Bevel Trimmer vs Andis: Which Is Better?

The Bevel Trimmer is a unique model that offers a distinct cordless option and provides a zero-gap surface for trimming. The Andis Trimmer is a glass model that uses a T-blade for edging and detailing.

Both of these models make for appealing solutions for your hair trimming needs. But you should take a closer look at these two models to see what makes them so different from one another.

Each model options differently and has a unique body. You must also look at how each model is to be cleaned off and prepared for regular use. These two choices are distinct, so it helps to see what makes them both so useful.

A Closer Look At the Two Models

FeaturesBevel Trimmer
Andis Trimmer
Type of BladeZero-gap bladeT-blade
Body FeatureCylindrical body with groovesSquare body with grooves
Cleaning FunctionalityWorks with waterRegular brushing & oiling
Weight (in ounces)2711.5
Hidden HookYesNo
Power Source5 hoursCorded
Price Check price Check price

Bevel Trimmer Review

To start, let’s look at the Bevel Trimmer. The trimmer is designed for cutting and shaving hair all around the body. Made by Walker and Company, the Bevel Trimmer provides a comfortable surface for your trimming needs.

Bevel Trimmer Review

The Bevel Trimmer offers a zero-gap dial that gets hair down to as little as 0.2mm in length. This does well with producing the best trims around your face or the hair. You can adjust the trimmer blades with a small bevel dial on the surface as well.

You can use this trimmer with a helpful battery. The battery works with about five hours of energy on a full charge. The battery will maintain its charge for up to six months at a time, although the process for recharging the battery is easy to handle. You can also use a power cord at the base to get continuous power if you prefer.

Open the base of the trimmer to get access to its internal features. You can clean out the trimmer with ease; you can use water to clean off the blades. The easy cleaning setup also repels oil and dirt to ensure razor bumps will not develop. A small bevel hook can also be found in the middle part for your convenience.

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I found this trimmer to work well for spaces around the scalp as well as around the sides of the face. The design provides a clean cut and works wonders on short hair. I can especially create that stubble appearance that looks sexy with this trimmer. The comfortable arrangement on this trimmer is a great feature that I appreciate.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Review

The Andis Professional T-Outliner is an intriguing unit that deserves to be explored. The design works for many edging and detailing purposes, but there is more to the trimmer than just this functionality.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Review

The outside body comes with a durable design. The body features a slight square-like shape. A few grooves are found on the body to provide you with a comfortable grip. Also, the power switch is on the bottom part and is built into the body to keep it from sticking out.

The carbon steel T-blade is an important feature on this trimmer to see. The blade provides you with a firm body for trimming with the ends on the T-blade being easy to position around smaller spots. You can use this around the edges of the ears, near the sideburns, and many other spots that might need to be sculpted carefully.

A power cord is utilized on the bottom part. The cord provides you with enough energy for all your consistent needs. A small hook is also included on the bottom part to help you with securing the cord and the trimmer when you are not using it.

I found this trimmer to work well around the back part of the neck where a curved or tapered look is often desired. I also noticed that it was easy to get this to work around the ears and some other hard to reach spots. The T-blade design was critical in helping me to trim some of these tough spots.

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Bevel Trimmer vs Andis : What Makes These Two Alike?

  • Sturdy Blades

Each of these trimmers utilizes strong carbon steel blades. Carbon steel is useful for being smooth and comfortable. These blades sharpen themselves and provide a comfortable surface for cutting that works in moments.

  • Works With Dry Shaving

Both of these trimmer models are designed with dry shaving and clipping in mind. The two are useful for getting through even the roughest bits of hair. I found that these can also work after you have been in the shower and have dried up, but I think it would be easier for you to use either trimmer on dry hair anyway.

  • Simple to Adjust

Each model is adjustable in many ways. Bevel makes its model with a simple dial that helps you to adjust how well the cutting blade works. Andis uses a body where the blade angle can be adjusted to produce a more precise cut depending on where you are using it. Either option includes a simple design that is not hard to incorporate.

  • Moves Smooth

You will not worry about either model moving too rough along your face. Both models have motors that are fast enough to allow for a more consistent cut throughout your face. You will not be at risk of the blades slowing down or wearing out while you are using either of these models.

  • Consistent Motors

Bevel uses an electric motor that creates a smooth cut, while Andis incorporates a magnetic motor that uses fewer moving parts. Both of these are alike in that they provide a consistent amount of energy. They will not slow down or wear out as you use either part. Each model also goes through even the toughest bits of hair, including some thicker or coarser surfaces.

  • Single Speed

Both models are made as single-speed trimmers. There are no particular slow or fast options on either one. While I would have liked to have seen either design come with multiple speed settings, both models at least go through all parts of my hair with ease. I can get them to move through even the coarsest bits of hair.

A Few Differences Between the Two

  • Specific Targets For Each

One thing that I immediately noticed among these two is that they are both made with specific targets in mind. Bevel focuses more on facial hair, although this could be used around some parts of the scalp. Andis is made mainly for the scalp and around the neck, ears, and sideburns. Both of these models work with those specific segments in mind, but it does help to take note of this.

  • Different Power Sources

The Andis trimmer only works with a power cord. The Bevel Trimmer uses a rechargeable battery, although you can also use that model with a power cord if necessary. I like how the Bevel Trimmer offers a more portable design for various uses, although the Andis trimmer is still light in weight. You would have to look at how well you are managing the power cord though.

  • Heat Production

The Bevel Trimmer does not produce lots of heat as you get that model running. But the Andis trimmer can produce an extra amount of heat that might be bothersome. Also, the Bevel model does not produce as many vibrations as the Andis one does. The magnetic motor in the Andis unit does produce a slight bit of an extra sensation, although that is not going to be overly bothersome.

  • Cleaning Points

The Bevel Trimmer is very easy to clean out. The design resists oils well and can be cleared out with water in moments. The flexible body also lets you clean out the inside components to allow the motor to keep working. But with the Andis trimmer, you would have to oil and brush the layout with every use. This can be tough to handle at times, but I found that the trimmer works best when you maintain it exactly as the company says you should.

  • Unique Gripping Bodies

I found the bodies of these two to be slightly different. The Bevel body features a round surface, while the Andis one is a little wider in style. But these two still have the same grooved features that help me to keep a steady grip every time.


My recommended choice for a quality trimmer is the Bevel Trimmer. The flexible design of the trimmer makes it very easy to use without being hard to handle. I particularly like how the Bevel model is easy on the hands while also being fully portable. The close trim that I can get off of this model makes it a very useful choice as well.

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