What’s the Best Travel Hair Dryer? See Our Top 10 Picks

Going on a trip is probably the best way to get away for a while. In addition to being in a completely different environment, travelling overseas can help you tackle burnout symptoms, improve your mental health indefinitely, and be rewarding because of new food items and tourist spots.

While the hectic part of the journey is something you can’t avoid, you can always make things easier for yourself by packing light, literally. And although it could be difficult to adjust your outfits, you can always replace your existing standard hair dryer with a convenient travel hair dryer.

Moving on, if we read you like a book with our previous assumption, perhaps it would be best if you choose to stick around. In this article, in addition to unveiling the best travel hair dryers on the market, we will dive deeply into their specifications, uses, benefits and drawbacks. Beginners will also find the second half useful, as it covers the factors one should consider when buying a travel hair dryer, alongside a series of questions regarding the agenda of this article!

Travel Hair Dryers Comparison Table

ModelHeat / Speed SettingsNotable FeaturesPrice
T3 Micro T3 Fit 3/2Compact Design
Check Price
JINRI Travel Hair Dryer2/1
Check Price
BaByliss PRO Travel Dryer2/1
Dual voltage
Check Price
Andis Fold-N-Go Dryer3/1Retractable cord
Check Price
Revlon Compact Hair Dryer2/1
Foldable, Dual V
Check Price
Remington Travel Hair Dryer3/2Compact for travel
Check Price
JINRI Mini Blow Dryer2/2
Mini dryer
Check Price
Conair MiniPRO Hair Dryer2/2
Foldable, Dual V
Check Price
Conair Travel Smart Dryer2/2
Foldable, Dual V
Check Price
Hot Tools Travel Dryer2/1Foldable, Dual V
Check Price

Top 10 Travel Blow Dryer Reviews

If you’ve carried zero to no research before stumbling upon this article, we hope the previous segment came in handy and provided you with a brief on all the hair dryers that are known for being great travellers.

Additionally, if you’re intrigued to learn about everything on one of the many models that were covered formerly, be sure to meet your cravings with the following entries!

T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer

T3 is a brand that is regularly recognised as a prominent brand by professionals all over the world. And while it has already sealed its legacy as a prodigy in manufacturing professional tools that bring forward the best styling results possible, it is also becoming a notable brand to rely on when it comes to travel-friendly styling tools due to the T3 Fit; a compact hair dryer one can’t easily dismiss.

With IonAir technology, the T3 Fit dries the hair in no time. The number of negative ions this device generates brings forward styling results with zero flyaways and a polished appearance. The 1600-watt motor can make it an underdog amongst the rest of the options on this list, but it is relatively impressive considering its main purpose.

T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer

From dealing with curly hair to fixing straight-cut hair, the T3 Fit is known for being a one-man army. In addition to providing an outcome with voluminous results, it also allows coarse hair to retain its moisture with the help of its cool shot button.

To create a positive blowout with zero frizziness, the T3 Fit offers users three heat settings and two speed settings. The speed settings usually have control over the time frame, while the heat settings work together to deal with strands ranging from dense to fine to thin hair types.

The housing of the T3 is another jackpot, as it feels extremely light with an ergonomic build. Since it only weighs 14.1 ounces, navigating the device should be as easy as solving a kid-friendly puzzle.

To offer flexibility and reach to the users, the T3 consists of a 9-foot cord underneath its handle. It also stands at a height of 7.5 inches, making it a perfect fit for suitcases and duffle bags.

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Great positives 

The T3 is a must-have for adventurers that regularly travel from one coast to the other due to its lightweight feel and ergonomic build.

It contains IonAir technology which allows the hair dryer to improve the appearance of damp hair without absorbing its natural oils and moisture. By producing negative ions, the T3 also gives the hair an outcome with polished and healthy results.

This 1600-watt dryer comprises two speed and three heat settings, making the T3 Fit a versatile tool for all hair types. The motor is also known for being quiet, allowing the device to serve under any circumstance.

Mild concern 

While the T3 earns tons of brownie points for being straightforward to use, its expensive price tag often hampers the potential of this device by making it unaffordable.

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

This is a blow dryer with an 1875-watt DC motor. The DC motor is lighter than an AC motor. That makes them great for travel since it won’t weigh down your luggage. They also won’t make your arms tired. Long or thick hair can take some time to dry. Your arm can certainly get tired while drying it.

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

Inside the JINRI dryer, there is an air outlet for the ionics. The negative ion feature is made with ceramic and tourmaline. It saturates your hair with tons of negative ions. That’s a great way to get rid of frizz and dryness. Positive ions are a problem with frizzy hair. They are neutralized with ionic technology.

There are 2 speed and heat settings. The low speed has low heat. The high speed has high heat. It’s a simple heat and speed choice when drying hair. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing in your style. It makes hair even shinier, too.

With this dryer, you’re definitely getting a travel tool. It’s powerful yet great for vacations or work trips. That’s because of the motor as well as other travel features. It has dual voltage for traveling all over the world. It’s a simple matter of turning the knob. There’s also a foldable handle to make it more compact.

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Great positives

The motor is very powerful. You’d find the 1875w DC motor on dryers that you’d have in homes or salons. This one can travel anywhere. While traveling, you won’t feel like you’re not getting the same kind of style you get at home.

Dual voltage makes it safe for world-wide travel, too. All countries around the world fit between 110v and 250v. This one can handle between 125v and 250v. That limits very few places.

The foldable handle makes the dryer small to pack with your clothing. It won’t weigh your bag down. It leaves plenty of room in the bag. Packing smart is the essence of good travel.

Mild concern

While this is pretty small compared to those in most homes, the barrel is a bit large. The foldable handle definitely makes up for the barrel being a large diameter. It’s a good compromise for a travel dryer. You’re getting a wide nozzle for attachments and ionic technology.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

The 1000-watt dryer is a pretty good power for a travel hair dryer. It’s not going to be the same power as an 1875w one. That’s definitely enough power for many people. The dryer is going to be perfect for people who have thin hair. Too much air speed can actually cause tangles and damage.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Materials are going to matter for a variety of reasons. In many cases, they can bring ionic technology into the picture. The titanium is going to be a bit of ions, but nothing very noticeable. The titanium will make the dryer light and indestructible for travel, though.

There are two speeds and heat settings for this dryer. For the low speed, you’re getting low heat. High speed delivers high heat. It’s unlikely that you’ll need any more than that in your travel dryer. It’s still going to have a leg up on dryers you’d get in a hotel.

Extras like a light motor are important. This dryer is only 8 ounces. It’s going to feel like nothing at all inside your travel bag. You could even take it with you on overnight trips. The device has a folding handle, and it’s truly tiny when folded. It has dual voltage as well.

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Great positives

With this dual voltage, you’re getting the full range of voltages for all countries. It’s 110v to 250v. There’s no country that falls out of that range. All you have to do is turn the dial.

The Nano Titanium hair dryer has 1000w for a powerful burst of air and heat. It will be the right amount of heat and air for most people. The titanium makes this a very light dryer at 8 ounces. That’s only a ½ pound.

There’s a removable filter for keeping this dryer in the best condition. Any time dirt or dust gets in it, it’ll be easy to clean. The folding handle is a great feature for travel, too.

Mild concern

At 1000w, the dryer might not work for everyone. Those with thick, long hair might find themselves drying for a longer amount of time. It will still be better than being at the whim of the dryer the hotel provides.

Andis 1875w Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

The 1875w dryer is a truly powerful machine you can take with you anywhere. It’s going to be efficient as well as very quick. Instead of spending all your time blowing your hair dry, you can enjoy your trip. The included concentrator can further make styling faster.

Andis 1875w Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

The hair dryer has ions that will reduce the frizz that you have in your hair currently. You’ll immediately see a difference in your hair. It’ll be moisturized and have reduced frizz. Silky and smooth will be the new texture. It does this with the nano ceramic and tourmaline technology.

There are 3 speeds and 3 heat settings. They’re tied together. When you slide the button from off to low, you’re getting a low heat and low air. Medium heat and medium air are on the same button, too. High heat and high air are the last setting. It’s simple to choose a heat and speed setting in this way.

With this travel dryer, you’re getting a smaller barrel compared to other dryers. The short barrel is paired with a foldable handle. There’s also a retractable cord. When it’s ready for travel, it’s going to be compact as well as light.

Get Andis Fold-N-Go at Amazon

Great positives

When seeing this hair dryer, you’re going to think it’s too compact to be effective. It has the same wattage motor as many home or salon hair dryers.

The dryer can be placed in your overnight bag or luggage. It won’t weigh down your bags or take space from other things you want to bring. It can also be stored in your home with ease.

It comes with a concentrator much like you’d get with a bigger hair dryer. Extras will help you when trying to achieve a great style. It delivers a fantastic amount of ion technology for smooth hair.

Mild concern

With a short hair dryer barrel, you have to be extremely careful. Your hair can get pulled into the air intake. It can be very painful. The air intake can also cause hair to get ripped out. Hair that gets stuck will need to be cut to be removed.

Revlon 1875w Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon is a name most people know. They’ve been around for some time making devices customers love. This is a compact travel dryer that has a motor of 1875 watts. That motor is going to give you plenty of power for years to come.

Revlon 1875w Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Inside the dryer is 3x ceramic coating. It’s going to give you an incredible amount of ionic technology. Positive ions are all over dry and frizzy hair. The negative ions emitted by this dryer will smooth hair and make it super shiny. The triple ceramics are going to help with even heating, too.

Air speed and heat come in two settings. There’s high and low heat and air with this travel dryer. It comes with a concentrator for getting focused air on certain parts of the hair. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing the cuticle and setting the style.

All of these features are what you’d expect from a salon or professional hair dryer. The compact travel hair dryer has a folding handle, too. That helps the dryer fit in any bag you might want to use. Even if you’re just going away overnight, you can fit this into your bag. It has dual voltage.

Great positives

With a powerful motor, this hair dryer could even work in a salon. It’s incredible that the hair dryer motor is in a compact package. It seems like it should be in a big unit.

You’ll love taking this on vacation with you. It’ll give you the same power needed for styling away from home. It has dual voltage and a folding handle. These features make the hair dryer small and compact for travel.

The triple ceramics will smooth hair and make it incredibly silky. You might end up loving this dryer so much, you’ll use it daily at home.

Mild concern

This dryer is very loud. It’s going to be a problem if you’re sharing a hotel room with someone. They will definitely wake up with the sound. You could plan it, so that the person is already awake when you use this dryer.

Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

This is an 1875 wattage hair dryer from Remington. It’s a company that has made solid dryers in every category. The travel dryer has an amazingly powerful motor for a travel dryer. It’s actually a great motor for any kind of dryer. You’d expect that high wattage in a salon styling tool.

Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

Ionic conditioning is huge in this dryer. It’ll help with frizzy and dry hair. That’s important for any kind of hair dryer, but seems surprising for a travel dryer. The negative ions in this hair dryer will moisturize your dry hair by combating the positive ions.

This dryer has 3 heat settings. It also has 2 speed settings. There’s high and low separately with the heat and the speed options. There’s an energy saving eco option for heat and air. The 3rd button for the heat is actually a cool shot button. It’ll seal your style.

An angled barrel makes it easier to dry the top and back of your hair. It’s a short barrel that will fit into any bag or luggage. You could even pack this dryer in an overnight bag. The dryer has a variety of colors available. The red and white is a good choice for a punchy style.

Great positives

With this hair dryer, you’re getting so many combinations of speed and heat settings. The eco is one that isn’t available on most dryers. You’re going to be saving energy with this option.

The other settings will deliver 3 levels of heat with 2 speeds. You can choose low speed and a high heat or any combination to keep your hair healthy.

This is a dryer you could use as an everyday option. It has a powerful motor and varied heat and speeds. These are all options that you’d love in any type of hair dryer.

Mild concern

There are a few concerns with this dryer. It doesn’t have a long cord. The cord is a bit less than 5 feet. It doesn’t have dual voltage, either. This is a compact dryer that can go with you to a friend’s house, or on vacation locally. It can’t be taken out of the country.

JINRI Mini Travel Blow Dryer

A mini blow dryer is the ideal size for those who want to travel and have beautiful hair. This blow dryer measures 8 x 2 x 5 inches. It weighs 12 ounces. That’s petite and compact. It will still provide you with the right amount of power.

JINRI Mini Travel Blow Dryer

The dryer has 1000 watts. It’s a DC motor that will last for many years. The DC motor is lighter than an AC motor. You’re getting a light device that won’t rock the scale at the airport. Even if you need to bring other styling devices, this one won’t cause any issues.

The grill of the hair dryer is made with ceramic and tourmaline. These materials have benefits for healthier hair. They will emit negative ions to nourish hair that is dry. Frizz will be eliminated with negative ions. They combat the positively charged ions occurring naturally in dry hair.

It’s a mini dryer with high and low settings. The speed settings are combined with the heat settings. You’re getting high heat with high speed as well as low speed with low heat. It doesn’t have to be complicated and full of choices to work efficiently.

Great positives

In this travel dryer, you’re getting a filter that can be removed. A filter has to be cleaned frequently to keep the dryer in good shape. It’s easy to remove the double-layered net and clean it.

Along with the heat and speed settings, there’s a cool shot button. That cool shot button will set your style beautifully. It locks style after you’ve finished drying your hair.

If you’re looking for a mini hair dryer, this one is fantastic. It has all the features you’d need from a dryer for traveling. The dryer will fit into any bag you want to bring with you.

Mild concern

This is a truly miniature hair dryer. It’s not going to be the best for long, thick hair. It can take a while to dry hair. While hair is flying around, long hair has a chance to get sucked into the back of the dryer. That can be super painful.

Conair MiniPRO Touramaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

For travel, the dryer should be light and powerful. The MiniPRO has 1200 watts of power. The motor doesn’t weigh down the dryer. It’ll fit into any bag you might want to carry it. The hair dryer can be taken anywhere without feeling like you’re dragging an anchor around.

Conair MiniPRO Touramaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

The interior of the dryer has tourmaline and ceramic. Those materials will deliver tons of negative ions. Negative ions will make hair soft and silky. Before using the dryer, you might have frizz and dryness. After using the dryer, it’ll be healthier-looking.

With the dryer, you’re getting 2 heats and air speeds. They’re on the same button. The high speed gives off high heat. Low speed delivers low heat. It’ll be easy to dry your hair very quickly. The dryer comes with a concentrator, too. The dryer delivers all the heat and air speed you could need.

When it comes to traveling with this dryer, it has a few features to help. There’s a foldable handle. This helps the dryer stay compact in any bag or suitcase. It can easily be stored in a drawer at home or in the hotel, too. The travel dryer also has dual voltage.

Great positives

First, this is a lovely color for a dryer. You’re not getting the standard black hair dryer. It’s a beautiful red. It’s strong enough that you can use this at home, and you’ll love showing it off.

Second, the dryer has all the speeds you need to go with the heat. Combined, you’ll get low or high speeds with heat. Along with that heat and speed, it’s giving tons of ions for healthier-looking hair.

Lastly, the dual voltage can be used for those traveling world-wide. It’s easy to make the switch. All you need is an adapter. You don’t have to lug a converter with you.

Mild concern

When you’re in another country using the 250v setting, it has to be low. If you try to use it on high speed/heat, it will shut down. The low setting will have the speed and heat of the high setting. There are no real directions on why that’s how it works. People don’t often know to keep it low.

Conair Travel Smart Hair Dryer

In this travel dryer, you’re getting an 1875 watt device. The styling tool is compact. It’s also powerful enough for repeated home use daily. The motor will last for a long time. It’s not one of those flimsy styling tools that will break after a few months.

Conair Travel Smart Hair Dryer

It’s very lightweight, too. The styling tool only weighs 1.5 pounds. While fitting into your suitcase or overnight bag, it will not weigh down the bag at all. It can easily be stored in any drawer in the hotel. You might decide to use it at the gym or keep it at a friend’s house. The foldable handle makes it truly compact.

The hair dryer has all the speed and heat you could need for fast drying. It has 2 speeds for both. The low button delivers low heat and speed. The high button delivers high heat and speed. There’s also a cold shot button that can help you seal in your style.

This hair dryer from Conair has a foldable handle as mentioned before. It’s also lightweight. Those are not the only extra features made for travel. The dryer has dual voltage. There’s a small knob on the handle of the hair dryer. It only has to be turned to get the voltage needed.

Great positives

For a travel hair dryer, there’s certain things you come to expect. One of those is a light, compact device that still performs at a higher level. It shouldn’t be a mere shadow of a regular dryer.

This dryer has a very powerful motor. It’s going to deliver all the air that you’ll want for drying. It’s a dryer that will last for years. Even if you plan on using this daily at home or the gym, it stays powerful.

There’s a removable air filter for maintenance. Without maintenance, you’re going to burn out the motor. With maintenance, you’re going to have this dryer for many, many years.

Mild concern

To use the cool shot option, you have to hold down the cool shot button. This can become tiresome if you plan on blasting your hair with cool air for a few minutes. There’s also no way to know what kind of materials are inside the dryer. It has no mention of ionics anywhere.

Hot Tools Ionic Travel Dryer

With many travel dryers, you’re getting a smaller motor. This travel hair dryer as an 1875 watt DC motor. The motor isn’t going to be super quiet, but it will be very powerful. The DC motor lasts a long time. The device won’t cause arm fatigue when you’re on vacation or headed to the gym.

Hot Tools Ionic Travel Dryer

While the materials aren’t listed on the website or on the directions, it’s meant to be ionic. That means there is a mechanism inside that is generating negative ions. They’ll fight against the positive ions that can be bombarding dry, frizzy hair.

There is a slider button on the handle to switch between speeds/heat. It has an off button, low, and high button. The dryer on low will have a low speed and low heat. High has high speed and heat. The hair dryer also has a cool shot button. That can be activated to seal hair’s style.

It’s a hair dryer with a few extras customers will appreciate. It comes with a concentrator and diffuser. These attachments will focus on the type of hair you have. There’s a foldable handle for storing the hair dryer anywhere. It’s dual voltage for world-wide travel, too.

Great positives

This is a compact hair dryer measuring 6.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches. It weighs about 8 ounces. That makes it small and light for travel. It also has dual voltage and a foldable handle. All things that are needed for traveling.

The heat and speed doesn’t need to be complicated. The high button will give you really powerful air and heat to remove water from the hair. Once it’s partially dry, the low button can be used for styling.

It’s a fantastic color that you’ll be delighted to bring with you everywhere. At the gym, at home, on a work trip, or on vacation, this hair dryer has everything you could possibly need.

Mild concern

It’s a short dryer. When you’re getting really close to the hair with the diffuser, it can suck hair into the vent. It’s very painful. It’s better for short hair if the diffuser is needed. The folding handle doesn’t have a locking mechanism to keep it open or closed.

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

This hair dryer features a motor that will give you plenty of power. It’s a compact dryer with full heat and air. It has a motor around 1800 watts. It weighs about 15 ounces and measures a little over a pound. It won’t weigh your bags down. It also won’t weigh down your arm when you’re drying.

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

There’s T3 Tourmaline SoftAire in this hair dryer. It produces negative ions to bring down static and frizz. The fan is specially designed to create moisturized air for bringing down positive ions. When you rid your hair of frizz, it’s going to automatically be softer and silkier.

With this dryer, you’re getting two levels of heat and speed. It has a high and low option. The high option will give high heat and high speed. The low option gives low speed/heat. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing in your style.

The professional hair dryer is strong as well as great for travel. It comes with a folding handle. This makes it easier to stick into your shoulder bag. It won’t cause any problems in your suitcase, either It comes with a concentrator attachment. There’s also a very long cord. That’s great for travel because you can’t predict where the plug will be.

Great positives

The dryer has many of the features that would be great in a full-size dryer. It’s got Tourmaline SoftAire. That will ensure that your hair stays healthy looking and soft.

The heat and speed options are what you’d expect from a travel dryer. It’s going to work to get your hair dry fast. The concentrator can help with directing the style.

There’s a folding handle and dual voltage for traveling. The long cord is fantastic, too. There’s no way to know where the plug will be in a hotel. It could be anywhere in the room, and this dryer will work.

Mild concern

The hair dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser. It’s a shame for people with curly hair. It’s not going to work very well for you. You could always purchase your own diffuser since the barrel opening is standard size.

What to Consider When Picking the Best Portable Hair Dryer

There are various considerations depending on what purpose the dryer will fulfill. The one you have at home for daily use has different needs than the one you take on vacation. If you’re lucky, you might find one to fit both needs.

  • The Weight of the Hair Dryer

When it comes to the dryer’s weight, that’s going to matter for home or travel dryers. You’ll still spend a long time holding the dryer to remove water from your hair. Either way, the weight of the dryer should be light.

The weight matters for travel because it’ll be in your luggage. If you want to save money, you’ll need to take the dryer in your carryon. It saves money to avoid packing luggage. A heavy dryer packed in your luggage can contribute to the total weight.

  • Will It Fit Easily in Your Luggage?

Along with being lightweight, it has to be a comfortable size. While your home dryer can be as big as you want, the travel one needs to be compact. It has to fit into your bag. Not only that, it has to leave you plenty of room for all your things.

Some of the travel hair dryers have foldable handles. This makes them even easier to bring along with you. With foldable handles, they could even have retractable power cords. They’re both room-saving features.

  • Choosing a Destination: Dual Voltage Matters

Across the entire globe, the voltage is vastly different. In some countries, it’s 110v. In other countries, it could be 240v. If you were to take your regular dryer out of the country, you’d end up having to purchase a converter and an adapter.

Some companies don’t uphold the warranty if you use either of those devices. You don’t even need to know the voltage of the country you’re visiting. Just get a hair dryer with dual voltage. If it’s automatic, the voltage will change on its own. You won’t have to do a thing.

  • Materials and Construction for a Travel Dryer

With quality materials, you’re getting a dryer that will make your hair healthier-looking. It can moisturize and protect your hair from heat damage. Materials like ceramic heat evenly, so you’ll end up with air that’s the exact temp you need.

Materials like tourmaline deliver tons of negative ions in the best travel blow dryer. Those will counteract the positive ions in frizzy hair. It’ll remove static and moisturize, too. With titanium, you’re getting a material that helps the dryer last a long time.

  • Is the Motor Strong Enough to Last?

A powerful motor will prolong the life of your dryer. In fact, some motors can prolong the life of the dryer for 5 or 6 more years. There are AC and DC motors. An AC motor will last longer than a DC motor.

A DC motor is lightweight and will be quieter than an AC motor. That’s something to consider if you don’t want to wake people. Using a DC motor will be a dryer you can use in the early morning in a house full of people.

  • What Extras Can You Expect?

Along with heat and speed settings, there are other features that would be considered extras. Most hair dryers will come with attachments. The concentrator and diffuser nozzles are going to help with drying.

The extras direct air flow in a precise way based on the style of your hair. You might not need an attachment, though. There are other extras like a cold shot button. Everyone needs a cold shot button to set their style. It seals the cuticle and makes hair softer.

Other extras are things like clips or carrying bags. They’re both good things to have on hand. The carrying bag is especially good for traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve reached this portion of the article, we hope you’ve found the travel hair dryer that pairs well with your hair type and perfectly matches your travelling requirements.

While most of the elements in this write-up were created to make the decision-making process easier and eliminate feelings of doubt, it could still be normal if you’re having second thoughts. And if you believe that you’re hesitant because you still lack knowledge, relieve them with the help of the following questionnaire!

Q: What should I look for in a travel hair dryer? 

In addition to lacking size and being compact, a travel hair dryer should offer a lengthy cord to maximise the reach, comprise durable materials that are also lightweight, and offer sufficient heat and speed settings to users.

To shield the hair from becoming damaged, a travel hair dryer should also be made of technological means that produce negative ions. Negative ions protect the hair from excessive amounts of heat and change the lighting and condition of the shaft for the better!

A: How are travel hair dryers different from standard hair dryers? 

In contrast to standard hair dryers, travel hair dryers have an affordable price tag. While the motor incorporated into the build of travel hair dryers is powerful nonetheless, standard hair dryers tend to be more efficient due to their sizable motors that operate at a higher energy level.

However, travel hair dryers have the edge over standard hair dryers with their lightweight feel and dual-voltage feature, two qualities that most standard hair dryers fail to have. Most of them also offer the same amount of reach to users with their 9-foot cord, but offer a better travel experience with their foldable housing!


The best travel hair dryer is lightweight and able to go with you anywhere. It’s compact and fits snugly in your overnight bag, purse, or luggage. There are many that will fold in half to be stored easily. That includes in the comfort of your home.

Many men and women will get a travel dryer to take to the gym. You want to continue on your day without having wet hair. Most fitness clubs don’t supply hair dryers.

You always want to look your best whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure.

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