Electricity and waterproofing aren’t exactly hand in glove, are they? Unless, brands like Braun, Philips and Panasonic take it on themselves to create out-of-the-class electric shavers that provide quality shaves under the shower.

In other words, waterproof electric shavers are a reality. But that does not mean you are free from challenges altogether.

There are quite a few involved. Let us look at those in detail as we bring out the five top electric shavers available in the market today. Read on to know which one would do best for you.

Top 7 waterproof electric shaver comparison chart

ImageName & BrandShaver TypeDisplayCharge & Run time
Braun Series 7 799cc-6Braun Series 7 799cc-6 Editor's ChoiceFoilLcd(6 level)1 hr, 45 min
Braun Series 9-9095ccBraun Series 9-9095ccFoilLed1 hr, 50 min
Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5FoilLcd(10 stage)1 hr, 45 min
Philips Norelco S9311/84Philips Norelco S9311/84RoteryLed (5 level)1 hr, 50 min
Braun Series 3 340S-4Braun Series 3 340S-4FoilLed1 hr, 45 min
Philips Norelco S5370/86Philips Norelco S5370/86RoteryLed (3 level)1 hr, 45 min
Philips Norelco S5370/84Philips Norelco S5370/84RoteryLed (3 level)1 hr, 45 min


Our impression

Braun Series 7 Wet & Dry

Speak of technology, durability and performance – all at the same time and you are speaking of the Series 7 from Braun. The pulsonic technology that comes incorporated in the Series 7 helps you work up to 10,000 micro vibrations every second.

These vibrations help capture hair from all around and make better shaves a reality. There are 3 distinct modes of personalization that guarantee effective shaves for every need. This is also a rarity in waterproof shavers.

The shaving system used in the Series 7 is fully flexible and promotes maximum facial adaptability across all contours of the face. The Active Lift feature of the shaver helps the shaver lift up flat lying hair from their base and then cut them just above the skin to give a clean finish.

The Opt Foil makes the Series 7 one of the closest finishing shavers Braun has ever made. On the whole, the Series 7 is a gem of a waterproof electric shaver.

  • Shaves both wet and dry.
  • Produces 10,000 micro vibrations in a day.
  • Maximum adaptability with flexible shaving system.
  • Active lift for capturing flat-lying hair.
  • Closest shaves with the Opti Foil.
  • Not great on servicing.
  • Slightly steep pricing.
  • Power could be too high for a start.

Our impression


The Series 9-9095cc is among the most hygienic waterproof shavers that we have come across so far. It charges, cleans and lubricates on a single touch and you will be amazed to find how clean it is when you use it the next day.

The cleaning action is a lot more hygienic than what you would expect from tap water and the results are noticeable. The Series 9-9095cc always charges for attaining maximum power and makes sure lubrication achieved it top-notch.

The program selection on the Series 9-9095cc is an intelligent one. It does not really mind the kind of beard involved in the process. It is quite capable of selecting the right program for all beard types.

Thus far, the Series 9-9095cc from Braun proudly carries the tag of being the only waterproof electric shaver that comes with analcohol based cleaning system working in five action modes. We would also like to add that the Series 9-9095cc gives you the best-wet shaves in the segment.

  • Alcohol based cleaning system.
  • One-button cleaning, charging and lubrication.
  • Comes with intelligent program selection.
  • Goes for max power all the time.
  • Series 7 has most of its features.
  • Steeply priced.
  • Some arbitrary features.

Our impression

Panasonic Arc5

The Panasonic Arc5 is a top-end electric shaver that combines several ListA features with thorough waterproofing. The unique 5-blade shaving mechanism of the blade bends at an angle of 30° to give you the most chiseled look out of the blocks.

It has a dynamic motor that adapts to most beard types including dense and low-density beard. The Arc5 has great success shaving both short and long hair. The cutting power of the Arc5 automatically adjusts depending on the contour of the face you are shaving.

The pivoting multi-flex head of the Panasonic Arc5 gives the shaver’s head the energy to glide smoothly through the contours of an individual’s face. The Arc5 foils are known for their capacity to shave closely while gliding through the chin and the neck regions.

There is a single station where you can charge and clean the device simultaneously. This way you have all the apparatus ready every time you are ready to shave.

  • Automatic charge and clean station.
  • Multi-flex and pivoting head.
  • Shaves very close to facial contours.
  • Precision honed 5-blade mechanism.
  • 30° shaving angle.
  • 70,000 cuts in a minute.
  • Could not suit all beard types.
  • Could lead to irritation.
  • The build might seem bulky.

Our impression

Philips Norelco S9311/87

The Norelco 9300 from Philips is meant for the best of wet and dry shaves with superior technology and a totally waterproof body. Every shaving head of the Shaver 9300 is capable of moving in all 8 directions to give you better and more conventional shaves.

Resultantly, you get 20% closer shaves every time. The wet/dry electric shave system is completely result-oriented and you get shaves that are 30% closer. The shaving quality of the blades is far closer and more comfortable too.

With the Shaver 9300 you can choose a suitable speed setting that works well for your skin and hair type. If you are looking for a shave that is friendly with sensitive skin, go for the slower setting.

For shaves that are more thorough in character, you will need to select the medium speed setting. If you have a dense beard and need more power, go for the fast mode straight away.

  • 8 directions for each shaving mode.
  • Up to 30% closer cuts.
  • Comes with three-speed shaving modes.
  • Easy maintenance with the smart clean.
  • Wet shaving for denser beard.
  • Built-in trimmer goes missing.
  • Does not come with a trial option.

Our impression

Braun 3Series 340S-4

If you have had a long and tiresome weekend and are looking for that one perfect shaver that will make it up for you, the Series 3 from Braun is something that you can look into. At a budget, it provides you with very smooth and practical shaves.

There are in-built skin conditioners in the Series 3 that ensure you go through very less skin irritation when shaving. Actually, this has been one of the major highlights of the shaver all along.

The Series 3 shaver is completely washable and waterproof. This makes it the perfect foil for intense wet shaving. There is full two years of warranty on the waterproofing of the shaver.

You will not need to be concerned about the level of effort you put into the device. It will smoothly go around your face and jawline, shaving without a hiccup. However, we though the closeness for dense beard could have been a tad higher.

  • 100% washable and waterproof.
  • Comes with a precision trimmer for long hair.
  • Built-in conditioners for lubrication.
  • Works well on mustache and sideburns.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Switch quality not up to the mark.
  • Does not beat the best.
  • Occasional issues with packaging.

Quick wind-up on the attributes of the best waterproof shaver

  • Reasonable dry shaving

While dry shaving is not the first preference that you will be aiming for with a waterproof shaver, wet and dry convenience starts with reasonable dry shaving. Dry shaving should be as important as wet shaving, given the amount of money you spend on a high-end electric shaver.

  • Ecstatic wet shaving

When you are moving for a waterproof shaver in particular, it is extremely important to make sure the wet shaving capabilities of the shaver are up to the mark as well. If this is what you are in for, you must make sure the shaver does well on this too.

  • Warranty on electrical components

If a waterproof shaver goes wrong with waterproofing, the first part that gets damaged is the electric component and the motor inside the shaver. Hence, it becomes very important that you check and review the warranty on the electrical components of the shaver. A little in the upward of a 2-year warranty would be desirable here.

  • Powerful motor

For shaves to be close enough, the motor has to be powerful. We are not expressly talking about the linear and hyperdrive motors here. All motors, in general, need to be powerful enough to handle the workload even with denser hair. This works well with both wet and dry shaves.

  • Workable blade and foil arrangement

The arrangement between the foil and the blades should be such that you should get the closest shaves. In fact, the closeness of shaves is definitely dependent on this. If you need cleaner results with a denser beard, go for a wide floating foil. Such an arrangement will take care of more hair without making you feel a thing.

  • Close, barbershop like shaves

Again, the closeness of shave depends on the foil arrangement and the motor. What you should be chiefly concerned about is the feeling that you get out of the arrangement. In most cases, it is this that matters. If you get a barbershop like finish out of the shave, that is really all you should care for.

Most waterproof shavers are bummers during shower shaves. Here’s why:

It has been our consistent observation that most waterproof shavers do not perform well when you use them for shower shaving. This is because there is a little detail you miss in the literature: waterproof shavers are not essentially good shower shavers. You should know that shower shaving is serious business. For a shaver to be a good shower shaver, it must have the attributes that make it a great shower shaver.

The waterproofing used in most electric shavers of the day is only meant for cleaning convenience. You can still ruin the electrical components of the shaver by placing it under the tap for long.Hence, you cannot expect shower shaves from all waterproof shavers.

What’s all the fuss on waterproof shower shaving?

This is more than a legitimate question. We can answer it with all coherence. Here goes:

  • Time and effort saving

For those who need to invest a lot of effort and time into making rich lather before they can shave, a shave straight after a hot shower could be magical. It is proven. So a waterproof shaver that can stand shower shaves could really be a boon for you. Make sure you get the act figured out right.

  • Causes less sensitivity issues

Wet shave always fares better for people with sensitive skin. And it is even better if you have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes when dry shaving. Shower shaves with a waterproof shaver are highly recommended if you wish to repair your skin with time. This will do away with sensitivity issues as you go.

  • Could do without gel or cream

Shaving without gel or cream is a challenge. If you plan on shaving without using these, you should look at something that is actually feasible. Make sure you do it right without involving all those complications involved in the process. Dry shaving with all the sensitivity involved is never a recommendable idea here.

Why the Braun Series 7 electric shaver dives deepest?

The Series 7 wet and dry shaver from Braun has the capacity to produce over 10,000 micro vibrations in a day. The flexible shaving system gives you maximum adaptability while running the shaver through varied contours of the face. There is an in-built active lift trimmer that makes sure you do not have to worry about the flat lying hair on the skin. All this is wrapped with the closest finish by Braun’s best ever Opti Foil so far.

Final thought

Wet and dry shaving convenience climbs up to another degree when the shaver you are using is a waterproof one. Choose something that is as comfortable underwater as you.

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