Dyson Airwrap vs. Supersonic: Which One Is Better For Your Hair?

Dyson is surely a nicely put impression in the eyes of hairdressers. The Singaporean brand initially started curating household products in the early 90s but subsequently moved to hair-styling tools shortly afterward. Today, it is known as one of the leading brands in the hair industry, which only exists for the top-grade quality hair styling tools they’ve produced so far.

While Dyson has a series of hair care tools under its belt as of 2023, the most successful campaign of theirs is carried by their multipurpose hair stylers. Among the number of hair stylers that they’ve curated so far, two leading models are the Dyson Airwrap and the Dyson Supersonic, both of which will be covered using this article.

Within this article, in addition to uncovering all the mechanics and analyzing each product to the fullest extent, I will also unveil to you the outcome that exists when the Airwrap is pitted against the Supersonic. Stay tuned until the end to learn about my preferred pick!

Summary Overview: Pros, Cons, and Key Features!

Before moving on to the next portion, you must learn about the promising qualities of both featured candidates in this article. While we’ve covered all the basics and appealing characteristics regarding both options in the two subsequent segments, you can also check out the following portion if you haven’t done any research. It not only contains the benefits of each good but also has a series of key features that makes them so desirable!

ProsIs versatile
Good for smoothness and volumeCaters to all hair types
Comfortable to use.
Good at retaining hair colour.
Prevents baby hair strands using its flyaway attachment.
Cons Is heavier
Not ideal for technologically challenged people.
Relatively expensive.
Not travel-friendly
Key Features1300w, 3 Speed Settings, 3 Temperature Settings, Classic housing, Flexible, Cold Shot1600w, 3 Speed Settings, 4 Temperature Settings, Good For Wet Hair, Ergonomic Design, Cold Shot.
Price Check Price Check Price

Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap

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The first contender of this bout is the Dyson Airwrap, which is known for utilizing its round barrels to the fullest for drying one’s hair. It can create effortless curls and waves on coarse hair, but is also renowned for being the perfect match for enthusiasts who believe in the power of volume.

More often than not, the Airwrap can cater to any type of hair with the assistance of the attachments that are provided alongside the tool. Powered wiith 1300 wattage, this styler contains a firm brush for straightening the hair and a soft brush for detangling the hair. It also contains a 1.2 inch barrel for helping curly heads introduce more volume and bounce within the structure of their hair, with another 1.6-inch barrel that creates waves that are looser and laid-back.

All in all, despite having a hefty price tag, the Dyson Airwrap can be an ideal expense for those that are looking for a tool that carries versatility. While its technical aspects can be challenging for newbies to fathom, it can be the next best thing to a hair salon if you have the habit of changing your hair regularly.

Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic

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Although the Dyson Supersonic is a bit different cosmetically, the results it brings to the table are equally promising in contrast to that of the Airwrap. The digital motor it has enables the Dyson Supersonic to bring results rather quickly, even when the hair is damp. The lean build it has also feels like a natural fit in hand and is extremely comfortable to use. Just like the Airwrap, the Supersonic also contains Cold Shot, a temperature setting that is ideal for post-styling.

Since they were indeed curated by the same brand, the Dyson Supersonic is eerily similar to the Airwrap in technical terms. However, the results it brings with its power level of 1600 watts are definitely more thorough and efficient, making it the better tool for hair drying only. Despite comprising the same weight, the Supersonic feels lighter and more comfortable to use.

How I Analyzed The Potential Of Dyson Supersonic Vs. Airwrap: Price, Performance, Design, and More!

To really put things into a clearer perspective, I really had to cover as much ground as possible using the two items since a final take was absolutely necessary. And since both of them belong to the same family, tons of similarities were found in their performance. However, due to being differently manufactured, picking a winner was extremely easy. Move on to the next portion to learn all the tasks that I carried out to determine the outcome of this bout between Airwrap vs Supersonic!

User Experience

Dyson Supersonic user experience

When put to the test, both items amazed me with their technological aspects. The Airwrap used its round barrel and a relatively powerful motor to give my damp hair the finish it needed over a short amount of time. It also gave me a range of attachments to finish manipulate the structure of my hair with curls, waves, and volume, which is a trait that I grew fond of with each use. While the limited amount of buttons did prove to be a bit problematic to work with at first, that issue was resolved indefinitely when I got access to its instruction manual. The Coanda smoothing dryer of the Airwrap also dried my hair like butter and allowed any hairstyle I wore from then on to be long-lasting.

On the other hand, when using the Dyson Supersonic, my hair was dry in a matter of minutes. Although the digital motor of it wasn’t as noticeable during the first use, that element alongside the Air Multiplier Technology really did feel more apparent during the second day. Although the heat setting was increased to the max, its Intelligent Heat Control enabled my hair to become dry without absorbing all the moisture from my scalp. Additionally, since the attachments were magnetic, switching from one attachment to the other was effortless!


Before putting each tool to use, I analyzed their housing thoroughly and discovered tons of differences within their build.

The Airwrap comprised a round barrel that looks rather heavy, but isn’t too bad when placed in the hand. The styler is also more sizable in contrast to its counterpart and is leaner as well. Additionally, the Airwrap also comes in a glossy color scheme which is drastically different from the matte paste that the Supersonic is draped in.

Due to its ergonomic design, the Dyson Supersonic is pretty compact in size. It also looks more like a hair dryer than anything, which explains why the tool performs best when it’s utilized for drying hair. The grip also feels more comfortable in my palms than the glossy finish of the Airwrap. However, in my opinion, the button alignment should’ve been placed in the front side, not the backside.

Value: Why both candidates are so costly

Since most people have to work with what they have, taking the price tag into account was pretty crucial before coming to a decision. And since the Airwrap is the newer model amongst this duo and is more flexible to use in contrast to the Supersonic, it is also the more expensive option. While this could easily make you side with the Dyson Supersonic, which happens to be relatively cheaper than the Airwrap, I would still place my money on the Airwrap because of how adaptable it is!


Once I started connecting the dots, I also realized the purpose that each model served.

The Airwrap is definitely the more multifaceted option out of the two. In addition to absorbing the water around your drenched hair with ease and grace, the Airwrap also contains multiple barrels to introduce waves and curls into your follicles. It also carries three different types of combs to detangle, straighten and volumize the hair in a matter of seconds!

Additionally, although the Supersonic was much more gentle on my partially thin structured strands when it was soaking wet, it couldn’t do much afterward. This is due to the materials that were used to curate the Supersonic, which were solely meshed together to create a tool that can style the hair in the easiest and most effective way possible. Not for improving the visuals of one’s hairstyle!

Minor and Major Concerns

When putting both models to use, I did note tons of promising aspects that made me reason with their enormous price tags. However, I also found minor and major flaws within each product that concerned this mind of mine.

The Airwrap should definitely be your pick if you’re seeking to introduce more flexibility and versatility to your styling routine. It can also get rid of frizziness and introduce tons of shine by using its soft brush which is known for detangling the hair. However, all the promising abilities that it has could be a bit too much to use for technologically handicapped people due to its plain build. Additionally, despite looking leaner than the sturdy and compact Supersonic, the Airwrap is definitely the heavier option out of the duo.

On the other hand, although the Supersonic is a great tool that will always make sure you leave the house with polished and dried hair, it could be difficult to travel with due to its stocky build. Many might also find the price tag a bit more unreasonable than that of the Airwrap because of how one-dimensional it is. Furthermore, due to its immensely powerful engine, using it in a low-heat setting might make the tool noisier than usual.

Bottomline: The Airwrap Is Ahead Of Its Time

After experimenting with the Airwrap and Supersonic for quite some time, I couldn’t help but acknowledge just how effective the two models were at doing their jobs. While the Airwrap’s attributes were a bit difficult to understand at first, it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it. Once I started making all the right moves, its versatility really outshone and swept me away.

In addition to preventing my hair from getting all tangled up when damp, the Airwrap also allowed me to change the structure of my hair as much as I wanted to. And while its volumizing barrel didn’t really allow my thin hair to create bouncy curls, the round volumizing brush definitely gave my hair newfound density for a considerable amount of time. For that reason alone and more, the Airwrap ended up being my ideal pick, having the edge over the Supersonic.

Additionally, despite losing this bout, the Supersonic also left a positive impression in my eyes, and on my hair. Whenever I was running low on time, the Supersonic dried my hair without creating any frizz and did so in a quick period of time. While its ergonomic build did seem redundant when I saw it, the comfort and control that it gave me when I used the Supersonic to dry my hair was amazing. Furthermore, since it is also relatively less expensive than the Airwrap, purchasing the model didn’t necessarily hurt me or my bank account!

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