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Chelsea Haircut: Bring an Edge to your Style

Are you looking for a haircut that will bring an edge and boldness to your style and which is also easy and low-maintenance? Then look no further, Chelsea is the way to go.

The Chelsea haircut is the perfect blend of retro and modern. This classic haircut has made several resurgences and still remains fresh and contemporary.

The best part of Chelsea is that you can style it as you want and make it completely your own. You can play with different cuts, shapes, and colors. It is also super easy to take care of it which is an added bonus.

This is more of a style statement than just a haircut. The Chelsea haircut is for people like you who like to confidently wear their personalities.

Stay with this article to find out how you can create and style your own Chelsea and properly maintain it. Read to make a few heads turn?

What Is The Chelsea Haircut?

The Chelsea haircut is a unique style where the hair on top, sides, and crown area of your head is shortened. The hair on the fringe, temple, and sometimes the nape remains much longer.

You can decide how much you want to shorten your hair. You can clip your top, sides, and crown hair moderately shorter or cut them really short to make your scalp visible.

These are the less-risky options. If you want an extreme Chelsea haircut, you can completely shave your hair on the mentioned areas and create a stark contrast with the hair left on other portions of your head.

How long the rest of the hair remains is also your choice. For example, some Chelsea enthusiasts like to keep the hair on the temple really long and it goes beyond their jawline. Some do not bother and keep it short.

Whether the hair on your nape will be longer or not is also up to you. You can decide to cut it like the top and the crown as well if you want.

Chelsea haircut is very versatile and no matter how you choose to style, it is bound to give you a confident and assured look.

History Of Chelsea Haircut

History of Chelsea Haircut

So, why is this haircut named Chelsea?  Let’s not bore you with details and keep it simple.

Women in Britain’s Chelsea area invented this haircut during World War II. These women had to work in industrial factories. It was dangerous for them to have longer hairstyles because their hair might be harmed by being caught in a machine. Overheating was another concern.

They came up with a practical haircut to solve these issues. They shortened their top, sides, and crown hair to make their work and lives easier. The best part is that when they wore a scarf, only fringe and temple hair were visible and it appeared like any other haircut.

That is why this haircut is named after those women from Chelsea. It is surprising to realize how many times this haircut was revived.

Chelsea Haircut: The Resurgence

Chelsea haircut was first brought back by the rebellious British youth in the ’70s. Women belonging to radical subcultures like skinheads or punks used to carry their Chelsea hairstyle with pride to express their pure individualism and nonconformity.

In the later decades, the Chelsea haircut entered America and became popular in other countries as well. It still remains a trendy hairstyle not only for edgy or angsty individuals but anyone looking for a quirky and eccentric haircut.

Which Hair Types Can Try The Chelsea Haircut?

The Chelsea haircut is mostly trending among women with straight hair. Do not worry if you have wavy hair because that can look pretty cool as well.

Now, if you have curly hair, you can straighten your hair and try the Chelsea. There are so many other funky hairstyles for you beautiful people with curls that not wanting to straighten your hair is completely fine as well.

So, the Chelsea haircut is most suitable for women with 1a to 2c hair types.

Though it is currently more popular with women, men can easily try the Chelsea hairstyle as well. You can look up how world-famous soccer players like Ronaldo Lima or David Beckham have rocked their own versions of the Chelsea haircut. Feel free to try it yourself if you get inspired.

Why Should I Go For The Chelsea Haircut?

Benefits of Chelsea Style

Let us be the first to declare that the Chelsea hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted. If you are a bit conservative with your haircuts, which is absolutely okay, then this haircut is probably not for you.

Say bye-bye to blending in with the crowd because this haircut will surely make you stand apart. If that is your jam, then Chelsea is the haircut for you.

This haircut is also perfect for people who love to valiantly dress themselves in bold clothes and accessories. The Chelsea will complement your punk-inspired leather jackets, high boots, nose ring, and spiked belt.

Now, if you spend a lot of your time in your workplace, then it would be wise to first make sure that your job allows you to have such an expressive haircut. You should also be careful about the weather because Chelsea is not the most comfortable haircut for a chilly season.

Be prepared for a long-term commitment as well. If you like to regularly change your hairstyle, then the Chelsea haircut should be avoided.

Other than these concerns, there is nothing to worry about this haircut. We need to mention that though the Chelsea haircut might appear limiting at first, there are actually plenty of ways you can have fun with it.

We have some awesome suggestions on how you style and play with your Chelsea. Keep reading to find out!

DIY: Chelsea Haircut At Home

You can always go to a hair salon or parlor and get the perfect Chelsea for you from a professional. However, you can easily give yourself a Chelsea cut at home as well by following this step-by-step tutorial. All you need are a trimmer, scissors, and a comb.

  • Step 1

First, wash and then dry your hair. Never keep your hair wet while cutting or styling it. Then comb your hair to untangle and straighten it. These will make the whole process easier.

  • Step 2

Choose where you want your fringe to begin. It means deciding a point from where your hair will start becoming shorter.

It is also time to determine if you want to keep your nape hair or how long you want it to be. You are ready once you have decided on your fringe and nape lines.

Tying your fringe hair with a hair tie or using clips can help you to make sure it will not get in the way.

  • Step 3  

Now comes the most important part. Carefully start trimming from your fringe line. Steadily trim your top, sides, and crown hair and keep them the same size for a smooth look.

It is okay if you want to completely shave off as well. You can also use scissors if you want to keep a moderate size. Start from the top and then keep trimming down till you reach your neckline or nape line.

It depends on whether you choose to keep the nape hair or not. You can shorten your temple hair as well if you want.

  • Step 4

You can now style your fringe hair as you like. Using a mousse will help to hold the style on your fringe hair if you are trying something fancy or you can use a light hairspray as well. You might ignore all these and just use a comb or your fingers to let your hair freely fall.

Congratulations, you have given yourself a Chelsea haircut!

If you are not too confident about your dexterity, we would suggest keeping your hair a bit longer. So, a professional will have the chance to solve any issue if any arises.

11 Unique Chelsea Styles For You

There is no one single way of styling your Chelsea haircut. Don’t be stuck with the classic Chelsea and go through our suggestions to find out how different cuts and shapes can give you a different look.

Long Hair Chelsea

Long Hair Chelsea

Let’s start with something simple. You can keep your top, sides, and crown hair a bit longer for a more casual look. This Chelsea haircut will not create the biggest stir but that could be helpful in a professional setting.

Your hair will also grow to a regular size much quicker and you can move on to another haircut of your choice easily.

Clean Chelsea

Clean Chelsea

Are you worried that the long nape hair is too retro for you? Well, then do not hesitate one bit and cut it off and make your hair on the back even sized.

This is a much more modern and yet very exciting Chelsea haircut. The long fringe and temple hair will help you still sustain that old-school vibe as well.

Sporty Chelsea

Sporty Chelsea

Okay, we agree that this is not for everyone. This one-of-a-kind Chelsea haircut is only for the most individualistic characters. But, if you are into this, then keep your nape hair really long and create this striking look.

You have to make sure that your nape hair is much longer than your temple hair. This Chelsea haircut can be your most exhilarating hairstyle yet if you are game enough.

Moderate Chelsea

Moderate Chelsea

Let’s bring it down a notch if that was too much for you. Cutting your top, sides, and crown hair, making it much shorter than the rest, but not exposing your scalp can be a great choice. There will be a visible contrast between your front hair and the back.

The great part about this Chelsea haircut is that it remains pretty much risk-free. If you want to make it more thrilling, you can use different colors on the front and the back.

Shaved Chelsea

Shaved Chelsea

Feeling slightly more adventurous? Then, do not bother with the scissors and just completely shave the hair on your back. This will bring all the more attention to your captivating fringe and temple hair.

If you have decided to shave it off, you can maintain your temple hair till your jawline and not more than that to have a more chic appearance. You can also keep your nape hair if you are feeling inspired by the 80’s skinheads.

However, we must remind you that this will be a long-term haircut and will need some maintenance to keep it fresh.

Short Fringe Chelsea

Short Fringe Chelsea

There is no such rule that you need to have long fringe hair reaching down your eyebrows for a Chelsea haircut. You can keep your fringe hair shorter and go for a bubbly style. The top, sides, and crown hair should be kept longer for this look to work.

Your temple hair also needs to be longer at least going beyond your jawline a bit.  This one’s for you upbeat and cheery individuals.

Radical Chelsea

Radical Chelsea

This is one of the most commanding Chelsea haircuts and you need to be an assertive person to carry this look. Get rid of your temple hair as well, apart from the usual, to dawn this style. So, only your fringe hair remains.

You can come up with an uncommon design or use a catchy color to prepare your fringe hair. A lot of male celebrities are also drawn to this style and it is becoming trendier among women as well.

Long Temple Chelsea

Long Temple Chelsea

Now, it is time to go in a completely opposite direction. There is no limit to how long your temple hair can be in a Chelsea haircut. So, you can have really long temple hair that reaches as far as your chest area. It can be accompanied by very long nape hair as well, or you can just put your temple hair on display.

Elegant Chelsea

Elegant Chelsea

This one is perhaps the most sophisticated version of a Chelsea haircut and is suitable for literally any place and any occasion. Do not limit yourself to only bangs. You can style your fringe hair as you like.

Comb your fringe hair and create a side part for a charming yet professional hairstyle. If you are carrying the punk spirit with you, then you can use a hair cream and create spikes as well.

Curly Temple Chelsea

Curly Temple Chelsea

Never let anyone tell you that a Chelsea haircut cannot be cute. This one’s for you all you adorable people out there. Just keep a few strands of temple hair and turn them into a single curl to create this endearing hairstyle.

It is better not to have long nape hair and to generally keep the hair on your back much shorter for this look.

Decorated Chelsea

Decorated Chelsea

You can decorate your Chelsea hairstyle with an accessory of your choice. We would suggest a cute hairband or a thin flower ring. Putting your chosen item just on your fringe line will definitely elevate your whole appearance. Keeping long nape hair will also help.

10 Must-Try Colors For Your Chelsea

If you are into coloring your hair, then the Chelsea haircut is perfect for you. We have ten suggestions for you and each of them will give you a distinct vibe.

Red Hot

Red Hot Chelsea

You can choose the red color to express your fiery spirit. Being one of the catchiest colors, red is also bound to captivate every eye looking at you.

Cold Blue

Cold Blue Chelsea

Blue is your color if you are looking for something more chill. This tranquil color will give you the appearance of a calm ocean. You can go for a Tron-like look with dark blue.

Jet Black

Jet Black Chelsea

Nothing says punk more than the color black. If you have a rebellious heart, then let your style scream it out as well with black.

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow Chelsea

This is the color for summer and spring. Yellow will make you shine as bright as the sun. It will also give your personality warmth like no other color.

Classic Blonde

Classic Blonde

This is probably the safest option. You just cannot go wrong with going blonde. No matter which cut or shape you choose for your Chelsea, being blonde will complement it.

Somber Brunette

Somber Brunette Chelsea

Another sober choice would be this. It does not make you as much as stand out like most other colors. But, if the occasion calls for a bit of blending in and you still want a refined style, then this one’s for you.

Go Green

Go Green Chelsea Hair

Green has always been the perfect blend of soothing and bold vibes. Whether you are in a concert or your workplace, you will not look out of place with green. However, we would suggest darker shades of green and not lighter ones.

Sick Silver

Sick Silver Chelsea

Silver is perhaps the slickest color. Very few colors provide charisma and confidence like silver. Another color that works great on professional occasions as well.

Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink Chelsea Hair

Pink is a versatile color. Each different shade of pink will express a different mood. You can go from Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim movie to a cyberpunk look depending on the shade you choose.

Kaleidoscopic Chelsea

Kaleidoscopic Chelsea

Think of it as more of a free ticket than a suggestion. Imagine that your head is your canvas and paint as we like. Explore and express who you really are by mixing and matching any color your heart desires.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

You need to keep a few things in mind to maintain your Chelsea haircut and also protect your hair from any kind of harm.

  • If you have decided to have a Chelsea where you have shaved your hair or clipped it really short, now you have to decide if you want to keep it that way.
  • To have a smooth shaved scalp, you need to keep shaving it after every 3-5 days. Similarly, you have to keep trimming your hair if you want to keep it very short. Otherwise, you do not need to bother and can let the hair grow.
  • You must regularly shampoo. It does not matter how short your hair is, oil and dirt will get stuck in your scalp. So, you cannot skip it and keep using moisturizing shampoo.
  • It is wise to apply moisturizing conditioner as well for better nourishment. It is even more important if you want your hair to grow faster.
  • As your scalp is more exposed now, you need to be careful about the sun and overheating. It is better to go out with a hat or use sunscreen on a particularly bright day.
  • You should put on a beanie on a chilly day as well.  Following these few simple rules will help you immensely.

If you follow these steps properly, then you’ll be able to maintain your healthy and beautiful Chelsea hairstyle for the longest time!

Some Necessary Products for You

You do not need too many products but we have a few in mind that will help you in creating and maintaining your Chelsea and protecting your hair.

    1. You will need a hair trimmer to clip your hair and keep it short. You can go for Wahl Color Pro.
    2. You will also require scissors to shorten your hair. Seki Edge Haircutting Scissors will be a great choice. A comb is included with it as well, so nothing to worry about if you do not have one.
    3. Hair mousse can help you in preparing your fringe hair and also keeping the whole style in place. Carol’s Daughter Foam Mousse will be a reliable option for you.
    4. Using shampoo is a must for the protection of your hair. You can opt for BIOLAGE Hydrasource Shampoo for moisturization.
    5. It is always better to also use a conditioner. You can depend on Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner.

Chelsea Haircut For Men

We will admit that the Chelsea haircut is not the most trending hairstyle for men currently. However, we are ready to bet on a major comeback. Especially when it gives you so many choices.

The easiest way of slipping into a Chelsea for a man would be to try the fringe-only Chelsea. Forget about your top, sides, crown, nape, and temple hair. Highlight and focus on your fringe hair and style it with a side part or spikes.

If you are already into punk fashion and you like spiked clothing and accessories, then we would suggest going for longer temple and nape hair as well. It will give your hair more character and assurance.

Do not avoid a Chelsea haircut just because you are a man. You could be getting in early in the next big thing.

Final Verdict

You will need guts, whether you are a man or a woman, to carry a Chelsea haircut. When you do choose to do it, it will be the most gripping hairstyle. This will be the hairstyle everyone is asking about on any occasion.

We do realize that it is a big choice and everyone might not have the luxury to go for this one. But, if you do have the choice, we would hope that you will decide to try it.

Any adult thinking of this hairstyle as a one for teenagers or being too old-fashioned, we have already shown how versatile it is and how you can create your own sophisticated and contemporary Chelsea hairstyle.

Be confident, be you, smell the punk spirit and try out a Chelsea haircut!

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