Do Perms Cause Hair Loss? How To Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario!

These days, a majority of hair trends tend to cater to wavy and curly hair. And while using curling irons, the scrunching method and flat irons can very well make one’s hair eligible enough to hop on the bandwagon of the up and coming trends that cater to those with waves and curls, getting a perm can also be a viable option if your schedule isn’t too hectic, and if you’re willing to spend a moderately fair price to your hairdresser.

Getting a perm is definitely worth it if your main aim revolves around boosting your confidence, but can also work wonders for you if you’re simply looking for a hairdo that requires very little upkeep and comprises tons of volume. However, it’s not always sunny when you’re the recipient of a perm.

Despite carrying tons of properties that could prove to be advantageous and harmless, a perm is also notorious for allegedly causing hair loss and damaging the hair. And if you’re not aware of how it damages the cuticles and the ways in which you can reverse the scenario, stick around until the end to be unveiled with all that we know about the relationship between obtaining a perm and hair loss!

What Is A Perm? A Closer Look Into Its Procedure, Benefits, and Drawbacks

What Is A Perm

Also known as a permanent wave, a perm is a hairdo in which naturally straight hair is manipulated and transformed into waves or curls through the means of using chemicals, spiral rods, and clarifying shampoo. Although perming is an activity that is suitable for everyone, making sure the scalp comprises no residue or build-up and ensuring the cleanliness of the hair is mandatory if you’re expecting outstanding results.

When it comes to benefits, a perm is definitely a specialist. In addition to having a healthy time frame and lasting for 3 to 6 months on average, a perm is glorified for the amount of elevation and volume that it incorporates into the hair. Once obtained, it also tends to make one’s life easier in the shower, as the hair doesn’t require much upkeep until the perm wears off.

Additionally, due to spending less time in the shower, perming the hair can save tons of time when getting ready! The strands also look healthier and frizz free, which can easily get rid of esteem issues!

While experimenting with a perm is definitely an activity you should try out at least once in your life due to the series of positives it brings into existence, it’s always better to be wary about the disadvantages of the hairdo before going forward with your decision.

Despite being a fun look to experiment with, a perm can be difficult when it’s time to wash the strands and give your scalp a clean-up. Washing the hair once a week can be music to your ears if you’re unpunctual and don’t like showering on the regular anyway, but could be consequential when all the residue, dirt, and oil on your scalp begin to creep in and generate an unpleasant smell. This minor inconvenience can also become severe over time, especially if you’re living in a humid climate!

Furthermore, though one of its advantages is definitely the time-friendly styling routine it brings to the table, your hair could be difficult to brush once you install a perm, as the strands eventually become rather heavy. The weight can also stress your scalp out gradually, and make the strands dry and brittle as a result.

Do Perms Really Cause Hair Loss? Causes That May Lead To That Outcome!

Do Perms Really Cause Hair Los

At the end of the day, getting a perm can be more beneficial than consequential. On top of being an exciting hairdo to try out, perms can really work in your favour if you’re seeking an option that will transform your hair and make positive changes to your aura overnight. And while the benefits listed on the above-mentioned can also be added to the series of incentives to look forward to, a perm can prove to backfire on certain occasions, which can very well lead to hair loss.

While you can get a free pass with a poor diet when getting a perm, there are tons of factors that could make you a victim to hair loss. Check out the list below to garner knowledge about all the factors that may cause you to lose your hair strands after getting a perm!

Your hair is too fragile

If your hair is not as coarse, but is definitely on the finer end, you might fall victim to hair loss for a brief period of time. Although using the solution and neutralizer is definitely mandatory for creating perms, the ingredients they have can definitely dry the scalp and strands out, which will cause a fair amount of harm to your finely shaped hair strands.

The technique may have been wrong

Another reason that might have landed you in this scenario could have been the technique you followed. For instance, if you carried the steps out at home and lost track of time after applying the solution, you may have exceeded the time limit and harmed your strands as a result.

Additionally, if you carried the perming process out without using a clarifying shampoo and washing your hair beforehand, the amount of pre-existing residue might have caused irritation on your scalp, which led to hair loss.

While carrying out the perming process at home is definitely something we would vouch for, we would also advise those that are inexperienced to visit a salon to get their perm done through the help of a professional. Yes, it might cost you more to pay someone else to do the job, but doing so will also save your hair from tons of harm, and keep your confidence level intact.

You change your hair too much

If you change the visuals of your hair on a regular basis through the help of hair dyes and highlights, then that ritual of yours could be an obvious reason behind the hair loss. Although products such as bleach and Colour Oop are great when installing new hues to your hair, they comprise tons of harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonium persulfate; both of which can cause permanent damage to your scalp and hair when used too frequently.

Dealing With The Aftermath: How To Fix Your Hair After A Bad Perm

How To Fix Your Hair After A Bad Perm

If you’re already facing the repercussions of a perm and losing multiple strands of hair on a regular basis, know that we can relate to that matter. And although seeing clumps of hair in the shower can be frightening to say the least, there are also multiple changes you can make to your current routine to tackle that issue immediately, and recover from the consequences eventually. From using top-notch hair products to making adjustments to your washing routine, here are all the ways in which you can restore your hair after a bad perm!

Don’t wash your hair too much

Since the chemicals will still remain weeks and months after the perm, make sure you don’t wash your hair too often. Although washing the scalp will definitely come in handy to get rid of the chemical-like smell, using shampoo on a day to day basis will also dehydrate your scalp and strip the natural oils out of your hair, which will damage the cuticles.

Use the right products

Keeping your shampooing routine in check can definitely help you and your hair with making a monumental comeback. However, to ensure your hair and scalp heals properly, consider using a clarifying shampoo, which contains generous agents to clean the residue on one’s scalp without dehydrating the surface. Additionally, to keep the strands in check, try using a nourishing conditioner, which is known for containing zero amounts of silicone.

Treat your hair with care

Since moisturising the strands will surely make the recovery process faster, you can also take help from the hydrating oils at home and use them once a week. While using olive oil and argan oil will bring forward noticeable results in a short span of time, another oil that can be just as promising is jojoba oil.

Seek out to a professional if hair loss is persistent

If the condition of your hair remains the same weeks after you’ve received a bad perm, perhaps changing the current line of products you have won’t be sufficient, as the scenario could be much more severe than that. To deal with the issue, however, pay a visit to a reliable dermatologist that you’re aware of so that they could thoroughly study your skin. If you’d like someone to study your scalp, try getting in touch with a trichologist. You may also run some tests to find out whether you have any underlying medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve learned about the ways in which getting a perm can lead to hair loss, and all the actions you can take to solve the issues almost instantly, here are some questions regarding today’s topic that will definitely allow you to obtain more knowledge and get a recap of some of the segments.

Q: How long does a perm last?

A: Once obtained, a permanent wave, also known as a perm, can last for 3 months at least, and extend to 6 months when the strands are maintained properly.

Q: Can I fix my hair after obtaining a botched perm?

A: Every problem comes with a fair share of solutions. Similarly, if you’ve received a bad perm and are currently facing the consequences by losing clumps of hair everyday, know that you can solve it immediately by making changes to your hair care routine. For instance, try replacing your current shampoo with a clarifying shampoo so that your scalp is easier to clean. You can also exchange your pre-existing conditioner for a nourishing conditioner that will keep your strands moisturised at all times. Additionally, you can also carry out a hot oil treatment using olive oil, or argan oil once a week so that your strands can recover from all the damage caused by the chemicals.

Final Takeaway

As stated earlier, based on your hair type, the technique you go forward with, and the amount of times you modify your strands every year, you can definitely assess the outcome you might receive when getting a perm. While having coarse hair will definitely work in your favour if you’re obtaining a perm due to the minimal repercussions, be sure to be extra cautious and seek the assistance from a professional stylist if your hair is normally dry or extremely fragile.

Despite bringing to the table favourable results more often than not, a perm can also cause damage to one’s hair if the proper steps aren’t followed, which can lead to mild to aggressive hair loss on certain occasions. However, as long as you make healthy adjustments to your hair care routine by using the correct shampoo and conditioner, and give your hair some time to recuperate from all the damages, bouncing back can surely be one of the two options!

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