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Braun Series 6 Models Compared: Are They Better Than Braun 7 or 5?

When push comes to shove, it’s easy to rank Braun as the number 1 brand among grooming items. From having items that eliminate stubbles to lenient tools for grooming the whole body, Braun is a company that keeps giving, preferably through their shavers.

Braun has a series of foil shavers under its belt to maintain the consistency of one’s facial hair. And while Series 9 Pro is the most dominant one out there, an affordable model happens to be the Braun Series 6, the main highlight of this article.

On top of being cost-efficient, the Series 6 is a sought-after shaver due to its unique build, impressive performance attributes, and unfathomable battery life. Just like most product lines in the Braun Series, the Series 6 also comes in various models.

If you’d like to learn just how good the Series 6 is in the grooming world today, it seems as though you’ve hit the jackpot. Tag along with us and stay until the end as we unveil to you all the promising attributes of each product in Series 6, and find out how well it is in contrast to its immediate successor and predecessor!

Braun Series 6: A Summary Overview

Braun Series 6 A Summary Overview

Although Braun is notorious for manufacturing tools with significantly high price tags, certain product lines in its franchise, such as the shavers in the Series 6, are anything but that!

While ensuring affordability is its main objective, Braun Series 6 comprises foil shavers with advanced technological means, convenient materials, and useful components around their hardware, all of which ensure an efficient and effective shave at all times.

From Series 6, the models that we’ll highlight the attributes of throughout this article are the 6075cc, 6020s, 6072cc, and 6090cc. Before taking the necessary steps to find out how well it compares with the attributes of Series 7 and 5, we will take a deep dive into the similarities and differences between the models themselves. If you stumbled upon this article without any prior research, allow yourself to find guidance in the table below before moving on to the next segment!

Braun Shaver Model(s)Micro Vibrations (per minute)4-in-1 SmartCare Cleaning CenterPrice
Braun Series 6075cc24,000Available See On Amazon
Braun Series 6020s 24,000Unavailable See On Amazon
Braun Series 6072cc24,000Available See On Amazon
Braun Series 6090cc24,000Unavailable See On Amazon

Braun Series 6 Models Review

Braun is a household name in the world of grooming, and it’s quite easy to see why! In addition to producing shavers at a top level, Braun is also known for continuously working on their existing product line.

Once Braun Series 3 hit the shelves, the brand went took a short break to discover new ways of manufacturing grooming tools with better quality materials. However, the short break slowly started expanding its length and eventually turned into a 5 year hiatus.

When Braun made a comeback in 2020, it did so with 3 different product lines, one of which was the Series 6.

So far, the Series 6 features a list of promising models. And although the list isn’t as extensive as that of its successors (check our issue on Braun Series 7), the handful of installments remain promising nonetheless. Read through the following segments to learn about them all!

Braun Series 6 6075cc

Braun Series 6 6075cc

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The first model in the Series 6 is the 6075cc, which has promising components that can’t be counted out. It comprises 3 foil heads with SensoFlex technology, a new attribute that enables the device to provide a clean shave without damaging the skin. This Braun shaver is also backed up by AutoSense technology, a signature software that measures the density of one’s beard before suggesting the ideal speed setting.

The 6075cc is constructed with an ergonomic build that is easy on the eyes. The handle is narrow and has an incredible grip, making the device easier to use and work with during each shaving session. Taking one’s time is possible with this device, as its Li-Ion battery can run for 50 minutes on a full charge!

The list of accessories provided with this model isn’t as plentiful, but long-lasting nonetheless. The Series 6 6075cc comes with two beard combs, a travel pouch, a precision trimmer, and cleaning tools, all of which can be a common find within all 4 of the Series 6 models. However, since it is a CC model, the 6075cc also provides a 4-in-1 SmratCare Cleaning Centre, a tool that gives the shaver a quick clean-up after each use!

Braun Series 6 6020s

Braun Series 6 6020cc

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The Series 6020s, when compared to the previous model, is rarely any different. In fact, while the selling point of this model is its availability and affordability, another promising aspect of it is how polished it is as a shaver.

Using SensoFlex technology, the foils generate accurate shaving results without any unnecessary force or friction, two activities that are notorious for bringing forward cuts and bruises. Like the former model, the 6020s caters to each user differently with AutoSense technology’s help. In short, AutoSense technology is a program that assesses the density of one’s facial hair numerous times. Once the former activity is carried out, the device automatically adjusts its speed settings and its movement to produce accurate results.

Braun shavers are known for having good battery life, and this model demonstrates that perfectly. And although it does lose points due to not having a 4-in-1 SmartCare Cleaning Center, it’s still a good investment to make. The battery can run for 50 whole minutes, and can charge in 5 minutes for one thorough session. To make shaving easier, the 6020s provides a pop-up trimmer and two additional beard combs.

Braun Series 6 6072cc

Braun Series 6 6072cc

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Braun Series 6 6072cc stands out more than 6020s, but only does so due to having a SmartCare Cleaning System, a signature component provided with the “cc” models. However, in terms of the shaving system and usability, it’s the same as all the models.

The Series 6 6072cc reprises AutoSense and SensoFlex technology, two attributes that collaborate on various occasions to provide swift shaving sessions. The hypoallergenic blades aren’t just great for sensitive skin, but also rotate in unique ways with the help of AutoSense to produce precise shaving results.

Similar to the other products of Series 6, the 6072cc provides an operation time of 50 minutes. On a full battery, the device garners the ability to perform week after week on a consistent basis. The Li-Ion battery surely brings forward a time-friendly shaving session each time, but it is also glorified for the efficiency it shows after being charged for just 5 minutes.

While this cc model comes with the iconic SmartCare Cleaning Center and pop-up trimmer, the device lacks beard attachments, making the device a no-go for users seeking to maintain their scruffy beard. It does, however, provide a travel case and a charger, which can be perceived as consolation prizes.

Braun Series 6 6090cc

Braun Series 6 6090cc
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If you’re expecting this review to pan out differently, don’t feel too confident, as the 6090cc feels the same as any other candidate in the Braun 6 Series.

While the skin-friendly foil system is a breeze to use due to its hypoallergenic properties, the 6090 goes above and beyond to bring in favourable results. Prior to allowing the foil head to work its magic, the device turns to AutoSense technology to examine the kind of facial hair it’s dealing with. With the SensoFlex system, the foils are able to move seamlessly around the face, flawlessly removing stubble strands in the hard-to-reach areas.

To avoid the risk of injuries, the Braun Series 6 6090cc is assisted by its Li-Ion battery, which gives the tool a running time of 50 minutes. The device also feels like a feather in the hand due to its ergonomic build, which stands out most when shaving rugged areas of the face.

Just like the other two “cc” models, this device is a must-have for its 4-in-1 SmartCare Cleaning System, a dock that cleans, charges, and replenishes the foil of this shaver. However, in addition to providing extra comb attachments, beard attachments, and necessary tools for maintaining the shaver in the long run, the 6090cc goes an extra mile by handing out extra replacement heads to be more reliable than the other installments in Series 6!

Braun Series 6: Analysing the Differences And Similarities Between The Whole Lot

While the previous segment gave you a preview of all the promising aspects that each model under Braun’s Series 6 contain, this section is a tad bit different, as it will unveil the common ground that all the Series 6 shavers have, with another portion comprising the differences that set each model apart from the other at the end of the day. From the distinct differences in their design to looking into their packaging, here’s all that we’ve carried out for this section!

Performance And Technology

Braun Series 6 Performance And Technology 

A positive between the Series 6 models is how efficient they are in terms of performance. All four of them are equally powerful at providing an effective shave, and use AutoSense technology to serve each user with accurate results, meeting every requirement accordingly.

The three-foil system is suitable to take care of anyone, as it comprises hypoallergenic properties that constantly work together to provide a close shave without any irritation.

To enable more control and shave against and towards the grain, the Series 6 models offer a SensoFlex shaving system. In addition to providing flexibility, the SensoFlex Shaving system allows the device to wipe each hair with tons of precision. On average, the foil shavers are said to produce 24,000 cutting actions per minute, being prolific tools at saving time!


Braun Series 6 Design

The first thing that I analyzed was their hardware, which was literally the same. All four models comprise an ergonomic build with a curvy handle underneath the SensoFlex head. The handle is coated with a rubber grip, an element that comes in clutch during long shaving sessions.

While the blue hue of each model looks appealing, another aspect that further enhances their first impression is their LED display, which typically acts as the battery indicator. However, it also has other icons for foil heads, chargers, and measuring the temperature of the device.

You can use any of the four models before, during, and after a shower, as the materials of the hardware are waterproof!

Battery Life 

Regardless of how substantial your budget is, you won’t have to worry about your purchase if your main aim is to side with the model with the best battery life, as all four of them are built with the same one.

Braun Series 6 is supported by a relatively powerful Li-Ion battery, which gives each device a continuous operation time of 50 minutes. The devices also have a quick-charging feature, which is an asset to rely on when you’re running out of time.

What’s Inside The Box?

Inside the Box of Braun Series 6  

This is where things get crystal clear during the comparison, as each model comes with a different set of accessories in their packaging.

The 6020s provides a travel case and a charger, but lacks the 4-in-1 SmartClean Care, an essential for maintenance. This is also the reason why the 6020s is one of the more affordable products within the lot.

Within the packaging of 6072cc and 6075cc, you might find the same accessories. In addition to receiving the device itself, both of them feature a SmartCare Center, comb attachments, a travel pouch, and a charger. The 6090cc has the last laugh and the edge over its counterparts, however, as it also provides replacement blades in addition to the formerly mentioned accessories.


Despite being the same in multiple ways, an element that separates the four from one another is found when their values are thrown into the mix.

The 6090cc provides more accessories to ensure a positive shaving experience. In addition to providing compulsory essentials, the model provides extras like replacement blades to make the tool more dependable in the long run. Due to that matter alone, the device requires you to have a budget that is slightly over $110.

While the 6075cc is just as costly as the former, the 6020s and 6072cc are two candidates you might want to consider if you’re having to work with a moderately low budget. On average, both installments comprise a price tag between $80 and $100, having the edge over the other two devices in Series 6.

Braun Series 7 vs 6: A Neck And Neck Battle

Braun Series 7 VS Series 6

Since Braun Series 7 and 6 hit the shelves around the same time, the scenario that arises when the two have a stand-off is quite even.

Both product lines contain AutoSense technology to provide users with a unique and sublime shaving experience. The shaver head is also the same, comprising a 3-way foil system.

However, instead of having a SensoFlex technology, the foil head of Series 7 comprises an adaptive Flex head, which can rotate at an angle of up to 360 degrees to shave towards and against the grain and bring forward correct results.

When it comes to design, both of them comprise the same build. Their ergonomic builds feature rubber-coated flooring, an element that provides incredible grip during navigation. The colour scheme is poles apart, however, as the Series 7 comes in silver body paint, as opposed to the blue-shaded handle paint job of the Series 6.

In terms of battery, both of them are equally reliable. The systems are constructed with durable and long-lasting Li-Ion batteries that provide the tools with a running time of 50 whole minutes. This isn’t necessarily the best that Braun can provide (read our write-up on Braun Series 9), but it’s still miles ahead in contrast to its competitors.

The two product lines also offer similar comb attachments and accessories. Furthermore, if you side with one of the “cc” models, you can expect your packaging to come with a SmartCare Center.

And while the differences in their price tags are minimal, the Series 7 takes the cake with its newly upgraded and adaptive shaving system, which removes stubborn pieces in a more effective manner.

Braun Series 6 vs 5: Why New Is Always Better!

Braun Series 6 VS 5

Series 5 was the first product line that Braun announced and released in 2020. And although it introduced the promising benefits of AutoSense technology, a software that Braun has been using ever since, the series is still an underdog when compared to the Series 6.

The Series 5 features a 3-foil shaving system, but lacks SensoFlex technology, an attribute found in Series 6 which allows the shaving head to be more versatile under tough situations. The two shavers are also created with the same Li-Ion battery, giving them a totat runtime of 50 minutes.

In terms of appearance and hardware, it’s quite difficult to tell the two apart. This is due to the build of the shavers, which are made with the same ergonomic housing. Both Braun models also have a rubber grip around their handles, being two ideal options for clumsy users.

The Series 6 usually stands out due to being more technologically adept than Series 5, but closes out the game by providing more accessories that aren’t just necessary, but useful for beginners. The Series 5 offers a charging stand, a precision trimmer, a comb attachment, and a body groomer. However, the Series 6 has the final say by rewarding investors with a 4-in-1 SmartCare Clean, a compulsory piece of equipment for maintaining the shaver with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of what’s been covered so far, we hope you’re able to find contentment in one of the shavers featured in Braun’s Series 6. Each product offer plenty of benefits, but also offer different user experiences due to providing 4 different sets of accessories.

On another note, though the options do seem intimidating, it could be normal to find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place due to unresolved queries. And if you’d like to address them effectively, don’t skip past the following questionnaire!

Q: How long does Braun Series 6 last?

A: Since Braun Series 6 features models that are manufactured with unbeatable materials, you can expect the gadget to last without a scratch for 7 complete years. And while you can easily maintain the foil with the help of its SmartCare Clean, be sure to replace the foil head every 18 months to enable the device to perform at an optimum level, at all times!

Q: Is Braun Series 6 better than Series 5 and 7?

A: Although the battery life between Braun Series 5, 6, and 7 is hardly any different, Series 6 is the better investment to make against Series 5, mainly since it comprises a slightly upgraded shaving technology. The narrative changes slightly when the opponent is Series 7, however, as the Series 7 models offer shaving heads with more flexibility, a feature that can’t be found in the three-foil system of Series 6.

Final Takeaway

With the formerly-mentioned materials, you’ll learn everything about the Series 6 models. In addition to getting a preview of what each model under Braun Series 6 can bring to the table, you’ll also be able to discover why the Series 6090cc is the best bet to make, with the 6020s being the smartest move to go forward with.

While Series 6 is definitely an upgrade from Series 5 due to its convenient hardware and better shaving technology, it falls short of being the better option as opposed to Series 7, which has the edge due to its flexible and adaptive foil system.

And although better options than the Series 6 do exist in the Braun franchise, Braun Series 6 shavers are possibly the best tools to start your grooming journey with. It could even be a good collection to consider if you have a moderate budget since all four of them will barely require you to spend over triple digits.

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