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30 Curly Mullet Haircuts For Stylish & Energetic Men In 2024

If you haven’t noticed already, the classic hairstyle revival trend has brought forth curly mullets into the top of popularity. Men with great taste are committing to it left and right, and my salon everyday meets these enthusiasts with unique designs.

Thus, I feel obligated to share some of my concepts that have worked perfectly on the customers with my online readers. This way, you’ll be able to anticipate this shift in design trend and be on top of it with your natural curls than anyone else!

Also, many of you feel that curly hair is limiting your styling potential. With this particular style, you’ll realize that this style has no limit and can take your Type 3 or 4 hair places that you’d never imagined before!

So, I won’t deprive you further from getting familiarized with these dazzling designs I’ve highlighted just for you!

What Is A Curly Mullet?

A curly mullet is basically a mullet that’s done with curls or waves. You don’t necessarily require natural curls as you can easily use a curling iron to manipulate your straight hair for these styles.

The basic principles are three things:

Shaved or faded sides that have significantly reduced length than the rest

Back hair portion that’s generally around shoulder length

Top hair which is significantly shorter than the longer part

If these three boxes are checked with a curly hair design, then you can classify it as a curly mullet with absolute certainty.

Alluring Curly Mullet Hairstyles

All of these haircuts are aesthetically soothing and ticks the necessary boxes that are nothing short of strong fashion statements. Scroll through them and pick one that attracts you the most!

The Wet Look

The Wet Look

The first hairstyle in my list combines different styling philosophies and merges all of them into one. It plays with curls, uses fades to smooth the edges and adds a wet style to ooze sexiness from the get go.

This variant of curly mullet is made for everyone, even if you don’t have natural curls or waves. First thing would be to trim the hair down to a short-medium length and fade the sides with a tapered back.

Upon this, apply some wet look gel and use it to curl randomly over your head. This look is great for daily use, campus life or casual hangout. Professional spaces may always not be welcoming as it belongs to a more radical gradient of hairstyles.

Dense Back Afro

Dense Back Afro

Like my first hairstyle, this design too is a combination of styling aesthetics put together. But its intended consumers are one with natural afro hair as the dense back requires such tight hair texture to work perfectly.

You’ll be trimming your hair down to a very short length at the top. But as you’ll gradually climb toward the back, the hair will increase in length and density. So, at the nape you’ll have this dense afro bush that stands out remarkably from the rest of the hair.

Low fade the sides, line-up the area around the forehead and keep a thin & sharp bead to compliment this look. This style is universal and is granted full access to any places – be that an office or a disco downtown.

Low Burst Fade With Beard

Low Burst Fade with Beard

With your loose curls, you can style it in a very unorthodox way to have your look stand out from the rest of the crowd you’re a part of. It generates a vibe of the 80s due to the bleached color, curly patch over the head and the overall outcome it delivers.

Medium length curly hair should suffice for this look. On either side, use your trimmer to create a mid or high fade that’s left up to your preference. Make sure that the faded portion creates a 90-degree angle between the top & back and roughly follows a straight line.

This look goes well with leather jackets, loose t-shirts or ragged jeans. It’s not a neat style, thus polished clothing can contradict the overall impact you’d be looking for.

From this, you can realize this style isn’t meant for business meetings, rather suitable for meetings with friends or families.

Square Layers

Square Layers

Layer up your dense waves that run all the way across your temple to the nape with a symmetry that’s always captivating from a stylist’s point of view. This design promises to render you as a stylistically sound individual with a great taste over the way you present yourself.

It doesn’t require much styling activities as you can achieve it with just a trimmer. Taper the sides only without carrying it on toward the rest of the head. Line up that tapered area so that there’s distinction and a sense of sharpness that adds more to the look.

For the top, create a line at the crown region and flow your hair toward opposite directions. Use a molding cream to generate a smooth wavy effect. If your hair is dyed with caramel tone, it’s going to make you look even better as this color promotes the wavy textures better!

Cornrow Braid Mullet

Cornrow Braid Mullet

This is one of the most unique renditions of curly mullets. Individuals with curly or kinky hair will benefit greatly from this look as it’s not only a fabulous design, but also a protective hairstyle that’s very easy to maintain.

You must have medium length hair to reach the desired outcome as I’ve shown in the sample. Keep the sides short and trimmed so that the only canvas remains at the top & the back. At the top, create 3 cornrows on either side and make thin braids that hang loose.

Underneath these braids, make an additional one that goes all the way across to the nape on both of the sides and tie them together. Keep the back hair loose to produce an iconic look!

Lengthy Mohawk

Lengthy Mohawk

If you have wavy or curly hair that’s quite long at this point and don’t feel like chopping it short, then I’ve got you covered. With this style, you’ll be able to endorse a spectacular mohawk style without compromising any of the qualities you already possess.

Start by completely shaving off the sides as well as the back, all the way up to the crown. This stark contrast of lengths is necessary to emit a fashion statement that’s bold and radical in nature. If you want, you can even draw a tattoo on the exposed patch!

At the top, use a non-electric wand to fine tune the curls. Pick a strand or two to bleach them randomly so that they add more to the color. A dense beard also helps to intensify the effect!

Loose Back & Fade

Loose Back and Fade

Varying lengths is one of the prime methods of inventing captivating and unique designs. This variant of curly mullets does exactly that by combining a fade, short hair and loose curls that contributes to an eye-catching outcome!

It’s always better to start from the sides. A mid to high fade is the way to go for this look. For the top part, cut down everything to a short length but don’t let it transgress the crown region. At the back, let everything hang loosely without altering anything.

Between the short and long portion, create a smooth transition. A beard originating from the fades is always welcome. Draw a straight line between the top and the side to solidify an alluring design!

Tight Curls Mohawk

Tight Curls Mohawk

Dark knight curls can be treated in the most suave manner if you know the right techniques. It might seem like a hectic and maintenance-heavy look, but trust me, it’s quite the opposite. Skid into the curls and discover how much it can push your styling potential upward!

It’s preferable if you have above medium-length, high-volume hair on top. Draw skin fades at the sides and behind the ears till the patch reaches your neck. Then work on your top portion by cleaning everything up with shampoo and working on a fresh bunch.

Put on some styling mousse to tighten up the curl. Spray over some shining solution to make your black curls glaze under the sun, or keep it simply with just the mousse by committing toward the matte category.

Brushed Back Curls

Brushed Back Curls

This time I’ll introduce you to one of the coolest curly mullets that’s appropriate even at the most formal of spaces. It gives off an intellectual vibe with a touch of tastefulness. Your inner persona will speak through this style and influence the space around you in a positive way.

To get started, you must have medium-length hair that’s at least wavy in nature. Any color should do the trick perfectly since this is a universal look that can suit literally anyone. Trim down the sides without fading to enhance the elegant attribute.

At the top, it’s ideal to apply some cream, solution or mousse to hold the hair in place and use a comb to gently direct the waves toward the back. The top part is meant to be more neat and the latter around the nape can be left a little messy – depending on your taste.

Highlighted With Shaved Lines

Highlighted with Shaved Lines

I’m bagging this one for the modernists in the hairstyling industry, as it contains features that’ll surely classify it as an advanced design. It mixes up long hair on top with faded sides that brags a couple of parallel shaved lines to speak edginess from visuals.

The fades should not only be limited at the sides, rather they’re supposed to sit under the mane at the back as well. Top portion is to be highlighted subtly, with colors like platinum-blue, coral-green or any of the dark shaded colors.

This way, the brushed back long hair will reflect the color of your choice only when any form of light is reflected on them. Otherwise, it’ll only display a modish black tone that allows you the flexibility of diverse hairstyles without changing anything!

Tapered High Volume

Tapered High Volume

I often receive questions regarding styling possibilities for ones having very dense curls. They feel it’s limiting their potential, but let me assure you – it can be styled in more ways than you can imagine!

Take this design for instance. It tapers the sides or even completely shaves off the portion – depending on how you want to go about it. The dense portion at the top is left loose with higher volume toward the back.

Maintain your curls with pomades so that they hold the shape no matter where you go!

Shoulder Length & Fade

Shoulder Length and Fade

It’s another 80s inspired style as it plays with lengthy curls the way fashion enthusiasts would wear their hair during that era. This sits on the radical side of curly mullets and there’s a lot going on underneath that the naked eye cannot see directly.

Firstly, you’ll have to isolate your top hair from the sides. You can use your combs or any other clips to secure them in place. Then, fade down the sides completely and let the top hair loose to cover up this portion.

Size down the top hair and let the hair at the back as well as the sides fall down on your shoulders and cover your neck completely.

Spaghetti Curl Mullet

Spaghetti Curl Mullet

Go off the track and sizzle up your look by seeking refuge in one of those classic curly designs with bleach! People call these curls spaghetti because it resembles that Italian dish as a rendition of fancy curly mullet style!

You’ll have to sacrifice all of the hair from the sides to achieve this design. Sketch up some low fades that go all the way toward the back. At the nape, shape your hair like a V and grow your curls till the sharp end.

Bleach these curls to replicate some spaghetti. Smooth them out with solutions or creams so that they stay in position for prolonged duration.

Curly Overflow

Curly Overflow

A very low-maintenance and casual curly mullet design is here to spare you a lot of time unspent on hair and allocated to your other tasks. This is a one-time style that’ll set you free with a Hermione Granger-like hairdo.

It’s basically an overflow of curls that concentrate on the central portion of your head. Instead of letting your side hairs grow out, you’ll contain that within the top portion only.

Once you’re at the optimum length, let everything hang loose without using a brush and keep it messy as part of the style. Hair length reaching your shoulder should be perfect.

The 80s Mullet

The 80s Mullet

When we’re styling with mullets, it’s unavoidable that an 80s vibe will automatically take over the look or influence it to some extent. This one however is a direct reference to that age as it strictly sticks to the classic aesthetics.

You should let your hair grow till all of it crosses your shoulder in length. The varying length is of essence here, as the top hair is to be kept shorter than the longer portions at the back.

Shorten your sides according to your liking, but I’ll recommend a skin fade or a complete trim down so that the mullet features are ticked with utmost precision.

Mr. Minimalist

Mr. Minimalist

If you don’t enjoy displaying extravagant haircuts, then this minimalist approach should satisfy your taste buds in a better way. It’s based on a short hair foundation and works its way toward the back as well as the sides.

You don’t need tight curls for this to work as loose waves can attain the desired outcome equally well. Trimmed sides and wet curls come together to create a fanciable design that attracts the ladies without a second thought.

This is a style you can wear at any occasion and works with every face shape – thus rendering it as one of those highly-appealing haircuts.

Shag & Beard

Shag and Beard

Why not take a leaf out of the ladies’ hairdo and apply a shag to the curly mullet principles? This is exactly what this design has done, as it borrows shag hairstyle features and matches it up with mullet’s short side long top approach.

Hair reaching shoulder is ideal to begin with. Top portion being shorter than the rest, the sides are to be trimmed down and the remainder of the hair body is to cover that region.

Smooth out the forehead portion and cover it entirely to complete the look. Grow some fine beard that generally goes hand in hand with such styles.

Power Mullet

Power Mullet

The power mullet is one of those radical designs that doesn’t follow the seamless and symmetrical patterns, rather aspires to break all the norms. The variance in length is so wide that one glance is enough to tell you what’s going on up there.

Up front, it’s going to look like any other short hairstyle from the generic men’s fashion world. But at the back, it grows into long, shoulder length hair with waves set loose.

The thick wavy portion at the back contrasts the frontal patch so well that it has become an original style, left to be followed by many thousands.

Half-Bowl Mullet

Half Bowl Mullet

Remember those bowl cuts that were once trending since the Jim Carrey movie Dumb & Dumber? In this age of fusion, that styling technique has resurfaced again and is being merged with curly mullet designs.

It’s basically a half-bowl cut that remains only toward the front. The sides are high faded with a long, loose back that barely reaches the shoulder in waves.

If you manage to grow a neat beard in the shape of a triangle, it’s going to push the hairdo even further in terms of edginess, and grant you a very unique style in 2024!

Neat & Wavy

Neat and Wavy

Since we’re fusing up different aesthetics, why not try out some neat & wavy and put them together? Ones with tight curls may find it challenging to achieve, but if you have loose waves, it won’t be very difficult to get done without using a straightener.

Try on some holding cream or hair gel on the top to render a straight and wet portion. The sides can be treated with a low fade and a distinct end to the sideburns.

At the back, let the waves maintain their integrity and loosened to climb past the shoulder length. A tone of bluish highlight can add further to this design.

Long Sleek Curls

Long Sleek Curls

This style solely relies on the curls that are long and kept sleek. Unlike many other designs, the curls manifest themselves from the crown portion and the longer hair patch starts right there.

The length increases slightly at the back and the sides are treated with a wide sideburn, neatly lined and maintained. If your face is oval, I’ll say this is your ideal curly mullet design.

You don’t need to apply anything to the curls except for shampoo and conditioner for maintenance.

Funky Highlights

Funky Highlights

This edition of curly mullets don’t trim or shave off the sides, rather keep them slightly longer than complete removal.

At the top, the gradual length change is eminent with hair flowing toward opposite directions at the crown ridge.

With highlights applied to the entire hair body, curls kissing foreheads and back hair resting on the shoulders pay a great homage to the OG mullets in a very tasteful way.

Retro Noodle Cut

Retro Noodle Cut

The retro styles are shaking up the fashion industry with revival of the thin curls flowing all over like noodles. Line it up perfectly to create a divergent design that attracts the attention of every styling enthusiast!

Dye your hair with a sharp caramel tone and bleach the ends for further enhancement. Shave the sides with a straight line and trim the front portion at a short length.

Wear some matching earpieces or a nose ring to look voguish!

Kurtis Conner Look

Kurtis Conner Look

You all must know the famous comedian Kurtin Conner? This curly mullet is a direct reference to this celebrity as it piles up bushy hair all over the head without letting it go out of control.

For the color tone, I’d recommend you to opt for a touch of caramel as it seems to work better with such messy-looking designs.

Grow an equally messy beard without much definition and decorate yourself with ornaments to seal down a very approachable look!

Blonde Long In Back Short In Front

Blonde Long in Back Short in Front

This design is the epitome of short in front long in back haircuts as it’s mixed up with the mullet concept. Bleach your hair to a complete blonde to step up your A-game and endorse an enticing look.

Sides are faded as always to a high length. The top part resembles any short haircut for men with long, loose curls past the shoulder.

At the crown, the direction division point can be fluffed up to render it even more gorgeous!

Tapered With Medium Blonde

Tapered with Medium Blonde

Naturally blonde curly hair guys can benefit from this design directly as you can only trim it down to medium length and taper the sides.

For further enhancement, throw in some vibrant colors at the lower nape, like a mixture of scarlet, violet and purple to stand out from the rest!

Coral Green Mullet

Coral Green Mullet

Another color you can implement with the curly mullet designs is the deep, coral green. Ones having darker color may need to bleach beforehand.

Shaved sides, shorter front and long back hair with the tips covered in green generate one of the most glamorously dashing designs that you’ve never seen before!

Messy Highlights

Messy Highlights

Highlights are often the most necessary tools to push a curly mullet over the edge but we don’t always think about going this way at the very beginning.

With a short & messy design, pick out the fringes of the curls and apply highlights randomly. Use your fingers to distribute the hair body all around to finalize the look!

Spaghetti Ends

Spaghetti Ends

It’s one of those soothing designs that doesn’t require much maintenance upon implementation. Curls up to the shoulder are sufficient to get started with the design.

Top part is to be kept shorter than the rest with trimmed sides. The most appealing factor is the few curls up front and back that are bleached like spaghetti.

Platinum-Black Fusion

Platinum Black Fusion

Let both of your personalities surface through a two-tone hairstyle that occurs at the same time. Shoulder length hair with a mid-part curly mullet should set you up for it nicely.

On one side, you’ll go for a bleach followed by a platinum dye. On the other, let your naturally black color sit beside the platinum.

Altogether, it creates a charming effect that’s too difficult not to meet eyes with!

How To Get Curly Mullet At Home?

It might come to you as a shock, but you can give yourself or a friend a curly mullet haircut at the comforts of your home. I’ve broken down the process in comprehensive steps so that you can easily mimic it to reach the desired result!

Step 1: Select A Style

It’s essential that you select a style that matches your vibes and you have sufficient hair to replicate it perfectly – be that in density, curl or in length.

Also, check whether the selected style is going to enhance your face shape and hair texture. Go for low-maintenance styles if you don’t like spending time taking care of your hair.

Step 2: Preparation

For the preparation part, I generally advise to wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo and air dry it. Do not use a blow dryer as it alters the hair properties and your look might not remain the same after a few showers.

Also, if your style demands bleaching or coloring, this is when you should go for that as doing it afterward contains room for hassle.

Step 3: Treat The Sides

Grab your trimmer to remove most of the side portions. Follow your outline, draw a taper, low fade, high or a skin fade – whichever the chosen style tells you to do.

You can even include a shaved line or parallel ones. Add a tattoo to the exposed area if you like to push the styling potential off the limits.

Step 4: Trim The Top

The rule of thumb for the top portion is to trim it down to a length much shorter than the one at the back. You can implement generic short hairstyles for men as a guideline for the frontal portion.

Whether you keep it lying down on your forehead or move it backward, that’s completely up to you. Different styles are treated differently, so there’s no ‘one way’ of doing it.

Step 5: Fine-Tune

Back portion is generally left loose and rested on the shoulder. Tune it up by applying hair mousse or spray gel to hold everything in place.

Line up trimmers can sharpen up the faded portion and sideburns. You can even deprive your hair from all these solutions to dive deeper into the messy hair trends.

With these 5 quick steps, you’ll be able to give yourself a good-looking curly mullet without having to spend a dime at the salon. You can follow this video for a visual aid of the procedure.


Curly mullets often induce general curiosity that aren’t always answered precisely. So I’ll step up to address some of these questions for your further clarity on the matter.

Q: Is a curly mullet unprofessional?

A: Generally speaking, curly mullets are rebellious in nature and stand against the standard social values. Thus, a lot of the employers consider it to be an unprofessional cut. But you can get away with the minimal styles as these are more subtle and neat than the rest.

Q: Why are curly mullets so cool?

A: Curly mullets are usually cool to look at because they play with varying lengths and rely heavily on curls. This way, some unique styles are born every now and again with captivating properties.

Final Thoughts

Now we’re at the dawn of this complete curly mullet article. I’ve tried to be thorough with each style so that you are able to find a walkthrough, should you choose to implement that particular design on yourself.

One concern that a lot of mullet enthusiasts face is whether it’ll sustain in a formal space or would they be recipients of reprimanding.

I’ll tell you my take on this: commit to this style completely if you feel the urge because curly mullet speaks a language of its own. It’s the language of confidence, edginess and a boldness that not a lot of haircuts are able to match with.

Thus, it’ll stand as a strong statement on your account and render you an impressive individual who isn’t suppressed by societal expectations while expressing his choices.

So, go forth and stand tall in the crowd with any of the styles in my list that may fancy you!

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