When you go for a shave at the barber, the barber shaves you with a clean and sterilized blade. Just because you don’t share your electric razor with anyone else doesn’t mean that it is not full of bacteria.


If your electric razor is visibly dirty, it is long overdue for a good cleaning. A dirty electric razor is home to bits and pieces of skin, hair, and possibly dried blood. All of this biological material sitting around for the bulk of the day makes for a nasty breeding ground for bacteria that can infect you the next time you shave. It is important to make sure your electric razor is clean so you can keep looking and feeling your best.

It may go without saying, but if I didn’t say it, I’d be negligent. Unplug anything electrical before cleaning it, especially something with sharp pieces like an electric razor.  If your electric shaver is battery operated, then be sure to remove or disconnect the battery. Some modern electric razors come with special cleaning units. If you don’t have one, or you left it at home while traveling, then you will need to clean your electric razor manually.


The Steps to Manually Clean Your Razor:

1.    Apply soft, non-abrasive soap and water to the outer foil of the shaver after you unplug it.

2.    Work it into a bit of a lather, and then rinse under hot running water until the soap is no longer visible. Run the water for a few seconds more to be sure all the soap it out.

3.    Gently dry off the inside and outside of the razor with a soft lint-free cloth.

4.    If you have a brush for cleaning your electric razor you can use it to brush out the insides whenever you see anything that can be easily reached and brushed out. If you have access to a small paintbrush that is even better, and you will finish the job much more quickly.

5.    Plug the razor back in and run it for a couple of seconds with the outer foil still up or off so as to shake out any gunk that may be stuck in the blades. Some electric razors have a turbo setting. If yours has a turbo setting, then use it for this part. Just remember to turn off the turbo setting when finished, or you will damage your skin the next time you shave.

6.    Place it under hot running water again for a few seconds to rinse out any gunk that came loose.

7.    Unplug it again.

8.    Dry the razor thoroughly.

9.    Apply a drop of electric razor oil, or mineral oil, to your finger and gently coat all of the surfaces.

10.    When finished, plug it back in and check to ensure that it is working properly.

Tip: when you have your shaver open, be aware that there may be broken or cracked pieces. If so, then you may need to get your shaver repaired or replaced.

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