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0 To 8 Buzz Cut Lengths: A Complete Package

My article today isn’t just a showcase of haircuts, rather a source of knowledge for people who are enthusiastic about short hair concepts.

The buzz cut lengths are often regarded as hidden knowledge to the individuals who aren’t deeply committed to hair grooming.

These lengths are universally accepted measurement techniques that distinguish one buzz cut from the other perfectly.

Also, the wide encompassing buzz trends remove every dilemma of hair type or density. Even women can find this article beneficial should they find the concept appealing.

With my knowledge on the board, you’ll get precision in picking and styling your buzz cuts. That way, new discoveries and authentic styles will get to surface through your own hands!

What’s A Buzz Cut?

Buzz cuts have originated from military styles for their low effort of application and least amount of maintenance while on the field.

However, the modern editions are very frequently altering this hair design by adding length variances, fades, tapers and shaved lines.

The basic principle of a fade cut implies a short hairdo created solely with a hair clipper. No scissor or comb can be involved in the procedure to make it effortless.

Even though this short length and cutting technique might seem limiting, the different sizes you can draw out from this aesthetic are far reaching than you realize.

If you look at the different buzz cut lengths and their key aspects, you’ll come to the same conclusion as mine in due time.

The Buzz Cut Lengths Explained

I’m going to show you a chart that’ll unveil the secrets of each buzz cut length. A prior knowledge on clipper guard variations will help you understand this chart at full extent

It’s quite straightforward to be honest. If you have a preferred length in mind, check which buzz cut number to go for and the clipper size you’ll be needing to get it done!

Buzz Cut Length Hair Length (in) Hair Length (mm) Guard Size
Buzz Cut Number 0 1/16” 1.6mm No guard
Buzz Cut Number 1 1/8″ 3.2mm 1
Buzz Cut Number 2 1/4″ 6.35mm 2
Buzz Cut Number 3 3/8″ 9.5mm 3
Buzz Cut Number 4 1/2″ 12.7mm 4
Buzz Cut Number 5 5/8″ 15.9mm 5
Buzz Cut Number 6 3/4″ 19mm 6
Buzz Cut Number 7 7/8″ 22.2mm 7
Buzz Cut Number 8 1 25.4mm 8

In terms of picking the first buzz cut, there’s really no right or wrong haircut as all of them have unique traits of their own.

However, the longer of the buzz cuts, starting from #5 through to #8 are relatively convenient to handle and leave room for correction if there’s any mistake.

Otherwise, the shorter #0 to #4 buzz cuts are much tighter and require precision while getting them done perfectly!

If you’re doing a DIY of buzz cuts, I’ll ask you to start with the longer ones rather than the short.

Number 0 To 8 Buzz Cut Lengths Styles

As you know now the principles behind the buzz lengths, showing you haircuts at each size can solidify your knowledge on the matter.

A surprising factor I’ve added to the ideation is the prominent celebrities delivering us with some spectacular styles in recent times.

If you weren’t sold until now, their unique way of interpreting each of the buzz cut lengths will surely make you consider this haircut!

Buzz Cut Number 0

Buzz Cut Number 0

The number zero in buzz cuts have many different names. Some call it a ‘bald fade’ or a ‘zero fade’ due to the nature and technique used to apply it on the scalp.

The clipper blade needs to be removed to achieve such a close trim at 1/16” and not all the instruments are capable of delivering a fine result like this.

Look at Zayn Malik’s triple zero sides for an example. He endorsed a varying length hairdo with a regular zero on the top and a much tighter zero on the sides.

This grants him more comfort and oxidation to the scalp because he’d be the first to notice gentle breeze caressing his exposed skin.

Buzz Cut Number 1

Buzz Cut Number 1

I personally prefer the number 1 buzz over the number zero because the former doesn’t get that close to the hair roots.

You’ll have some hair visibility at 1/8″ yet left with the least amount of maintenance. Only thing you must do is apply some sunscreen over the exposed scalp.

Robert Pattinson’s Good Times mugshot will give you an idea how dashing this haircut can make you look!

A seamless hairdo with a wide array of potentials – be that with your shades on or an evening stubble to enhance your masculinity.

Buzz Cut Number 2

Buzz Cut Number 2

As we proceed forward, the number 2 cut in the buzz gradient feels more natural and less edgy in nature. You’ll start to feel your scalp to be protected but cleaning will still feel easy.

It’s a great escape for ones with receding hair or others who are looking into more delicate shorter haircuts at around 1/4″ of length.

Tom Holland is the flag bearer of this particular buzz cut length. He seems more confident and grown up from the moment his stylist put this haircut on the scalp.

If you want to push the boundaries, tapering around always helps with this hair design. If not, a low fade will most certainly keep things subtle and classy!

Buzz Cut Number 3

Buzz Cut Number 3

Sharp edges with line up trimmers can boost up your buzz cut number 3! As the previous lengths are too short to be starkly contrasted with, from this point onward it’s attainable.

An appreciable factor about this cut is that it’s open for all hair types! Meaning, it doesn’t matter if you have curly hair or fine texture, everyone will receive something jaunty in the end.

From film stars to sports icons, the number 3 buzz is a famous pick! The NBA phenomena Stephen Curry has made a hard commitment to this 3/8″ length of buzz cuts.

His sides are faded at a mid level and the fringes kept sharp to radiate a neat aura. A full beard aids in his cause, but make sure to line that up tightly as well!

Buzz Cut Number 4

Buzz Cut Number 4

I’ll stress further on the buzz cut’s tendency to welcome everyone with open arms. Because women with buzz cuts have been in trend for the past few years without any hiccup!

The length of 1/2″ suffices to prevent sunburns and deliver a jaw dropping outcome even with the simplest take.

Whether it’s Kristen Stewart, Keira Knighteley or Cara Delevingne – this haircut seems to suit every woman and make them look more alluring than ever!

Thus, make the most out of this design regardless of your gender while it’s still a popular choice!

Buzz Cut Number 5

Buzz Cut Number 5

Even the tight curls fail to defy the charm of a number 5 buzz cut because it makes life so easier!

Gone are the days when you woke up with tangled hair and spent hours straightening things up without tearing off the frizzy, delicate strands.

Drake’s 5/8″ buzz cut sits as a prime example of how you can go about your kinky textured hair. A number 5 with low fade sets the stage up perfectly.

Add a shaved shape – be that a heart or anything else – pushes the beauty of it over the top!

Buzz Cut Number 6

Buzz Cut Number 6

When I say the number 6 buzz is a 3/4″ long hair bodied concept, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to maintain this all across your head.

If such a length feels too much for you, there are paths of fade or high taper that you can choose to make things more manageable.

Michael B. Jordan’s party look made everything catch fire! He trimmed down his hair to this precise length before exposing the temple region.

Throw on some tux and walk the face of earth with utmost confidence upon getting a buzz number 6!

Buzz Cut Number 7

Buzz Cut Number 7

As you go high up in lengths, the diversity of buzz cut styling becomes even more achievable by fusing various cutting techniques with the original.

The hair sized down at 7/8″ retains hair density and lets you spike them up using hair mousse or hard gel.

Captain America star Christ Evans looks nothing shy of a macho man with this number 7 buzz cut.

His physique as well as the face shape are amplified with more women chasing him down the streets now.

You’re only one haircut away from that happening to you as well!

Buzz Cut Number 8

Buzz Cut Number 8

The lengthiest of them all comes at last – the number 8 buzz cut that doesn’t even need any assistance to look fabulous even when you’re at the most casual self!

An even clipping procedure can land you this agonizing look within minutes and you can do it yourself if you follow my chart above & clipper guard number!

The likes of Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake – all seem to have a fair share of the 8 buzz at any phase of their career.

High impact is the motto of this hairdo and dyeing would only make things even more blissful!

Buzz Cut Lengths: The Goods & The Bads

I’ll be transparent with you guys as I don’t prefer offering falsified ideas. Thus, knowing thoroughly about the pros and cons of different buzz cut lengths guarantees to aid you in the process.

Pros Of Buzz Cut

These are the benefits you’ll be receiving upon getting a buzz cut:

  • Low-Maintenance: As you could tell from the length, it’s a very low maintenance haircut – whether you pick the #0 or the #8.
  • Revives Hair: Trimming down your hair at such short lengths allow the hair pores to breathe and reduce hair fall.
  • Styling Flexibility: The dynamic nature can be realized when you start adding different fades using proper tools. It goes way beyond the confinements of one dimensional styling.
  • Great For Hot Weather: If your scalp is sweaty during the hot seasons, buzz cuts will reduce that and give you the opportunity to mop up your hair easily.

Cons Of Buzz Cut

Although the cons are hugely outweighed by the pros, you must know them regardless for a smoother outcome:

  • Exposes Scalp: You see, trimming that close to the hair roots expose a lot of your scalp. Thus, it will be prone to sunburn which needs other precautions in sunny areas.
  • Requires Refining: Your hair will grow out sooner or later, so you’ll be demanded to refine the haircut accordingly to keep things fresh.

With all this information in mind, I hope you’ll be able to make up your mind and commit to a length knowing the full picture.


There are some much needed questions to be answered on the matter of buzz cut lengths. Read my opinions on them and broaden your horizon of knowledge to get the best out of these haircuts!

Q: Why are buzz cuts so charming?

A: There are a few reasons that buzz cuts emanate undeniable charm over both men and women. One, these cuts magnify your natural facial traits. Two, they are perfect for every context. Also, there’s an innate masculine vibe you’ll obtain instantly upon getting a buzz cut!

Q: Is it necessary for buzz cuts to bear a seamless length all over?

A: While the older traditions would answer this in a ‘yes’, I’d say, ‘no!’ because length variance is a key technique to amplify your buzz cuts. For instance, adding a fade or taper to an existing buzz cut makes it look more dynamic by creating contrats.

Q: How frequent is buzz cut maintenance?

A: It all depends on your hair growth as it varies from one person to the next. A rule of thumb suggests you’ll need a monthly maintenance for buzz cuts to keep things sharp, but for many it can be required twice per month.

Q: What could go wrong while giving yourself a homemade buzz cut?

A: There are many that could go wrong during buzz cut styling. A change in pressure can make the cut uneven or even expose the scalp more than you had intended. That’s why I recommend visiting a barber shop if you don’t feel confident with handling clippers.


So the final thought on buzz cut lengths is that such knowledge on this hair trend develops great mastery over the hair design and generates precise outcomes.

You won’t have to rely blindly on your barber and carry the potential to guide them according to your specific demands.

I can guarantee that you’ve never had such control over the way you look and the manner your haircut turns out to be.

Gone are the days when you had hoped for one haircut but ended up getting another, because the buzz cut lengths are absolute and unalterable!

I assume this newfound confidence will assist you in developing new buzz cut styles and make you a part of the trend with maximum influence left for your followers!

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