Best Close Shave Electric Razor in 2022 : An Expert Roundup

What do you strive for when shaving?

Unless you have a meeting in an hour, I’m pretty sure it’s not time.

Jokes apart, I believe the scuffle is about “How close you can get to the baby soft skin.”

In other words, it’s the closest shave possible.

In our quest, we take the aid of various types of razors. Be it a straight razor, it’s cartridge cousin or the traditional safety razor… we don’t hesitate. Not even at the expense of a few nicks, cuts, and bruises.

What if I told you, “There’s an even ‘Faster’ way of getting there?”

And yes, I do mean by using electric shavers. Despite their appearance, these machines deliver when their time comes. You need to select the perfect model that goes with your persona.

In fact, this post is a roundup explaining what’s the best close shave electric shaver like. This is not like some of the “Traditional” “Buy This” guide that you’ll come across.

It discusses two main types of electric razors. I’ve poured in my experience as a wet/dry shaver while coming up with the buying guide. Plus, I handpicked all the models you see listed inside. It’s sort of a medicine for the wound by a user and for a user.

Sorting out the List of Close Shave Electric Razors

It’s easier said than done! I had to press the “Backspace” key many times while writing to check on the data. Also, I had to rethink about the experiences with each of these machines. Finally, I’ve narrowed it down to five devices that I think will serve my readers well both in wet and dry shaving routines.

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc Men’s Electric Razor

When it comes to the best close shave electric razor, I don’t have the balls to leave Braun Series 9 out of the list. This is a smart shaver with the benefits that match its asking price. So, no worries there.

Sonic Autosense is working its magic in Series 9 too! Braun 9290cc works by sending out 10,000 micro-vibrations to every direction. It helps in capturing large and tiny hairs alike and cutting them. Trust me, you won’t be stroking your facial contours in vain.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

The 10-directional contour system extends this reach even further. The 9290 cc comes with floating parts that have independently functioning cutting elements. Basically, the head moves in any way you’d like it to. This allows the razor to reach areas others can’t. Talk about some flexibility while shaving!

Do you know, you get as many as 4 attachments that cut your hair closely? Along with a nifty skin guard, the total comes down to 5! But 5 elements don’t make a razor safe. It’s when they are working together.

You get 4 blades that cut hair in either direction. The skin guard protects sensitive skins from irritation or bumps. At the end of each routine, we’re left with a sleek-looking skin. “Minus the scratches at the pain,” I should add.

Even when people are looking to trim their hair and not cut it, the 9290 cc got their backs covered! The makers packed it with “Two” trimmers. These are able to size-up even the thickest of hairs in whichever shape or form you want to carve them into. Cool, yes? I think so too!

Like all the other brands highlighted on my list, this one too works well when you’re thinking of wet shaving. One can switch it up a notch with dry shaving as well. It’s challenging but nothing Braun 9290 cc can’t handle.

Before you ask, it’s waterproof (up to 5 meters) as well. Cleaning it is not a fuss! There are a cleaning and charging station that does the job for us.

When we’re talking about “Cordless Charging,” I guess 50 minutes are more than enough!

Get Braun Series 9 9290cc at Amazon

What I Loved about the Razor?

  • 9290 CC comes at us with a great cutting element combo that takes care of all types of facial hairs.
  • Talking about wet or dry shaving? The 9092cc takes care of our needs in and out of the shower.
  • The grip is super comfortable. It won’t let you tire out because of a long shaving session.
  • This thing is waterproof for up to 5 meters in the water. I could get away with submerging it too.
  • I like the two trimmers that can size up my sideburns, mustache and beard to my liking.

What I Didn’t Love about the Razor?

  • Cleaning it by hand can be troublesome if you don’t put your mind to it.
  • This has a hard plastic body. It might not bode well picky shaving enthusiasts.

2. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Many of my readers would agree that Phillips Norelco is the perfect rival for Braun shavers. No matter what one’s fond of in Braun, Norelco tries to do one better.

For example, the 9700 from Phillips Norelco won everyone over back in 2015 with an award for the design. It’s sleek, functional, and easily gets into the tiny space of a travel backpack.

I’m not favoring the 9700 only for the looks. Sure, it’s good looking, yet it HAS to function in various ways to beat other close shave electric shaver. Enter the “Contour Detection Technology!”

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

If you wondering, “What’s this?” It’s a way of catching low lying hairs of eight different directions of your face. Thanks to this, you won’t feel the poorly cut hair on your face. Just to give you a stat, Phillips Norelco 9700 catches 20% more hair thanks to Contour Detection than our average razors.

Say hello to V-Track professional blades. These things cut most stubborn facial hair that people have. If you want another statistic, these blades can take care of hairs that are three to four days old. These things can guarantee shaves 30% closer to our skins than the normal shaving systems. These are sensitive-skin friendly as well. We’re left with a comfortable shave and a soothing skin.

I could adjust the speed of the razor as well. This allowed me greater control over which areas I wanted to be thorough with. Utilizing the speed controls, one can be gentle with his sensitive skin parts. This further makes it one of the best close shave electric shaving systems out there.

One can monitor the processes on a smart display system. It’s super convenient. Do you know you can monitor battery status, travel lock, blade conditions, how much dirty your razor is, and more? I’m not kidding. In fact, the display is easy to interpret and take action accordingly.

Cleaning it is a breeze! No, literally! It cleans itself, to be honest. It has a docking system that comes with an “Alcohol-Free” solution. This dock cleans the hairs and follicles inside. Proper cleaning reduces the chances of blades getting dull. Also, this thing does the “Charging” while the razor sits idle. Awesome!

I should add that the Li-on battery charges fast and gives you an hour of cordless shaving time.

Did I mention that you can opt for wet OR dry shaving with this model? Don’t thank me, thank Phillips Norelco for this feature. Also, you get a cleansing brush as an apparatus. This does what it says. Use it with a shaving gel or a face wash to spread the gel or cleanse your face after shaving.

Get Philips Norelco 9700 at Amazon

What I Loved about the Razor?

  • The additional shaving brush serves as a cleanser when you’re using a face wash.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed for you to enjoy utmost comfort and boundless movement.
  • The shaving head moves freely and detects contours, facial features for close shaving.
  • The variable motor speed allows for comfortable shaving experience for people with sensitive skins.
  • The razor cleans and lubricates the blades on its own so that we have less things to take care of.

What I Didn’t Love about the Razor?

  • The trimmer doesn’t “Pop Up” rather it “Clicks” into place.
  • Some users might find the charging pod a bit bulky as it takes up considerable counter space.
  • It’s a burden to change the cleaning fluid in every three months.

3. Panasonic ES-LV95-S851 Arc5 Electric Razor

Here you go! Panasonic ES-LV95-SB51 Arc5 finds its way onto my list. This is one razor that didn’t waste any part of its design. Each part you see contributes to the function of the product.

For example, the Arc5 nanotech blades bear the signature design that helps them to cut beard with maximum efficiency. Each of these blades is thin and “UltraSharp.” Makers put them in an accurate 30-degree angle. What this does is cut the beard at the root with great efficiency.

No matter how many days has passed since your last shave and how grown your beard is, these blades cut them in their roots. Thus, the razor ensures a clean and close shave.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S851 Arc5

Worried about a speck of beards left behind? Don’t. As it turns out, Panasonic ES-LV95 comes with an “Active Sensor.” As the blades move on our faces, this technology helps the blades to accelerate where facial hair is thick and slow down where it needs to be handled with care. No harm can come to you.

What makes Panasonic Arc5 one of my favorites is the multi-flex pivoting head. Then, you have the multi-fit outer foil as well. These two elements do well to move and glide on our faces and responding to our facial contours. It can freely move about towards any direction.

As a result, shaving becomes comfortable AND enjoyable at the same time! I don’t want to leave the trimmer out. Yes, there’s a trimmer in place just to give our sideburns and neck hairline a proper shape.

Imagining how this amazing razor dishes out such power? Well, it’s because of the motor. This little motor dishes out 14,000 cuts per minute thanks to the linear motion. Also, the motor performs well through 5 different blades it can permute and combine 70,000 cutting actions.

One can use Panasonic Arc5 for wet as well as dry shaving. Don’t worry about the performance level. It won’t weaver. Also, the cleaning station is a “Super” addition. You don’t have worry about disinfecting or sanitizing it. The cleaning dock does it on its own.

It functions too well whenever you take it with you on your travels. It is portable and has a friendly display that shows crucial data.

Get Panasonic ES-LV95-S851 Arc5 at Amazon

What I Loved about the Razor?

  • This little razor doesn’t cause irritations of any types to our sensitive skins.
  • The motor is one of a kind, the fastest in the world I think with 14,000 RPMs.
  • You can enjoy corded and cordless shaving experience with this Panasonic product.
  • 30-degree angled blades with a flexible head deliver comprehensive shaving experience.
  • It’s a great razor with a cleaning doc and detailed display that grants users a detailed knowledge.

What I Didn’t Love about the Razor?

  • The  price may not be suitable for users of various budget ranges.

4. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865cc

Braun is a staple brand when it comes to electric foil shavers. It’s right at the top with Phillips and Panasonic. Series 7 stands at the middle of Series 5 and 9 balancing the benefits and price people pay for them. 7865cc has some of the more lucrative features with an eye-popping design.

Shaving with Braun is a breeze. Users get to enjoy Sonic AutoSense. It is a technology that sends out 10,000 micro-vibrations on your face. This thing captures even the tiniest hairs on our faces and efficiently cuts them to grant us a close shave. Don’t worry! This works on dense beards too!

Braun Series 7 7865cc

I liked the 3 cutting elements Braun 7865cc dishes out. These things can get pretty close to your facial skin and cut beards. Yes, even dense beards. People with longer facial hair won’t have to be disappointed. These cutting elements are good with those too.

But, won’t getting too close to the skin harm the skin? No. As it turns out, you have a skin guard along with three cutters as well. That protects soft skin against sharp blades in the compartments.

Will this give you comprehensive coverage like the safety razors? I’d say, “Yes” to that. Ask any long-term user of Braun Series 7 and he’ll tell you, “Braun’s razor head moves in eight directions.”

It allows the razor to adapt to our facial contours and reach the hardest corners underneath the jaw-line or the two sides of the throat.

Braun 7865cc has your back with 5 different modes of shaving. Each one caters to a different shaving style. People can also select features of different modes and mash them together. Feel free to experiment with wet (with shaving soap, cream, and foam) and dry shaving the 7865cc goes with either of the two modes.

Worried about cleaning this awesome electric razor? To put you at ease, the 7865cc is waterproof. It can be submerged under 5 to 10 meters of water. One can easily wash it under running tap water.

Also, the docking station utilizes an “Alcohol-based” solution to lubricate the inner parts of this razor. One can clean the parts and charge the machine at the same time. One “Full” charge grants you 50 minutes of cordless shaving at a stretch.

Get Braun Series 7 7865cc at Amazon

What I Loved about the Razor?

  • This razor comes loaded with cutting materials and shaving modes for all types of shavers.
  • I had fun shaving with it. The handle is easy to grip and comfortable as well. A good experience.
  • It has a proven track record when used in shaving longer facial hair (tried it with 3-day hair).
  • If anyone has a sensitive skin, he should try the razor without any hesitations or hiccups.
  • I like the efficient battery and compact cleaning system 7865cc comes with.

What I Didn’t Love about the Razor?

  • LED Display can appear to be misleading sometimes.
  • The “Head Locking Mechanism” doesn’t behave like it should at times.
  • Cleaning this thing by hand is a bit time consuming.

5. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

You’ve seen Panasonic Arc5 shaving system, right? Well, here’s Arc4. I admit: This is the older version we’re talking about. Yet, sometimes, “Old” is what people crave for. Especially, when it has benefits that make shaving a breeze for people. Best close shave electric razor? Probably.

People get the arc system here too. The only difference is; we have four blades instead of the five that we saw in the case of the ES-LV-95. These blades are tilted at an angle of 30 degrees to give us a close and comfortable shave. Not to mention, these blades are dependent on Nanotechnology for durability and precision. These are sharp as usual.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

Do you know that dual motors serve better than one? Panasonic ES-LA63-S has dual motors that are the driving forces behind this razor. Again, they are powerhouses and stay good for a long, long time.

These motors produce unified and linear motions that give us 14000 RPMs. Across all the blades, an expert shaver can bring out 56000 cutting actions. That’s so cool!

The second one of the two motors has a unique function. It provides the vibration that people are in love with from a Panasonic device. This act helps the tool to pick up small bits of hair or an ingrown hair for shaving. As a result, we get a close shave using this piece of tech.

Don’t forget the pivoting head that the franchise boasts about. As it turns out, this moving head is pretty good when it comes to adapting to facial contours, jawline, neck area, chin, and hard-to-reach corners that people struggle to shave. This is what makers call the Multi-Flex Technology.

I have to mention the “Pop Up Trimmer” as well. It’s a great attachment to size up mustaches and sideburns to your liking. Once done, people can push it back inside. It’s super convenient.

The most striking feature of this device is the 10-stage digital display. It shows all the modes of this razor. Also, people will get an idea about the battery status, status of the blades and replace the timer, and power status (thanks to dual voltage converter).

Wondering how many shaves can you go through with this machine? It’s 14 (assuming you complete a shave in 3 minutes). Its compatible with wet and dry modes of shaving.

Get Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 at Amazon

What I Loved about the Razor?

  • One full charge can get you through 14 complete shaves with Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4.
  • The handle is no much when it comes to gripping comfort. Also, there’s a display on it.
  • The display shows us a variety of info that eases the user experience to a certain degree.
  • The pop up trimmer is super convenient when you’re looking to do a touch-up job with facial hair.
  • The vibrating motor helps to pick up small bits of hair and another one helps to cut them well.

What I Didn’t Love about the Razor?

  • The cleaning pod can be a bit of a bother for people not experienced in using it properly.
  • When you compare the battery with Phillips Norelco’s, it’s weaker. You get 4 – 5 shaves on full charge.

Electric Razor Types: Choosing Between Foil Shavers and The Rotary Ones

You’ll find two types of electric razors. Both of the two will claim to give you the closes shave possible.

Rotary shavers have a “Rotating Head” that circulates a spot while you shave the beard. Foil shavers have pivoting heads that move back, forth, and sideways when you rub them against your beards.

People might have diverse opinions. But I, like most shaving experts, choose to vote in favor of “Foil Shavers.” I do have my reasons of course.

  • Foil shavers have thinner micro-foils than the rotary ones. When blades cut our beards, physical barrier is a thing to consider. Foil shavers come with thinner barriers and thus provide closer shave than their rotary cousins.
  • Foil shavers have blades working at a higher speed than that of the rotary shavers. Meaning, these blades cut faster. I agree, the tradeoff is the noise. But these blades are reciprocating and cover each other’s blind spots for a comprehensive shaving experience.
  • My third point is the design itself. The blades are designed to be straight. You require shorter strokes to cut more hair. As a result, people can go into the routine with power and precision by their sides.

Things That Should Influence Your Buying Decisions

These electric razors are glittering objects. More often than not these things promise features that are hard-to-get. Very often, we fall for the word-play and end up choosing a bulky product that fails to deliver. Simply, we don’t know what to look for in a razor. All that changes today with this guide.

  • Check the Build

This is the most basic step of buying ANY product let alone shaving machines. You should inspect how the product is made. Don’t fall for a cheap product that commands a high price. Don’t fall for the fancy features right away. Instead, check how’s the machine built.

A cheap device might give in to wear and tear sooner than you expect. Electric shavers are already fragile and need to be handled with care. Add fragile matter to the build and it’ll lack durability. In case of an accident, the machine will break almost all the time. Be safe than sorry. Choose from reputed brands.

This makes sure you get a good product. It’ll stay with you for years before letting up.

  • Does It Have a Good Motor?

This is a good question to ask yourself. A good motor is THE driving force behind any machine. This is true in case of the shaving devices as well. You need a powerful motor for a faster shave. How much power you prefer is up to you. Slower motors take more time in getting up to speed.

An average device with an average motor does things in a sloppy way. Most of the time, there are specks of beards left on your face. A powerful motor can deliver incredibly close shaves. There are models with two motors too. These things vibrate to pick up the smallest of hairs on your faces.

Go for linear-drive motors that brands like Panasonic offer. These offer more rpm count (AKA cutting power) than the entry-level products out there.

  • Razors with Flexible Head Cover More Ground

It’s a given that our faces have contours. There are hard-to-reach areas. There are areas where people need to be subtle when shaving. Then, there are areas where you need to extend your reach.

It’s obvious that doing it by hand and a safety razor takes a lot of skill. With the close shave electric razor models, it isn’t the case. Why? Because they come equipped with a head that pivots.

Obviously, a pivoting head covers more ground. It shaves jawlines, neck areas, cheeks, and under the lips with care. No, you don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts because of the skin guard.

  • Count the Cutting Blades and Trimmer

For me, the more the better. Modern shaving machines come with multiple blades that are sharp. These blades are set in the moving head that we spoke of. People might go for low blade counts to save some money. But please… don’t. Hear me out before you decide.

While fewer blades mean you’ll save money, they compromise on the “Closeness” of the shave. Simply, a three-blade system won’t cut as well as the 5-blade system will. The five blades will cut close to your skin giving you a smooth shave too. So, that’s a bonus.

While you are at it, check the quality of the trimmer too. A good razor with a quality trimmer helps to trim down your sideburns and mustache well.

  • The Display Quality of Your Product Should be “Great”

Don’t settle for anything less. The display is mighty important. Modern LCD displays give you an idea about the remaining charge, various modes that are active or are at your disposal, the life of your blades, and various other things. With a good razor, people will always have an idea about when to clean it too.

Anything less and you’re missing out on a potentially vital number that affects your shaving experience.

  • The Shaver Should Produce Less Heat While Shaving

Whenever a machine runs, it produces heat as it burns energy. This is the same case with electric razors. The longer they run, the more the heat. Too much of it can burn the motor. The result? You’ll have to buy a fresh machine with extra $200. Oops! You probably had other plans involving the money.

Thankfully, people can choose devices that remain cool despite constant operation. Popular brands like Braun has quite a few models that don’t heat up that much. These models are better lubricated and cause less friction. Don’t worry if you’re giving the blades and foils an extra workout for an hour.

  • Additional Benefits to Look Forward To

I couldn’t include heaps of factors that needed separate sub-headings. Instead, I’m lumping them here. For example, I can’t emphasize enough on the compatibility factor of your razor. It should be compatible with wet and/or dry shaving routines. One can choose according to his preference.

I won’t leave the other one out in favor of wet shaving myself. I want both perks in my machine.

Make sure the battery stays good for a long period (possibly an hour or so) before it needs recharging. It can, of course, go bad with time. But less than an hour from first use won’t make for a good razor.

Do you have a sensitive skin? If so, choose the electric shaver wisely. I understand you’re looking for a close shave. Yet, your product of choice should bear no ill feelings towards your skin. Keep that in mind if you don’t want to suffer from post-shave rashes or allergies.

The Last Passage

That’s it! I don’t have anything more to say when it comes to the best close shave electric razor models. As you can see, my weapons of choice for the battle of shaving are based on the value they provide against their price tags. Believe me, these models do the talk and walk the walk in the same breath.

I understand that choices can differ from user to user. That’s why the buying guide will serve as a common thread between us. You can go for any model as long as the device satisfies the criteria I mentioned. Some of the models are on my basically visual upgrades with minor tweaks.

Don’t worry, I’ll be working hard and constantly keep the list updated as per the changing tide and style of shaving. But the process will remain the same. I’m interested in interacting with you guys too. Do tell me what you need me to cover next.

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