It is common to note that a woman likes a well groomed man. A man who wears the right styled clothing and has nice hair and teeth are attractive to us. This attention to detail that they have while grooming lets us know a lot about the man in question. Apart for the dress we like a clean shaven man. Not that he has to be completely shaven, we just want him to groom his facial hairs to perfection. One such product that can help him to do this is the Braun 3Series 380s-4 Wet & Dry Shaver.            Best deals >>  Braun 3 Series 380s-4 Wet & Dry Shaver at Amazon<<

Overall Specification

Modelbraun 380s-4
Height8.7 Inches
Width6.1 Inches
Length2.7 Inches
Weight1.2 Pounds
Cutting ElementsFlexible
Cutting SystemTriple Action
Middle TrimmerYes
Full Charge1 Hour
Running Time45 Minutes
Quick Charge5 Minutes
Corded / Cordless ShavingBoth
Battery IndicatorLED (3 Levels)
ColorBlue / Black
Price range$60-$75
Rating4.3 Rated By 544
Travel StoragePouch
Warranty2 Years

A little about what the product can do

The product description maintains that it gives a man, “Perfectly shaved skin, even after a shave free weekend.” This shaver is special in that it can be used in or out of the shower without getting damaged. It is completely waterproof and is designed so that you can make the perfect cuts to all the areas about your face to include the sideburns, and mustache. It comes as one unit, but is also sold in a two count unit as well.

Price point
For an electric shaver the price point of the Braun is average. The price ranges anywhere from $120 to the low $90. You can buy the products from national retailers, or look to places like ebay for competitive prices from numerous sellers.

What’s included in the package

The packaging includes four items. You have the Braun shaver itself. It also includes a cleaning brush, a smart plug, and a traveling case. The battery is LED and the shaver offers a contour adaptive shaving head, 3 modes for shaving and offers a quick charge for a single shave.

What the product offers 

This system uses some integral technology. Such technology is Sensofoil technology which allows the user to get a closer shave. The Braun incorporates a Triple Action FreeFloat Systems as well. This technology allows for a beard that has developed over three days a more efficient cut. The shaver also has a triple action cutting system that allows you to cut any length of hair from your face. The Braun 3Series 380s-4 Wet & Dry shave comes in two colors. They offer up blue and black shavers.

Some Do’s and Dont’s 

You can not use charging stations for previous models. Because the product offers new technology the old systems will not accommodate. The foil shaver works best before showering. Trimming your stubble a couple of days before you shave also helps when taking on the task of shaving. Do hold the Braun at an angle that goes against the grain of your beard growth, for a more favorable shave. After 18 months of use you should change out the cutter parts of the shaver.

The reviews are in

Reading the customer reviews, there seems to be a lot of individuals that give the new technology four to five stars. They maintain that this series of the Braun offers the best shave to date. The one downside is that the carrying case does not hold the cord that is attached and does not provided you with a plastic guard to protect the head of the shaver from water and bacterial damage.

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All in all this shaver offers a lot to its user. With advancements in its triple action free float system, and other technologies it has become an industry standard. The packaging includes the shaver, a travel case, cleaning brush and plug and comes in one of two colors. The product can also come in a two pack or as a single shaver. The shaver makes for a clean and smoother face as it can get a closer shave now, than other models had before it. The price point is moderate compared to similar products on the market. Coming in at an average price of $94, it is worthy of every penny spent. With so many products similar on the market, customers are raving that this product stands out among the crowd.

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