The 7 Best Wax Warmers to Own in 2023

You ever discover a product that seems totally unnecessary but once you have it you can’t imagine life without it? For me, that’s my wax warmer.

To some people, a wax warmer seems nonsensical. Just buy some wax strips, they say. But if you’re reading this, it means you’re thinking about it. Trust me, a wax warmer is worth the price.

First, it saves you a lot of money. I used to spend upwards of $100 a month on hair depilation. Second, natural wax beads aren’t as painful as wax strips. And with the installed heat controls, you can set the temperature to your liking. Beyond all that good stuff, it’s also a key product for budding estheticians and skin care professionals.

The problem is we live in an increasingly globalized world. And every product category has hundreds of options, including wax warmers. You can’t simply buy a wax warmer. Instead, you need to research and pilfer the Internet and that takes time. I can help.

On my quest for the best wax warmer, I encountered seven products that are well worth your time. Want to know what they are? Read on to find out.

Best Wax Warmer Comparison

ModelBeansTemperature CapacityPrice
Vertebeauty Wax Warming Kit4 Pack160-240 F17 Oz Check price
Femiro Home Hair Waxing Kit4 Pack160-240 F17 Oz Check price
GiGi Hair Wax Warmer KitN/A3 settings14 Oz Check price
BFULL Warmer Waxing Kit4 Pack160-240 F17 Oz Check price
Femiro Wax Warmer Kit4 Pack160-240 F17 Oz Check price
GiGi Student Starter KitN/A3 settings14 Oz Check price
Pro-Wax 100 Hair Removal4 Pack2 settings13.5 Oz Check price

The Top 7 Wax Warmer Reviews

1. Vertebeauty Wax Warming Kit

Belle Verde turned a lot of heads when they introduced their Hot Wax Warmer to consumer marketplaces. Gathering all that they’ve learned about depilation and skin care, they fashioned a product that’s almost too good to be true.

Vertebeauty Wax Warming Kit

This kit fulfills both beginner and intermediate needs. The device has fire resistant outer and inner construction, which means it exceeds by consumer FCC and CE standards.

The inside basin holds exactly 17 ounces of wax, more than enough for one sitting of waxing legs or bikini region. And with an adjustable 160 to 240 F heat range, you’ll find the perfect temperature for either the included wax beads, or your favorite local blend.

This is a spa-grade device with superior performance in a convenient package. You can store it in a cubby or closet, so it’s ideal for apartments or in the trunk of a pop-up spa esthetician.

The package also includes a wealth of extras. You get two sizes of applicator sticks, a pre- and post-waxing oil spray, and four generous bags of beads. At this price point, Bella Verde’s Wax Warmer is a fantastic deal.

Get Vertebeauty at Amazon

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

Bella Verde’s all-in-one wax warming kit has something for everyone. Really, it’s the one kit on my list that I couldn’t do without. While many wax warmers boast out of the box functionality, this one has the highest quality extras I’ve yet to find in my tests. And for a beginner or wax warmer skeptic that’s crucial.

The four bags of natural wax beads lasted me months of leg and bikini hair removal sessions. The wax reservoir is big enough for two legs or one client, depending on your needs. And the device reaches temperature way faster than the box suggests. It took me ten minutes to hit 200F when the instructions said it would take 15 minutes.

If you’re just venturing out into the smooth and gooey world of wax warmers, this is the kit you want to try first. It has everything you need to achieve smooth skin today.

What Could Be Better

Some customers dislike the wax beads included in the package. I didn’t mind them, but if you find the wax unsatisfying, you can use any wax on the market with the Bella Verde.

2. Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit

The Femiro wax warmer and hair removal system tops many best-of lists for a reason: it’s reliable and it works. This at-home kit packs a lot of value into a compact and affordable package.

Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit

The device is sleek, dark, and easy to adjust. The world would be a simpler place if everything worked like this wax warmer. The Femiro’s temperature ranges from 160 to 240f and can be dialed to within 10 degrees. You can look forward to wax that’s free of chunks and heated evenly.

The wax warmer boasts a high capacity reservoir, enough to wax legs and arms, chests and backs without reheating another batch of beans. Speaking of which, this device includes four scents of wax in black, red, yellow, and pink tones. You also receive a 20-pack of complimentary stir and applicator sticks.

You can use this product and its wax beans on any part of your body, from your forehead to your feet. And after you’ve enjoyed the included beans, the Femiro can properly and professionally heat any wax that’s sold for depilation.

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Why I Like This Wax Warmer

I think the Femiro is a smart looking little device. It’s well built, perfect for shoving into your trunk to do your mom’s eyebrows or bestie’s fuzzy stache. All the controls are intuitive and you’ll figure your way around this device in less than five minutes.

The high heat settings are perfect for thick chunky waxes that you buy in health stores. I found the included beans should last you a few months. When they heat up, they fill your bathroom with hints of chamomile. I noticed no oily residue or tugging as I used them.

It’s a well-rounded product, worthy of the beginner and esthetician alike. I recommend this product to anyone who owns or plans to purchase wax beans, since this product ships with a limited supply.

What Could Be Better

Because the Femiro heats fast, newcomers to wax warmers should be extra careful. You can burn a tub of wax in under fifteen minutes if you aren’t paying attention.

3. GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

GiGi opened its doors in the 1970s, frustrated with the lack of personal spa devices and excited to offer something new. Since then, they’ve continued to adapt and innovate. They not only offer wax warmers, but a slew of waxes and speciality items for your next spa day or evening at home.

GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

This multipurpose wax warmer ships with an aluminum container that heats fast and cleans easily. The thermostat-controlled sliding gauge has three settings, low, medium, and high. And the translucent red cover makes checking the state of your wax easy and safe.

GiGi’s wax warmer can quickly heat 8-ounce and 14-ounce cans. They don’t have to be GiGi branded cans, either. You can use any can of the same dimensions in this device. And because it heats the wax gently, you don’t have to concern yourself with burning or scorching your favorite wax.

The outer shell is made of flame-resistant plastic. The red cover lid pops off for easy install and removal of your wax. Light indicators on the front of the wax warmer show when the aluminum container reaches temperature and when the device is no longer hot.

Get GiGi Wax Kit at Amazon

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

I think GiGi’s wax warmer suits the beginners among us who want to dabble in at-home waxing but are hesitant to buy a full-out kit. This product is very easy to use, and you can start waxing with it right away. The device is light and small enough to store anywhere in your bathroom or kitchen.

The heating element doesn’t have much of a range, but the temperature it maintains melts most cans of wax perfectly. The wax warmer also happens to boast the easiest set up method of the entire list. Just plug it in and set your wax inside the basin and you’ll be waxing in less than twenty minutes for a full can of wax and ten minutes for a half can.

What Could Be Better

If you don’t have a can of wax ready at home, you must buy one before you plug the device in. GiGi offers some great all-natural waxes online, but you can also buy them wherever you like.

4. BFULL Wax Warmer Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit

The BFull wax warmer kit strives to meet your expectations by offering you more for your money than any other product online. And countless prototypes and product sampling, they’ve found the best combination of wax warmer and accessories you can buy.

BFULL Wax Warmer Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit

With an upgraded ABS heat resistant outer shell and premium copper electrical wiring, this device is one of the safest on the market. But that doesn’t mean it requires more time than other wax warmers to heat your favorite wax. Actually, it takes less time. In as little as seven minutes you’ll can begin your session.

The BFull wax warmer hair removal kit includes a spate of money-saving extras. You get three satchels of wax beads in three scents, lavender, honey, and rose. You also receive drip cups and applicator sticks. That means buying this product is all you need to wax right now.

And when you’ve enjoyed the last of the included wax, don’t fret. The BFull can melt every type of wax, from beads to sticks to cans, so expect years of value from this well-made device.

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

If you’re hunting for an all-in-one package, the BFull wax warmer kit is a fantastic choice. You’ll find everything you need in the box to enjoy many waxing sessions without having to buy anything else. The included wax beads should last you anywhere from a few months to six months, depending on your rate of use.

The temperature range of 160 to 240f seems more than adequate to melt any wax. I recommend letting it stew near the highest temperature so the wax spreads evenly. Just don’t forget to test the wax on a small patch of skin first.

The included O-rings are a nice surprise. They guard the end of the pot and stop any drips from entering the inner lining. The plastic sides are soft touch but durable. They feel of a higher quality than other brands I’ve tried.

What Could Be Better

Some customers have noted that the auto-shutoff activates too soon. But this issue can be thwarted by simply turning the temperature knob occasionally so the BFull wax warmer doesn’t go to sleep.

5. Femiro Wax Warmer Painless Hair Removal Wax Kit

Femiro gathered the items for this wax warmer kit specifically with women in mind. That means with one purchase you’ll find everything you need to relax and enjoy a waxing session alone or with a friend.

Femiro Wax Warmer Painless Hair Removal Wax Kit

Stop wasting your money on trips to the local spa when you can do it your way at home. The wax in this kit includes a sensitive skin bead wax and a wax block. It also includes enough wax applicator sticks for months and months of sessions.

This is a spa quality device. Long before Femiro entered the consumer market, their products were sold in spas and salons all over Europe. So consumers will find an exceptional device that lasts years, saving them hundreds of dollars on expensive waxings.

The device is FC and CE approved, and the cord brandishes an Ul rating, rare in the industry. This new Femiro device reaches 240f in less than seven minutes, and it will turn off after hitting 180F to keep you safe. The outer plastic has been rated as ABS heat resistant.

Enjoy either the included Femiro waxes or your own special collection at home with this updated Femiro wax warmer.

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

I found this version of the Femiro wax warmer through a mutual acquaintance that runs a spa uptown. She said the waxes included in the kit are some of the best for sensitive skin. After testing them out for myself, I must agree.

This kit contains everything you need to wax at home. Some people think you need to buy paper strips to pull off wax, but that’s untrue. Once the wax hardens onto your skin, it’s thick enough that you can to pull it off by hand. This saves you money and means a little less paper for the environment.

I recommend this wax warmer by Femiro for anyone searching for an all-in-one kit that can be toted to your friends or customers. Its durable, updated, and ships with an impressive set of waxes.

What Could Be Better

Some customers have complained that the wax stings when applied. This is because they didn’t let the wax cool. Once it reaches temperature, let it rest until you can touch it without burning yourself.

6. GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit

If you nodded along to all the superlative comments I made about the GiGi wax warmer but were dismayed that the warmer didn’t come with any extras, I found the kit for you.

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit

GiGi designed this self-proclaimed student starter kit specifically for the budding at-home waxer. It includes the renown GiGi wax warmer and a tailored collection of extras, so you can begin waxing as soon as the box arrives at your door.

The GiGi wax warmer has three heat settings. It’s light and very easy to use. Just plug it in and set your temperature. This device requires wax cans. No beads or solid waxes in bags are recommended with this product.

Thankfully, this kit ships with a can of GiGi’s Honee Wax. This all-purpose wax revolutionized the industry when it was launched decades ago. It’s strip-free, which means you apply it and wait for it to harden, then pull it off. It’s gentle and free of chemicals, so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin types.

Also included in your GiGi starter kit is a bottle of pre- and post-wax oils to soothe your skin and intensify its luster.

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

For those of you looking for an all-natural starter kit, this is your product. GiGi sourced both the canned wax and the gentle oils from natural ingredients. They are also cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Out of all my start kits, I think this one has the best wax. One can of Honee Wax should last you at least three months, upwards of a year if you only wax your armpits and legs. It’s so smooth that your skin will feel supple and healthy when you’re done your session.

I also liked that they included some muslin sheets and applicator sticks. And because its their branded waxes and additions, you don’t have to worry that’ll the oils and balms will react to the wax or vice versa.

What Could Be Better

Again, the only downside to this kit is that you cannot use beads or wax blocks in the warmer. Only 8-ounce and 14-ounce cans. Otherwise, it’s a solid collection of products at an affordable price.

7. Pro-Wax 100 Wax Warmer and Portable Electric Hair Removal Kit

The Pro-Wax 100 ekes onto this list because of the overall value found in its budget price tag. This wax warmer sports a reasonable amount of options and extras, offering the newcomer plenty to chew over.

Pro-Wax 100 Wax Warmer and Portable Electric Hair Removal Kit

With a 14-ounce container, you can easily melt enough wax to remove hair on your legs, chest and arms. And the portable design ships easily from place to place. Professionals love it because it’s quick to clean and reuse throughout the day. Consumers have raved about the Pro-Wax 100 because of its dumb-proof design.

With three heat settings, reaching the optimal wax temperature requires no trial and error. The clear plastic top has aerating holes, so the wax doesn’t build up any chemical heat or smell.

The plastic shell of the Pro-Wax 100 has been rated for high temperatures, and the inner aluminum container ships with a stainless-steel rod so you can lift it without burning your hand.

Also included in the hair removal kit you’ll find a handful of applicator sticks and four bags of wax beads in green tea, lavender, strawberry, and blackberry flavors.

Why I Like This Wax Warmer

If you’re on a tight budget and envisage a wax warmer saving you money on salon or spa treatments, then keep your eye on the Pro-Wax 100. It boasts enough supplies for months of waxing, all under the cost of one treatment at your go-to shop.

The device is built well, although it feels lighter and more flimsy than other warmers on my list. The 14-ounce container, on the other hand, is sturdy and easy to clean.

Setting the temperature is just as easy as the GiGi unit. I found the high setting best for melting the wax that came with the kit. Although the Pro-Wax 100 advertises the waxes as flavors, none of them had a scent, just colors.

What Could Be Better

I’ve seen some complaints that the wax is aggressive and can hurt. I found it a little rough myself. Look into purchasing wax beads from another supplier.

The 6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Wax Warmer

Now that you know what you want out of a wax warmer and possibly a worthwhile option or two to add your checkout cart, it’s time to answer the tough questions. Don’t worry, I do all the hard work. Read over my list of the 6 key questions and narrow down the product that matches your needs.

  • How Much Will You Move the Wax Warmer?

Portability is sort of the point with wax warmers. They aren’t big and bulky tools. But every manufacturer builds their products to a certain standard.

So if you plan to shove your warmer in your trunk between clients, then you need a product that can withstand a little jostling. This isn’t such a concern for those shoving their warmer onto a top shelf in the closet. In my reviews, I mention how hardy the seems to me.

  • How Fast Does the Wax Warmer Heat Up?

While I’d love to say they the difference between ten minutes and twenty minutes doesn’t concern the modern consumer, I can’t. We lead busy and productive lives. So the productivity of every product we own has to, in some way, relate to our ideals.

My list of wax warmers all requires within ten to twenty minutes to come to temperature. If you don’t have a lot of time to wait, keep an eye out for my breakdown of the heating process.

  • What’s the Max Wax Capacity?

Every wax warmer above can hold enough wax to remove leg hair or arm hair in one sitting. But if you’re a man looking to wax his chest and thighs for a swim meet, you’ll need a product with a larger wax reservoir.

Consider yourself forewarned: large reservoirs have their drawbacks. It can be harder to scoop up small amounts of wax and the extra size means the product doesn’t fit so easily into closets.

  • How Safe Do You Need the Wax Warmer to Be?

Most modern wax warmers ship with a bone fide list of certification and safety tickets. But not all of them jump through the same hurdles. Some products only opt for the minimum, like a fire safety and an FCC ticket.

If you have kids at home or are generally concerned about the rare chance that your wax warmer will melt or catch fire, then purchase a product that not only jumped the mandated hurdles but can prove it.

  • How Much Temperature Control Do You Require?

Most wax beads melt at around 200f. But the especially fragrant or rare ones made of exotic waxes demand higher temperatures. Consider what kind of wax you want to use before purchasing your wax warmer.

If you plan to order rare waxes from Europe or Asia, then buy a device that vaunts a large temperature range. Alternatively, if you think you’ll be happy with the recommended wax, then any of the products on my list will suffice.

  • What’s Your Budget?

Although the price of wax warmers doesn’t swing as wide as televisions and smart phones, you’ll still spend more or less depending on the model. But remember, your budget for a wax warmer must include the extras.

This rings doubly true for those on a fixed income. Figure what you’ll spend on six months or a year of waxing every three to four weeks before buying your wax warmer. That way, you can ensure that the purchase won’t affect your spending habits.

The Verdict

Now that you’re equipped with my list of the 7 best wax warmers, I know you’ll be pleased with your purchase for months and years to come. That’s because every product on my list is worth your time, money, and effort.

Hair removal with wax beads ditches your reliance on wax strip brands that pile chemicals into their products. And you also don’t have to microwave your jars of pre-melted wax.

If you want my recommendation of the products listen above, I say go with the Bella Verde. It was my first wax warmer and I’ve lent it to friends and family, and they’ve all used it without fuss.

What’s more, I’ve yet to run out of the included wax beans, and it’s been well over a year. But whatever product you choose, remember that you’ve made the right decision!

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