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Well, you have come to the right place. Today, in this article we will review the best shaving gel for men in the market. Whether you have sensitive skin, or any other kind of unique needs, we will tell you all about the advantages of using Edge shaving gel for men.

This comprehensive review will not only be a simple description of the Edge shaving gel, we will do a detailed, in-depth review covering why it is the most effective, comfortable and also the majority opinion based on consumer reviews.

Whether you want to shave your face, head, chest, private area or any part of your body, it is crucial that you realize the importance of choosing the right shaving products for your desired results.

Undoubtedly, one of the best shaving gels for men in 2020 and we assure you that we have done our hard work with extensive research so that you can use it without worry.

Let’s get started!

Product Description: Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel

The Edge Shaving Gel is made specially as a treat for those with sensitive skin. It uses Aloe as its primary ingredient and comes in a 7 Ounce size as part of a Pack of 6 by Edge.

The active ingredient Aloe gives your skin extra soothing relief and prevents nicks, cuts and potential irritation which are all common side effects of shaving. You will feel and look good after a nice shave using this Edge shaving gel for sensitive skin.

The formulation using aloe makes it ideal for sensitive skin but there are other benefits as well. The gel texture is excellent for smooth glide of the razor as a lubricant and the cooling sensation is not just to provide temporary relief to your skin, rather it moisturizes and conditions the skin.

The main concern for those with sensitivity is how well the razor glides on the surface of your skin. It is quite the dilemma as you don’t want to force the razor risking irritation, nicks or cuts, but you also want a close, smooth shave. The aloe and gelling agent, enhances the glide for your razor without hurting skin.

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The 6 Unique Formulas of Edge Shaving Gel for Men

You may wonder that what about those without sensitive skin issues, is the Edge shaving gel still the best? Well, here’s the answer!

Edge Shaving Gel for Men

Every man has face which is of course unique not just in its looks but also in the different lives they lead. Some guys spend most of their time outdoors, under the sun around dust, dirt, etc. while others spend most of their time indoors lacking sufficient exposure to sunlight and natural fresh air. Now, these variations in lifestyles have a direct impact on what type of skin they have and what sort of shaving tools they require for the best results.

So, whether you need extra protection, moisture, cooling, or anything else, Edge shave gels offer 6 unique formulas to start your day and do your thing without any worry. Every day starts with a look in the mirror, then its go time – whether its work or play, you gotta go!

The following 6 unique variations of the Edge shaving gels prepare you for your day:

  • Sensitive Skin

The Edge Sensitive Skin as mentioned earlier comes with aloe as the active ingredient with lubricating qualities which enhance the chances of smooth gliding for your razor. You get a close, clean shave without harming or irritating your skin.

  • Extra Moisturizing

The Edge Extra Moisturizing shaving gel is for those with extra dry skin. It contains a skin moisturizing formula which is rich in vitamin E to leave your skin feeling fully hydrated. So, a clean and close shave doesn’t have to leave your face feeling dry.

  • Ultra Sensitive

The Edge Ultra Sensitive is for those with extremely sensitive skin leading to frequent cuts or nicks. It is formulated with Collodial Oatmeal as its active ingredient to give extra sensitive protection from razor burns, rashes, redness, swelling, nicks and cuts.

  • Extra Protection

The Edge Extra Protecting shaving gel contains extra lubricants to avoid irritation from shaving. Many avoid shaving due to the sheer amount of damage it does to the skin, with this special formula you will not dread a nice, clean and close shave.

  • Soothing Aloe

The Edge Soothing Aloe as the shaving gel name suggests is filled with aloe and a range of additional emollients which create a unique blend. This is perfect for more sensitive areas such as the underarms, pubic areas, etc.

  • Pro Relief

The Edge Pro Relief shaving gel is a formula containing special moisturizers and lubricants for a relieved shave. It contains oatmeal and allantoin for increased protection against irritation and smooth glide on the surface of your skin.

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How To Safely Use Edge Shave Gel For Men

Start by applying warm water to your skin – water which is not ice cold or boiling hot but lukewarm water. Remember, that you do not need as much gel as you would when using a shaving cream or foam. So, take a peanut size amount and gently rub over your skin for it to lather. Once, lathered you are ready to shave. You should always rinse off after shaving using cool water.

One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable and smooth shave, shave AFTER a shower or washing your face rather than the more common way of shaving first and then washing your face or taking a shower.

As a precaution, do not store the Edge shaving gel bottle above 120 degrees F temperature and do not puncture it. If the can begins to rust, get rid of it and get a new one. At all times, keep it away and out of the reach of children.

Edge Shaving Gel User Reviews

Overall, the Edge shaving gel has positive reviews from a wide majority of its users. While many of the shaving products in the market focus on fragrance and the use of cooling agents, Edge focuses on its performance. Not that it doesn’t smell nice or provide cooling effects, but this is not the primary focus of the range of Edge shaving gels on the market today.

Edge Shaving Gel User Reviews

Many users have been using Edge shaving gels for a number of years and they are satisfied with the formula which has stood the test of time. The brand is trusted and well-reputed across the globe. The following are some of the highlighted factors which make the Edge sensitive skin shave gel a popular choice:

  • A little dab of the gel is able to provide a lot of lather which is sufficient for a thick, foamy shave so a 7-ounce product lasts a long time
  • The gel does not dry up the skin using alcohol as is common with most other shaving gels
  • The gel does not irritate the skin, and prevents irritation while getting a close shave as a result, less razor burns and a much more comfortable shave is possible
  • The does not have a strong fragrance which is overwhelming, rather a fresh, clean smell
  • The best shaving gel for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin among other skin issues for complete protection while shaving using any type of razor
  • Most users have said that the gel leaves skin feeling not just smooth and clean, but also hydrated and moisturized

As per the user reviews of using the Edge shaving gel by men, it is easily among the best shaving gels in the market. The only disadvantage, which is common with shaving gels in general, is that it is not easy to clean your razor from the residue. But you won’t get any gel which is unlike that.

What Exactly is Shaving Gel?

Before we finish up, we wanted to clarify what a shaving gel is for those who are wanting to shift from using shaving foam, cream or soap over to using shaving gels.

Many of us think that the canned shaving gels which is commonly found in stores is a shaving gel. Actually, it is not!

Most consumer brands market shaving gels in the form of a gel which turns into a foam within a few seconds – these are actually all shaving foams. A true shaving gel is simply a gel!

The cheap forms of canned shaving products which are marketed as gels, are only to trick consumers into using them as an alternative to shaving foams. Good quality shaving gels won’t instantly turn into a foamy lather, rather they will be much thicker and quite different from shaving foams.

So, don’t fool yourself by buying cheap products rather go for good quality, trusted shaving gels.

Who Are Ideal Shaving Gel Users?

As you may have understood by now, quality cannot be compromised if you want good results. So, whether you are already using shaving gels, creams or soaps, you must use the best quality ones to get your desired results.

All the different types of shaving products have the same purpose which is to soften hair, lubricate skin and prevent irritation. But due to the different types of skin and lifestyles of people, they do not all work as effectively for everyone.

For example, the biggest disadvantage of using shaving soaps and also shaving creams is that it dries out skin. So, for those with dry skin issues, they cannot use shaving soaps or shaving creams and even shaving foams. Shaving foams, on the other hand, are too foamy and light in texture, as a result they are notorious for frequent cuts, nicks and razor burns.

Shaving gel is an ideal choice because they do not lead to dry skin, but also add extra moisture to your skin. The Edge shave gel uses aloe vera to minimize dry skin conditions and lubricate shaved skin.

So, for men who suffer from dry skin, or dry skin after shaving, the most ideal choice is to switch to using shaving gels. You will find your skin to be more lubricated while shaving and even after. Also, for those with sensitive skin to burns and cuts, gels help by preventing easy damage to your skin while shaving.

Additionally, for those who do not need to shave frequently, such as those who are sporting a beard, shaving gels are ideal to shave around moustache, goatee, etc. since it is easier to see through the gel compared to shaving foams, etc.


That brings to the end of this comprehensive Edge shave gel review for men.

Of course, as you will have thought there are hundreds of other products which are readily available in the market and can challenge to be among the best shaving gels. But from what we have researched on the market – this is clearly a popular choice.

However, to save you the time, effort and money on trying out all the ones in the market which are all promoted to be the best – we have done the hard work for you.

So, while we highly recommend the Edge shaving gel for men to be an ideal choice, we encourage that you do your fair share of research in an effort to always choose a product which is the best in quality from a trusted brand.

At the end of it all, it is a matter of personal preference but make the most of all the resources you have available to you in the form of the internet, product reviews and user reviews.

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