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Big Sean Braids: 7 Iconic Looks Behind His Hair Journey!

The existence of hip-hop didn’t just introduce us to a whole new genre, but also introduced us to the fundamentals of streetwear, a fashion trend that is very much alive and kicking to this day.

Rappers not only showed us how to be oneself and embrace oneself to the fullest in clothes associated with streetwear fashion, but also brought more exposure to the styling flexibility of braids, a fact that would’ve remained unresolved without Big Sean and his hairdo, commonly referred to as Big Sean Braids.

Big Sean started his career relatively early, shortly after celebrating his 19th birthday. And although he proved his credibility and earned all his flowers as an artist through his lyrical abilities and smooth-sailing flow in every curated demonstration, the evolution of his hair is something that has yet to receive the respect it deserves.

The injustice ends here, however, as this article won’t just cover the impressive hair portfolio of Big Sean and his braids, but also comprise a segment that will allow his die-hard fans to replicate Big Sean braids to the fullest at this instant!

7 Creative And Perpetually Lasting Big Sean Braids To Add To Your Lookbook!

With his impressive career as a musician, carrying multiple individual accolades under his belt, Big Sean not only proved to his doubters how he’s here to stay, but also let everyone know how big of a creative genius he is. He carried the same mantra when moving on to the styling game, discovering braided looks that now belong to the trend of Big Sean braids.

From the iconic look that he wore for the music video of “Trenches” to the cornrow stitch braids that have become a regular find in his styling diary, there are tons of braids that an enthusiast of Big Sean’s can wear to pay homage to the artist. And if you happen to be one of those admirers, reward yourself with the following entries.

Spiral Mid-part Micro-braids with Low Bun

Spiral Mid-part Micro-braids with Low Bun

Big Sean regularly changes up the structure of his braids, which, we believe, saves his scalp from tons of stress. One of the easier options under Big Sean braids is this look right here, carried by a spiral mid-part with micro-side braids.

Alongside the hairdo is a low bun, which relieves the scalp from the tightness of the hold. When all is said and done, this hairdo is perfect for casual gatherings, and even better for indulging in lazy days.

Cornrow-stitch Braids with Subtle Temp Fade

Cornrow-stitch Braids with Subtle Temp Fade

Going for simpler patterns can result in great success. But if you don’t believe us, take a closer look at Big Sean and his cornrow-stitch braids, which are packed tightly with a 6 feed-in braid system.

These braids can be the perfect tools to implement if you’re about to make your braid-debut. All they need is some moisture and some touch-ups to look healthy at all times. The strands are also quite lightweight to handle, saving your hair from repercussions like breakage and split ends.

Maze-inspired Circular Cornrow-stitch Braids

Maze-inspired Circular Cornrow-stitch Braids

By the looks of it, Big Sean seems to lean towards patterns containing swirls, and circular motions. An entry that backs up our claim are these braids, which have been orchestrated to form a maze-like pattern.

Since the creative process is rather complex, make some time for a professional hairdresser. Additionally, since the pieces are quite long, grow your hair out for at least 7 months to mirror this look successfully. You may also use extensions to make ends meet.

Luscious Lemonade Braids With Side-part

Luscious Lemonade Braids With Side-part

Lemonade braids are typically formed using thin pieces. However, since Big Sean has the thicket set of natural hair, even an organized set of lemonade braids looked packed with density and fullness when he borrowed the look for a while.

The lemonade braids he wore were showcased elegantly with a side-part, which not only offered a sense of organization, but also introduced sharper angles to his facial features, both of which can reward any average enthusiast as well.

Waxed Zig Zag Braids With Partial Disconnection

Waxed Zig Zag Braids With Partial Disconnection

One of the flashier braided options that Big Sean introduced to us would be these zig-zag braids, comprising a subtle fade near the temple that merely adds to the structure of the design.

A lot of sectioning is needed to bring these braids into existence, so if you’re pursuing it alone, clear up your schedule ahead of time. On the other hand, if you believe that your budget is moderately-high, reach out to a professional to get these braids done, since doing so will bring to the table accurate results.

6-Micro Feed-in Braids With Curtains

6-Micro Feed-in Braids With Curtains

Growing up, Big Sean was a huge fan of basketball. And while being in the NBA was never a part of his plan, the rapper is still found playing pick-up games during his free time.

Before getting ready to hoop, Big Sean often wears these braids to prepare his hair accordingly, featuring 6 feed-in braids. The pieces are parted down the middle so that they have some room to breathe, and covered with a headscarf to shield themselves from sweat build-up, dirt, and pollution.

Polished Snake Braids with Micro-braided Tail

Polished Snake Braids with Micro-braided Tail

Ending the list are these polished braids, which are twisted and turned to form a snake-like pattern at the base. The hairdo follows the same stitching system until it reaches the backside of the scalp, and is often sought-after for the amount of grease it carries.

Although Big Sean wore them for quite some time, we would recommend you to save these braids for a special event. The braids may cause tons of tugging and pulling, which can easily be mitigated with some hydration.

To accurately mimic the visuals, create parallel lines with the first two units before forming the snake braids.

Assessing Big Sean’s Braid Journey: How The Rapper Grew His Braids From Scratch

When he first broke into the scene, Big Sean was big on wearing short hairdos, such as a buzz cut. In fact, at one point, it is believed that the buzz cut was a part of his appeal, and a crucial component of his identity.

Big Sean Earlier Afro Hair

While the buzz cut accompanied him at every event and helped him with slaying every outfit when collecting individual accolades, things went south rather quickly during the pandemic, especially when Big Sean found it difficult to avail the services of Richard Mendoza, his barber of over a decade.

Big Sean Transforming His Braids Over the Decade

Though growing the hair from scratch was the last thing Big Sean had on his schedule, the movement proved to be a blessing in disguise. Through the help of that movement, Big Sean not only unveiled to his fans the head full of 4c afro-textured hair that he had all along, but also rewarded us even more by bringing the trend of wearing Big Sean braids into existence!

Replicating Big Sean Braids At Home: 6 Easy Life Hacks To Keep In Mind

Big Sean’s braids are quite easy to wear, and can easily be replicated without any repercussions if you’re dedicated enough. In fact, if you’ve got the right tools at home, you can actually mirror his look at this very moment!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which is a mantra that you have to carry when curating Big Sean braids. And while you can take crucial pointers with the help of this video, read through the 6 simple rules we’ve provided below for an even better understanding.

Using tail comb is key

Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or through the assistance of a professional, be sure to have a tail comb on you, as that tool will serve you until the end of the procedure.

From creating the curvy structure to detangling the pieces of natural hair, a tail comb is the missing piece that takes a wearer to the finish line when replicating Big Sean’s iconic braids.

Create the separation down the middle first

Parting the hair down the middle is the first thing to do prior to forming the look, as the main selling point of these braids is the sense of structure they carry. With a tail comb, create a middle part, before using the flipside to create the hairless disconnection down the middle!

Wax the hair when necessary

Braids often stress the scalp out, leading to hair damage. And since Big Sean’s braids are cut from the same cloth, the units can easily stress your scalp out if the pieces don’t have enough moisture on them.

To prevent breakage in the long run, start early. Apply wax everytime you stitch the units, comb the hair, and section the pieces to keep the strands hydrated at all times.

Take it one braid at a time

The formation of Big Sean’s braids carries 4 feed-in braids on each side, accumulating to 8 when both sides are taken. Don’t forget to take it one braid at a time, however, as doing so will make the final outcome more accurate, that too without any botches.

Use the criss-cross stitching technique for accurate results

When braiding the pieces, you may use a crochet to feed the units with more density. However, if you’d like to establish natural visuals instead, try curating the structure using a criss-cross stitching technique, a method which involves intersecting two pieces to form a healthy unit.

Follow a descending technique

If your main aim is to mimic the braids to perfection, assess the structure of the braids. If you haven’t already, don’t stress about it. Just move on to the next portion of this pointer.

Big Sean’s braids have a descending formation. In other words, the braids stay full in the frontal region, decreasing in size by the time each unit reaches the end. To fully do this hairdo some justice, adding this component to your hairdo is necessary.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve learned everything about Big Sean’s braids and how he grew them with the help of his composure and stylists, here are a couple of questions regarding today’s topic that you should definitely look into to add to your knowledge of what is now referred to as Big Sean braids!

Q: How do I ask my barber for Big Sean’s braids?

Ans: While you can easily show the video and provide them access to the instructions we have unveiled in one of the formerly-mentioned segments, ask them for a look similar to 4 feed-in braids if they don’t understand our lingos. You may even carry a picture of the hairdo you’re hoping to replicate, since braiding experts understand better when visuals are available.

Q: Who is Big Sean’s barber?

Ans: The facilitator behind the success of Big Sean’s hair transformation is undoubtedly Richard Mendoza, who has been Big Sean’s dedicated stylist since 2006. Although he travels with Big Sean to do his hair before each show, he also runs a salon, Filthy Rich Barber Shop, primarily located in Queens, New York. The second branch is also based in New York, located in the heart of Brooklyn.

Q: How much do I need to spend to mimic Big Sean’s braids?

Ans: On average, installing braids may cost you a sum of $150 to $200, especially if the pattern is simple. However, since Big Sean’s braids are stitched with cornrows, a sharp edge-up, and a subtle fade, prepare yourself to spend at least $600 if you’re pursuing accuracy.

Final Takeaway

When push comes to shove, Big Sean isn’t just an artist who moves minds with his music, but also a fashion mogul who not only knows how to present himself, but also knows how to curate exceptionally stitched braids with minimal pieces, otherwise known as Big Sean braids.

While his braids are now some of the best hairdos to experiment with for those with 4c type afro-textured hair, the discovery of the braids were rather unintentional. It all happened during the pandemic in 2020, when Big Sean no longer had access to Richard Mendoza, the main facilitator of his buzz cut.

However, as he made an attempt at growing his hair, the strands eventually grew on him, making him resort to cornrow-stitch braids. The decision not only amped up his sense of style, but also gave us a braided hairdo that we can now replicate as long as we place our trust in the right hairdresser!

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