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The Edgar Cut: 42 Different Ways To Show It Off!

If you’ve been following trendsetters in the fashion scene as of late, the Edgar haircut is definitely a name you must have heard of or stumbled upon!

For over a good couple of months now, the Edgar haircut has been a frontrunner in the world of hairstyling. The look brings back the visuals of the age-old mushroom haircut, alongside a low taper to maximize the texture and volume. It first gained recognition on TikTok, becoming a must-have hairdo in Latin America afterwards. The look is also said to have ties with former-baseball player Edgar Martinez, but the accuracy of the claim remains questionable.

Nonetheless, an Edgar haircut, also known as a bowl cut, knows no bounds. In other words, there are multiple ways in which the hairdo can be successfully showcased, with maximum style and flair. Stay tuned until the end to learn everything and anything regarding the universally loved Edgar haircut.

42 Trendy Edgar Haircuts For All Shapes and Sizes!

If you’d like to replicate a hairdo that is easy for your scalp to handle, and provides your hair with an endless amount of versatility, the Edgar haircut should be a must-have in your diary. While the Edgar haircut initially consisted of a bowl cut with choppy layers alongside a low taper for maximum elevation, the variations under its belt grew significantly in quick succession.

Currently, there are around 45 whopping designs that one can mimic or replicate with an Edgar haircut. While each variant has likeable traits on its own, almost all of them can be modified to meet the silhouettes of one’s structure. From cropped variants to soft layered slick backs, here are all the alluring designs of an Edgar haircut!

Edgar Cut with Cropped Caesar

Edgar Cut with Cropped Caesar

Starting off this list is an Edgar cut with a cropped Caesar, which anyone can replicate. Since it heavily focuses on texture and density, it can make even the finest piece of hair look dense and volumized.

A cropped Caesar on an Edgar cut can be the perfect variant to experiment with if you’d like to look more masculine and great for slimming down the structure of your face. It’s also quite low maintenance, with a chemical-free styling routine. The only drawback of this look is maintaining the length, however, requiring regular cuts to stay sound.

Distressed Edgar Cut with Burst Taper Fade

Distressed Edgar Cut with Burst Taper Fade

If your barber knows how to work with texturizing scissors, exchange your thoughts about getting an average haircut and replace it with a distressed one instead.

A distressed Edgar cut is all about the layers. While the creation process requires the use of texturizing scissors, you may also ask for a razor-cutting method for the disconnected silhouettes. To make the strands choppy yet firmly positioned, consider using styling wax or sea salt spray.

Edgar with Crop Cut

Edgar with Crop Cut

A French crop is one of the latest styling trends in the fashion scene. In addition to being one of the more manageable looks among modern hairdos, a French crop, also known as a crop cut, is quite compatible with various hairdos, especially with the Edgar cut.

This variant doesn’t have much volume to offer, but it stays in place at all times. A handful of styling gel pairs quite well with the visuals of the look, and can even be useful if you’d like to wear this look at formal events.

Edgar Cut with Mid-fade

Edgar Cut with Mid Fade

An Edgar cut usually comprises a choppy mushroom-like top which is sealed with a low taper. However, if you’d like to make the texture and thickness more apparent, you can even pair your Edgar cut with a mid-fade.

The way in which you can incorporate the mid-fade may vary. For instance, if you’d like to make your cheekbones pop out, even a blended mid-fade should be sufficient. Additionally, if you’d like to add more density to your beard, perhaps a mid-skin fade would cater to your preferences.

Edgar Cut with Mullet

Edgar Cut with Mullet

If you’d like to bring back 70s aesthetics with your Edgar haircut, pairing the components of the look with those of a mullet can be your best bet if your strands are long. On the contrary, if they have yet to reach a certain length, consider holding on to your patience, as it will be worth every penny.

An Edgar cut with a mullet can go a long way, especially if you’re seeking a trendy look that elongates the face. To learn all about mullets, consider taking help from this guide!

Fluffy Edgar Cut

Fluffy Edgar Cut

As opposed to an Edgar cut, a fluffy Edgar has more elevation around its roots. The look might be frowned upon in formal settings, but it can be an asset during special occasions.

A fluffy Edgar cut displays just how versatile the design can be, especially for those that are adventurers. The look typically requires styling foam to come into place, but you may also use a pre-styling spray to give the hair some natural volume prior to forming the structure.

Polished Edgar Cut

Polished Edgar Cut

If you have a knack for the mushroom haircut, a polished Edgar can give you the same amount of satisfaction.

Ensuring the structure of this Edgar cut is crucial for this hairdo, as the strands won’t look as appealing if the silhouettes aren’t in sync. Additionally, for the added gloss, consider lathering up your hair with some hair wax with high shine. You may also add styling clay if your hair is already a bit greasy.

While this look is quite neatly put, the structure doesn’t pair well with every face shape. However, if you change the placement of the taper, you too can pull this look off without feeling insecure.

Wavy Edgar Cut with Skin Taper Fade

Wavy Edgar Cut with Skin Taper Fade

If your waves are more comfortable with textured caesars or tense layers, a wavy Edgar cut can match perfectly with your likes and interests. It is usually sealed in with a taper fade to enhance the sharpness of each wave, but can also be formed using a fade haircut or a temp fade.

To make the waves more apparent in this design, using a leave-in conditioner can be a good option. Additionally, if you’d like the wavy tresses to have more volume as well, a curling custard can be an ideal companion.

Skinned Edgar Haircut

Skinned Edgar Haircut

Suffering from hair loss or male pattern baldness can be quite difficult to cope with, taking a toll on your esteem issues as a result. However, if you’d like to minimize the signs of hair shedding and increase your confidence overnight at the same time, a skinned Edgar haircut can be a great solution to consider.

The visuals of a skinned Edgar haircut are as short as it sounds. It is often created using a hair clipper with a T-blade as its shaving head, with either a closed or open lever. The look is quite easy to maintain and doesn’t move an inch once the strands are dry.

Takuache Edgar Haircut

Takuache Edgar Haircut

Before the Edgar haircut garnered impressive numbers and a whopping six-figure fanbase, the Takuache haircut was known as the frontrunner among popular haircuts in Asia. And although its influence did take a substantial hit once the Edgar haircut hit the shelves, the two subsequently joined forces for the ultimate takeover.

The Takuache Edgar haircut involves a mix between a mushroom cut and a Caesar cut, paired with a taper or low fade. Since learning about the Takuache haircut is important before replicating this look, be sure to skim through our guide on the Takuache haircut prior to finalizing your decision!

Edgar Cut With Subtle Layers

Edgar Cut with Subtle Layers

Using an array of layers can brighten up any hairstyle, even an Edgar cut. However, if you do plan on incorporating layers to your very own Edgar cut, make sure to secure the shape of the hairdo. While the layers are obviously the highlight of this look, the visuals won’t look as staggering if you don’t create the silhouettes first.

Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about how you can obtain an Edgar haircut at home, consider skimming through the guide we mentioned in the second half of this article!

Frosted Afro Top with Edgar Cut

Frosted Afro Top with Edgar Cut

If you’d like your natural hair to have a little more elevation, texture, and flair, take notes from this frosted afro top which has been formed into an Edgar cut. The height of this look won’t just be good for adding density, but will also be effective in narrowing down your jawline.

The best companion of this Edgar cut is a low taper, which adds some fullness around the roots and reduces bulk. However, you may even switch it with a mid-fade to give your beard and hair a concentrated disconnection.

Edgar Cut With Enhanced Curls

Edgar Cut With Enhanced Curls


Managing curls can eventually become a chore that many can’t comprehend, even with an effective routine. But, if you’d like to solve your hair issues indefinitely, modify your curls into an Edgar cut.

The separation between the taper and strands on top won’t just enhance the texture of your curls, but will also add to the volume of the hairdo. In contrast to most variants on this list, this hairdo is relatively low maintenance.

Rough Edgar Cut

Rough Edgar Cut

Growing the strands from a buzz cut is never easy, as the process comes with various forms of awkward stages. While shaving the sides on the regular can be a good way to have more control over your strands, a rough Edgar cut can also be a great alternative if you’re more into following trends.

To bring the textured pieces into existence, using a texturizing powder is advised. You may even consider using hair gel if your strands are dense and unruly.

Asian Edgar Cut

Asian Edgar Cut

When the Edgar cut took the fashion world by storm, it amassed a massive following in multiple regions. While Latin America was the first area to learn about its existence, another location that couldn’t deny the influence of an Edgar cut was Asia.

The newfound look, also perceived as the Asian Edgar haircut, is almost like a caesar cut with a distressed spiky texture. It pairs quite well with every hair type, but mostly look glorious with any density of Asian hair.

Edgar with High Crop

Edgar with High Crop

Adjusting the placement of the frontal region can bring this Edgar into existence, comprising a high crop with a concentrated shape-up. This look is a good design if your hair is a bit damaged since the cropped strands will introduce some much-needed fullness. It also adjusts to different face shapes, which can be an incentive for those with chubby cheeks and round faces.

However, creating the silhouettes of this look requires tons of expertise. Therefore, be sure to reach out to a stylist who knows how to work with a pair of scissors as well as shaving equipment.

Edgar Cut for Afro-textured Hair

Edgar Cut for Afro Textured Hair

Taming natural hair can be difficult, and wearing braids can be hard on your cuticles, especially if the strands are fragile. While you can always experiment with blowouts protective hairstyles to grow the strands some more, an Edgar haircut can also be just as rewarding.

On top of being easy to maintain, an Edgar cut is quite easy to form on afro-textured hair, especially due to its density. The look can easily be formed when the strands are wet using an afro comb, which can then be sealed with curling cream for a presentable appearance.

Outgrown Edgar cut

Outgrown Edgar Cut

An Edgar cut is mostly worn with fringes to pay homage to the circular shape of the look, but you can even explore its voluminous nature in multiple ways.

Growing the strands out to pull off this comb over can be a great variant under the Edgar cut. The look is pretty easy to create, pairing well under any circumstances. Using some gel or wax can also be a good idea for this look, especially for some added enhancement.

Edgar Cut with Bangs

Edgar Cut with Bangs

Incorporating bangs into an Edgar haircut can be a good way to add more density to your strands and an impeccable way to cover your forehead. The look is also quite organized, catering to the likes of many.

Creating this look is quite complex, however, requiring normal as well as texturizing scissors for implementation. Once the creation process has been dealt with, however, you can keep this look for a considerable time period without an issue!

Bowl-Inspired Edgar Cut

Bowl Inspired Edgar Cut

Bringing back a look from the vault is never a bad idea, especially when working with an Edgar cut. In fact, if you’re simply giving this look a go for self-satisfaction, go all in by replicating this bowl-inspired Edgar cut.

Just like an Edgar cut, the creation process of this variant is quite complex, requiring tons of time and composure. Furthermore, to learn all about it, move on to the second half of this write-up, which consists of an easygoing tutorial.

Mushroom-infused Edgar Cut

Mushroom Infused Edgar Cut

When going for an Edgar cut, you should either go all in, or not experiment with it at all. And if you’d like to obtain the goals of the former, bring back this option of an Edgar cut, which features the primary components of a mushroom cut as well.

Just like the previous entry, this look requires tons of skills to replicate. Therefore, to avoid a botched procedure at all costs, consider visiting a professional hairdresser.

Cropped Edgar Cut With Custom Pattern

Cropped Edgar Cut with Custom Pattern

Breaking barriers created by the fashion scene can be fun, especially with the help of an Edgar haircut. And although you’re already wary of how versatile the look can prove to be when created precisely, did you know that you can also wear it with a custom fade?

A cropped Edgar is brilliant, to say the least. But, the way in which it meshes with a custom pattern is outstanding, and even timeless in most cases. If you’re brave enough, you add shapes of waves, Aztec patterns, and even racing stripes with a cropped Edgar cut.

Edgar Cut With Slanted Faux Hawk

Edgar Cut with Slanted Faux Hawk

If you’d like to give your height a permanent boost with the help of your Edgar cut, consider forming a slanted faux hawk on top. Your hair might require an extra amount of volume for this hairdo, an attribute that you can easily meet using a hair dryer.

Permed Edgar Cut with Skin Taper Fade

Permed Edgar Cut with Skin Taper Fade

An Edgar cut can even welcome you and your thinning hair, with the help of perms. Also known as a permed Edgar cut, the look is the perfect way to boost some confidence and to add some unnatural amounts of fullness to your shaft.

A drawback of this look is its creation process, which is relatively time-consuming, requiring tons of spiral rods. However, if you’re running out of time, you may even resort to using perm sprays.

Another issue lies in its maintenance routine, which can be demanding to say the least!

Edgar Cut with Glasses

Edgar Cut with Glasses

Believe it or not, an Edgar cut goes with everything and anything. In certain cases, an Edgar cut is the perfect look for a hair enthusiast who wears glasses.

The choppy and even-shaped layers of an Edgar cut are the main reason behind its success among those who wear specs, as the silhouettes pair well with anything. Furthermore, when worn with glasses, an Edgar haircut can also give one’s face a slimming effect.

Cropped Edgar with Frosted Tips

Cropped Edgar with Frosted Tips

Most Edgar cuts are draped in the hue of jet black. To spice things up a little, however, you can always resort to vibrant colours.

If all else fails, you can always hop on the bandwagon with a cropped Edgar cut, combined with the visuals of frosted tips. Doing so won’t just give you more volume to play with, but also make your hair more noticeable in a room full of individuals. To seal the positioning of this look, resort to using hair spray with a firm hold.

Dishevelled Edgar Cut

Dishevelled Edgar Cut

Playing with your Edgar cut can bring forward marvellous options that will be staggering enough to fit into today’s world of trends. And if you like the sound of that, take a look at this dishevelled Edgar cut.

Although the front side consists of evenly-structured layers in an organized pattern, the back side is created with tons of volume, texture, and flair. To replicate the look, use a blow dryer when the strands are still damp. You may also use a volumizing comb to enhance the elevation towards the back.

Soft Edgar Cut with Burst Fade

Soft Edgar Cut with Burst Fade

You don’t always have to bring out the most in the strands of your shaft by trying out choppy layers or edgy textures to showcase the brilliance of an Edgar haircut. In fact, if you fall on the other end of the spectrum, with a knack for minimalism, creating a soft layered Edgar with a burst fade should be your cup of tea.

Prior to styling the look, use sea salt spray for some elevation. To create the curls with tousles, take a dime-sized amount of hair mousse or styling foam and lather it throughout your hair strands.

Hard Side Part with Edgar Cut

Hard Side Part with Edgar Cut

Another hairdo that you can pull off effortlessly under the guidance of an Edgar haircut is an angular side part, which can be a reasonable move to make if your hair grows towards one side. This variant isn’t like most options involved in this trendy look, as the visuals of the side part make this design timeless.

Another useful characteristic of this hard side part is this side part how it narrows down the facial structure of the wearer and brings in a slimming effect, which can be a diamond in the rough for those with chubby cheeks and round faces.

Edgar with Cross-shaped Fade

Edgar With Cross Shaped Fade

Incorporating shapes and patterns can also be an accessible way to stand out with your Edgar haircut, especially if you love being the centre of attention, While symbols of lightning bolts can be a great option to pay homage to DC superhero, Flash, you can also engrave the pattern of a cross-shaped design to represent your religion.

On another note, if you’d like to discover the ways in which one can pull off a cross-design haircut, find your answers using this guide!

Edgar Cut with Polished Slick Back

Edgar Cut with Polished Slick Back

Maintaining the length and bulk of an Edgar haircut can eventually become hectic, requiring more time for styling and drying. And although you can easily reduce bulk from your hair by visiting a reliable hairdresser, transforming the weighed-down layers into a gloriously polished slick back could be a quick and easy solution to cope with that scenario.

In addition to giving your hair new life, this slick back can also be the perfect companion to travel with during meetings, interviews, and business trips.

Androgynous Edgar Cut

Androgynous Edgar Cut

An Edgar haircut is for everyone, irrespective of gender orientation. However, if your main incentive with this look is to embrace your feminine or androgynous side, or even embrace your newfound sexuality, try finding contentment in this androgynous variant of the Edgar haircut.

Furthermore, if you’d like to skim through a list of promising alternatives, don’t forget to read our guide on gay haircuts!

Two-Part Edgar with Organized Fringes

Two part Edgar with Organized Fringes

An Edgar cut also has the symptoms and signs of any grungy fringe cut, which can be enhanced using a texturizing comb. However, if you’re all about wearing loud hairdos, a two-part Edgar cut, with elevated strands at the back and messy bangs in the front, can be a great idea.

Creating the separation is probably the only challenging aspect of this hairdo. However, if you have a rattail comb, sectioning the hair on damp strands should be effective and long-lasting.

Neat Edgar with Sharp Side-part

Neat Edgar with Sharp Side Part

As stated earlier, an Edgar haircut knows no bounds, and is open to interpretation. While you can pay homage to its original variant featuring a mushroom cut with a sharp edge-up and a low taper around the sides, you can also make it a part of your regular 9 to 5, using this sharp side part.

To create the look to perfection, style the hair with some pomade. Furthermore, to make the structure more polished, try forming the strands with a volumizing comb.

Curl-infused Edgar with Rattail

Curl infused Edgar with Rattail

The Edgar cut is also the perfect way for rebellious teens to make their mark, especially if they’re a fan of mullets and rattails. And if you happen to be one of them, let us present to you the visuals of this curl-oriented Edgar cut, featuring a rattail around the backside.

To replicate the texture of the curls, you may use a curling iron, especially if you’d like to pull off the flashiest version. However, to keep it light, a diffuser should be sufficient. Additionally, if you’d like your strands to look healthy and sound, use leave-in conditioner or some curling paste.

Textured Edgar with Low Taper

If you’d like to upgrade your hazel strands with some flair, giving in to a textured Edgar haircut can be a viable solution. The look has tons of layers scattered over the surface of the frontal region, which can be a good incentive if your hair is thinning. The low taper, on the other hand, is just as useful, adding more fullness to the shaft and increasing the tone of the colour scheme effortlessly.

Loose Curls with Tight Blended Taper

Textured Edgar with Low Taper

The layers of an average Edgar cut can eventually become infuriating and plain to look at. And although you can stop your experiment right there by visiting a hairdresser, you can also rejuvenate your interest towards Edgar cuts by creating curls on the upper half of your hair.

Wetting the hair is the first step of this routine, while using curling cream on damp hair is the next. Afterwards, be sure to blow dry the hair to seal in some moisture and introduce some elevation.

Choppy Edgar with Shadow Fade

Loose Curls with Tight Blended Taper

For introducing some edginess to your Edgar haircut, try mimicking the visuals involved in this look, featuring choppy layers and a shadow fade.

Creating this look is quite time-friendly and simple. In fact, if you have texturizing scissors and a hair clipper, you can instantly create the look at home. For avoiding botched results though, be sure to take help from a reliable companion.

Edgar cut with custom spiral design

Choppy Edgar with Shadow Fade

To stand out from the crowd with your newfound Edgar cut, you can make minimal changes around one of the two components. While this look does accommodate voluminous looks with open arms, be sure to take notes from this Edgar cut if you’d like your change to be as subtle as possible.

Additionally, if you’re not fond of the custom design, try finding an alternative pattern you resonate with.

Dred Bun with Edgar Cut

Edgar Cut with Custom Spiral Design

Once your Edgar cut comprises tons of size and density, managing the strands on a regular basis could feel like a chore. To have more control over the look, you can experiment with a dread bun, an alternative that is just as flashy and desirable as an Edgar haircut.

This variant is pretty fun to wear, but can be brutally time-consuming to replicate. To save time, however, professional assistance is advised.

Afro Blowout

Dred Bun with Edgar Cut

The neatness of an Edgar cut is what drives most people towards giving the hairdo a go. However, if you and your natural hair are looking for a way to showcase just how voluminous it can be, try combing your fro out and creating a voluminous blowout with your afro.

To replicate this look, using a blow dryer is necessary. Additionally, if your hair is prone to damage, apply a handful of conditioner or curling cream to protect the shaft when using the styling tool!

Duotone Edgar haircut

Afro Blowout

If you’d like to give your Edgar cut two personalities, consider draping your new hairdo in a duotone hue. The base of the colour should always be neutral so that the strands look fuller and elevated.

Additionally, if you’d like the cuticles to look healthier on top, try installing a bleached hair dye on top. To learn about the timeframe of bleaching, consider taking assistance from this guide of ours!

How to Create The Edgar Haircut: An Easygoing Guide For Beginners!

Edgar Cut Guide For Beginners

An Edgar haircut sure looks simple on the outside, comprising evenly cut layers and skin fade to increase hair density. However, if you’ve never experimented with the look before, know that it’s more complex than even the loudest hairdos.

Patience, skill, and consistency. These are words we would use when describing the creation process of the Edgar haircut. And if you’d like to learn how you can incorporate the look into your life by incurring zero chances of a botched procedure, be sure to find help in the guide mentioned below!

Comb through the hair 

Trying to create the look without detangling the strands can lead to tons of tugging and pulling during the creation process. Therefore, be sure to comb the hair thoroughly to reduce the chances of any discomfort. Additionally, if you partake in high-intensity activities, shampooing the hair should be a must!

Remove the bulk around the sideburns 

Prior to creating the evenly-shaped fringe on top, remove the excessive bulk around the sides. You can use a zero-guard clipper if you’d like to skip past the next step.

Create the guideline with a 0.5 guard clipper

To refrain from backfired results, use a hair clipper with a 0.5-guard shaving head or open lever to create the first guideline around the sideburns.

Create a close shave around the temples

Closing out the outline of the sideburns should be easy, especially if you have a cordless shaver around. Once the guideline is created, use the shaver to increase the sharpness of the low taper, which will also add more fullness to the upper half of your hair.

Even out the ends of the hair using a clipper over a comb

To get an Edgar cut, getting rid of bulk from the top and sides is the main aim. However, if you’re not willing to take the risk with a pair of scissors, play it safe using the clipper-over-comb method.

Use the corners to create a bald look around the bottom of the backside

Once the shape of the taper looks more prominent, use the corners of your clipper to provide the bottom half of your crown with a close shave. Doing so will give the strands on top more density, and create a sharper disconnection between the Edgar cut and the fade.

Give a touch-up to secure the round shape of the Edgar cut

Securing the shape is a must if you’d like to pull off the Edgar cut without any flaw, which can only be done by providing frequent touch-ups during the creation process. You may use a clipper with a bulky guard if your stylist is a newbie, but can even use the clipper-over-comb method repeatedly until the shape comes into place.

Chop the layers on top by half an inch across every section 

An Edgar haircut is also about organized pieces of hair, from the front to the back. To ensure your Edgar cut mimics that without any issue, trim the layers on top by half an inch. You may even reduce more or less, depending on your preferences.

Give a sharp lineup around the fringe to seal the look

The best part about an Edgar haircut is that it doesn’t require the use of styling products. However, to increase sharpness near the frontline, the best part about this hairdo, adding a shape-up or a line-up is necessary. Fortunately, this is also the last step of the creation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the formerly mentioned portions, we hope you’re able to find a desirable option under the Edgar haircut that pairs well with your face shape, frame, and taste in fashion.

And while the previous portion will surely allow you to successfully bring an Edgar haircut into existence, be sure to skim through the following set of questionnaires to eliminate any feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

Q: When did the Edgar haircut come into existence?

A: The Edgar cut was discovered in 2018 after it became a popular trend on TikTok, a prominent video-streaming platform. Due to offering a low-maintenance upkeep routine and being a specialist in enhancing density, the Edgar cut became a trend in men’s fashion.

Q: Will an Edgar cut suit the shape of my face?

A: An Edgar cut is mainly ideal for those with narrow face shapes and a life savour for those with thinning hair. However, if the strands on top are grown out by a tad bit, it can even accommodate those with double chins and round faces.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, an Edgar cut welcomes everyone with open arms, and does so by coming in various forms. It brings forward visuals that can add tons of fullness to the shaft, which can be a great incentive to consider if you’re suffering from male pattern baldness.

So far, the versatility of an Edgar cut remains unlimited and undefeated. You may pull off various looks that focus on volume, such as slick backs and comb-overs. However, if you’d like something more vibrant and energetic, know that you can also incorporate designs around the sides.

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