Braun Series 9 9295cc Review: We Dig Deep to Find the Features You Need

There’s much to love about the 9295cc. It has a great cleaning and charging system that sanitizes. The shaver has an ergonomic design with a texturized grip. It performs well in wet or dry scenarios.

This shaver can be used by those running out the door who want a terrific dry shave. It’s equally good in the shower with shaving cream. It delivers close shaves that don’t cause irritation. There’s never any need to give your face multiple passes since the shaver has all the features you could need.

Overview of the Features – Braun Series 9 9295cc

SpecificationsBraun Series 9 9295cc
Shaving technologySyncroSonic
Cutting actions 40,000 per minute
Precision trimmerYes
Wet & Dry useYes
Water ProofYes
Run time50 minutes
Clean & Charge StationYes
Quick chargeYes
Travel LockYes
Warranty2 Years
Price Check Price
  • Titanium-Coated Trimmer

Braun Series 9 9295cc

The series 9295cc was updated from its previous model 9095cc with a golden trimmer. This element of the shaving head is made of titanium. It was given a unique color to differentiate it from the other elements.

The addition of Titanium Nitrade was to deliver customers a shaving element that will keep its edge and won’t corrode. The thin film of Titanium Nitride or TiN is used in many precision metal parts like the shaving elements here. It’s the perfect combination of toughness and hardness.

  • HyperLift-and-Cut Element

The TiN element is part of the HyperLift&Cut system. It’s an element that helps the shaver perform at a higher level. Many men complain that they aren’t get a close enough shave. It’s mostly because the shaver has a hard time with flat-lying hairs.

The HyperLift&Cut system targets those hard-to-shave hairs and lifts them. The trimmer system guides the hair after lifting it, so all the hair is cut. Allowing for a very close and smooth shave.

  • Wet/Dry Technology

With wet/dry technology, the shaver can be taken into the shower. Hot water on the skin will soften the hair and skin for shaving. It’s like getting your face shaved at a barber shop. That’s where they used hot towels to get softer hair and skin. It gives a much cleaner, smoother shave.

It can also be used with shaving cream and gel. Shaving in the shower allows for double the skin-softening properties. You get the heat of the shower plus the softening of shaving cream or gel. When using your shaver in the shower, you’re able to rinse the cream and gel from the head, too.

  • Five Elements

There are technically only 4 shaving elements. That includes two foil elements. There’s a lift and cut trimmer that will effortlessly cut flat hairs. Lastly, there’s a Direct and Cut trimmer for guiding the hair into the foil.

The 5th element is the SkinGuard. This isn’t a shaving element, but it will make shaving smoother. It pulls the skin taut while shaving and smooths it in the process.

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  • OptiFoil

The foil on the shaving elements cut hair by capturing more hair with each pass. The holes allow more hair to enter the shaver while guarding the skin against cuts.

The foil is incredibly thin. This means that the hair gets cut shorter than other shavers with a thicker foil. The shaver glides easily with this OptiFoil design.

  • Cross-Cutting Actions

Each blade delivers 10,000 cutting actions per minute. With 4 actual cutting elements, you’re getting 40,000 cross-cutting actions. That’s a lot of power and cutting behind the foil openings.

That amount of cutting per minute provides an incredible amount of thoroughness in your shave. That contributes to the amount of passes over the skin, which should be minimal. You don’t want to make repeated passes over your skin, or you’ll end up with irritation.

  • SyncroSonic Technology

The Series 9 has SyncroSonic Technology for reading the thickness of your beard and adjusting. It’ll read the density of your hair in certain areas.

Once it measures the thickness, the motor will deliver more power as needed. It makes these adjustments instantly and constantly. You don’t have to worry about pushing a button. There’s no need to measure the thickness yourself. The shaver does all the work for you.

  • 10D Flexibility

Each of the shaving elements moves independently from the next. They each pivot side to side. This is one of the most flexible shavers on the market. The elements move along the skin and change as needed based on your face’s contours.

The head itself also moves. It works on its own based on the movement needed to stay in skin contact. The entire head can be locked into place, too. This is vital in areas like the chin or under the nose where you need the same angle locked.

  • Cleaning and Charging Station

Cleaning and Charging Station

The 9295cc comes with a cleaning and charging system. The cleaning system is included with this shaver. It’s easy to learn whether the shaver has a cleaning and charging system. It includes the letters cc in the model name.

The cleansing system uses an alcohol-based cleanser. It’s included in the shaving kit. It can also be ordered quite easily. The alcohol cleanser will give you a clean that sanitizes, too. That’s important for a device that will be constantly touching your face.

  • Pop-Up Trimmer

The trimmer on the outside of the handle is a precision-oriented option. With the touch of a button, the trimmer pops up from the handle. A trimmer attached to the device means that it can never get lost. You also don’t have to change out attachments, either.

The pop-up trimmer is a precision trimmer that helps with edging your beard or mustache. It’s great for sideburns and cleaning up the back of your neck. You can easily keep your neck clear of hair between haircuts, too.

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Our Opinion of the Shaving Performance

The 9295cc is a very effective shaver when you evaluate the overall performance. It’s great for both wet and dry uses. Most men want to fly out of the house in the morning. They don’t want to spend an hour on grooming. It’s a close, comfortable shave even when used dry.

All of the features present in the 9295cc contribute to a smooth shave. They ensure there are no irritations after using the shaver. The foil smooths the skin and allows more hair to be cut. The Lift and Cut system removes flat hairs without repeated passes.

The SyncroSonic technology gives you more power in areas where it’s needed. You don’t have to fuss with any buttons to garner more power, either. The cross-cutting actions also give a more complete shave with less passes over the skin.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance for the 9295cc

The shaver comes with a small brush for removing hair. It’s a simple matter to brush dry hair out of the shaver when you’re done. You shouldn’t leave hair to build up before cleaning.

A big feature of the 9295cc is the addition of the cleaning station. It uses an alcohol solution to sanitize and clean the shaver. Along with sanitizing and cleaning the shaver, the system also lubricates the blades. It dries the entire shaver after it finishes, too.

  • Ergonomics and Quality of Design

Braun 9295cc Ergonomics and Quality of Design

The shaver is beautifully curved and easy to handle. It’ll make shaver really enjoyable even if you’re meticulous. Shaving shouldn’t take long at all since you won’t have to go over the same patch of skin multiple times. Even those who shave slowly will be able to hold this without a problem.

The design is really stunning, too. The shaving head is large enough to cover a lot of your face with one pass. At the same time, it’s easy to get into small areas like the space under the nose.

There’s one area that might be a bit problematic for some folks. The shaver is available in a lovely chrome color. It’s prone to fingerprints and watermarks. To keep your shaver looking its best, you’ll have to wipe it down after each use.

  • Battery Life

The cleaning and charging station doesn’t really work as a stand unless your shaver needs a clean or charge. The battery only takes an hour to charge fully. Once it’s finished cleaning and charging, shutting it down will give your battery more life.

After charging, the lithium-ion battery will provide 50 minutes of shaving. There’s an LED display to show you exactly how much time you have left.

There’s also a quick option that will give you a way to deliver one quick shave. The quick shave option only takes 5 minutes. It’s fantastic for when you’re running out the door and don’t have time to fully charge.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Braun Series 9 9295cc has some incredible features. The battery life/time and the travel charger and case give this shaver flexibility. You’ll be able to easily take this with you on vacations and work trips.

The shaver can be used in the shower or with shaving cream. These options give you a smoother shave with less irritation.

There are great technological features like SyncroSonic, the HyperLift & Cut, and OptiFoil blade coverage. All of them really shine and give you a fantastically clean shave.

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