Braun Series 7 799CC Review: An Upgrade We Deserve!

I’ve been a longtime fan of Braun and it’s series 7 shavers. There’s hardly a machine in this lineup that I don’t own. Well, besides the upgrades of course. I didn’t have Braun Series 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet and Dry Shaver until very recently. But I finally got my hands onto this thing a month back.

This is basically an updated version of Braun 790CC. The makers went ahead and made the piece of wonder even better. I mean, I had access to all the perks minus the drawbacks.

Braun 799CC gives me an intimate shave that’s comforting and saves me some time as well. This is what I’d expect from one of the upper echelon Braun products. Compared to series 9 shavers, this one has a low cost and simpler maintenance.

I can tell that people want to know more about this upgrade. That’s what this review article is for. Without beating around the bush, let’s get on with the piece.

What’s in the Box?

I could call this a High-End shaver. I mean, just look at it. This thing gives such vibes right from when you lay your eyes on the package.

Unboxing Braun Series 7 799CC

What I got is the standard 799CC shaver. Keeping in leagues with the brand’s products, this one is a foil shaver as well. You’ll have a cap for the “Cassette” aka shaving head.

Of course, you’ll have a detailed cleaning station with the package. Braun doesn’t leave us high and dry with just the station. In fact, they grant users with a cartridge containing the cleaning liquid. Well, it’s an alcohol-based solution that’s readily available should you need a refill.

You’ll love the compact charging plug as well. It looks sturdy and can take on outlets inside the USA without any problems. I liked the build and how it can fit in a small space in the package.

Let’s not forget about the small travel pouch you see once all the accessories are out of the box. It’s what I call pseudo leather. But it does the job all the same. It’s designed to keep the device organized when we travel around the world. There you go, a “Complete” package.

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How Good is the Build for the Machine?

I didn’t expect a flimsy build from Braun when it came to the upgrade of 790cc. Braun didn’t disappoint either. What you get is a sealed body. The “Hard Plastic” build is actually good when you think of protecting the machine from accidental damages.

How Good is the Build for the Machine 799cc

This thing is a small machine. By small, I mean 6.5 inches of height. Sure, it’s a bit glossy Braun ditched the usual “Matte” finish in this case. You’ll find a good grip to hold this bulky piece of shaving furniture. The guys at Braun pushed in rubber inserts to make it ergonomic.

The “Sealed” body prevents water from getting inside the motor and other intricate parts of the machine. Don’t forget that the 799cc 6WD shaver is a wet/dry shaver. Braun made the wise choice to adapt to the sealed joints to make it into a wet shaver, unlike the 790cc variant.

You’d find the pop-up trimmer at the front. This thing is actually decent when you want to size up your sideburns and keep them in shape.

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Keeping the LCD at the bottom part of the shaver is a strategic ploy by the makers. As usual, this thing shows the status of the battery, the hygiene level of your shaver, and the different modes that you’re working with. For a mid-budget machine, it’s all I could hope for.

However, if you compare it to shavers from Series 9 or Braun Series 5, Series 7 is aging. You could say the same when you’re comparing it with high-end Panasonic devices as well. Despite that, the 799cc performs at its peak and that’s what counts.

Adapting Shaver Head Makes All the Difference

As usual, this thing is a foil shaver with an adaptable shaving head that acts according to the contours of our faces. No matter how distinct your facial features are, Braun never fails to give you the comfort you need while the morning shave. Most of the credit goes to the underrated design.

Adapting Shaver Head Makes All the Difference

Again, the 799cc features three cutting elements just as Braun 5190cc. On that note, read my Braun 5190cc review to know how the two products stack up against each other.

Coming back to the device at hand, the cutting elements can move independently. This allows the shaver to cover more ground. Add to the fact that the shaving head or cassette moves back and forth on our faces independently as well.

People can even lock the shaving head in one position to be more comfortable while shaving. I’d advise my readers not to apply too much pressure on the locking mechanism. This might end up disrupting (or even breaking) the internal mechanics.

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How Good is the Foil in This Machine?

Most of us don’t go into the intricacies of a shaving machine. Often, we buy things on a whim or on impulse and complain if something’s not right.

If I may make a call back to a line I wrote in an earlier review of mine, “Braun doesn’t leave anything to chance.” This shows in the design of this Optifoil shaver as well. The three blades you see on the shaving head (technically two blades at the side and a middle trimmer) have hexagonal perforations.

Select few reviews that will tell you that hexagonal perforations are better than round ones. Round perforations waste too much of space compared to the hexagonal ones. They do little to contribute to efficient shaving.

Working with Three Different Modes

You could switch between “Intensive,” “Extra Sensitive,” and “Normal” modes. Of course, there are buttons at the side of the razor to help you cycle through these modes. Specifically speaking, the buttons are located right beside the on/Off switch that we can prominently see.

Although the settings are self-explanatory, you’d do well to use the sensitive mode for skins that are allergic to certain shaving products or razors. People can use the “Intensive” mode for a closer shave than usual. The normal mode is as you’d expect. Just pick the shaver and go with the default mode.

The Technology Behind the Hardware

Braun is very vocal about the “Pulsonic” technology and for good reasons. As it turns out, Braun 790cc electric shaver sends out 10,000 vibrations.

Honestly, I didn’t test out the claim to its full extent. I’d rather take Braun’s word for it. This vibration helps to capture more hair without flinching much. Couple it with the flexible “Cassette” and you’ve got an “All Compassing” machine.

You have the ActiveLift system to thank for the performance as well. This thing picks up flat-lying hair from our faces and hard-to-reach contours.

Then you have the middle trimmer like any other series 7 or series 5 shaver from this franchise. While the two foil blades cut your facial hair, it serves to trim them in a specific way. You have a dedicated “Pop-Up” trimmer in front that takes care of your whiskers and sideburns.

To activate or access this trimmer, just push the button at the side and you’re all set.

How’s the Battery Life in New 799CC?

This is what I call the “Standard” for Braun. The Li-On battery of 799CC provides enough juice for 50 minutes’ worth of shaving when we charge it for an hour or so. I’m talking “Uninterrupted” shaving. The motor won’t stop and start while we go about our business of shaping our facial hair.

Need a “Quickie?” There’s a five-minute charging option if you feel like it. Just recharge the battery for enough juice to shave just once. I don’t know about you but this feature saved me from embarrassment on numerous occasions in the office.

People can juice this machine up in two ways. You either place the device on the doc and leave it there for an hour. However, if you’re traveling somewhere, feel free to plug the cord into the outlet. This is convenient for me as I don’t feel like carrying the cleaning/charging station everywhere I go.

Let me warn you: This is a wet/dry shaver unlike its predecessor the 790cc. Thus, you can’t use it while it’s charging for shaving in the shower for safety concerns.

Cleaning This Machine Automatically

I don’t need to remind people that Braun dishes out the most refined cleaning systems. The 799cc is hardly any exception to the rule. What you get is a cleaning station that functions on cartridges. Oh, the cartridges use Alcohol solvent instead of soaps or detergents of any kind.

Cleaning This Machine Automatically

The obvious reason for it is the fact that Alcohol dries quicker than any other cleaning liquid out there. Also, soaps and detergents might leave a sticky feeling in our fingers when operating. Alcohol-based cleaning liquids don’t do that at all.

Cleaning systems from Panasonic are a step in the wrong direction according to me. The systems use detergents and soaps in their cartridges.

Coming back to the cleaning liquid, Alcohol does a wonderful job of sanitizing the entire equipment as it cleans. Did I mention that it dries quickly as well? You don’t have to wipe the machine or any specific part to begin the drying cycle. Just leave it be and it’ll do its job.

Alcohol is a great thing to lubricate your blades with. And guess what? It DOES lubricate the blades while cleaning the razor as well. You won’t have to lay a finger on them.

Worried about the cleaning cycle and how long it will take? From my experience, the entire cleaning routine lasts for 15 to 30 minutes. It depends on what mode the station is going for.

Oh, the cleaning station selects the “Mode” automatically. There are three modes, to begin with. The cleaning station assesses the “Hygiene” level of the machine and chooses between short, normal, and intensive modes.

Regular maintenance of such a machine is absolutely necessary. I’d advise my readers to clean this thing at least twice a month. Hygiene is obviously a concern. Then there’s the thing with alcohol where it evaporates even when it’s not in use. Thus, the liquid will deplete even if we don’t use it.

Is Manual Cleaning Even Possible?

With Braun 799CC, it’s a “Yes and No” situation. Yes, manual cleaning will make your shaver last a bit longer as you’re cleaning every nook and cranny by hand. Also, manual cleaning is necessary when I use my 799CC with a shaving gel, cream, and foam to get the residue out. However, there’s a catch.

You can’t actually pick the blades of this machine apart for a thorough cleaning. That’s because Braun uses a combination of foils and cutters for its machines. I got myself a “Way Around” the problem. That is to take the cover of the cutters out and clean each hair strand with the brush.

However, I must tell you, there WILL be a few hair strands left within the device.

Evaluating the Performance of Braun 799CC

The shaving experience is just what anyone would expect from a shaver of Braun. This is a foil shaver and it vibrates (Gosh! I’ve said it a million times by now). It’s natural for any foil shaver to get hot over time. But to my surprised, this little device and its blades remained cool the entire time.

shaving with braun series 7 799cc

I must mention the fact that the shaver is very gentle on my skin. Also, the motor is silent (and so is the cleaning station) when in operation. The blades are efficient in chomping through 3 – 4-day beard. Dry shaving performance for me is literally the same as the preceding 790CC.

However, wet shaving requires some special remarks. Braun has often struggled with wet shaving when it comes to mid-range models. But when we look at series 7 or 9, things tend to be different. This is an upgrade to 790CC for a reason. It yields better results in case of wet shaving with shaving cream.

I could tell that the shaver gives you a close shave as it glides on my skin effortlessly. Also, blades and the trimmer work in tandem to provide a smooth experience without nicks and cuts. If you want to get competitive, this one is the best there is considering the price range.

However, it’s on par with Panasonic’s ARC 4. Many would tell you that ARC 4 is better at a lesser price. But ARC 5 will surely deliver a better experience.

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Things I Love About the Shaver

  • The build is quite solid with a sleek, sealed, and hard-plastic body that serves well.
  • I loved the fact that it comes with a worthy battery giving me 50 minutes of runtime.
  • The cleaning machine does things efficiently and requires no outside assistance for the job.
  • Pulsonic technology is something I enjoy working with. It’s effective on aging beards.
  • You have different modes to work with when shaving and cleaning to make things easy.

Things That Could Have Been Improved

  • Manual cleaning with hands is what needs work. I’d advise it for newbies.
  • You cannot separate the cutting elements when cleaning it manually.
  • This competent model lacks a travel pouch. This is sort of the cherry on the top that’s missing.

Before I Wrap Things Up

Braun Series 7 799CC is a worthwhile upgrade if you’re a fan of wet shaving. Also, the cutting elements will help you in navigating through coarse and long hairs like butter. Consider upgrading from its predecessor if you want to shave in the shower.

Other than that, there’s no significant difference between the two.

People (i.e. Elderly and young adults) with sensitive skin will find it beneficial as well. It doesn’t pull or tug your skin as the rotary shavers do for instance. All you’ll notice is a smooth glide over your skin and no post-shave rashes. This thing takes care of your ingrown hair as well.

If you’re looking for a worthy alternative, go for Panasonic ES-LA63-S. The Panasonic product has a flexing head that adapts to your contours better. You’ll have the luxury of owning. A faster motor as well.

However, if you consider the price, ownership costs, maintenance, and performance… this machine goes above and beyond when it comes to offering value.

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