Best Wahl Shavers to Pick from in 2021

Best Wahl Shavers

When picking a tool or a machine for shaving, go with one that has some backing to the wild claims it makes. This is my mantra when I go out on shopping for a “Man Grooming Tool.” No “Little Known” brands, fancy machines or one hit wonders will do.

That’s why when it came to referring a trusted brand to my long-time readers, I had a close tussle with Wahl, Braun, and Phillips for this article. I settled with the best Wahl shavers because of the balance.

Founded in 1919, Leo J. Wahl balanced precision, power, performance, and price for over a century. In 2021, we’re left with a heap of shavers to pick from. So, choosing a handful of machines wasn’t easy.

After months of research, here I am with my favorite shavers that put money where their marketing mouth is and deliver us top-notch performance when it counts. And that is… on the shaving counters.

In Depth Comparison Table

Shaver ModelTypeRun TimeWet/ DryPrice
Wahl Shaver 8061
Foil60 MinutesVariety of cuts Check Price
Wahl Finale 8164
Foil90 MinutesVariety of cuts Check Price
Wahl Flex 7367-400
FoilN/A3 Heads Check Price
Wahl Smart 7061
Foil90 MinutesWet/ Dry Check Price
Wahl LifeProof 7061
Foil90 MinutesWet/ Dry Check Price

Top 5 Wahl Shavers in Business

You have to realize that Wahl is in the business of grooming hair since 1919. They have a huge repertoire of shavers available for purchase. Not all of them are up to the mark when it comes to quality (obviously). So, I had to go with the top five which satisfied me along with other customers. Here they are.

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Shaver/Shaper #8061-100

When you’re looking for a professional Wahl shaver, I recommend you to try out the #8061-100 from the huge lineup. It’s perfect for barbershop quality precision and performance. In fact, this 5-star product is meant for professional use only.

This thing is stylish. You’re using it for professional purposes and it sure looks the part. The sleek design is what people will notice first up. Wahl #8061 functions equally well. Being a kit for the professionals, this trimmer/shaver has a heavyweight battery. One can run it cordless and at full-speed for up to 60 minutes.

Wahl Professional 5-Star ShaverShaper #8061-100

The battery is a Nickle and Cadmium alloy (no, not Lithium). Despite that, it holds the charge for a year if you leave it recharged and not used. You’ll find the rotary motor quite handy as well.

But unlike the standard #8061 model, this one can’t be used while it’s charging. You can only use the #8061-100 after the charge. This modification is done to ensure people at California can use the device.

Also, the #8061-100 is lighter than the standard #8061.

Knowing Wahl, they’ve also included a “Quick Charge” feature as well. It comes handy when someone decides to have a quick touch up job just before a meeting.

The blades of this shaver rotate to provide comprehensive shaving experience. Don’t worry about nicking or cutting yourselves. I know, these blades are self-sharpening and they are sharp, to begin with but the foil guard will protect the faces from any harm.

I can vouch for the fact that people won’t have troubles with a swollen face, red spots, burns, nicks or cuts. The foil guard smooths it all out. The guard is competent enough to handle sensitive faces as well.

However, I wouldn’t recommend you to push the razor too hard against your faces. People should shave with the grain with this device. Once done, apply witch hazel on whichever body part you shave.

Barbers and professional makeup artists can use Wahl #8061-100 for dry and wet shaving/trimming.

Cleaning this machine is no fuss at all. There’s a cleaning brush packed in as well. All you need to is to put the shaver under running water to cut hair stubbles. This will also remove any skin oil residue. The brush I’m talking about can pick apart hair strands from in between the blades.

I’d say that this is a beginner-friendly model. I found the instructions short, precise, and easy to follow.

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What I Like about This Shaver

  • Self-sharpening blades are always a win in my book as they stay on top shape for a long time.
  • The shaver is truly professional-grade. Barbers and hairstylists can use it to good effect.
  • Even if you’re a beginner at shaving or trimming, the instructions’ guide will thoroughly help you.
  • The Ni-Cad battery is competent enough to provide a runtime of 60 minutes to the users.
  • This lightweight and stylish unit is pretty easy to clean with a cleaning brush as well.

What I Didn’t Like about this Shaver

  • People won’t be able to use the #8061-100 while it’s corded and receiving charge.

2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale #8164

I’m not bragging but I do have a knack for picking out the best when it comes to Wahl shavers. You’ll see why this is the case with the last product on the 5-star series from Wahl, the #8164. Firstly, this black shaving/trimming kit can shave your beard, skull hair, neck, shoulders, and other places of your body.

You get the self-sharpening blade that’s promised by Wahl in these models. The blade is able to deliver super-close shave whenever you need one. Don’t worry, there’s a gold foil in place to protect people from nicks and cuts. People won’t have rashes, red spots, and facial bumps to worry about either.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale #8164

Did I mention that the gold foil is hypoallergenic as well? That’s right. The foil doesn’t react to the skin types. People with sensitive skins can rest easy and use #8164 to their heart’s content. There won’t be any ingrown hairs or skin irritations to trouble them.

People have pointed out that the foil guard is a fragile thing to work with. Be careful when shaving or trimming. Go with the grain whenever you can. Don’t push the shaver too hard against your skin.

I must mention the motor at this point. It’s a “Rotary” motor that delivers top-notch power where and when you need it to. Thanks to the rotating system, hair stubbles, strands, and skin oil residues don’t get stuck inside the mechanism of the machine. They remain on the blade tip and are easier to clean.

Unlike the previous Wahl product, this one comes with a Lithium-Ion battery. I could run #8164 shaver/trimmer for as long as 90 minutes continuously and on full speed with this battery. The best thing is, people have the luxury of a wall charger and an automatic charging dock with this kit.

Priced just under $100, this shaving/trimming kit is a fair bargain considering you get a cleaning brush as well. Hair stylists and barbers often use this piece of tech for wet and dry shaving alike. Cleaning it is simple as well. Just run water over the blades and the body of the shaver and that’s it.

One thing I have a quarrel with is the fact that Wahl #8164 can only be used with a 110V connection. It’s exclusively for use inside the USA. Also, I didn’t find it particularly useful when tackling long hairs.

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What I Like about this Shaver

  • The design is ergonomic and fits into any palm size people have. It’s easy to grip as well.
  • 90 minutes of continuous operation with the battery is what you need when doing salon work.
  • The rotary motor and foil guard allow users to shave quickly, efficiently, and with precision.
  • This foil shaver is the perfect tool for detailing and trimming for hair stylists.
  • You have access to a wall charger and an automatic charging station as well.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • This model is suitable only for using in the USA with 110V connections.
  • I found the foil guard to be fragile and prone to breaking. Users need to be careful with it.
  • This is not for home use in my opinion. It’s perfect for barbers and hairstylists.

3. Wahl Flex Shave #7367-400

Let’s take you back to the roots of flex shavers with this one on my list of Wahl shavers today. The #7367-400 is known for flexibility when it comes to shaving options and user-friendliness.

One thing good with this model is that you can operate #7367-400 with or without the help of a power cord. Plus, it’s reasonably priced as well.

Wahl Flex Shave #7367-400

Talking about shaving options, users get three types of shaving heads with this product. Each serves a unique shaving style. There’s one for people with sensitive skin. You have one for guys who like it comfortable and clean with “Comfort and Clean.” There’s one last surprise.

For people like me who prefer a clean and smooth look, Wahl packs the third head that’s called, “Ultra Clean.” But remember, Wahl #7367-400 is good for shaving stubbles and not long hairs.

This is a foil shaver just like the others. Foil shavers tend to get close to the skin for optimum shaving and trimming experience. This one is no exception. As an added bonus, you get a guard that protects skins from direct exposure to the blades. The “Flex” shaver is safe and sound in performance.

Rotary motor delivers quick shaves. But this one can get noisy if you’re not used to the Flex lineup. But for a product of this price, I expected some minor issues beforehand.

Before I forget, there’s a pop-up trimmer in place. All users need to do is to flip the switch. The trimmer will pop up and help you shorten the hairs on your neck, shoulders, and sideburns. I found it hard to shave my head with this unit. The grip is perfect for medium sized hands. It seems mine is a tad bit bigger.

People will have the luxury of a two-prong wall charger and a cleaning brush as a part of this kit. The users will have to brush out the hair strands and that’s it. Don’t dip the unit in water for too long. It’s not COMPLETELY waterproof. There’s no harm in getting it wet but don’t let it be immersed.

The entire package is nicely tucked in a zippered case. It keeps things organized and protects the unit from hazards and unwanted accidental damages.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Three shaving modes are perfect when you have multiple uses or users in the same family.
  • The handle is comfortable. It’s good to grip for people with small to medium-sized hands.
  • Wahl is known for a comfortable itch-free shaving experience. This one is no exception.
  • You get a pop up trimmer with this thing as well. It does well to shape mustaches and sideburns.
  • I like the cost of this unit. Its affordable and quite functional in accordance with the price.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • This device can handle getting wet but will malfunction when submerged under water.
  • The 7367-400 is not suitable for using outside the USA due to connection limitations.
  • I found the shaving heads hard to remove and set on top of the handle.

4. Wahl Smart Shave Foil Shaver #7061-900

This is the point from where the next generation shavers started to dominate Wahl’s lineup in my opinion. 7061-900 can be a great addition to your shaving cabinet for a number of reasons. You have the Lithium-ion battery delivering 90 minutes of charge and a 1-minute quick charge when needed.

It takes the battery 60 minutes to get charged for a normal stint. Don’t worry, Wahl has a meter that tells you how much juice is left to work with. The product has an indicator for occasions when the battery is completely dead as well. Don’t worry, the battery doesn’t have memory issues. It’ll always be fully charged.

Wahl Smart Shave Foil Shaver #7061-900

I like the design because it can adapt to the contours of our faces better than any of its competitors. This little model comes with dual foil technology for the extra bit of closeness that users expect from Wahl.

These foils have the signature flex foil technology embedded in them. Honestly, this is the secret that keeps Wahl #7061-900 perfectly aligned to your face and jawlines. The foils move as we do to allow more comfort and command over each stroke.

I like the “Pop Up” trimmer that comes along as well. Just flip the switch and it’s ready for use. The trimmer takes care of your mustaches, sideburns, neck, shoulder hair, and hairstyling needs. The blades here are precision-ground and made of stainless steel. The users are left with no loose ends or dips in performance level.

This trimmer would be incomplete if I don’t drop a word or two about the “Sure-Grip” handle. The rubber grip ensures that the handle doesn’t slip up even when you’re in the shower or the hand is sweating due to a hot and demanding Summer day.

This is a product for home use. Users can take advantage of the foil system and do wet or dry shaving. Needless to say that Wahl made it waterproof. It remains unaffected by water down to a meter when submerged. However, I didn’t find this model to be shockproof.

But #7061-900 comes with a travel lock. It ensures that the shaver stays off when the user is traveling to prevent eating through the luggage and any other potential damage.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • Sleek design with a competent LED indicator will definitely prove handy. It shows battery status.
  • You’ll find the foil blades handy as well. These blades cut close to your skin without hassles.
  • The pop up trimmer is easy to handle and handy when you want to do some hairstyling.
  • I found the Sure-Grip handle easy and comfortable to grab for a long period.
  • One minute quick charge gives me enough time for a quick shave before an important meeting.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • This model isn’t shockproof. You must handle it with care to avoid having falling damages.
  • The foil blades can’t grab long hairs. I advise you to use the trimmer to cut them short first.

5. Wahl LifeProof Shaver for Men #7061-100

This is the last one on my list of best Wahl shaver today. If the “Shockproof” feature was missing from the previous product’s repertoire of features, this one has it. The #7061-100 comes with a hardened outer casing that protects the inside mechanism from fall damages and sudden shocks.

The entire casing is ergonomic. So is the handle. I found it easy to grab whenever I wanted a quick shave. Don’t worry, the rubber grip won’t let it slip even in extreme conditions.

Wahl LifeProof Shaver for Men #7061-100

You’ll be amazed to see the dual flex foil system. The foils move sideways to adjust with our facial and body contours. It results in a better and more comfortable shaving/trimming experience than normal. The blades won’t pull on our skin, nick or cut it by any chance.

These shaving heads have cutting bars that intercept long hair to cut it in manageable proportions. It’s safe to say that this shaver can take on both long and short hairs alike. Shave your hair off if you like. People can DO IT ALL with this piece of technology.

Naturally, it comes with a precision trimmer as well. Flip the switch and it’ll pop up. Hairstylists can use this nifty attachment to trim sideburns, mustaches, shoulder or neck hair, detailing various intuitive hair designs, and for edging as well. The blade is made of stainless steel and is completely washable.

Thanks to this system, one can expect to complete shaving facial or body hair in under one minute. No, I am not joking with this one. The #7061-100 even has a “Quick Charge” system that lets you have a complete shave with only 5 minutes of charging.

Don’t worry about the battery. A Lithium-Ion battery is all you need for a long session of 90 minutes. The LED panel onboard shows battery status at different levels. It even points out when the battery is at its lowest. Sixty minutes of charging is all it takes to get back up on its legs.

Li-Ion battery holds onto the charge even if you don’t use the product for months. No memory issues at all! The #7061-100 from Wahl comes with Waterproofing technology. Even if users submerge it underwater (up to 1 meter) for 30 minutes, the model should be okay to use.

Before I forget, this one has the travel lock as well. It prevents your unit from turning on by accident.

What I Like about this Shaver

  • The design is what got me. It looks sleek and functional at the same time. A masterstroke.
  • You have the rubber grip on the handle that prevents the shaver from any slip-ups.
  • Foil system blades allow for a super comfortable, close shave when people need it the most.
  • The heads are designed to move along the contours of human faces to avoid cutting the skin.
  • You have the travel lock and waterproofing system in place to save the unit from damages.

What I Don’t Like about this Shaver

  • This shaver can be noisy for people who’re used to using Braun shavers.
  • I’d have liked if Wahl included a stand to park the shaver once I’m done.

Why Choose a Wahl Shaver?

So, why Wahl in the first place and not the others like Braun, Panasonic, and Phillips? Why would I go with a “Decent” brand rather than pricy, over-the-top models that come with bells and whistles of their own? Let’s answer the questions in this segment of my article.

  • I Considered the Heritage

Look, I know that there are competing brands like Braun, Phillips, and Panasonic on the market. They have similar models that are doing pretty well for themselves. But when choosing a classy lineup, I went with Wahl in this piece. That’s because I considered how long they’re in this grooming business.

Wahl was founded in 1919. Considering this is 2020, this is exactly a 100 years ago. The makers have a rich history of grooming and a multitude of products to satisfy all types of customers on their backs. When I looked at various options I could pick, choose, and play with… I was baffled. It was a clear winner.

  • You Have Something for Everyone

Leo J. Wahl founded this grooming institution (that’s how I like to refer it) a century ago. Since then, Wahl has survived the decades, evolved, and has grown into a respected brand. Along the way, the makers came up with products that cater to a casual shaver and a professional alike.

You’ll find mid-budget shavers that’ll get you the better of both worlds as well. Professional 5-star series delivers top-notch hairstyling and shaving experience in the salons. You have the 7000 series that caters to us home users.

Even if you tweak and twist your needs, you’ll be able to find a product tuned to yourself in the huge lineup of shaving tools. Don’t believe me? Just look at my list and you’ll find different products aimed at different types of jobs and users.

  • Overall Design is User-Friendly

Like the reputed brands, Wahl puts the users first. That’s what I found out pretty early in my research and experience. Almost all the shaving tools from this brand have a great design that plays into superior functionality of the machine. You’ll find hard cases, foil guards, and movable heads that adapt quickly.

These design inputs make shaving experience of a user better than it was with a manual shaver. The device looks ultra-cool. It shaves easy and quick due to the precise angle of the foil blades. A nifty trimmer is located at the back without wasting space of your already ergonomic shaver.

An LED display is thrown in there as well. Not to mention a rotary motor to run all these things efficiently. What more can you want?

  • Wahl Took Foil Shaving and Made It Better for Home Users

I’ll not lie to you. Various brands offer foil shavers that cater to people of different tastes. But Wahl is the one brand that made foil shaving fun and affordable. You’ll find dual foil technology and moving shaving heads that adjust to your contours in almost all the models.

The foil guard is a piece of work as well. Although a bit fragile, it does the job of protecting your face quite skillfully. The Wahl shavers are not all that pricy. You can find dual foil technology and a host of other features inside $100. This is a deal made in heaven for us middle-class people.

  • Quality Remains the Same Across All Ranges

Sure, there will be tweaks across different models and series. But Wahl, as a whole, maintains a basic standard of quality across all its products. It’s safe to say that the bar for quality is pretty high. You’ll find these shavers to have stainless steel blades that aren’t cheap (in quality).

These blades are self-sharpening as well. Even the trimmer blades are there to stay for a long time. These things are flexible. Don’t expect these blades to break or chip away due to overuse. Wahl blades cut close to your skin while the foil guard protects it. This is true for all the products.

  • Battery Is a Clear Winner

I just had to put it in here as Wahl develops some of the best quality batteries ever seen in shavers. These batteries don’t suffer from memory issues (at least from what I’ve seen). You’ll be able to use your shaver months after charging it just once.

Every time you charge a Ni-Cad or Lithium-Ion battery, it receives a “Full” charge. Depending on the device you choose, you get different recharge times (it’s usually 60 minutes). The runtime you get also depends on the additional features of the machine. I’ve considered models that grant 60 – 90 minutes’ worth of juice per charge.

Then there’s the “Quick Charge” system as well. Yes, you’ve seen it in Phillips and Braun as well. But to get it in a shaver priced under $100 is a dream come true.

What I Have to Say at The End

When it comes to a grooming brand, it develops a lot of products eyeing different customers with different mindsets. There’s something for everyone. Picking the best one for all is a different ball game altogether. You’ll have to balance price with performance, precision with power.

This is exactly what I feel best Wahl shavers do. Look at this list and you’ll find shavers for barbers, hairstylists, and home users with different features, benefits, and prices. Go with any one of them. One thing I can guarantee is that the performance graph will always remain at the high end of the spectrum with Wahl.

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