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Braun Series 7 760cc Review: Built to Last a Lifetime

Like you and me, no two shaver models are made the same. Certain models handle better for some than for others. That is, except for the Braun Series 7 760cc.

Braun boasts its Series 7 shaver adapts to your face. They call the 760cc the “smart shaver” because it measures hair thickness and skin type to provide a shave unique to you.

But how is that possible? When I began this review, I didn’t believe Braun’s claims. After three months with the shaver, I have a better grasp of its capabilities.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Braun Series 7 Shaver and how the shaver performs long after you made the choice to buy it.

Braun Series 7 760cc Specifications

FeaturesBraun 760cc
Shaving Elements4
Shortest Cuts0.05 MM
Wet & DryNo
Run Time50 Minutes
Charge Time1 Hour
Clean & ChargeYes
Warranty2 Years
Price See On Amazon

What do you get with the Braun Series 7 760cc?

Aside from the obvious stuff like manuals, warranty information, and a corded charger, what do you get with the Braun 760cc?

Well, the shaver comes in a big box, and for a big reason. There are a few extras included with the shaver that are well worth mentioning. Read on to find out what they are.

Unboxing Braun Series 7 760cc

  • Traveling Case

Okay, plenty of shavers come with a case you can chuck into a carry-on. What shocked me with the included traveling case was the quality.

The foam-lined case zips closed instead of a cheap snap design. Its soft outer lining won’t scratch the shaver. And the crush-resistant inner shell prevents unnecessary damage when on the road.

All high-quality shavers should come with a case like the one included with the Series 7.

  • Cleaning Station

First off, I like that the Cleaning Station matches the black-and-blue design of the shaver. They make a handsome pair sitting on your bathroom counter.

In the box you get one detergent cartridge. From my experience with the station, the detergent lasts about 2 months. You can buy refills online at an affordable price.

The device satisfies a need I didn’t realize I had. I’ve owned and tested many shavers in my life. I’ve manually cleaned almost all of them. Yet, having a self-contained unit to clean the device saves more time than I realized.

The smell of a freshly cleaned electric razor in the morning grew on me quick. You may not think you need the Cleaning Station. I promise you that once you have it, you’ll be singing a different tune.

  • Brush and Shaver Oil

Some included stuff are basic items like a brush to wipe away easy to reach hairs and a tube of mineral oil.

Remember, the Cleaning Station lubricates your shaver. Don’t waste your shaver oil on the device if you routinely use the station.

But if you head out on the road and leave the station behind, bring the oil. Use it every two to three shaves to maintain a clean blade and other moving parts. A well-maintained shaver will last much longer than one that’s ignored.

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What Makes the Series 7 760cc a “Smart” Razor?

What’s the story behind Braun branding the Series 7 a “smart” razor?

Well, most electric razors operate on a linear system. You turn on the power button and the motor engages and you start your shave.

Braun Series 7 760cc

With the Series 7, a lot more is happening under the hood. Let me explain.

The shaver’s motor reacts to the changes in your hair thickness and/or density. Despite what you may think your hair facial hair isn’t uniform. Some patches are thicker than others. Neck hairs on average are thinner and less dense than sideburn hair.

So as the Series 7 moves across your face, the motor senses the resistance level and increases or decreases power.

Consumer reviews state that the 760cc causes no irritation. It makes sense. By reducing the number of cuts the blades make in thinner areas, your skin experiences a lot less stress from the shaver.

On top of this feature, the shaver also advertises micro-vibration technology. As with the motor’s sensor, the micro-vibrations increase in areas of thicker stubble. The max vibrations per minute is 10,000. But it can drop to as low as 1,000.

These two features work together to achieve Braun’s “smart” shaver claim. But how does it feel to use? Continue reading to find out.

Play-by-Play of the Shaving Experience

I’d rate my beard’s density as medium-to-average. I never experience irritation on my face. Some shavers in the past have irritated my neck. How does the 760cc perform on my skin?

I set the shaver to full strength and started on my three-day beard. I noticed the shaver speed up right away as it chopped through at my stubble.

Shaving with Braun Series 7 760cc

Never once did I feel it nick or pull on my hair. This is likely because of the SkinGaurd, an advancement not found on the Series 5’s three foil system.

The 760cc ups the unique foil components to four by adding SkinGaurd. It lifts hairs and protects them from pulling or snagging on in the foil’s mesh.

You won’t notice SkinGaurd with one day stubble. But if you’re the type to prolong a shave to three days and beyond, the 760cc will save you a lot of pain and irritation.

My first shave result was a close, irritation free shave. Finished, I holstered the shaver in the Cleaning Station and walked away. I felt refreshed, clean shaven, and ready to meet the day.

On later shaves I tried less facial hair growth. I found the Series 7 performs best on a two-day beard. Results will vary depending on your beard.

You can use the shaver on thicker growth, but you’ll be shaving longer. This isn’t a knock against the shaver. Obviously, more hair means more time.

Note: You can use the 760cc as a wet shaver, although Braun’s online copy doesn’t say you can. For this review I only used it dry as that’s my preference.

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How’s the Battery Life?

Some premium razors are loaded with so many features that their battery chugs after two or three days. The Series 7 does not have that problem.

Braun Series 7 760cc battery life

I didn’t notice a performance drop throughout the shaver’s week-long charge. Every full charge gives you about a week’s 5 worth of juice.

But since you should be using the Cleaning Station every two or three shaves, you won’t get anywhere close to the battery’s limits. That’s because the Cleaning Station also charges the shaver.

Don’t worry about depleting the battery before charging this device. The Series 7 sports a lithium ion battery. They’re known for holding their charge memory for years, no matter how much you plug them in.

There’s an LED indicator on the bottom of the device. It informs you how much battery you have left with full, half, and near-empty lights.

In case you run out of juice, you can quick charge the device. Within five minutes you’ll have enough charge for one shave. It’s a small feature but it’ll save you the nightmare of heading to work or to a date unshaven.

My Lasting Impression: 3 Months Later

90 days later, how does the Braun 760cc make out?

With electric razors in this price range, you don’t expect the body to break or the innards to die after 3 months. For me, the main question was if the shave performance dipped once the shiny new smell vanished.

Thankfully, the 760cc continued to impress me. I’ve used the shaver over 30 times now and it has not let me down. The Cleaning Station refreshes the foil and blades. It smells better than me most mornings.

I noted a few minor peeves as the weeks went on. I prefer horizontal trimmers, and the 760cc is equipped with a horizontal one. It works fine, but if you want to do a lot of trimming then buy a proper trimmer.

Also, the 760cc doesn’t come with a hygiene indicator, just the previously mentioned LED battery indicator. But if you use the Cleaning Station every 2-4 days, you should be fine.

What I Discovered About the Braun Series 7 760cc

  • A shaving experience that adapts to your facial hair means you’ll never feel irritation.
  • The Cleaning Station removes any worries of improper maintenance on my part.
  • Multi-speed functionality gave me the choice to tweak my shave, my way.
  • The strong motor went through my thick beard hair with no problems, even after three days.
  • I like the quick charge option just in case I forget to charge the shaver on the road.
  • Well built, premium traveling case I use all the time, made of high-quality materials.
  • Durable shaver body and rubberized grip instills a confidence that the shaver will last years.

What Could be Better About the Braun Series 7 760cc

  • Unfortunately, there’s no indicator letting you know when to clean your shaver, like the 780cc model.
  • I wish the 760cc’s Cleaning Station came with a quick clean option for a fast rinse now and again.
  • I’m a fan of vertical trimmer attachments, not the installed horizontal one. But it works great.

Final Verdict

Braun’s Series 7 760cc smart shaver is a unique device. Having spent the last three months with it, I’ve grown to love it.

Long after your buyer’s high has faded, the shaver doesn’t let you down. Performance and reliability seem to be the trademarks of Braun products, and the 760cc is no different.

Because it’s a “smart shaver,” I can only speak to my experience. It adapts to everyone differently. I made fewer passes with the Series 7 than with lower end Braun products.

Maybe it’s the micro-vibrations or maybe it’s the auto-sensing motor. I’m not sure. What I know is that I had a great shave both the first day and the 70th day. Is there a better sign of a great shaver than that?

I recommend the 760cc for all skin types and hair types. Those with especially difficult, curly hair need consider this razor, too.

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