Black And Green Hair: 28 Looks For 28 Occasions

Often, the tiniest adjustment can work wonders, especially when it comes to hair. In fact, if you’re seeking to obtain a minor upgrade with your current hairdo and density, using a two-tone colour scheme can be the perfect notion to entertain.

Among popular colour combinations, the hue black and green is the most compatible and ideal pair. They’re the epitome of the phrase “opposites attract,” carrying a range of dissimilar elements that mesh perfectly when forming a joint venture.

While the trend of wearing black and green hair is still quite new in men’s fashion, the pair have quite an impressive amount of influence over women’s fashion and the LGBTQ community. To learn all the promising ways in which one can transform their hair using shades of black and green, be sure to read through each and every material in this article.

28 Black And Green Hairstyles Emerging In The Fashion Scene At The Moment!

The fashion industry is quite dynamic in this day and age. It moves rapidly, bringing new trends into existence in no time whatsoever.

One of the many trends on the rise is the movement of wearing highlights. After platinum hues and balayage paint jobs, the duo of black and green is known to be the frontrunner at the moment.

From buzz cuts to layered cuts to wolf cuts, the dynamic of black and green accommodates anything. However, if you’re looking for the best options out there, be sure to make enough time to skim through each entry mentioned below.


Hair dyes are quite special, and the hue of black and green is no exception! Although it does look better when installed on long hair, the hue is just as compatible with short hair. To learn all about it, remember to give the following entries a read.

Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie

If you’re currently growing your hair from square one, also known as a buzz or butch cut, grow the strands a little more to mimic a cropped pixie, a variant that looks appealing and sounds under the hues of green and black.

The look is quite easy to create, requiring zero assistance from styling tools and hair products. If your strands fall on the finer end of the spectrum, using a mousse can keep the strands in place and give the roots some much-needed elevation.

Animal Print Buzz Cut

Animal Print Buzz Cut

Since summer is only getting warmer and more unbearable, another excellent hairdo that you can try out to relieve your hair and explore your taste in fashion is this buzz cut, which is hyped up using an animal print on top.

Once the green dye has been installed, use shaping tools to create the emblems. While using the shade of jet black can be a good way to create a sharp contrast, you may also implement multi-colour tones to enhance the boldness of this look.

Split Buzz Cut

Split Buzz Cut

If you want to give your buzz cut a major upgrade without looking too obnoxious, using a split hair dye with shades of green and black can be a safe idea. To prevent your hair from enduring damage from bleach, buzzing the hair is advised.

While you can install the colour combo at home, taking assistance from a friend or a hairdresser could be helpful to avoid botched results or an unpleasant outcome. Using purple shampoo is also a must if you want the colour to remain lively for a long time.

Glossy Curly Top With Blends

Glossy Curly Top With Blends

If you’re tired of wearing your curls the same way, live a little. Consider changing the pattern up by a tad bit, or mimicking this glossy curly top with blends. To make the experience even better, transform it into a black and green hairstyle!

Since curls look exceptional when hydrated, use curling cream to make the visuals of this combo presentable and worthwhile. To give the strands some elevation and weightlessness, obtain a skin fade!

Lizard Cut With Temple Skin Fade

Lizard Cut With Temple Skin Fade

A lizard cut can be frowned upon if you work a 9 to 5 with strict rules and regulations. However, if you’re looking for a design that will grab the attention of anyone and everyone in a room full of people, a lizard cut must be an essential look on your list.

The shape and silhouettes of a lizard cut look eerily similar to that of a mohawk, making the design quite compatible with rebellious teens and adults. With a closed clipper, the sides of a lizard cut can be maintained effortlessly.

Side-Swept Emo Fringe

Side Swept Emo Fringe

An emo fringe peaked in 2009, but is now recognized as a staple in the emo subculture. While its glory days are long gone, one can easily bring the look back by growing their hair out, adding a water-based hair gel, and using a black and green hair dye.

Once created, this side-swept emo fringe can really give one’s facial structure the narrowing structure that it needs. By using hairspray, one can easily add a rugged hold.

Laid-back Mohawk

Laid Back Mohawk

Among all the variants that fall under a mohawk, this laid-back mohawk appears to be an ideal option for thin to thick hair, catering to both casual and formal settings.

Forming the fade, which shaves off a significant portion of the frontal region as well, is an important attribute to incorporate into this mohawk. The green and black colour scheme can be added as streaks, but it can also be installed as highlights for a more impactful outcome.

Dishevelled Quiff

Dishevelled Quiff

If your hair has enough elevation and volume, wearing a quiff might work wonders for you and your hair, especially if you pair the strands with a black and green colour scheme.

A quiff offers tons of stability when formed with styling products such as a hair pomade. For further enhancement, one may also try pairing their quiff with a low fade or a mid-skin fade. Although it does look quite casual, this quiff can easily blend in under formal settings.


While styling medium-length hair is a blast without a doubt, maintaining the strands can be a bit difficult, especially since it brings tons of awkward phases into existence. While trimming the length can be a good idea, you may also look into the following entries of medium-length hairstyles that mix well with black and green to tackle the formerly mentioned issue.

Shoulder-length Bob with Middle Part

Shoulder Length Bob with Middle Part

Green, particularly neon green, was always a top pick among fashionistas with a fascination for optimal hairdos. However, once seven-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish wore this shoulder-length bob containing streaks of neon green, the popularity of the colour scheme reached newer milestones.

As of 2023, this shoulder-length bob remains a popular pick for all hair types, with a slimming effect that can even help those with chubby facial structures. The ends of the strands also contain waves, which can be created using the scrunching technique.

Easy Updo Bun With Bangs

Easy Updo Bun With Bangs

Avoiding awkward phases is crucial if you want your medium-length hair to look aesthetic and glamorous at all times. And while adding a new colour scheme with dark and light shades can be one way to go about it, finding a variant that fits like a glove with the colour scheme is just as important.

An updo bun is one of the easygoing options compatible with the duotone scheme of black and green. It is also long-lasting, taking minutes to curate on average.

Green and Black Soft Shag

Green and Black Soft Shag

A shoulder-length haircut can be showcased in various ways. And while demonstrating the length with the characteristics of a Bob cut is a safe bet to make, designs that are as laid-back as a soft shag can be another candidate to try out.

A soft shag is quite low maintenance and easy to curate on a daily basis. It is also a great option for those seeking to hide a sizable forehead with some clean-cut yet voluminous layers.

Textured Chelsea Cut

Textured Chelsea Cut

While using a hair dye with vibrant and neutral colours can be a good way to add to the fullness of the hair, the move might fall short eventually once the colour scheme starts to fade. For that reason, adding a textured cut alongside that move can be an ideal maneuver.

A Chelsea cut is a hybrid of a cropped pixie and a shag. In addition to containing tons of distressed layers all over the scalp, the look is a specialist in making the density look as natural as possible. With a vibrant tone of green and a base of black, the design feels and looks unbeatable.

Smooth Pin-up Updo

Smooth Pin-up Updo

Believe it or not, perfectly balanced looks with volume and cleanliness do exist in the hair community. And if you’d like some evidence, we hope this smooth pin-up updo is enough.

By using a tail comb, one can easily form the separation placed in the middle of the scalp. Using a hair dryer is also advised to curate the comb over with as much volume as possible. You may also place a pin on the comb-over for a stronger hold.

Grunge Shag With Subtle Streaks

Grunge Shag With Subtle Streaks

If you’ve already been blessed with good hair genes, a shag cut should be a great look to pair with shades of black and green. In fact, if you’re not looking to make a significant change to your appearance anyway, we hope you find inspiration in this grunge-esque shag with subtle framing streaks.

Since the contribution of green is minimal, the second part of the process, involving the hair dye, can easily be carried out at home. For the haircut, however, reaching out to a professional is advised.

Straight-cut Shag with Temple Fade

Straight Cut Shag with Temple Fade

Short and tapered bangs have been ruling styling trends in the fashion scene for quite some time now. And if you too want to give it a go, don’t forget to take notes from this straight-cut shag, comprising a temple fade for added density.

While this shag cut is somewhat high-maintenance, the visuals of it pair perfectly with edgy teens with neutral, monochromatic aesthetics. The bangs might need regular maintenance cuts to stay healthy, which can be carried out at home with a little bit of effort.

Curtain Bangs With Sharp Streaks

Curtain Bangs with Sharp Streaks

If you have fine hair, don’t hesitate to give yourself a transformation with the help of a combination containing shades of black and green. And if you’re looking for the perfect hairdo that will cater to your hair type, these curtain bangs shouldn’t be dismissed.

By snipping the lengths near the hairline, the curtain bangs can easily come into existence. If you desire more elevation around the roots, consider using styling tools like blow dryers and some hair mousse.

Scruffy Female Mullet

Scruffy Female Mullet

The Grunge era hit a decline during the 90s, especially when short hairdos and middle-parts became the staples of fashion. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking an option that will enlighten the minds of those with a knack for grunge fashion still, with the involvement of a black and green hair dye, a scruffy female mullet should be the best option to try out.

To add the layers, using sea salt spray should suffice. If you need a more edgy and distressed texture, however, use a pair of thinning shears.

Elevated Beach Curls

Elevated Beach Curls

While natural hair is the most resilient hair type, curly hair is perhaps the most aesthetic genre. The strands aren’t just versatile and flexible enough to create a range of hairdos, but they can also be showcased in delicate ways using a range of hair products.

Using hydrating cream can be ideal for introducing some moisture and unlocking a look with tons of shine. However, if you want these elevated beach curls, using sea salt spray should be sufficient.

Soft Shag With Swirls

Soft Shag with Swirls

A shag cut can be the best way to make a black and green hair dye look sophisticated, especially if the vibrant shade is installed as streaks instead of highlights. With the help of styling tools such as flat irons, one can even create swirls at the ends of each side.

To create the curtain bangs, use a tail comb, a tool that was specifically curated to create middle parts without any pulling or tugging. You may also use dry shampoo if you want the bangs to have more elevation.


Long hair comes with tons of benefits but seems just as challenging due to how high maintenanceit is. To reward yourself for all you’ve done so far, make a pick from one of the following designs.

Plain Crown Braid With Waves

Plain Crown Braid With Waves

Maintaining the hair with top-grade hairstyles could easily be one of your incentives when wearing a black and green hairstyle. However, if protecting the shaft is just as important, try wearing a plain crown braid with waves.

A crown braid typically doesn’t hold much friction and is currently a great option for those with a knack for designs comprising multiple influential elements. It is a one-man army, catering to weddings, interviews, and casual gatherings without a hassle.

Half Updo With Angular Side-part

Half Updo With Angular Side Part

Having wavy hair is truly a blessing in disguise. Although the strands do require regular conditioning, one can mimic multiple hairdos with wavy hair, especially when paired with a black and green hair dye.

One of the safer and favorable variants one can try is this half updo, with an angular side-part that can really bring out the best in one’s jawline and cheekbones. To create the elevated side part and wavy tresses, consider using bobby pins or clips as a divider.

Layered Cut With Glam Waves

Layered Cut With Glam Waves

If you’ve grown your hair for way too long, it would only be fair to transform your hair using flashy components. And if you don’t have anything in mind, try taking pointers from this hairdo, involving a layered cut with glam waves.

While creating the waves with a rotating curling iron is a must, adding the tri-tone hair dye consisting of mint green, neon green and black is just as compulsory. Since the shades are quite concentrated, the bleaching process of this hairdo is quite long.

Moist Middle-part With Neon Green Roots

Moist Middle Part With Neon Green Roots

With enough gel in hand, you can also mimic the visuals of this outgrown middle part with neon green roots. The look is quite easy to wear, but needs tons of conditioning to reprise the healthy-looking visuals on a regular basis.

If your strands are already greasy, consider using dry shampoo to give the strands a matte-based impact prior to using gel. Apply purple shampoo once a week to maintain the visuals of the green dye.

Braids & Dreads

If you’d like to preserve the quality of your hair even after enhancing it with a black and green dye, protect the strands in the right manner! Consider reading through the following entries, comprising braids and dreads!

Cosmic Braids With Curtains

Cosmic Braids With Curtains

Wearing a split dye with hues of black and green can be ideal if the design you’re aiming for is bold. And if you’re still searching for the right match, consider giving these cosmic braids a chance!

Cosmic braids are quite difficult to bring into existence, requiring tons of implementation using the criss-cross method. While you can easily do it yourself, taking help from a reliable companion with sufficient knowledge of braiding can also be just as compelling.

Space Buns With Pigtail Braids

Space Buns With Pigtail Braids

The previous look can be great in the short run. However, the tightness of the braids can prove to backfire after a while, showing signs of hair loss, pulling, and traction alopecia.

While you can easily resort to hairdos that don’t require updos or ponytails with the help of the previous entries, a pair of space buns with two strings of pigtail braids can be another alternative that you can throw into the mix. The look not only carries a much lenient hold, but also looks healthier and less obnoxious.

Coiled Spiral Dreadlocks With Wispy Bangs

Coiled Spiral Dreadlocks With Wispy Bangs

If you’re a fan of edgy looks with multiple powerful components, these coiled spiral dreadlocks featuring wispy bangs that fall perfectly around the face can be a compelling candidate to experiment with.

Dreadlocks are quite unique at the moment still, and pair best with the qualities of natural hair. However, with enough wax and enhancing cream, these coiled dreadlocks can also be mimicked on normal to fine hair.

On the temple lies a skin fade, which brings more light to the hair colour and adds to the density of the shaft, being a mandatory component for thin to fine hair.

Duotone French Braid

Duotone French Braid

A quick and easy look among braids is a French braid, involving just a thick and resilient braid. The design is usually worn as a ponytail, being a good look for those with extremely long hair.

French braids are known for being relaxing and comprising the visuals of healthy hair, and with highlights involving the colours black and green, the unit can look thicker and fuller in most cases. The hairdo also offers a good shelf life, standing out the most on lazy days.

On another note, if you want braids near the hairline, consider trying out Dutch braids, a look we’ve covered extensively in this guide!

Green and Black Knotless Braids

Green and Black Knotless Braids

Another protective hairstyle that accommodates natural hair, as well as the colour scheme of green and black, are knotless braids, which typically run high in quantity and low in density.

Knotless braids are long lasting and easy to wear on a daily basis. When installed using gel, the strands also refuse to become dry, successfully eliminating the likelihood of hair loss caused by traction alopecia. To learn more about knotless braids, be sure to give this guide a read.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that the entries that make up our list of black and green hairstyles have been unveiled, here are a couple of solved questions that will surely enhance your knowledge regarding the iconic movement of wearing black and green hairstyles!

Q: How long does the shade of black and green last?

A: This answer varies, as it completely depends on the shade of green that is used.

On average, darker shades of green last longer without requiring touch-ups, while lighter shades fade out with each wash.

Q: How do I install a black and green hairstyle?

A: Prior to dyeing your hair, be sure to wash the strands using a clarifying shampoo and nourishing conditioner. Clarifying shampoos will eliminate residue, while conditioners will supply the strands with enough moisture.

While you can do it yourself at home with hair bleach, you can also reach out to a hair connoisseur at Walmart for obtaining long-lasting results.

Q: Will the shades black and green make my hair thick?

A: A new hair dye won’t necessarily make your hair thicker than it usually is. However, the duo of black and green can be a great colour scheme to implement if your main aim is to add more elevation to the roots and upgrade the visuals substantially!

Final Verdict

All in all, the trend of black and green hair is in full swing, offering multiple options that can easily be replicated in this day and age. While the bleaching process might require some assistance and patience, the decision-making process should be a walk in the park on most occasions.

At the moment, around 28 entries make up the list of the prominent hairdos among black and green hairstyles. Since the hues of black and green pair well with short hairdos and fit like a glove with long hairstyles, finding an option that caters to your needs should be as easy as pie.

Prior to finding a look, be sure to analyse your face shape and hair type. If your strands fall on the finer end of the spectrum, a short or medium-length look should be sufficient. On the other hand, if your strands are resilient and flexible, don’t hesitate to wear braids with your black and green hair dye.

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