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Drybar Single Shot Vs. Double Shot: Drastically Different Or Virtually Identical?

The amount of volume your hair has can surely make or break your first impression when you’re at an event, in a room full of strangers. While using various types of styling products seems to be a great way to unlock a volume-enriched hairdo right before heading out, taking the assistance of styling tools can also be a viable solution during that time.

Styling tools tend to be extremely useful when elevating the roots. However, since too much of something can be a bad thing, relying on your blow dryer on a regular basis can also make your hair prone to damage, making them frizzy and dull as a result.

To give yourself an effective blowout without putting the health of your hair at risk, two excellent styling tools that you experiment with are the double-shot and single-shot blow-dryer brush of the California-based brand, Drybar.

The Double Shot and Single Shot of Drybar have been two of the most reliable styling products for quite some time now. In addition to being more than capable of giving users the best possible version of a blowout, both products are known for their travel-friendly build, and advanced mechanics. However, when both of them are investigated rather thoroughly, the series of differences between the Drybar Single Shot vs. Double Shot seems more noticeable than ever, and divides the two products indefinitely.

Drybar Single Shot Vs. Double Shot : Summary Table

Before you move onto the next portion of the article, remember to skim through the table below. Since it consists of all the major features of both the Drybar single shot and double shot, reading through each component will allow you to have a better understanding on the purpose of each product, which will allow you to come to a decision in an easier manner!

ModelThe Drybar Single ShotThe Drybar Double Shot
TechnologyIonic TechnologyIonic Technology
BarrelRound-shaped BarrelOval-Shaped Barrel
Suitable ForShort HairstylesLong Hairstyles
Temperature Settings3 (Low, Medium, High)3 (Low, Medium, High)
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

The Single Shot

Drybar Single Shot

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The Drybar Single Shot is the smaller device out of the two, but contains features that tend to make the piece of equipment something to behold!

The round shaped barrel of the blow-dryer brush when infused with the ionic technology can bring to the table astounding results when used on short hair, and can give the strands more bounce, texture, and waves. The ergonomically manufactured device is also rather weightless in the hands, and the bristles it contains can feel soothing when used on one’s scalp!

The Double Shot

Drybar Double Shot

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In contrast to the Drybar Single Shot, the Double Shot is just as compelling with its technological attributes. The styling product contains the same ionic technology as its counterpart, but tends to be under the spotlight when used in a different scenario.

The Double Shot uses its oval shaped barrel to provide longer hairstyles with tons of volume, and a glossy finish. This promising ability of the device can work wonders for those that are desperately searching for a way to make their long hair more weightless, but can also serve those that need an immediate solution to fix their damaged ends.

Drybar Single Shot Vs. Double Shot: Analysing The Differences And Mutual Aspects

In theory, the Drybar Single Shot might seem as if it’s a predecessor of the Double Shot, mainly due to how similar their names are. However, despite having the same technological means, price tag and tons of other aspects in common, the Drybar Single Shot and Double Shot are two completely different styling tools at the end of the day, and are used to accomplish two dissimilar sets of objectives. Move on to the next paragraph to learn more about the differences and similarities between the Drybar Single Shot and Double Shot!


A noticeable difference can be found within the visuals of each product, mainly due to the design they comprise.

Drybar Single Shot Design

The Drybar Single Shot is made of ergonomic materials, a round shaped barrel, and runs slightly smaller than its sibling, standing at 2.25” in total. Due to being almost as good as weightless, it’s extremely easy to work with, and can bring forward remarkable results when used correctly.

Drybar Double Shot Design

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The Drybar Double Shot is somewhat sizable in contrast to the Single Shot, and stands at 2.4” in total. The materials used for this device are just as ergonomic as the former’s and tend to be just as straightforward to use. However, instead of having a round shaped barrel, the Drybar Double Shot consists of an oval-shaped barrel, separating the two devices as a result.

Technological Standpoint

If you’re worried about the quality of the materials used in the Drybar Single Shot and Double Shot, know that you’re in safe hands!

Technological Standpoint

In addition to being similar in terms of size, another common ground that both Drybar models share is the technological standpoint, which involves ionic technology. The bristles when paired with the ionic technology and temperature settings that both devices contain not only bring to the table a drastic hair transformation, but also reduce frizziness and provide each cuticle with tons of shine, resulting in healthy looking hair!


In terms of price, both models of the Drybar can prove to be a bit costly and might require you to expand your budget by a tad bit.

At the moment, the Single and Double Shot are equally costly, and carry a price tag of $155 on credible websites. Although the values are virtually identical and can play a crucial role in the decision making, the most important element to consider before taking your pick should be your hair type, as both tools specialise in different areas.


In addition to having differences in their size and barrel, another key element that separates the Drybar Single Shot from the Double Shot is its purpose.

Purpose Difference Between Drybar Single Short and Double Shot

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The Drybar Single Shot is made of a round barrel, and while the nylon and tufted bristles can manipulate the strands of any hair type, the Single Shot is in a league of its own when it’s utilised on short hair. When used on shorter hairdos, the waves and curls it incorporates into the hair are unprecedented.

On the contrary, despite containing the same kind of nylon and tufted bristles, the oval shaped barrel of the Double Shot stands out best when it’s used on long hair. The device not only makes the strands look healthier than ever, but also provides tons of density, fullness, and volume into the roots, which can work wonders for you and your flat hair.

Final Takeaway: It’s A Win-win Situation!

All things considered, taking a pick between the double shot and the single shot should be easy at the end of the day, as it doesn’t come with a fixed answer. However, as long as you’re aware of your hair type, this scenario might prove to be a win-win situation!

While both ergonomically designed tend to be of great help when it comes to enhancing your hair with volume, texture, and more bounce, the round shape barrel of the single shot mainly caters to all hair types as long as the lengths are kept to a minimum. In simpler terms, the single shot blow-dryer works best with short hair as it specialises in creating curls and waves!

On the contrary, although the soft bristles and oval shaped barrel of the Drybar Double Shot tend to be just as efficient when it comes to performance, the piece of equipment stands out exceptionally when it’s allowed to work with long hair. Since it specialises in providing tons of elevation and shine, it can make flat looking long hair more voluminous and improve the state of the dull cuticles accordingly.

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