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Dave East Braids: The Transformation with 9 Signature Styles

The creator of “Black Rose”, Dave East, is famous for not only his innovative musical capabilities but also for his fashion sense and hairstyles. His popularity peaked further when he became determined to take a long jump in terms of his haircut. He chose braids for his ultimate look which still grabs the attention of many people.

Dave had short haircuts since the beginning of his career. He preferred stylish Buzz Cuts for his style. For almost eight years, he had different variations of the buzz along with some fades here and there. However, when he switched to Braids for his style, he made his looks a part of his identity.

In this article, we will talk about how Dave East made the final jump to braids from his short hairstyles. We will also discuss 9 legendary Dave East Braids that are still relevant for their towering appearances.

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From Short Hair to Braids: The Transformation of Dave East

Transformation of Dave East Braids

Dave East wore a Buzz Cut and various types of fades before deciding to try something different. Not that these styles were not good enough for him, but in 2018, East decided to express himself through braids.

Dave initiated his transformation towards braids by letting his hair grow naturally. Since he was used to wearing short haircuts at that time, making the decision to switch to a complex hairstyle like braids was something remarkable.

The journey began when Dave East tied his short Afro hair in little knots. And when the hair grew a little more, he opted for Baby Dreads which will be discussed in this article. And then onward, he sported many types of Twists and Cornrows.

Dave East has made his braid styles a signature of his besides his excellent rap music. In terms of fashion alone, he managed to be an example to follow for many people all over the world. But especially his braids have become the centerpiece of attention since he decided to make the transition into these styles.

9 Outstanding Dave East Braids Styles

Dave East Braids are breathtaking for both how those styles look as well as the way Dave made them quintessential. Even individually, these styles have a certain appeal due to their magnificent appearances. In this section, we will discuss 9 of the best Dave East Braids variations with pictures.

Baby Dreads

Baby Dreads

As one of the most iconic looks, Dave East’s Baby Dreads stayed famous for a long time. East wore it specifically when he was making the transition into braids from his short hair. The dreads helped protect his hair which in turn also ensured rapid growth.

Dave East opted for short box styles Baby Dreads as you can see here. When his hair became around three inches long, he moved to more conventional braids. East’s braid story is still going strong even to this day.

Medium Cornrows

Medium Cornrows

Dave East’s Medium Cornrows held much significance when he rocked this style. It was after a few months since he decided to get into braids. And his style had an aura of elegance. The cornrows were not simple. They were sharply angled cornrows that created about 120-degree slants.

East coupled his Medium Cornrows with his signature beard. The overall look had a crispy vibe attached to it. He wore cornrows later again, but nothing was ever like these Medium Cornrows.

Twisted Dreads

Twisted Dreads

Mr. East occasionally switched his styles. During his braids journey, he also got interested in dreadlocks. However, since his hair was not long enough at that time, he decided to get Twisted Dreads which looked nothing short of spectacular.

The mini dreads were medium-sized due to his hair length and type. East kept this style for a while which fulfilled the potential of his Twisted Dreads by the time he decided to get cornrows yet again.

Classic Box Braids

Classic Box Braids

Classic Box Braids come with a breathtaking sharpness that can be irresistible for many people. Point to be noted, even Dave East could not resist this astonishing style. It was a time when East had already been on his braids journey for around a year. Those tightly neat braids looked amazing all by themselves.

East loved big boxes for his Classic Box braids. He wore a symmetrical style that housed nine boxes on each side of his head. Since he was trying to grow his hair even longer back then, this hairstyle helped him massively by protecting the hair.

Sharp Zig Zag Braids


The horizontal Zig Zag Braids that Dave East sported during his Braids experience have a dedicated fanbase. Many Dave East fans got this style just because they wanted to look like their idol. The craze around this hairstyle lasted for a long few months.

Mr. East did not want his Zig Zag Braids to be complex. He chose a style that accommodated around 8-10 substantial braids. But this look is so versatile that if anyone wants to replicate it with smaller braids, it is entirely possible without applying too many modifications.

Box Weave

Box Weave

Dave East may have a checklist for his braid styles. Why, you ask? Well, he is about done getting almost all types of classic braiding styles. Take this Box Weave for example. He exhibited his excellent taste in braiding styles when he rocked this stunning look.

East’s hair was shoulder-length when he got this style. His weaves leaned toward small in size although getting medium weaves is the trendy approach. Yet, East made this Box Weave entirely his own because of those little customizations.

Straight Cornrows

Straight Cornrows

Straight or Vertical Cornrows may be the simplest of braids, but they provide the most rugged look you can get. Dave East understood this side of the braids pretty well. When he was going through his Cornrows phase, he remembered to wear this classic style.

So far, Dave has tried various styles of Cornrows. However, his Straight Cornrows look has some energetic vibe embedded in it and this style became one of Dave’s biggest trademark looks.

Edgy Cornrows

Edgy Cornrows

Dave East loved his horizontal Edgy Cornrows as much as he loved Zig Zag Braids. He had medium-long hair when he put on these two styles. The Edgy Cornrows gained more attention than the Zig Zags mainly due to the symmetrical features this specific style displayed.

Mr. East kept his beard relatively shorter when he went for Edgy Cornrows. His beard and hairstyle complemented each other pretty well in making him look razor-sharp.

Marley Dreads

Bob Marley Inspired Dreads

Dreads and Bob Marley; there is hardly anything more inseparable than this duo. Dave East did not forget to show his tribute to the Reggae King and sported a glorious Dreadlocks look. He even wore the infamous Marley Hat to complete the experience.

It is one of the rare long hairstyle looks by Dave East even to this day. His tribute to Marley only gave birth to a unique Dave East Braids look that even East himself will have a hard time beating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dave East Braids has been a source of interest to people for quite some time now. Some questions are repeatedly asked regarding these braids. Here, we will answer a few of those most asked questions to help you have a deeper look into them.

Q: Does Dave East wear his braids for practical reasons?

Ans: Not really. Although the braids come with some practical aspects and serve those purposes, Dave East primarily wears his braids for his looks.

Q: Does Dave East braid his own hair?

Ans: As far as we know, Dave East does not braid his own hair. He takes services from expert hair stylists for his braids.

Q: How long has Dave East been wearing braids?

Ans: Dave has been wearing braids since 2018. As of 2023, it’s been half a decade since he is wearing braids.

Q: Has Dave East ever worn other types of hairstyles?

Ans: Yes. Before braids, Dave East wore short haircuts that included fades and buzz cuts among everything else.


Besides his pristine music, Dave East is well-known for his fashion sense. He is meticulous about his appearance as much as he cares about his musical career. East’s hairstyles always played a huge role in setting up the vibe.

Dave East Braids have been famous for not just their appearance but also how they elevated East’s overall look. These styles became so significant over time that now, Dave East Braids is a term with its very own recognition.

In this article, we explored the transformation of Dave East from his short haircuts to braid styles. Then we showed you 9 of his best braid looks and included helpful details for each style. If you are interested in only the best variations of Dave East Braids, these nine looks are enough for you.

Until next time.

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