Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer: Learn About All the Best Choices & Features

Wall-mounted hair dryers are fantastic for spas and hotels. They can’t be taken out of the rooms. They’re good in fitness centers and cruise ships, too. All kinds of hospitality industries can benefit from a wall-mounted dryer for guests.

You might be surprised to learn that wall-mounted dryers are good for the home, too. Families can share a dryer without having to hunt down the person who used it last. It will always stay in the bathroom for the next person.

It’s a good dryer for roommates or friends who share a space. Small bathrooms can definitely benefit from a dryer that’s mounted on the wall. It saves so much space if you don’t have great storage solutions.

On this list are some of the top rated wall mounted dryers out there. We’ve broken them down into the best features for you to find the best wall mount dryer for your home or business.

Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer Comparison Table

ModelHeat &
Conair Wall Mount2LED light, auto shutoff
Check Price
Sunbeam Hair Dryer2Energy saving switch
Check Price
Andis Quiet Hair Dryer2No night light
Check Price
Andis Quiet Hair Dryer2LED night light
Check Price
Sunbea Wall Mount3
Cool button,
auto shutoff
Check Price

Top 5 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Reviews

Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

In a hotel, motel, or spa, you want to provide guests with all the amenities. Unfortunately, many of them can walk off with guests. This hair dryer will mount directly to the wall quite easily. It’s compact, but has a lot of power for a wall-mounted hair dryer.

Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

The dryer is 1600 watts. That’s not far off compared to the average motor watt of 1875. This device will give your guests all the air they could possibly need for drying. It will last for a long time, too. A wall-mounted device has to last for years. There are two speeds for the heat and air. The combination of heat and air is easy to use. Nothing complicated for guests.

It comes with mounting hardware to put this almost anywhere. It can be attached to any bathroom wall. It shouldn’t be installed on tile, though. That opens the wall up for moisture too close to the shower/tub. The cord is 6 feet long. It will reach most anywhere in the bathroom.

The hair dryer has plenty of great features. The dryer automatically shuts itself off when placed in the base. The wall-mounted base has a light. That light can double as a night light. Your guests will appreciate that in the middle of the night.

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Great positives

There’s much to love about this hair dryer. The ease with which it can be mounted on the wall is the first thing. The device will stay securely in place.

It will put up with a ton of abuse in a hotel, spa, or gym. The hardware is strong and will stay that way. It’s not going to come down easily. Another feature that’s great is the LED light.

The LED light acts as a night light. Instead of turning on the light in the bathroom, guests will use the night light. They’ll appreciate this little something extra for their benefit.

Mild concern

The compact nature of the dryer means there can be a problem. Hair that’s too close to the dryer can actually get pulled into the air intake. It’s important that you keep the dryer away from long hair.

Sunbeam Hair Dryer with Night Light

This dryer comes from a very well-known company. It’s one that’s been around for dozens of years. Some people who purchase Sunbeam products have them for over 10 years. That’s the case with this mounted hair dryer. It will last a very long time.

Sunbeam Hair Dryer with Night Light

That’s because it has a great motor. It’s actually dual wattage, too. That’s something you don’t see in many dryers. You can switch from 1500 watts to 1200 watts. It saves you up to 19% in energy. That’s plenty of money off your energy bill just by switching. The motor is really quiet, too.

There are 2 speed/air settings for this dryer. You can get high or low heat. It has tourmaline technology for faster drying, too. The tourmaline will generate ions for smooth, silky hair as well. Anyone using this dryer has to love the state of their hair after use.

It comes with the hardware to mount this to the wall. The cord is 6 feet long, so it’ll stretch to be used anywhere in the bathroom. It also has a night light. That will save you more energy. The dryer sticks to the base with a magnetic locking system.

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Great positives

This wall-mounted hair dryer has more than a few features you’d expect on a big dryer. There’s tourmaline for ions. Your hair will be healthier-looking after using it.

The ability to switch between 1500w and 1200w will give you a huge energy savings. When you need more power, you can increase the wattage. It’s an innovative idea for a wall-mounted dryer.

Another way to save energy is with the night light. It will illuminate the bathroom, so the bathroom light won’t be used. That’s definitely going to save you money each month.

Mild concern

This dryer is quite large for a wall-mounted unit. It’s 4 ½ inches deep at the top. In the middle, it’s 5 inches deep. At the bottom, it’s 4 inches deep. That might be too large for your space.

Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Andis is a company that knows how to make styling products. They have this wall-mounted device in their lineup. The device looks the same as some of the others on this list. It’s definitely a great dryer in a few different ways.

Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

The quiet motor is 1600 watts. That’s the kind of wattage you could find in a big dryer that isn’t wall-mounted. The motor is made to last a long time. You need a long-lasting motor when it’s attached directly to the wall. You won’t want to have to replace this after a few years.

It has 2 heat/air speed settings. With the low setting, you’re getting low heat. With the high setting, you’re getting high heat. These two settings are all you need to blow dry your hair. The air flow settings will deliver the right amount of air and heat for healthy hair.

This hair dryer doesn’t have a night light. That’s something that you’ll find in other types of hair dryers. It’s not available in this dryer. That option is good for many people who don’t appreciate the light. The dryer has an automatic shutoff when returned to the base.

Great positives

The entire family can enjoy this hair dryer in the bathroom. It will always be exactly where you need it when they’re finished, too. It’s convenient for everyone to use each time they shower.

It’s small enough to be used in the smallest of spaces. Many have enjoyed the dryer in an RV space. It keeps your counter space clean. It doesn’t need to be stored, either.

With the 1600w motor, you’re getting a dryer that can deliver enough power to blow dry thick hair. That’s the true test of a dryer. Thick hair will dry very fast with this compact dryer.

Mild concern

This comes with tape mounting, but that’s not going to hold the dryer very long. It’s better to attach the dryer with screws. It’ll stay up much longer. The dryer isn’t very heavy, but over time, gravity can become a problem.

Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer with Night Light

The previous Andis unit was a simple dryer that fits into any space. This one is a bit more advanced in their lineup. It’s even more compact and able to fit in any bathroom space. It has a 1600w motor like the previous one, too.

Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer with Night Light

It has 2 heat/air settings. You’ll be able to dry on high or low with this dryer. For most people, that’s all you need. Everyone will be able to use this dryer easily. All they need to worry about is a high or low speed. The heat takes care of itself.

The true differences start with the light. The previous hair dryer didn’t have a night light. It’s not something everyone wants. This one has a light. The light will never need a new bulb, though. It’s an electronic light that provides diffused light for your space.

With this dryer, you’re getting a steel mount plate. It’s easy to attach this to the wall. The steel plate is going to keep the dryer from coming down. There’s also a hanger loop for the cord. It’s longer than the cord from the other dryer. The loop keeps the cord from getting in the way.

Great positives

This is a very light, compact hair dryer. The night light will help you save money. You don’t need to turn on the lights to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. That can be a definite money saver.

It’s a great dryer for the entire family. Husband, wife, and teenagers can all enjoy the device. It doesn’t have to be dug out of a drawer filled with styling tools.

While the light is bright in the night, it’s not putting out any heat. If you decide that it’s too bright, it would be easy to partially cover. The bulb will never burn out, either.

Mild concern

This unit doesn’t have a plug. It’s meant to be hardwired into the electrical in the building. This is not clearly stated by the company, which can be a problem. But, we’re letting you know about the hard wiring issue, so you can make an informed choice.

Sunbeam 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer with LED Night Light

When it comes to this Sunbeam hair dryer, it has some really great features. These are features you’d expect in a bigger, more expensive dryer. The mid-size dryer has the ability to be dual wattage. It switches from 1500 watts at the high end. The low end is 1200 watts. The dryer saves on energy with this ability to change watts.

Sunbeam 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer with LED Night Light

It has 3 air speeds and heat settings. Each air speed increases the temperature. You get low, medium, and high with this dryer. It also has a cool shot button. That’s another feature you’d find in a full-size dryer. There’s another switch on the handle for turning the dryer off.

There are wall brackets included with this dryer. It also includes mounting hardware. To ensure that this stays on the wall, it should be attached with the hardware into a wall stud.

Otherwise, it will get yanked right off the wall at the first touch. The dryer will sit in the cup specially designed for it. It’s an easy dryer to mount to the wall.

With this dryer, you’re getting ionic technology. It’s able to provide ions for fast drying. The ions give hair a sleek shininess that you wouldn’t get with a regular dryer.

There’s a filter on the back of the dryer barrel to clean. The lint filter cleanup is good maintenance to prolong the life of the dryer. There’s also an LED light with dimmer switch.

Great positives

The motor is able to switch between 1500 and 1200 watts. There are times when you don’t need as much power. It’s also great for turning down the watts to save energy. The motor has the ability to go to 1500, so when it’s on 1200, it’s going to feel powerful.

The motor is very quiet, so you won’t wake everyone up while drying your hair. Your spouse or teenager won’t wake anyone while using this, either. It’s a great dryer for everyone in the home.

If you’re using this for your spa or hotel, guests will love it. The LED light doesn’t ever need a new bulb. It has a dimmer switch for lowering the night light option. That’s going to save energy, too.

Mild concern

The cord for the dryer is about 4 feet long. That’s not a lot of cord for doing your hair. You’ll need to consider this as you mount it to the wall. It has to be really close to a mirror for styling.

Tips for the Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer Purchase

There are many reasons you might want your hair dryer mounted on the wall. It will never get lost. It’s fantastic for businesses like hotels or a fitness club. A wall-mounted dryer doesn’t have to be in a business, either. It can be mounted at home, too.

  • The Power of the Motor

The dryer that you choose to mount on the wall needs to last for a very long time. The life of the dryer is directly related to the motor, and how you care for the device. The hair dryer should be at least 1000 watts. It can go all the way to 2000 watts.

When picking a powerful motor, make sure that’s not all you’re considering. The motor should be a high wattage, but the extras count, too. Things like removable filters for cleaning will keep the dryer working for a long time.

  • Secure on the Wall

A wall-mounted hair dryer has to be mounted to the wall, obviously. It’s important that the space is set up for a dryer in that way. Your space needs a plug, or it has to be hard wired. The hair dryer base has to be attached in a way that provides access to a mirror nearby.

There’s much to consider when you’re going to be securing it to the wall. The dryer you pick should come with the hardware, too. That makes it way more convenient to install.

  • LED Lights for Night Lights

The light at the bottom of the dryer can be used as a night light. Whether it’s a hotel or a home, the LED light can be very convenient. It’ll illuminate the space for use at night. Not that you’ll be using the dryer in the dark. You don’t have to worry about fumbling while using the bathroom.

With these lights, there are no bulbs to replace. They’ll run without you having to replace anything. In fact, they’re long-lasting for a reason. It would be hard to replace a bulb in the wall-mounted unit.

  • Benefits to a Dryer Base

The best part of having a wall-mounted hair dryer is that the dryer shuts itself off. That’s going to save you an unexpected amount of money in electricity bills. The dryer won’t be left running. As soon as the person is done, it will be hung back up into the base.

When the dryer is on the wall, the cord won’t drag on the floor. There’s shock protection in the unit. That’s built-in to every unit that hangs on the wall. The base will keep the dryer from hitting the floor and breaking, too. If this is in a hotel, spa, or home rental, the dryer can’t be stolen, either.

  • Heat and Speed Settings

The speed and heat settings are vital to any hair dryer. It’s important to have a dryer with a range of heat settings. Fine hair needs low heat. Thick hair needs high heat. There’s also speed to consider. It needs to dry hair quickly. That will save on your energy bills.

Most units that are attached to the wall don’t have many heat or speed settings. Very few have a cool shot button. If that’s important in your dryer, you’ll have to look hard for that feature.

  • Ionic Technology

Hair dryers with ionics will smooth hair and make it very healthy. Purchasing an ionic dryer for your guests will cause silky, healthy hair. Guests are going to love that from the handheld dryer. That’s something they’ll talk about long after leaving your location.

If you want one for yourself, it should have most of the features that other dryers would have. These features are found in regular-sized dryers. They might not always be available in smaller, compact units.


A wall-mounted hair dryer keeps the dryer out of the way. There’s no storage issue when you have it mounted on the wall. It’s great for homes with multiple family members. It’s also a great idea for spas and hotels. Nobody will run off with the dryer from the room.

Most dryers mounted on the wall have long cords. They can be used in any size bathroom. They have the same ionic technology, heat, and speed settings as hair dryers that aren’t mounted. We believe you’ll find exactly what you need on this list.

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