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Braun Series 7 790CC Review: A Smart Blend of Style and Technology

Our modern world teems with options. When you Google “electric shaver,” you’re overrun with dozens of options and opinions. Your choices include budget shavers and pricier options like the Braun Series 7 790cc.

But why should you choose a pricier electric razor over something half the price?

No matter how you look at it, the Braun Series 7 isn’t cheap. So, what do you get for the price? And more importantly, is the shaver worth the extra money?

That’s my mission in this Braun Series 7 790cc review. I’ll help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

By the end of this review, you’ll know if this shaver is right for you.

Braun Series 7 790cc Specifications

FeaturesBraun 790cc
Shaving Elements4
Head Direction8
Cross cutting30,000 per min
Run Time50 min
Shortest Cutting 0.05mm
Warranty2 Years
Price See On Amazon

The Unboxing Experience

For a shaver that’s no bigger than your hand, the size of the box surprised me. Then I realized most of the real-estate inside the box belongs to the cleaning station.

Every item comes in its own plastic sleeve. When you lay out everything on your table and toss the box this is what you’re left with:

Unboxing Braun Series 7 790CC

  • 1 Shaver Cassette
  • Shaver
  • Cleaning System
  • 1 Cleaning Fluid Pack
  • Traveling Case
  • Brush
  • Tube of White Mineral Oil
  • Manual and Warranty Info

The Braun Series 7 790cc – Key Features

The jump from Series 5 to Series 7 shavers is an investment. Braun knows your decision rests on the details you can’t find on lower end models.

Thankfully, they’ve added several key features to sway your decision. Here are the key features you won’t find in lower end Braun electric razors.

Intelligent Sonic Technology

Braun’s labels the Series 7 a “smart shaver.” But what does it do?

Their smart technology is a fusion of two separate systems: an auto-sensing motor and sonic vibration. The motor adapts to your beard’s unique thickness and coarseness, tuning the motor’s output accordingly.

Intelligent Sonic Technology

The sonic vibration is a secondary feature included in the device. It channels 10,000 micro-vibrations a second into the shaver’s foils. These sub-perceptible movements catch more of your hair per pass.

Braun claims that the two features combined enable the Series 7 to shave twice as many hairs as their lower end models.

Advanced Foil System

Braun upgraded the foil system from the Series 5 by adding SkinGaurd. So, the shaver has 4 cutting elements instead of 3.

With the Series 7, the patented cutting blades and foils lift, direct, cut hair with no nicks or irritation. The SkinGaurd further prevents caught hairs by adjusting the height of the foils to match the contours of your face.

Advanced Foil System

Having tested countless electric razors, I noticed the SkinGaurd system most after I waited three or four days to shave. Normally longer hairs jam in the foils and pull your skin.

SkinGaurd eliminates this problem. It’s a great addition and essential if you’re the forgetful type who shaves less than four times a week.

5-Speed Motor

Rare is the shaver with custom motor settings. Usually the shavers I’ve tested have two modes: Regular and Sensitive.

5-Speed Motor

The Series 7 ships with 5 settings. With just a tap of a button, you can increase or drop the motor’s throttle.

Most of us will probably keep the shaver on its highest setting. But if skin irritation plagues your life, then you have more than enough options here to find a setting that’s perfect for your skin.

Quick Charge Lithium Ion Battery

Considering the amount of power the Braun 790cc uses, the battery life impressed me. 50 minutes is more than enough to last you the week.

And if it doesn’t last all week, you can quick charge the device. Within five minutes you’ll have enough juice for one full shave.

Quick Charge Lithium Ion Battery

Maybe I’m old school but one of my favorite additions to the Series 7 is that you can operate it while it’s plugged in.

I can’t tell you how many shavers don’t allow you to use them while charging. Aside from professional shavers, the Series 7 is one of the few devices that won’t leave you hanging if you happened to forget to charge it.

Great Design and Ergonomics

The Braun Series 7 rates as one of the best shavers I’ve held. It’s stylish and well built.

It’s heavier than a budget electric razor but not so heavy you tire after shaving. The rubberized grip means you can easily bring it with you in the shower and not worry it’ll slip out of your hand.

Braun series 7 790cc design

Near the bottom of the shaver you’ll find an LCD display. It states battery life and cleanliness of the shaver.

I never had to keep track of when to clean the shaver. Every time it was due, the display reminded me.

There’s a pop-up trimmer on the front. Great for small touch-ups to your sideburns, but I wouldn’t use it for any major sculpting. Unfortunately, it’s a horizontal trimmer. I find them more cumbersome than vertical trimmers. But that could just be me.

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How’s the Shaving Performance?

Braun boasts that the Series 7 can cut through three-day stubble. But is it true?

Indeed, you can shave three-day stubble with this razor. But if you have a thick beard that grows in quickly, shave every two days.

shaving experience with braun 790cc

It’s not that the Series 7 can’t handle 3-day stubble. It’s just that you end up running the shaver over the same areas a few extra times too many. Plus, shorter stubble is less stressful for the motor.

Overall, the Braun series 7 delivers a comfortable shave. I’m not sure if it’s one specific feature or a combination of its many high-tech additions, like a symphony. Either way, the shave experience is fast and irritation free.

The Wonders of the Cleaning Station

The biggest benefit of the cleaning station is that you never have to take off the cassette or razor head. When you’re ready to clean the electric razor, holster it into the cleaning station.

Holster the shaver and press the middle button. Don’t remove the shaver until they entire process completes, about an hour. The cleaning center does the grimy work just like your dishwasher.

The LED indicators on the left of the device tell you how long your detergent cartridge will last. The top light shows a full cartridge, the middle means you have 7 washes left, and bottom light reminds you to replace it.

Your included cleaning pack lasts 30 cleans. I ended up using the cleaning station a few times a week. So, on average, the cleaning pack should last you about two months.

Replacing the detergent cartridge is easy. You remove the cap from the detergent (like a milk carton plastic ring) and then slide it into the base and push the base down into its locked position. That’s it.

Note that the Series 7 charges while in the cleaning dock, too.

(Mostly) Maintenance Free

Thanks to the Cleaning Station you won’t have to maintain your shaver often. But no machine you buy is maintenance free.

Like any machine with moving metal parts you must apply a drop of oil every week. When you run out of oil, you can replace it with baby oil or white mineral oil.

Braun says the shaver cassettes last about 18 months. A dutiful cleaning schedule can push that number to two years.

I highly recommend buying replacement cassettes from Braun. The cheaper imitation versions are known to wear out faster, and the foils break easier.

I advise you to clean out the cleaning station every six months, too. I’ve read reports where consumers ignore this important maintenance and it clogs with old hair and dirt.

Why the Braun Series 7 790cc is a Smart Investment

  • I enjoyed every shave I had with this electric razor. It’s easily one of the better devices on the market.
  • Braun loaded this shaver with options, like the smart technology that adapts to your facial hair.
  • I liked how the LED display rated the shaver’s cleanliness, reminding me when it was due for a cleaning.
  • You can shave while the device charges. You’ll never have to worry about leaving home without a shave.
  • One of the gentlest foil systems I’ve come across, the added SkinGuard means you’ll never experience a nick.
  • Well built and designed, the shaver feels like it’s worth the money.

What Could be Better About the Braun Series 7 790cc

  • I prefer a vertical pop-up trimmer over the installed horizontal trimmer, but that’s just personal preference.
  • Inability to manually clean individual cutting blades means quicker overall shaver cassette degradation.
  • The Cleaning Station works well, but it’s another device you must maintain and buy replacements for.

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Final Thoughts

I started this review with a question: Is the Braun Series 7 790cc worth the price?

My answer: Absolutely. It stands out as an excellent electric razor.

I feel like the Braun Series 7 hits a fantastic middle ground. You get the advanced shaving technology missing in the lower models, like the Series 5 and Series 3. Plus, you don’t have to shell out the extra cash for the Series 9.

I’ll admit the initial investment is sizable. But this electric razor will last you years. Divide your cost for razor blades or the cheaper electric razors you buy over that time period. Over two to three years you’ll find the Braun Series 7 is affordable.

There are a lot of choices online for an electric razor. Unlike most, the Series 7’s smart technology customizes its experience based on your specific needs.

With all these features in mind you can’t go wrong. No matter your shaver needs, the Series 7 will exceed them.

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