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Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL Review: Is It Better Than Braun IPL 3 And Philips Lumea?

Growing body hair is definitely acceptable in the society we live in, and shouldn’t be pleaded against due to being a subjective matter. Likewise, removing body hair is also something that no one has anything to frown upon.

While patience is a virtue when you’re growing the bush, equipping tools is the best possible way to eliminate hair, irrespective of the region. Among the leaders are hair clippers and trimmers, with razors being counted as a close second. However, another promising prospect is Braun’s IPL 5, a laser hair removal device that is wise beyond its years.

Laser hair removal devices are the newcomers in the world of personal care. Possessing impressive technical attributes, candidates such as the Braun IPL 5 are deemed reliable and safe to use, even for beginners and newbies.

Braun IPL 5 is currently the best possible investment to make if you have the budget for a grooming tool that has more to it than meets the eye. And if you’re eager to learn everything regarding the device, and how well it puts up with the likes of the IPL 3 and Philips Lumea, this article should solve every dilemma you have!

Braun IPL 5: A Summary Overview

Before we spill all the knowledge we have of the abilities and positives that Braun IPL 5 is renowned for, be sure to give the following table a read to learn more about the fundamentals of the laser hair removal device!

ModelBraun Silk Expert Pro 5
TechnologySkinPro Technology 2.0
Suitable for Any hair type but ginger and blonde
Generates Spotless Skin in 4 weeks
Intensity Settings 10
Generates Desirable Results On Legs, arms, face, bikini, back and armpit
AccessoriesTravel pouch, charger, 4 laser heads, razor
Price See On Amazon

An Introduction To Braun’s IPL 5: A Continuation Of The Previous Segment

Braun's IPL 5

Since the main agenda of this article is to unveil all the strong points of Braun’s IPL 5, it would be ideal if we cut right to the chase!

Braun IPL 5 is what we like to call a long-term investment. It mostly relies on IPL technology to generate skin-friendly results, promising outstanding results in just 4 weeks! As opposed to the abilities of its competitors, the IPL 5 is also hailed for its lateral quickness.

Braun’s IPL 5 offers hairless skin for over 6 months, and caters to various skin types with the assistance of 10 uniquely-built intensity levels. Additionally, to work with sensitive skin, Braun also offers 3 modes; easy, gentle, and normal. All of which are known for handling skin with care.

Travelling overseas is hardly an issue for the IPL 5, thanks to its compact size and lean build. It also comprises lightweight materials, which go hand in hand with the glossy colour way of golden and off-white that it displays on the outside. Producing over 250,000 flashes on average and being able to offer a full body hair removal experience, it’s quite easy to see why Braun’s IPL 5 is as popular and well-liked as most hair gurus make it to be.

Braun IPL 5: A Thorough Review For Your Next Purchase!

Now that we’ve covered everything regarding the basics, it’s finally time to unveil the experience I had when using Braun’s IPL 5 for a significant period of time.

In addition to giving my two cents on the important elements such as the results it generates and the way in which it adapts to the nature of different areas, I will also reveal and provide a closer look into its packaging, handling, and specifications, mostly so that you get the most authentic and unbiased review of this device.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into my personal impression of the Braun IPL 5!

Unboxing: What’s Inside The Packaging?

Inside The Braun IPL 5

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Like always, the first thing I critiqued of the Braun IPL 5 was its packaging, which was quite rewarding once it was unboxed.

In addition to providing the corded device, the box came with a charging adaptor, alongside a cable. There was also an instructions manual, a couple of head attachments, and a detachable razor with a flexible shaving head, all of which are crucial and may be helpful for beginners. Next to the razor was a travel pouch, which can be a plus for those that regularly go on business trips outside their region.

Performance and Execution

Upon analysing its packaging, I set everything aside to invest my energy into two make-or-break aspects of the Braun IPL 5; its performance and execution.

Braun’s IPL 5, when push comes to shove, worked wonders for my skin. The way in which it adapted to the silhouettes of each body part with its fully formed Skin Pro 2.0 wasn’t just mesmerizing, but also rewarding for my skin.

As promised, the number of flashes it accumulated, which is said to score 125 every 60 seconds, delivered outstanding results. In less than 4 weeks, the awkward pieces along with the heavy set of hair decreased in bulk rapidly, that too without causing any irritation.

While the normal mode was powerful enough to generate admirable results on exposed areas with the help of one of its 10 intensity levels, I used the extra gentle mode for my privates, which was an enjoyable activity alongside being safe and effective. Do note that I also used the compact laser head when dealing with vulnerable areas.

From A Visual Standpoint

IPL 5 Visual Standpoint

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This segment is for those that not only inspect the technicalities of an object, but also the way in which it presents itself. Additionally, when it comes to the Braun IPL 5, the gadget is a must-have for visually-oriented minds.

The off-white and gold colour scheme definitely makes it a hit on the outside. The metallic aura of the paint job further adds to its tally.

Enhancing the impression is the lean build it comes with, alongside a minimal button configuration that makes it easy to fathom for amateurs, beginners, as well as minimalists.

Handling And Adaptability

Braun’s IPL 5 already is a win-win when its visuals and its efficiency are taken into account. However, what further increases its appeal is how smooth it is in operation. The lightweight body kit not only feels easy to navigate, but also adjusts quite well with smaller palms. When using the right laser head, obtaining ideal results without a hiccup is very much possible.

Being malleable is also a likable quality of this gadget, preferably due to its adaptable technology and generous modes. Although it doesn’t cater to every skin type and hair type with melanin, it definitely removed hair follicles and destroyed skin cells without leaving a visible mark on my body or causing any discomfort.

Pros And Cons

Braun’s IPL 5 is surely worth every penny due to the quality of service it provides, the way in which it generates smooth results in under a couple of months, and the durability of its housing. Not all is a walk in the park for the gadget, as it struggles to remain positive when working overtime.

In other words, the only problem I faced when using this device is when it had to serve me for a long time. While the results I observed were surely pretty consistent, the device started burning up once the duration exceeded double digits.

Another issue that somewhat hampered the final impression I had of the Braun IPL 5 was the fact that it still seemed uncomfortable to use on some parts of my skin with mild eczema, even with the help of their extra gentle mode.

Market Value

Since the amount of hair removal devices out there is still very limited and the quality of results is incredibly high, gadgets such as Braun IPL 5, which is perceived as one of the leading contenders, carry a hefty price tag.

While Braun’s device is definitely worth the value due to being able to walk the talk in multiple ways, the pricing of the laser hair removal device makes it inaccessible for many that are working around a tight budget, hampering its rate of success in the world of personal care and grooming.

Braun IPL 5 vs. IPL 3: How Big Of An Upgrade Is The Successor?

Braun IPL 5 vs IPL 3

Braun IPL 5 is, without a doubt, a diamond in the rough when it comes to removing hair. It not only offers the feel of smooth skin for almost half a year if executed properly. It is also miles above the IPL 3, which puts up a fair fight against the candidate known for being the frontrunner.

Both are extremely light

Irrespective of what you side with, both IPL 3 and 5 will offer you a great user experience with their fluid movements and extra light hardware. However, since there can only be one winner in this section, we’d suggest spending the extra sum to have the upgrade in hand.

Silk Expert Pro 5 brings better results

The Silk Expert Pro 5 isn’t just better in terms of visuals, but also contains upgrades that enable it to generate better results than its counterpart. IPL 5 contains 10 intensity levels in contrast to IPL 3’s 3. The device also accumulates and provides over 400,000 flashes as opposed to its predecessor’s 300,000.

What really makes the Silk Expert Pro 5 so commendable is the fact that it handles every skin type with care, thanks to the 3 new modes (normal, gentle, extra gentle), and the newly built SkinPro technology, otherwise known as SkinPro 2.0.

Braun IPL 3 is a bit bulky

The instalments of the Braun IPL series are quite pleasant to look at. However, in use, the IPL 3 feels quite large and uncomfortable to use when pitted against the IPL 5. And although the visuals hardly dismiss the results it generates, this element does make it challenging to utilize in the eyes of beginners.

The predecessor can be a good target for beginners

Despite losing the crown to Braun IPL 5 in this bout, Braun IPL 3 can still be a good purchase for newbies in the scene of personal care. The gadget offers promising settings that aren’t always skin-friendly, but definitely more accessible when you take into account the price tag it carries!

Highlights Of The Showdown Between Braun IPL 5 vs. 3!

If you zoned out multiple times when looking into the previous segment, put yourself back on the radar once again by reading through the highlights placed below!

ModelBraun Silk Expert Pro 5 Braun Silk Expert Pro 3
TechnologySkinPro 2.0 SkinPro Technology
Generates Spotless Skin in 4 weeks 12 weeks
Intensity Settings 103
Generates Desirable Results On Full body; including sensitive areasFull body; including sensitive areas
Number of Flashes 400,000 300,000
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Braun IPL 5 vs. Philips Lumea: A Bout You All Have Been Waiting For!

Braun IPL 5 vs Philips Lumea

The encounter between Braun IPL 5 and 3 is a matchup with an obvious winner. On the contrary, the showdown between Braun’s Silk Expert Pro 5 and Philips Lumea is, well, a close call.

While Philips Lumea carries multiple advantages under its belt to have the upper hand, things begin leaning towards Braun’s IPL 5 when both candidates reach the finish line. To learn all about it, read through the upcoming sections carefully.

Cordless vs. Corded

An issue that exposes Braun IPL 5 as the underdog in this bout is the fact that it is more hectic to use than the Philips Lumea, mainly due to its inability of being cordless.

Lumea carries a larger housing, but can be used freely due to not being tied down by a cord all the time. While this aspect is very minimal when placed on a large scale, it also makes Lumea more desirable in the eyes of modern enthusiasts.

Lumea is easier but heavier

Lumea is easy to look at, just like the Braun IPL 5. It is also quite easy to understand due to its button configurations, but loses out in the eyes of many wearers, mainly since the device is significantly heavier than its counterpart. Although it doesn’t invalidate the gravity of the results it offers, the weight can eventually be a challenge to cope with for users with small hands.

IPL 5 adapts while Lumea remains limited

Despite losing out in terms of advancement, Braun IPL 5 remains the ideal candidate to side with due to SkinPro technology’s way of adapting to one’s skin instead of offering a limited amount of options, an attribute that remains absent on the Lumea. To extend its lead, the IPL 5 also offers 10 intensity levels as opposed to Lumea’s 5.

Braun provides long-lasting results

Lumea offers 5 effective intensity levels that wipe away hair follicles in a jiffy. Braun seems equally compelling in this scenario, guaranteeing optimal results within 4 to 8 weeks.

However, what really separates Braun from Philips is the duration of its results, which remains preserved for over 6 months. The Philips Lumea, on the other hand, requires monthly touch-ups to repeatedly provide the skin with smooth and aesthetic results.

Lumea is more premium and expensive

Lumea looks and feels much better, despite losing out to Braun’s IPL 5 in a series of ways. And although many enjoy its unique silhouettes and premium-quality feel over Braun’s consistency, Lumea loses out in the eyes of many for carrying a higher price tag.

This decision, while somewhat understandable, remains off-putting, as Lumea lacks tons of attributes that make Braun’s IPL 5 not just the better candidate for its price, but also the more reliable candidate in the long run.

Series Recap: Braun IPL 5 vs. Philips Lumea

In case you’re wondering why Braun IPL 5 walked away victorious and relatively unscathed despite struggling to cope with the upgraded technical attributes of Philips Lumea, try and have a peep at the following table, which comprises a recap of the finale

ModelBraun Silk Expert Pro 5 Philips Lumea
Device Type CordedCordless
TechnologySkinPro Technology Smart Skin Sensor
Flashes per lifetime 400,000450,000
Generates Spotless Skin in 4 weeks 3 weeks
Intensity Settings 105
Generates Desirable Results On Full body Full body
Extra Attachments 43
Price See On AmazonCheck Price

Final Summary: Braun IPL 5 vs. IPL 3 vs. Philips Lumea

At the end of each bout, it seems as though Braun IPL 5’s attributes, hardware, and configuration propels the gadget to stardom, and comes in clutch when giving it the victory over its competitors, which would be the IPL 3 and Philips Lumea in this material.

The dominant device of Braun takes an unassailable lead over its predecessor, with a better version of the SkinPro technology, more impactful intensity settings, and modes that cater to any region in a gentle manner, especially the sensitive ones. It loses out when the market values are thrown into the mix, but comes out the better pick due to being more dependable and versatile.

Additionally, in contrast to the Philips Lumea, Braun IPL 5 has the edge with 10 incredibly-polished intensity levels, which are miles better than the 5 provided by Lumea. The Lumea makes it an even match-up, however, by providing a cordless experience in addition to being corded. With the help of its handcrafted Smart Sensor, the device also possesses the ability to provide over 450,000 flashes over a lifetime.

Braun IPL 5 Wins Over IPL 3 and Philips Lumea

However, Braun’s IPL 5 remains firm and unscathed, rising above by offering smoother results in-between sessions. As opposed to Lumea, the Silk Expert Pro 5 also carries a lower price tag, allowing the tool to cater to a wider demographic.

Bottom Line: Is Braun IPL 5 The King Of The Hill Among Lasers?

In retrospect, with all that has been covered, it is easy to crown Braun IPL 5 as the king of hill amongst its peers, especially when the other candidates in the mix are Philips Lumea and IPL 3.

Braun’s IPL 5 offers a better volume of attachments, generates faster and longer results, and is easy to handle with its lightweight materials. The device isn’t as multipurpose as Lumea, though, which offers a cordless operation as well.

Nonetheless, with 10 intensity settings, a skin-friendly user experience, and a relatively reasonable price tag, Braun’s Silk Expert Pro 5, otherwise known as Braun IPL 5, remains a much better laser hair removal device to invest in than Philips Lumea and the IPL 3.

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