Can You Bring A Flat Iron On A Plane? Common Travel Concern Resolved

Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, taking a flat iron is always a good choice to make. It makes hair more manageable and allows users to have perfect hair at all times, which can be a make or break stipulation for many.

While there are multiple flat irons that can easily be packed and traveled around the world, the question of whether one is allowed to carry it on a plane remains a mystery to this day. In fact, at times, we can’t help but think: “Can you really carry a flat iron on a plane?”

If you’re on the same page and the thought of this question has brought to the table countless sleepless nights, then you’re in for a treat!

In this article, not only will we reveal the reasons behind why the question is a massive source of concern, but also talk about why one can actually carry a flat iron on a plane without any hassle whatsoever! Well, as long as certain requirements are met.

Carry on and keep on reading until the end to find out about the things you need to consider before packing your most reliable set of flat iron and taking it out for a spin!

While we will be getting into the important details in the latter portion of the article, in the meantime, here’s a backstory on how and why the age-old myth of not being able to carry a flat iron on a plane began!

Was Taking a Flat Iron to a Plane Ever Banned?

Was taking a flat iron to a plane ever banned

Contrary to popular belief, the ban on flat irons was always a hoax. However, the reason why people see it as a genuine concern is more than understandable.

Flat irons are reliable tools, but they are also extremely accessible. The market has a surplus of flat irons, consisting of equipment that is convenient in terms of affordability while also containing products of the best quality with frightening price tags.

Although the high-end flat irons only cater to a specific type of audience due to their enormous price tags, on the other end of the spectrum lies wallet-friendly flat irons consisting of underwhelming materials. The price tag of each affordable flat iron is definitely the selling point of the items, but also tends to work as a distraction to most.

Due to the poor materials they’re made of,  beauty items such as flat irons, curl irons, and even hair dryers can burn a house down. Additionally, since a lot of them tend to stay lit due to not having a feature where they automatically shut off, carrying it and getting on a plane with a flat iron could definitely land a person in the same situation.

Why You Absolutely CAN Carry A Flat Iron

As stated earlier, one can definitely carry a flat iron when traveling to another city or country using a plane. However, the final decision depends on the TSA officer you’re assigned to and the type of flat iron you’re using.

There are various types of flat irons that are made with different types of plates. On the market, one can get flat irons that are either cordless or wired, mostly made of either titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline. As long as the equipment is verified and rendered safe to travel with by the TSA, one can definitely travel with a flat iron. HOWEVER, it is extremely important to know where to keep the flat iron.

For instance, if the flat iron is cordless, the passenger WILL NOT be able to place it in their luggage. Since most cordless flat irons are made of butane, TSA officers will either disbar the flat iron and seize the property, or render it eligible to travel with, but ONLY if it’s put in a carry-on bag.

Butane is a highly flammable gas. When exposed to a naked flame, it can put anyone’s well-being at risk, as it tends to explode more often than not. For more information, you’re more than welcome to skim through the quote on butane flat irons on TSA’s website.

Furthemore, due to the highly flammable feature of butane, cordless flat irons remain prohibited to this day for one’s luggage, but can easily be traveled with if it’s put in a carry-on bag.

On the other hand, wired flat irons can be packed anywhere and everywhere. As they have a cord and only tend to heat up when plugged in, TSA rarely consider wired flat irons as a cause of concern. One can carry it in their luggage if it’s sizable, but also have the option of packing it in their carry-on.

Nevertheless, whether you’re traveling internationally or domestically, leave your wireless flat iron at home. Purchase a wired flat iron and take that equipment instead to refrain from the unnecessary hassle that is usually caused by cordless flat irons on a plane.

How to Carry a Flat Iron on a Plane without Breaking the Law

Carry a Flat Iron on a Plane

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. While you can definitely take your oh so reliable flat iron with you before taking it out for a plane ride, there are loads of things you could do to avoid troublesome situations. Below are some of the tips you should definitely incorporate to play it safe!

Know the Rules

Each airport has different TSA requirements. Make sure you have enough knowledge and awareness of the TSA rules of the airport you’re going to before, during, and after packing your bags. If you’re traveling for the first time, take the assistance of someone reliable to increase your awareness about the Airport Security Rules.

Ask Away

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding your flat iron. Solve every query that you have regarding flat irons to one of the TSA agents at the airport. Don’t hesitate to let them know if you’re carrying a butane oriented flat iron in your luggage, as they will surely understand and help you with resolving the issue.

Check The Posted Sign of Prohibited Items

There’s always a sign outside the security screening area in every airport. Make sure to skim through them thoroughly before giving your possessions away for screening. If you have doubts about an item, especially the flat iron you’re carrying, put it inside the carry-on for verification. Failing to do so might put you in unfortunate scenarios, especially if you fail to recognize the prohibition of an item you’re carrying in your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling with a flat iron might be extremely easy, but there are certain requirements which might need to be met before the equipment is considered eligible to travel with, which might be a bit complex. To make things easier, however, listed below the most common questions one should ask themselves before carrying their flat iron on a plane.

Question: Will my flat iron work internationally? 

Answer: Luckily, your flat iron will work internationally, but only if the voltage requirements are met. For instance, if you’re traveling internationally from the U.S. perhaps you’ll need a flat iron with a voltage of 110 or 120 to play it safe before using it in another country.

Question: How do I pack a hot flat iron before a flight?

If you’ve just used your flat iron and you’re short of time, refrain from using a clothing item made of cotton, wool, or any item at all to wrap your hot flat iron. Allow a pot holder to fight the heat instead. Wrap the flat iron in the pot holder. Use a zip tie to ensure the tightness of the pot holder, so that the heat doesn’t transfer to or compromise the state of any other item you’re carrying in your bag.

Final Verdict

Fortunately, you definitely can carry your flat iron with you whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. While we would encourage you to take wired flat irons due to its lenient rules, you may also take a cordless flat iron in your carry-on bag. However, make sure to wrap it in a towel or a thick piece of clothing to prevent it from heating up and compromising the well-being of other items in your bag.

Furthemore, make sure to carry a flat iron that will adapt to the voltage of the place you’re traveling to, especially if it’s an international flat. As mentioned earlier, the ideal flat iron should have a voltage between 110 and 120.

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