Best Wet/Dry Electric Shavers: Comparing the Best 7 Choices

Best wet & dry shaver

The wet/dry and waterproof electric shaver sound like they’d be about the same kind of shaver. There are subtle things that are different between the two kinds of shavers. They’ll both make your morning routine quicker. They have great features like cleaning stations and standout accessories included.

One type of shaver isn’t necessarily better than the other. It will depend on how you want to shave each morning. If you’d like to jump in the shower with your shaver, you’ll want to have the right electric shaver for the job. It should be compatible with water and shave gel while being easy to clean. We’ve covered the best wet dry electric shavers in this guide.


Confusion Over Wet/Dry Shavers Versus Waterproof Shavers

Wet/dry shavers versus waterproof shavers can be incredibly confusing. This guide with review will explain the differences as well as the best shavers based on what situation you find yourself in daily.

First, it helps to understand that wet/dry shavers and waterproof mean different things. Wet/dry shavers can be used while dry but rinsed under running water for cleaning. This rinsing does not mean they’re waterproof, so it’s important that you understand the significant differences in the concepts. The wet/dry shaver can often be used while plugged in, too.

Waterproof shavers can be used with shaving cream as well as in the shower. The waterproof shaver is sealed and fitted with gaskets that will keep all manner of moisture from entering the shaver. It can be taken into the shower and used with shaving cream or foam. These shavers cannot be used while plugged in for charging.

Top 7 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver Reviews

1. Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 790cc

Braun 790cc

The waterproof nature of this shaver means that you can easily take this into the shower with you. It can be submerged up to 5 meters in water. The shaver can be used with shaving gel and cream and rinsed under the faucet. If you plan on using this shaver with cream or gel, you’ll want to rinse before placing it into the cleaning and charging station. Otherwise, the system could become clogged with gel and hair.

The clean and charge station has 4 actions, which is unlike cleaning stations from other manufacturers. It’ll automatically clean and charge like other stations. The Braun station uses alcohol to sanitize and lubricate your shaver, too. These actions clean and keep the shaver performing like new for longer.

The Series 7 has Autosense Technology, which senses and adapts itself to the changing length of your whiskers. Each section of your face isn’t going to grow at the same speed. You’ll have stubble in some areas and longer hair in other areas. You don’t have to worry about pulling and tugging or nicks and cuts when shaving with the 790cc. It’ll adapt as you need.

What Could be Better?

The stand has to be unplugged if you want to leave this on display. It’ll charge continuously even over 100 percent.

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2. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

Philips Norelco 4500

There’s much to love with this Norelco 4500 shaver. It has a pivot, flex, and float system of blades that will move across your skin easily. When you let the shaver do the work, it’ll glide smoothly and hit all the angles of your face without missing spots. That includes the jaw line and under the nose.

The DualPrecision shaving head has the ability to cut long hairs as well as short stubble. That’s a great feature for every man since all hair doesn’t grow equally. You’ll find that some areas of the face grow quickly while others don’t.

This is a waterproof shaver, so you can take this into the shower with you. If you want to use gel or cream to soften your skin for a closer shave, that can be done with this shaver, too. It’s simple to clean it under the water from the shower or under the sink’s faucet. There’s no cleaning station with this, but you don’t need it when you can rinse under running water. The shaver also comes with a brush for dry cleaning.

Due to this being a waterproof shaver, it will not work while charging. It does have the ability to handle a quick charge for one shave, though. That’s convenient if you’ve accidentally let the charge run out of the shaver.

What Could be Better?

The sweet spot for this shaver is a day or two of growth. Otherwise, it seems to pull the hairs for some people.

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3. Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver

Braun 9290cc

The SyncroSonic Technology has 10,000 microvibrations with every shaving blade. There are 4 blades for over 40,000 cross-cutting actions in every pass of the blades. The Series 9 has been called the gold standard in shavers, and now, they have a gold trimmer to reinforce that name. There are two specialized trimmers on this foil shaver, so you end up with an entire grooming system in one shaver.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is 100% waterproof. You could shave under water in the bathtub if you wanted to test the waterproof nature of the shaver. You’ll definitely be able to take this into the shower and use it with shaving cream or soothing gel. Along with being a fantastic waterproof shaver for the shower, you can take care of dry shaves very quickly. That’s a great feature when you’re running out the door some mornings.

Braun wants to be sure that you’re keeping the shaver clean and well-charged. It has the ability to be rinsed under the faucet to remove shaving cream and hair. To really clean and sanitize the shaver, you can use the clean and charge station. It’s the only 5 action cleaning station for shavers ever made. It’ll clean, sanitize, lubricate, dry, and charge. It’ll be like you have a new shaver each time you take advantage of the charging station.

What Could be Better?

The cleaning station needs special alcohol-based cleaning fluid.

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4. Hatteker Men’s Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer

Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver Razor

This rotary shaver is entirely waterproof. That includes the head as well as the body of the shaver. It can be completely submerged for cleaning. It comes with a cleaning brush, but there is no cleaning station. That’s not necessary for a shaver that you want to take with you on vacations or work trips. This is a great shaver for travel. It has a USB adapter, so you can charge this while on the road through your laptop or phone.

There’s an upgraded LCD display on the handle of the shaver. It displays the amount of battery you have left. It’ll flash and light up with information during charging, too. It’ll let you know when it’s time for cleaning. This happens after 30 minutes of shaving. The display will let you know when it’s locked for transport, too.

The shaver comes with a rotary head with three flexible blades. Each blade has a rounded edge, so you’ll avoid nicks and cuts while shaving. It’ll adapt to all the contours of your face for a smooth shave. The 3D rotary shaver head can be replaced with a trimmer comb for trimming your beard while you’re trying to grow out your facial hair.

What Could be Better?

It takes 90 minutes to charge for 45 minutes of running time.

5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Philips Norelco 9700

The Norelco 9700 has 8D movement with their Contour Detect Technology. It’ll pass smoothly and cleanly over all the angles of your face. That includes your cheekbones, under the jaw, and the front and back of the neck. There are also SmartClick attachments like the precision trimmer and cleaning brush. The shaver becomes an entire grooming system when you have all those attachments.

The V-Track Precision Blades PRO will lift and capture all lengths of hair. It holds them in place for the blades to cut. The blades also self sharpen, so they’ll last longer. You won’t have to replace the blades for a very long time. Even when you’re cutting varied lengths of hair, your shaver won’t become dull quickly.

One of the best parts of the 9700 is the personal settings used for a comfortable shave. You can change it from a gentle shave for sensitive skin to a medium, normal speed for all other kinds of shaves. If you need a quick shave as you’re running out the door, the Fast option will work quickly.

There’s a SmartClean PLUS system for cleaning, lubricating, and drying your shaver. While the shaver can be used in wet or dry situations, it cannot be submerged in water. It’s not completely waterproof. AquaTec Technology allows you to enjoy a wet/dry shave, but it’s best to keep the case out of water.

What Could be Better?

Some people don’t like that there are attachments instead of a pop-up trimmer.

6. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S

Panasonic Arc5

The Arc5 shaving system gives you five sharp, Nanotech blades that give you a 30 degree cutting edge. The sensors in the shaving foils will detect the differences in hair length and make instant adjustments. The power will be adjusted instantly based on the areas where your beard is thickest. You don’t have to make those adjustments yourself.

There’s a built-in precision trimmer in the shaver itself. The trimmer works with areas like around your beard or mustache, at the edge of your sideburns, and the back of your neck. All of these areas need to be trimmed each time you shave. It keeps you looking your best.

The wet/dry nature of this shaver means that you can use it with foam or gel, but it can’t be taken into the shower. The shaver head can be cleaned under running water, but you have to be careful about submerging the entire case.

Panasonic’s Arc5 shaver is fantastic for travel. It comes with a travel pouch, a safety lock and adapter for charging in other countries. The display will tell you whether your shaver is locked for travel, and it’ll also let you know how much battery you have left for shaving.

What Could be Better?

This shaver doesn’t include a cleaning station for removing hair and foam/gel.

7. Braun Electric Shaver Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun ProSkin 3040s

The Braun 3040s has advanced shaving elements that move with the contour of your face. The pressure sensitive blades will move and automatically retract to stop your skin from being cut. The MicroComb ProSkin will actually force your hair through a guide that will smooth the skin before cutting.

This Braun shaver is waterproof, so you can shave wet or dry. It can be taken into the shower and used with shaving cream/gel. When you can use a shaver on your wet face, it’ll be a smoother shave that gets closer to the skin without cutting. You won’t have any nicks or cuts when you are softening the skin before your shave.

As far as the battery, the NiMH battery will fully charge in 60 minutes. This will give you 45 minutes of shaving, which can last up to 2 weeks. It’ll depend on the time it takes you to shave each day. You can also get a quick 5 minute charge for 1 shave. This is great in case you’ve allowed the shaver to run out completely and want to shave quickly. The LED display should alert you to the battery’s charging needs, but you might have let it run down accidentally.

The foil shaver has a thin profile on the head, so you’ll be able to get to small areas like under the nose. There’s also a popup trimmer on the back of the shaver for trimming sideburns and the edge of your growing beard or mustache.

What Could be Better?

There’s no docking station for this shaver.

Why You Need a Wet/Dry Shaver

  • Quick Shaves in the Shower

The whole point of the wet/dry shaver is that you can use it with a wet face. It can be taken into the shower for a quick shave while you’re getting ready for your day. That leaves you with more time for other things in the morning. If you’re a person who runs late, a wet/dry shaver can save you time on grooming.

  • Use with Shaving Cream/Gel

Shaving cream or gel can clog systems that aren’t made for wet/dry shaving. You wouldn’t be able to rinse the gel out of the shaver. With a wet/dry system, you can even get a cleaning station that will wash the shaving head for you. It doesn’t even have to be waterproof to be cleaned under a faucet.

  • Keeps the Shaver Sanitary

Rinsing and cleansing the foam and hair out of your shaver keeps it sanitary. You’re also cleaning out oils and dead skin cells from your face. Even if you wash your face before shaving, you’re going to end up with oils and skin over time. A wet/dry shaver can be sanitized and cleaned thoroughly.

  • Great for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can’t handle a dry shave very well. It causes skin irritation and razor bumps. In extreme cases, you could end up with ingrown hairs if you’re prone to dry, irritated skin. The foam and shaving cream option can decrease a person’s skin sensitivity. It’ll be easier to shave on a smooth face with soothing gel.

Best Way to Use Your Wet/Dry Shaver

To begin, you’ll want to wash your face thoroughly. Some electric shavers also have brushes to help remove oil. You want your face to be a clean canvas for shaving. It’ll keep you from irritating your skin or clogging pores.

If you don’t have time to shower before shaving, use a wet towel with hot water to soften your hairs. Hold a cloth with hot water onto your face for a few minutes. It’s much like old-fashioned shaves in a barber shop. The hot water/steam will soften the hair and skin.

You can use a pre-shave conditioner on your face to help your hair stand up to be cut. It also protects from irritation. That’s important during the first two weeks with a new shaver.

Decide whether you want to use a foam or gel with your shaver. You might want to experiment with what works best for your skin type. Once you’ve figured out the best way to work for your smoothest shave possible, it’s best to stick to that routine.

If you want to hop in the shower with the shaver, make sure it’s completely waterproof. You can use the steam from the shower to soften the skin instead of the hot water cloth. Foam or gel will further soften the hair and skin for a smooth shave.

After shaving, make sure you’re cleaning the shaver properly. It’ll keep the blades sharp and provide a sanitary piece of equipment for your face.


The wet/dry shaver that you choose might be 100 percent waterproof or only partially water resistant. It should fit with the kind of shave you want to have. If you want to cut down on grooming time and use it in the shower, it should be waterproof and able to withstand being submerged. Prepping your face for a shave is one of the most important aspects – whether you want to use the shaver in the shower or not.

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