.

The ceramic and tourmaline is what you’d find in larger devices. It generates natural, negative ions for moisturizing your hair. After using a device with negative ions, you’re going to have healthier-looking hair.

While it doesn’t have a wide range of voltage, it’s still great in many areas. You’ll just have to learn what the voltage is in the country you’re visiting.

Mild concern

The on/off button is inside the handle where it will get hot. You might have to unplug to turn this off instead of getting burned.

Everything You Need to Know When Choosing the Best Flat Iron for Travel

Flat irons can create silky glass styles or put beachy waves into your hair. It’s all about providing moisture and delivering the style you need. If you’re traveling for work or vacation, you want to look your best. You don’t have to leave your flat iron at home. You will have to ensure that it works in the country you’re visiting.

  • Voltage in Different Countries

In North America, the voltage is 120V. That includes the US as well as Canada. In places like Colombia, Cuba, Anguilla, and Belize, the voltage is 110V. That’s usually the base of where flat irons will start. It ranges all the way to 240V.

New Zealand owns Cook Islands. In Cook Island and New Zealand, they use a 240 voltage. Tropical vacations in places like Fiji will require you to get a flat iron that has a voltage of 240, too. If you’d like a full list of country voltages, this link will help. They’ll all range somewhere between 110V and 240V. You’d be safe just making sure it fits within that range.

  • What’s the Proper Size of a Traveling Flat Iron?

The proper size of your traveling straightener will depend on a few factors. If you’re going to be traveling someplace that requires a day pack. You’ll want a flat iron that’s incredibly light. It’ll keep your back or shoulders from hurting at the end of the day.

Some people have concerns about the weight of luggage on flights. Extra weight leads to extra costs in fees. You want to keep the weight to a minimum, so everything should be as light as possible. There are many lightweight flat iron options for that very reason.

  • Are There Temperatures to Consider?

Travel flat irons have to be as accommodating as regular flat irons. There’s no sense in bringing along a straightener that won’t do the job. Lower heat will be gentle on hair. That’s vital if you have thin, or damaged hair. You don’t want to ruin your hair using an inferior flat iron.

If you have coarse hair, it needs higher temperatures. The type of hair and texture requires a certain heat range. You shouldn’t skimp on this feature just because you’re traveling. Make sure the flat iron has the temps you absolutely need.

  • Substantial or Lightweight: What’s the Best Kind of Traveling Straightener?

A substantial flat iron feels good in your hand. It feels expensive and unable to break. You want one that can put up with all the traveling you do. It should be a good weight that is ergonomic. Heavy flat irons feel like they will last for a very long time. Lightweight straighteners can sometimes feel flimsy.

When it comes to traveling, you might want to stick to a light flat iron. As mentioned before, the size of the flat iron can influence the cost of flying. A lightweight iron can cost less when you first purchase it. There are savings later, too. When flying, you won’t be paying for overweight baggage.

  • Should You Consider Cordless Flat Irons?

Instead of getting a flat iron with dual voltage, you could consider a cordless. There are a few benefits to cordless. You can touch your hair up when on the run. You might be meeting someone before you can freshen up in your hotel room. This is especially true on work trips. It’s important to always look your best.

A cordless flat iron can be a lifesaver when you are traveling to areas of the country without ready outlets. Maybe you’re flying to an island without electricity. Unplugging from electricity doesn’t have to mean that you have bad hair the entire time.

  • Do You Need Special Features for Problem Hair?

Flat irons come with special features to address special hair problems. For example, if you have dry, frizzy hair, you need certain materials. Tourmaline as well as titanium and ceramic deliver ions that will bring in moisture.

Hair that is short needs a thin, flat iron. Long hair needs an extended plate. Coarse hair or thin hair has special needs, too. They need a range of temperatures. You might need a flat iron that has an automatic shutoff. Some flat irons come with traveling bags or heat gloves. It’s all about what you need personally.


You want to look your best when on vacation. That means finding a flat iron that can travel with you. It should have some of the same features you would normally use at home. It’s important to look your best when on a work trip, too. You’re creating an impression of your company that should be professional. That means looking like a professional.

Along with having the same materials and features, the flat iron should be lightweight. It has to fit in your luggage for convenience. The flat iron you choose for travel might be small, but it should be powerful. It’s important to find one with the right voltage, too.

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