The Braun series 7 – 760cc Pulsonic Shaver System is Braun’s most advanced and best shaver and beard trimmer. It gives a great shave at an exceptional price. If you have a really coarse beard and have struggled to get a close shave without irritation or razor burn, then you should definitely try the Braun 7 – 760cc Pulsonic Shaver System. This razor was made with you in mind. The pulsing action of the 760cc captures more hair with every stroke than other electric shavers and Braun’s Activelift technology captures flat lying hairs.

Overall Specification

Modelbraun 760cc-6
Dimension(10.1 *6.3*6.3) Inches=2.4Pounds
Shaving TechnologyPulsonic Technology
Shaving HeadPivoting
Cutting ElementsFlexible
Personalization Modes3
TypesFoil Shaver
Corded / Cordless ShavingBoth
Program SelectionAutomatic
Clean & Charge StationYes
Active DryingYes
Hygiene Status IndicatorYes
Full Charge1 Hour
Running Time50 Minutes
Quick Charge5 Minutes
Battery IndicatorLED ( 5 Levels)
Travel StoragePouch
Price Range$150-$170
Rating4.4 Rated By 885
Warranty2 Years

The 760cc Pulsonic uses ten thousand vibrations a minute to cut more hair on every pass and it gives a better, closer shave on the neck and chin while still being gentle and not irritating your skin. With this shaver, you’ll get as smooth a shave as a razor blade and shaving cream, but without giving you razor bumps, nicks, or burning your face. Even with two or three days’ worth of coarse beard growth, you can get a baby smooth shave. The Braun 760cc is fully waterproof for shower use which is a great perk when you have limited time in the morning to get ready.

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The beard trimmer is easy to take on and off and does a great job trimming sideburns, mustaches and coarse beards. Also, Braun has designed it to trim long hairs so there is no pinching or “hair-pulling” like you can get with other shavers. Usually in under twenty minutes, the beard trimmer will clean up a messy beard, giving you a smooth, even beard that looks like it was shaped by a barber.

The Braun Series 7 – 760cc Pulsonic Shaver System is very nimble and does not require multiple passes like other shavers. And skin irritation is considerably less with the Braun Series 7 – 760cc, making it ideal for sensitive skin, too.  The Braun 760cc has three personalization settings to adjust the shave to three different modes: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive. The settings are quick to change, making it easy to switch modes for different facial zones. The foils sort of “float” and the shaver head pivots well, allowing the Braun 760cc to glide over the contours of your face for a close shave in fewer passes.  It is very quiet also—considerably more quiet than most electric shavers—which is great if you have to get ready early in the morning and don’t want to wake anyone up. Plus it is really powerful and gives a much faster shave than other electric shavers.

Braun gave the 760cc an ergonomic shape that is very comfortable to hold and the plastic casing feels solid—not cheap like other brands—but it is not too heavy. It feels sturdy and rugged, like it could survive an accidental drop.  The 760cc has an easy to use, single touch cleaning button that automatically cleans and lubricates the shaver, then dries it and charges it. The cleaning system is quiet and fast so you can clean the shaver after every use, although it isn’t necessary to clean the Braun 760cc after each use.

It charges pretty fast. About five minutes of charging is enough for a complete shave with the Braun 760cc,  this includes using the beard trimmer. On a full charge, the battery gives eight to ten shaves. Definitely, the 760cc Pulsonic Shaver gives a full work weeks’ worth of shaves on a full charge so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to plug it in the night before, which is awesome.

Like other Braun products, the Braun Series 7 – 760cc Pulsonic Shaver System has a two year warranty from Braun but it is really well made—and made entirely in Germany—so, just like with other Braun shavers, you should expect to have the 760cc for many years. Some Braun users report having their Braun shavers for ten years or more before replacing them.

With the Braun 760cc Pulsonic Shaver System, you will finally get the shave and feel you want!

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