Brio Beardscape Review: Is The Successor Worth The Investment?

While siding with a prominent brand is easy when it comes to skincare or even hair care, having the same mantra when choosing between male grooming products, especially shavers and trimmers, is a tough task without a solution. While Braun and Philips are the first names that come to mind, fresh faces like Brio, mostly known for their Beardscape collection, can also be an option for those working around a budget of under $100.

Initially gaining attention for their electric toothbrushes, Brio expanded their business model in 2014 when they started manufacturing even more products fitting in the category of personal care, two of which are the Beardscape V1 and Beardscape V2, the main agendas of this article.

Beardscape V1 and V2 are quite different in terms of operation, despite having minimal differences in pricing. Although both of them were designed to strictly work around beards and facial hair, each candidate can also be a top-notch body groomer when exploited to the fullest. And if you’d like to learn more, consider taking notes from the review I have attached to this issue!

Brio Beardscape Review: My Two Cents On The Pair

Less is more in the eyes of Brio, which explains why they only have two shavers under belt as of today. However, when push comes to shove, Brio’s shaver collection, comprising the Beardscape V1 and V2, are compelling candidates to be an everyday shaver.

From having efficiency as one of their strong suits to being backed up with an incredible battery life, in my eyes, both grooming tools of Brio can very well end up as iconic tools over the next few years. And if you’re eager to learn what my experience was like with the two, move on to the next two segments.

Brio Beardscape V1

The first candidate of this bout is Brio’s Beardscape V1, the first corded electric shaver under the brand’s name. It comprises a ceramic blade that isn’t just efficient, but also covers all the lengths between 1 mm and 1.9mm. With the help of this feature, obtaining a close shave as well as maintaining a 3-day stubble is very much possible.

During operation, the premium plastic housing with the diamond coated handle really stands out. It didn’t just fit perfectly in my hand, but also enabled smooth operation. Although it did feel a bit bulky in contrast to its counterpart, the lightweight feel of the device surely made up for the missing element.

Brio Beardscape V1

Beardscape V1 is a great operator, to say the least. Despite being a tad bit backdated, the device carries a powerful Li-Ion battery that only requires 3 hours worth of charging to reach a full battery life. When complete, the Beardscape V1 can run for a maximum amount of 4 hours, but only if the speed setting is kept in check.

When it comes to speed settings, the Beardscape is a diamond in the rough, covering any range between 5000 to 7000. In my opinion, using it at the lowest setting, which provides an RPM of 5000, should suffice for any beard length, regardless of density. However, if you have a schedule that is as tight as mine, the highest available speed setting out of all 5 should definitely be an ideal companion to regularly rely upon.

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As far as the design goes, the device looks quite average. The handle comprises a sliding button that maintains the power and adjusts the length setting of the device. Underneath the power button is a display, which, in addition to displaying the status of the battery, also shows the amount of running time the shaver can serve. It also comes with an oil indicator, which typically beeps when the blade of the device needs to be replenished.

Although the device falls short of living up to the hype due to not being waterproof, maintaining Beardscape V1 is quite easy if you buy it from a reliable source. The packaging provides a cleaning brush and a blade oil, both of which comprise the ability to replenish the blade in no time. Alongside the cleaning kit is a charging stand, a wall charger, and a lengthy cable, all of which are equally important for upkeep. To make the tool as versatile as possible, the Beardscape V1 also comes with 4 reversible comb attachments, which can cover 8 lengths altogether.

In retrospect, for its budget, the Beardscape V1 is quite useful, not just for maintaining a stubble or generating a close shave, but also for the whole body. On top of having an incredible battery life, Beardscape V1 comes with attachments that are useful and multi-purposeful, a ceramic blade that can swiftly work past a coarse beard, and modern technological means that makes it user-friendly and a must-have for beginners.

Brio Beardscape V2

On the other side of the lane is Brio’s Beardscape V2, the successor of the V1. Although the brand dubbed it as the “upgraded” version of the predecessor, Brio’s Beardscape V2 reprises tons of components from the previous instalment when examined closely.

The Beardscape V2 looks completely different from the outside, with durable housing and modern button configurations. The build is sleek and compact, fitting like a glove with the dimensions of one’s palms. The device contains a diamond grip on each side, ensuring smooth navigation and incredible control to even a user as clumsy as myself.

Brio Beardscape V2

Just like the V1, the V2 offers 5 adjustable speed settings, ranging from 5000 RPM to 7000 RPM, to generate incredible results in no time. The device also carries a ceramic blade with a detachable head, infused with low-friction properties. While powerful and efficient, the ceramic blade hardly leaves behind signs of tugging or nicks, rendering it eligible to use on sensitive skin and giving it the edge over its opponent.

The V2 is constructed with the same Li-Ion battery as before, offering a runtime of 4 hours. It also reprises the quick charging feature, taking around 3 hours to reach a full battery life. However, due to comprising a leaner build, the V2 seems easier to navigate than the V1, especially over rough and hard-to-reach areas.

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One of the upgraded elements of this tool lies in its housing, which contains modern button configurations to meet the energy of the new housing. The device contains a power button and a brand new color display, which mainly displays the status of the shaver’s battery. The new display also provides updates on the power level, and the ways in which the battery is compromised when the V2 is set to perform at an optimal level. While the device does run for 4 hours on average, it typically operates for 3 hours and 10 minutes when asked to cover 7000 RPM the whole time.

In addition to having a blade that is skin-friendly and a new design, the Beardscape V2 has a brand new travel lock feature, which can be accessed using the power button. The power button not only shields the device from unintentional power-ups, but also preserves its already admirable Li-Ion battery for a longer period of time. To unlock the device after each journey, all one needs to do is press and hold the power button for 5 consecutive seconds.

The packaging is hardly any different than that of the V2, comprising 4 comb attachments, a wall charger, and a 6-foot USB cable. It also comes with a charging stand, which is much smaller than the one on the previous model, making the component easier to travel with. Since this device is also not waterproof, Brio also provides a cleaning kit involving a brush and blade oil to keep the device as good as new.

All in all, the Beardscape V2, despite offering minimal upgrades, is definitely worth the investment if you’re willing to spend the extra dollars. It has a gold-plated, hypoallergenic ceramic blade curated with low-friction properties. While the previous model might feel too sharp and cause injuries on sensitive skin, the Beardscape V2 is a much gentler giant in the Brio community that caters to any and every skin type. It also comes with useful features like a travel lock button, and fits easier in the hand, providing a better user-experience.

Beardscape V1 vs. V2: Clash Between Two Successful Leaders

Irrespective of the target, doing tons of research before making a purchase is super necessary, especially when it comes to shavers. Since all of them contain different mechanics, battery life, and performance attributes, learning about the basics can definitely be more positive than harmful.

Additionally, if you clicked on this article without doing a background check, worry not, we’ve got you covered! To learn all the basic attributes that make Brio’s Beardscape V1 and V2 so special, peep at the content placed below, which will surely come in handy during the decision making.

ModelBrio Beardscape V1Brio Beardscape V2
Shaving HeadCeramicLow-friction Ceramic
Battery Life4 Hours 4 Hours
Travel LockNoYes
Price Check Price Check Price

Packaging: What’s Inside The Box?

Packaging Inside The Box

In addition to providing the gadget, the packaging of V1 and V2 come with 4 reversible guards that cover 8 different kinds of length, a charging dock, wall adapter, cleaning kit, and a 6-foot long cable. The V1 also supplies a zero guard, making it the better option for versatility.

Additionally, while a charging dock can be found in the packaging of both the items, it is important to note that Beardscape V2’s charging station, otherwise known as charging dock, is smaller and easier to carry around.

Performance and Results

Carrying ceramic blades that cover over 9 different lengths and some extra with the help of comb attachments, the V1 and V2 of Beardscape are good at generating results with accuracy and precision. In contrast to budget-friendly options, the pair is quite excellent at delivering results in a time-friendly manner.

Brio Beardscape Performance and Results

The ceramic blade can be detached from both models, which can be a bonus in the eyes of many. And while both V1 and V2 are efficient, the gold-plated ceramic blade implemented on the V2 is curated with low-friction properties, saving users from tugging and pulling. This feature is also quite good for sensitive skin that is prone to damage.

Design and Feel

The V1 follows a build that is slightly sizable in contrast to the V2. The housing is made of premium grade plastic, comprising a power button, an adjustable button, and another component for increasing and decreasing the speed. The visuals aren’t as appealing as they could have been, but they can be swept under the rug due to how powerful the V1 is.

Brio Beardscape Design and Feel

The V2 looks more premium and feels much better to use. The silhouettes are narrow and lean, making it great for those with small hands. The button placement, on the other hand, is a bit more ergonomic than that of the V1, with a new travel lock feature and color display.


Since the V2 was manufactured after the V1 was assessed, it has a build that is better at enduring damage.

However, when put to the test in the dressing room, the Beardscape V2 and V1 are equally dependable, offering the same amount of efficiency, and a Li-Ion battery that can serve you 4 hours at a time.


Brio is at the top of their game right now with Beardscape V1 and V2, both of which are quite affordable in contrast to prominent tools manufactured by its competitors. The Beardscape V1 costs a little under $100, making it a great option for those that are looking to play it smart with their purchase.

However, if you increase your budget by a tad bit, you can also have the V2 in your hands, acknowledged for being more user-friendly with minor yet sensible upgrades.

Final Takeaway

While certain segments of this article might come off as intense, both the V1 and V2 are great candidates for beginners trying to maintain unruly hair on their beard, and reduce tons of volume from their body hair. Due to providing a series of comb attachments, Brio’s market leaders can also be used by hairdressers to provide their clients with haircuts containing compelling qualities.

The Beardscape V1 and V2 are astounding companions in the world of personal care, with extremely agile ceramic blades that can modify one’s appearance in over 10 ways when used with comb attachments. Both trimmers also contain a remarkable battery life that lasts at least 4 hours, with quick charging abilities and a helpful LCD display. Although both candidates are equally dependable on an everyday basis, the Beardscape V2 seems more sensible to rely on when travelling, especially due to having a travel-lock system.

Despite being cut from the same cloth, the Beardscape V1 and V2 remain separate entities. For offering premium-quality housing, an upgraded display in color, and containing a low-friction hypoallergenic ceramic blade that caters to even the sensitive piece of skin, the Beardscape V2 is the better option in my eyes, walking out the winner in this bout.

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