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Braun Series 8 Review: Updated for 2024

The Braun Series 8 isn’t your average shaver. From its initial release in 2019, the shaver held an unusual place in the Braun shaver lineup.

It didn’t relish the loud advertising campaign of the Series 9, and it was much harder to find than the Series 7. This middle child had a lot to live up to, and that’s why it’s so sought after online.

Today, the dust has settled. We know a lot more about the product than we did a year ago. Back then, reviews would state that the settings, features, and benefits were identical with the Series 7. I read a few that hardly differentiated the Series 8 from the Series 9. We’re here to change all that.

Below, we offer you the most detailed and honest discussion of the Series 8. In this guide, we explain the features that all the models of the Series 8 have under their belts and unveil the differences and similarities that lie between them.

In the second half of this write-up, we also provide a preview of what it’s like when the Series 8 has a face-off with other models in the Braun lineup, with an additional section of frequently asked questions to establish a better understanding.

Are you ready to take notes? Let’s get going.

Braun Series 8 Specification

FeatureBraun Series 8
Precision Head
Running time50 minutes
Warranty2 Years
Wet & DryYes
Clean & ChargeYes
Price See On Amazon

What Is the Braun Series 8?

Although Braun numbered this shaver below the Series 9, it’s younger than the Series 9, 7, and 5. Being the baby of the bunch, the company used what they learned with the rest of the series and infused it into the Series 8. This means the shaver has taken inspiration from its older brothers to inform its unique look.

braun series 8 8370cc

Stylistically, we see a lot of influences from the Series 5. The same side grips, LCD display, and tilting head appear on our Series 8 shaver.

The performance of the Series 8, however, nears the specs and closeness of the Series 9 and 7. This is a three-blade foil electric razor with multiple shaving settings and adaptable motor technology.

So while the shaver looks a lot like the Series 5, it performs closer to the Series 7 and 9. We’ll get into how this is possible, and if it matters to your needs, in the coming sections.

List of Braun Series 8 Features and Benefits:

  • Shaving technology

Despite last year’s look, the Series 8 makes up for it with the latest in shaving technology. Their Advanced 32-Bit MCU Chip adapts to your beard’s density and coarseness, gearing up and down within milliseconds of the change. This saves your battery life and offers you a better shave.

Some customers have noticed that there’s less skin irritation with this new hardware. This is a benefit many reviews don’t mention. The Series 8 throttles the blades on less dense whiskers.

You also get the SyncroSonic technology first introduced with the Series 7. This is another sensitivity check that reduces irritation and enables faster and more precise cutting passes.

  • Precision trimmer

The Series 8’s shaver head consists of four parts. There are two Opti-foils, a skin guard, and a hair trimmer. There’s also a pop-up precision trimmer on the other side. The trimmer’s design lifts hairs that lay flat on your skin. I find the trimmer is most beneficial around your neck or anywhere that two hair grains meet.

Despite how it looks from the vantage of your mirror, your hairs grow at different stages. This means some of them will grow faster than others, thus longer. The trimmer also cuts down hair that the Opti-foils won’t grab because it’s too long.

  • Precision Head Lock

Thankfully, the Series 8 stayed clear of the Series 7’s lack of a head lock feature. With this shaver, you get a precision head lock that engages with the press of a button.

This aids in the shaving of hard to reach spots such as your jawline or under your chin. Plus, with other models, it’s entirely possible for the foils to catch or the neck to break during travel. For those that plan to take their Braun shaver with them on the road, the Series 8 offers protection that matches the Series 9.

  • Wet & Dry shaving

The Series 8 shares the same waterproof technology found in the Series 9 7, 5, and 3. The wet shaving experience feels more like the Series 5 than the 9.

This probably has something to do with the similar shaver head. Either way, wet shaving with cream or just water feels good, and the product doesn’t gunk up with shaving gel.

Dry shaving with the Series 8 isn’t hard on your skin. I feel the performance of dry shaving wins slightly over the wet shaving, but that’s mostly a customer preference.

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  • 60 minutes of cordless shaving time

One of the biggest upgrades with the Series 8 is the 60-minute runtime. This is a clear boost in shaving time over the Series 7 and Series 9. The older generations could only reach about 45 to 50 minutes, depending on your settings.

The extra 10 minutes may not seem like much, but the beefier battery gives you another full day of charge. For those without room to dock the shaver on your bathroom counter, you’re more likely to finish off the week with this shaver than others in the Braun lineup.

  • Li-Ion+ battery

Although numbered lower than the Series 9, our Series 8 has the best, most recently updated battery. Gone are the memory fades of old Ni-MH batteries in older models.

This Li-Ion battery holds 20% more charge than the Series 7. Braun boasts that the Series 8 can last upwards of one month on one charge.

For those that travel often or simply hate charging their devices, this shaver is the best one of the entire series. Also, the battery supports quick charge. With the Series 8, a dead battery is ready for shaving in less than five minutes.

  • 100% waterproof

While most shavers in the Braun line are waterproof, it’s still worth mentioning as other brands, like Panasonic, save waterproof seals for their top-tier shavers. The waterproof seals found in this device represent the best in water sealing technology.

You can wash your shaver under a running faucet without damaging the internals. You multi-task pros can bring the shaver into the shower for wet shaving. Cleaning the Series 8 takes less than a minute thanks to the waterproof potential of the device.

  • Automatic voltage adaption

Another benefit to travelers, the Series 8 features automatic voltage adaption. This means it works with North American and European voltages.

Many shavers do not offer customers dual voltage. Remington, for example, often shirks this feature. No matter where your life takes you, if you bring this shaver with you, it’s charge and shave.

  • Skin Guard

You’ll find the skin guard located between the trimmer blade and back foil. These raised bars of smooth metal lift your skin off the foils. The guard protects your skin from snagging in the foils or trimmer.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I find shavers lacking a guard are the worst for irritation. The Braun Series 5, for example, doesn’t have a skin guard. This mandatory piece of technology is just as important as the foils and trimmer.

  • 2x Opti-Foil

Last, the Series 8 features the same durable and precise Opti-Foil technology found in the Series 7. Combined with the SyncroSonic vibration feature, these foils perform very well.

I’d liken the shaving experience to the Series 7 and 5. The Series 9 contains one more shaving element, which alters the experience. Although the same foils, you can’t swap the heads of the Series 5 with the Series 8. That’s because Braun changed the size of the head. You must buy different replacement foil heads for the Series 8.

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Unboxing Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver

Unboxing Braun Series 8

From the Series 1 to the Series 9, I’ve always liked the unboxing experience of Braun shavers. The packaging for the Braun Series 8, or Braun 8370cc, comes in a black cover with reflective gold trim.

Braun’s style is subdued and professional. It caters to the businessman and entrepreneur with bold type and clean little icons.

The 8370cc ships with the Clean and Charge station, so the box is big and heavy. The weight of Braun products has always surprised me. A denseness that’s sorely lacking in Panasonic and Remington shavers.

As you slide off the informative cover and open the box, you’ll first encounter a manual. Braun doesn’t encase their shaver in foam. Simple cardboard dividers separate the cleaning station, refillable reservoir, and shaver.

The shaver resides in the travel pouch, nice and safe. Upon unzipping the case and taking hold of your new Series 8, you’ll have enough charge in the Li-Ion battery for at least one shave. But I recommend docking the shaver overnight and begin with a freshly charged battery in the morning.

The Braun Series 8 Shaving Experience

Shaving experience with Braun Series 8 shaver

With Braun shavers, you get a slightly different experience with each series. The Braun 8 feels somewhere between the Series 5 and Series 7. This makes sense because it’s technically the same shaver head as both models.

If I had to choose one shaver of the Series 8 feels most like, I’d give the edge to the 7 because it also has SyncroSonic technology.

When the shaving head is brand new, it should shave off your facial hair within one or two passes. Thick and dense beards need not worry about the Series 8 lacking in the power department.

With the upgraded battery and 30,00 CPM motor, it’s more than capable of cutting down head hair or three-day stubble.

Another addition to the shaving experience is the 32-bit chip. By incorporating a layer of adaptable software into the Series 8, Braun ensures your shave is unique to you that morning. I noticed a slight difference, for example, between shaving with one-day growth and four-day growth. This cuts down on battery consumption and offers you as smooth a shave as possible given the limitation of the shaving head.

Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver Maintenance Tips

Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver Maintenance Tips

With the abundance of features and extras, you’d think maintaining the Series 8 would take time out of your day. But the opposite is true. For those without the cleaning station, I recommend rinsing the shaver head under warm water after every shave. You can’t separate the foil from the blades, so that’s about all you can do.

The 8370cc version I unboxed for this review includes the cleaning station. Maintaining the 8370cc is as simple as docking the device into the station once every week. The full cycle will take a few hours, so it’s best to run it overnight.

Once completed, the shaver smells fresh. The downside is that I find it’s sometimes a little too wet. So I recommend resting the shaver upside down anytime the blades are wet. That’s because water can dull the blades faster, costing you money in replacement heads sooner than you’d expect.

The Series 8 shaver heads should last you about a year. If you keep them dry and run them through the cleaning station’s detergent once every week or two, you could potentially up this to a year and a half. You’ll know when it’s time to replace the blades when it takes more passes to cut your beard.

Unlike some brands, I’ve never had a problem with Braun shavers snagging or pulling hairs. If this happens, it’s probably because the blade or foil has been compromised.

Series 8 Models Comparison: Braun 8330s vs. 8417s vs. 8457cc vs. 8467cc

Braun initially launched Series 8 by manufacturing foil shavers that had the digit “83” in their titles. However, after making minor adjustments to the groundwork and hardware, the German-based company released more models under the Series 8, referring to them as “84” models. 

When push comes to shove, there isn’t much that separates the 8330s model in contrast to 8417s, 8457cc, and 8467cc. In fact, since they belong to the same product line at the end of the day, the differences between them are rather minimal. Move onto the portion below to learn about the mutual aspects that bring the models together, as well as the attributes that make them different from one another. 

They generate the same shaving results

As stated earlier, there’s very little to separate the models of Series 8 from one another. One of the many elements that demonstrate that claim perfectly is their groundwork. 

Each model comprises an 8-D flex head that provides the next best shave to a close shave. They also come with Sonic technology, which makes their 3-in-1 foil system operate efficiently and effectively every time to bring forward results in a short span of time. The foils of each model are hypoallergenic as well, making them the perfect shaving companion for those with sensitive skin.

To accumulate hair in a short but safe manner, the four models take assistance from AutoSense technology, an attribute that assesses the beard density of the user before allowing the foils to produce 30,000 micro-vibrations per minute. The foil shavers also comprise a powerful Li-Ion battery, which not only charges in a jiffy, but also delivers a runtime of 60 total minutes on a full battery life. 

They’re structured with the same materials

If all four of the previously mentioned models look the same to you, then your eyes have probably read between the lines in an excellent way. Despite being a bit backdated, the 8330s comprises the same durable build and sleek design as the “84” models.

The handle of the predecessor is just as durable as that of the successors, lasting for 7 years at a time. And although there’s a small difference in their weight, all four of them feel as lightweight as the rest in hand. 

Another enticing similarity about the build is it’s waterproof abilities, making each model the perfect tool to use for wet and dry shaving and easier to clean in the shower. 

They offer a series of additional promising attributes

In addition to performing the same way and looking virtually identical, the models 8330s, 8417s, 8457cc and 8467cc offer the same set of additional perks. All of them are easy to handle due to their anti-slip grip properties, easy to manage due to the LCD that monitors their battery life, and comprise the same precision switch lock to provide users with more control during each shaving session and stay firm when it’s time to travel overseas! 

They don’t have the same SmartCare Cleaning Center

Although the models are the same in terms of performance and handling, the additional accessories that each of them provides divide them at the end of the day. 

On top of providing a charger and a travel case, the 8467CC and 8457CC come with a 5 in 1 SmartCare Cleaning Center. While the Smart Care Center found in the “83” model cleans the foil, rejuvenates the system, charges the battery and rinses the shaver thoroughly, the newer 5-in-1 Smart Care Center provided with the “84” model walks an extra mile by drying the tool thoroughly after each wash

In addition to being more efficient, the newer Smart Care Center is also said to be more spacious than those provided with the “83” model. 

The SS models are different from the CC models

Another thing that makes the models differ from one another is their serial numbers. Those with the term “CC” come with the new 5-in-1 SmartCare Cleaning Center with an additional cartridge for cleaning the foils. 

On the contrary, the 8417s and 8330s models only provide a travel pouch and a charger, both of which can be found in the 8457cc and 8467cc respectively. 

Comparing the Series 8 Shaver with Series 5, 7, and 9

The Series 8 ships in an array of configurations. But you can break them down into two basic versions. There are the Solo shavers, which end in S. Then there are the shavers which include the Clean and Charge Station, which end in CC. Below, I compare the Series 8 to the Series 5, 7, and 9. I’ll break down what’s in the box, and how the Solo and Clean and Charge versions compare to the Series 8.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 7

As I said earlier, I found the experience of shaving with the Series 8 most similar to the Series 7. Braun’s best-selling shaver is the 7, so it makes sense that they’d model the 8’s shaving prowess to this famous product.

Braun series 8 vs series 7

But visually, the Series 7’s body looks completely different. Although they weigh about the same, holding and using the Series 7 feels a little bulkier.

The wide frame reminds me of the Panasonic shavers, which were popular at the time they first introduced the Series 7. Yet with this bulk also comes a more durable handle.

The Series 7 feels sturdy in the hand. I’ve dropped my Series 7 in the bathroom more than once and it keeps ticking. I’m not sure how well the light plastic frame of the Series 8 would appreciate a fall in the shower.

I like the battery indicator on the Series 8 compared to the Series 7. It’s on the front panel and displays the battery life with bold silvery-blue LCD lights.

The Series 7 has these weird circular bars at the bottom of the handle. I think Braun did this so you could check the charge as it was holstered into the Clean and Charge station. But the effect doesn’t impress me.

Speaking of the Clean and Charge station, the Series 8’s station takes up more space on your bathroom vanity. It’s wider and has fewer features. I don’t understand why they decided to do this, as the shaving heads are almost the same size.

In fact, the Series 7 has a slightly wider shaving head. You refill the detergent reservoir the same way on both products. And in the Series 8’s defense, the new design’s sleek curves and cool blue lights look better in most modern bathrooms.

The shaving experience of the Series 8 versus the Series 7 is very close. I think this has to do with SyncroSonic technology. They operate in near-identical ways. But the comfort factor of the Series 8 was much smoother than the former product. If I were to point to one feature that highlights this change, it’d be the 32-but MCU chip. The Series 7 only has a 7-bit chip.

That means it doesn’t adapt as quickly or accurately to your beard hair density, growth, and toughness. When you add the stronger battery and quieter motor, I’d give the edge to the Series 8.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 9

Comparing the Braun Series 8 with the Series 9 carries with it a disclaimer. The Series 9 is Braun’s new flagship shaver. It has features that put it in a different price range. Really, it’s for consumers that seek the latest technology and most features. The Series 8, on the other hand, was built as a keystone product that took the best from the Series 5 and 7.

Braun series 8 vs series 9

Installed on the Series 9 you get a fourth cutting element. This gold-plated cross-cutting blade was designed to catch long, unruly hairs. On the Series 8, those hairs must be dealt with using the pop-up trimmer.

So for those of you that only shave once or twice a week, or have hairs that grow long and in different directions, the Series 9 may be worth the extra money.

The Series 8 and the Series 9 look nearly identical. The handle bodies are the same size, but the Series 9 weighs slightly more. There’s some added grip on the Series 9 power button and the color schemes favor chrome over the black and silver of the Series 8. But holding the two products in either hand, you’ll wonder why one costs so much more than the other.

Also, both products share the updated Clean and Charge station re-design. So regardless of which one you buy, it if comes with a station, they’re very similar. I found the station performs the same with the two shavers. They leave the dock smelling fresh.

The Series 9 has a fan, however, which dries the blades. You can’t use a Series 8 Clean and Charge station to clean the Series 9. The head port is different because of the wider head on the Series 9.

Until recently, the Series 9 shipped with the same battery as the Series 7. These are the 92XX versions. Braun’s most recent iteration of the Series 9 changed this. The shavers now ship with the updated battery and the 32-Bit MCU ship. That means the highest adaptability and motor throttling available in the Braun lineup can be had in either the Series 8 or Series 9.

Unless you have very thick, barbarian hair or you’re a gadget fiend that must have the top-tier of whatever product you buy, then the Series 8 is a better pick. You lose out on the fourth cutting element, but that means replacement heads are cheaper. The same technology, battery, SyncroSonic vibration, and wet and dry capability can be had in the Series 8.

Braun Series 8 vs Series 5

Since the Braun Series 8 was meant to be an upgrade of the Series 5 and 7, this comparison should be pretty simple. Yet I found it harder to choose one or the other than I first expected. I hadn’t used a Series 5 in awhile and was shocked to find how similar the body was.

This is a closely related handle to the Series 8 and the Series 9. It feels about the same weight and sounds about the same while shaving. The Series 8’s handle does feature an updated LCD screen with a detailed battery percentage readout.

Braun series 8 vs series 5

Inspecting their performance and features more closely, however, and you’ll notice some striking differences. The Series 5 lacks SyncroSonic technology. This isn’t just a vibration function. These micro-movements help to cath hairs and reduce irritation. So those with sensitive skin should choose the Series 8 if they can afford it.

The Series 5’s battery and MCU chip are also outdated. The battery’s capacity lasts for upwards of two weeks, which is a long distance from the month-long charge of the Series 8. The added benefits of a 32-Bit MCU include faster shaver in fewer passes and battery-saving motor throttle.

This doesn’t mean the Series 5 performs poorly. In fact, it’s a great shaver with a solid handle and the same 10,000 CPM motor. Yet I can’t deny the Series 8 is better.

The Series 8 has a skin guard, which angles your skin ever so slightly and facilitates a more even and smoother shave. I didn’t notice a difference between the 8’s Opti-foils and the 5’s Senso-foils. Also, because it’s a newer model, the Series 8’s replacement heads cost more. Overall, if you want a smooth shave in fewer passes and without irritation, I’d choose the Series 8 over the Series 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean your Braun Series 8 shaver?

If you have the Braun Series 8 with the Clean and Charge station, then cleaning your Series 8 is as simple as docking it into the station overnight. The station requires a few hours to clean and dry the shaver.

I recommend cleaning it once a week or two, depending on how much you shave. Without a cleaning station, you can run the shaver under warm water for thirty seconds. Some consumers like to detach the head and tap out the whiskers once every week, too.

Where is Series 8 shaver manufactured?

Braun’s a rare company in the shaving industry because they manufacture their shavers in Germany. Specifically, their headquarters are in Kronberg. Most shaver companies have sent their manufacturing to China, India, and Mexico, but not Braun. You’ll notice the difference right out of the box. Braun shavers feel heavier in the hand and perform longer than your average device.

How often do you need to change the Braun series 8 shaver head?

Braun recommends replacing the Series 8 shaver head once a year. But this date can be longer or shorter, depending on how well you maintain the blades and foils.

First, always place the cap on the shaver before storing it. A dinged foil must be replaced, and that can happen at any time. Second, fully dry your shaver head after every cleaning or wet shave. Water left to sit on the blades will prematurely dull them.

How often do you need to exchange the cleaning center refill cartridge?

Again, this depends on how long you use the Clean and Charge station. If you use it once every week or two, then you’ll need to refill the station every three months. Some customers have noticed that leaving the fluid any longer than a few months leads to excessive evaporation.

If you don’t use the fluid within three months, expect to replace it soon after. Your Clean and Charge station will notify you when it’s time to refill the reservoir.

Can you use your Braun previous cleaning center with the new Series 8 shaver?

No! While the Series 9 and Series 5 charging stations look almost identical to the Series 8’s Clean and Charge station, they’re not 100% compatible. You can charge the Series 8 in the Series 9 or Series 5 dock, but the cleaning system won’t engage. That’s because the heads are slightly different and won’t engage the sensors to begin a cleaning cycle.

My Verdict

So should you buy a Series 8? Well, if you’re a devout Braun shaver fan, then the Series 8 has a lot to offer versus the Series 5, 7, and 9. You’ll find a shaver with a bigger battery and a smarter onboard chip. It sports the body of the Series 5 and the head of the Series 7.

Now that it’s been out almost a year, the Series 8 replacement heads are nearly the same price as the Series 7 and the Series 5. In my opinion, the argument to buy the Series 7 over the Series 8 no longer seems as appealing. This especially rings true considering the upgrades you get with the Series 8.

Compared to the Series 9, this shaver nearly comes out on top. Seriously, the only thing that the Series 9 has over the Series 8 is an extra cutting element. While helpful, I never found it added much to the experience, other than a bigger shaving head. The Series 9 replacement heads are often still more expensive, too. So the answer? Yes, you should but the Series 8!

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