Bevel Trimmer Review: A Blend of Art, Precision, And Performance

How’s the search for the perfect trimmer going?

As awkward as it may sound, this is the reason you people are here, right? In search of a perfect trimmer that takes care of body grooming like it’s nobody’s business. Yet, remains professional in the approach. Well, my friends… here’s where the desperate search ends.

Let me point you in the direction of a trimmer that trims the hair to a super short length. Also, this little product is comfortable on any part of your body you use it on.

Be it trimming your sideburns, mustache or beard… Bevel stacks up to the task. Numerous features, benefits, and perks help it stand up on its own in the big league. Yes, Bevel can very well hold its own in the company of Wahl, Phillips, Braun, and Panasonic.

Curious to know about these pointers? This is what I’ll be discussing in my Bevel Trimmer Review today. At the very end, it’s your decision to go with this franchise. My account will serve as a guidepost.

Bevel trimmer specification:

Features Bevel trimmer
IncludesOil, Cleaning brush
Battery Life4 Hours
Weight: 1.7 pounds1.7 pounds
Hidden HookYes
Storage bagYes
Price Check Price

Who’ll Benefit from the Trimmer?

With the modern age and new styling definitions, shaving facial furniture or body hair is not enough. People want to go with different styles of body hair grooming. People who want to diversify their facial and body hair without harming the skin itself should enjoy using this machine.

If you want me to be specific, this is a product primarily made for African-American people. Afro-American gentlemen and ladies who have curly and tough facial and body hairs should benefit from it. The blades are sharp and can take care of coarse hair not harming the skin.

What the Trimmer Promises?

Bevel Trimmer is brought to use by Walker & Company. Tristan Walker, the main man behind the initiative promises people a superlative, one-of-a-kind experience when dealing with hair styling, beard trimming, and even shaving.

Bevel Trimmer

Tristan has had his fair share of experience with wet and dry shavers or trimmers. Normal trimmers more or less have the same design pattern and work based on the same principles. That’s why people have more or less same level experience and output.

Bevel wants to change the way it’s trimmer works. The design is different and the accessories used in this trimmer are different than your average machines as well. Bevel promises that this little trimmer will work better than even the best in the business.

In fact, Tristan describes the trimming machine in mere three words. One having “Power,” “Precision,” and delivering the “Performance” when needed.

Now, people might find it a bold claim.  But hey, Tristan at one time worked at Twitter, Foursquare, and Andreessen-Horowitz. So, if people want a guy who knows what he’s doing and a self-aware brand, Bevel is the one to go for.

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What People Get as Part of the Deal?

Unlike many of your popular trimmers, Bevel doesn’t sell you short on accessories. You get the complete package. I got myself a sleek, nifty trimmer with the charging cable. I’ve had trimmers that needed regular lubrication. Very few, like Bevel, came with the oil needed for that.

Worried about cleaning the trimmer? Don’t worry. You’ll have access to a cleaning brush as well. Feel free to use it to clean the inside and outside of the device. Lastly, people will have access to a nifty travel pouch. The pouch keeps it safe from accidentally turning on and harming people when in vacation.

Reviewing the Design of the Trimmer

Bevel rechargeable trimmer

I love the sleek body of the trimmer. People might argue that it’s too small. But to be honest with you, it perfectly fits into the palm of our hands. Navigating this 1.7 lbs. of accessory isn’t much of a problem. People can move it around, operate, and clean it one-handed.

This is all because of the perfect weight balance that the makers have put in place for such a small machine.

Make no mistake, the product can easily substitute a professional trimmer at a barbershop. Bevel trimmer doesn’t have a textured grip. But you’ll find beveled sides (Cue: The name) are easy to get a hold of. As a result, people can comfortably grip this little machine while shaving or trimming.

The Motor Performs Exceptionally Well

Believe me when I tell you, “Bevel’s motor is apt at handling all types of body hair.” Also, you’ll find it cutting coarse hair more effectively than its wired counterparts. It’s designed keeping tough beards, mustaches, and curly hairs. In other words, for the African American folks.

The motor is great when you consider American power requirements. It works within 110 ~ 130 volts. But that’s not to say it doesn’t work well overseas. It does! One just needs to buy an adapter to cope with 240V power outlets that are there in Europe.

One thing I must mention is that the motor is loud. It makes more noise than Andis trimers that are out there. Sure, it might take some time for people to get used to. But you must know for a fact that a cordless trimmer like Bevel (more on this later) makes more noise than its wired counterparts.

The Blades Can Work Wonders on Your Skin!

I’m not making it up. The blades do cut close to your skin. No, they won’t trigger rashes, red spots, nicks or cuts when used. Hair styling has never been this fun for me. I attribute a major portion of the credit to these sharp blades. Also, I have the “Bevel” dial.

Bevel cordless trimmer

This thing lets people adjust the blades according to their preferences. The blades leave “Zero” gap between them. All you need to do is turn the dial. No screwdrivers and hand tweaking necessary. Shave or trim as close to your skin as you like.

One thing people must remember is these blades are blades at the end of the day. They do get dull. You need to take good care of these things. Bevel recognizes this fact.

That’s why people get a lubricating oil with the package. Just apply the oil by rubbing before and after the shaving to keep these blades free from debris. When the time comes and if you feel like it, replace the blades. It’s easy! Just call their customer service and they’ll send you replacements.

My only issue with the blades is that you’ll not find a blade guard. So, some practice or prior experience is needed when handling these things.

Battery Life for This Thing is Commendable!

Remember I told you about the “Performance” part of the device at the beginning of my Bevel Trimmer Review, part of the performance harkens back to the “Battery.” As with any cordless trimmer out there, the battery needs to be great at holding the charge.

It is! As I found out, the battery is good for four hours of cordless shaving experience like with any other professional-grade product. The lithium battery holds the charge for 60 days or two months even if people don’t use it that frequently.

Still not satisfied? Well, you can always go corded when you need it. In fact, people can carry on shaving when the battery is down to last five minutes of charging.

How’s the Overall Performance Level of the Machine?

I’d just say, “I’m satisfied.” You get the whole shebang with the package. A good charging cable, a cleaning brush, capable blades at the helm, and a nifty pouch. What more can you ask for? It shaves your head, face, and body without leaving room for errors.

Bevel cordless rechargeable trimmer

The “Soft Touch” grip is an innovation to marvel at. I didn’t get tired even after 30 minutes of continuous usage. My hands don’t slip and I can enjoy a 360-degree shaving experience when I want, where I want.

People might nitpick about how loud the motor is. In all fairness, choose another machine if you’re concerned about this one bump in the road. Other than that, it’s virtually flawless.

It’s “Cool to Touch” despite having the loud motor. Meaning, people can hold the machine comfortably for as long as they use it. It won’t get hot after a period of time. You don’t need to press a button to cool it while shaving (Braun, I’m looking at you).

Bevel can only be used in dry conditions but it’s a handy tool to have around you. So much so that the Hip Hop singer NAS openly vouches for the quality of the device. He’s known to be a stylist when it comes to beards.

Let me give you his statement regarding the product: “My signature fade, with the bevel blade, that’s a major key.” You get the idea, don’t you?

Is Cleaning the Device Any Difficult?

No. It’s not. In fact, the blades that Bevel uses are self-sharpening. They repel dirt and hair by themselves. It takes away the hassle of cleaning by 70%. Don’t worry, people can rinse the product under running water after using it. When done, wipe the thing off.

Don’t worry about water dripping off the machine and getting inside to ruin the mechanism. The design prevents that from happening. Also, there’s a hook in place for people to use and hang it on the wall for convenient storage after the shaving routine.

Please, don’t forget to use lubricating oil after you’re done. Just one drop of it will suffice. The oil keeps the blades in top shape.

What I Liked about The Trimmer

  • The design impressed me a lot. No matter the hand size, people will be able to grip it.
  • The blades are self-sharpening. One can adjust them quickly without a tool at hand.
  • You get an impressive 4 hours of shaving time with the machine at the very least.
  • Lithium battery holds the charge for 60 days on the trot without giving out.
  • No matter how long you use it for, the body of the shaver remains cool to touch.
  • Despite sounding complicated, the cleanup job after shaving/trimming is extremely easy.

What I Didn’t Like about the Trimmer

  • You cannot use bevel trimmer for wet shaving or trimming.
  • I must admit, the motor of this device is noisier than some of its competitors.

My Two Cents at the End of the Review

Before I forget to include this bit in my Bevel trimmer review, the machine is as handy for the ladies as it is for the men. Yes, Bevel might market it as a men’s product, it considers the ladies as well. So, you have yourselves a double whammy with this.

Whether it’s the design, the simplicity of the operating mechanism or the number of accessories you get with the package, Bevel has dished out a “Complete” product.

It looks good, trims to precision, and holds up to perfection even after years of usage. The fact that you can use it while corded AND cordless, makes it all the more appealing to people. After the shaving/trimming, it’s easy to clean up the mess as well.

I agree with the point that no machine can be a cent percent flawless. Bevel has its issues. But it comes tantalizingly close to being a “Perfect” gadget. So much so that the celebrities vouch for the product by writing a song after it.

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