The Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving soap bowl is a great gift idea for any man in your life that likes a good wet shave. It is a glossy black color with a handle on the side for a better grip on the bowl itself. Easily mix your favorite shaving soap into a thick lather without a huge mess. Like every item available, this item has a list of pros and cons.

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This item makes a perfect gift. It is an excellent suggestion if you know anyone who does a wet shave. This item is not very expensive so it can save you money. For men who are considering a wet shave over the classic shaving techniques, make sure to consider purchasing this item along with the wet shave brush. There are many benefits to trying a wet shave. This method allows shaving soap to get under those thick bristles of hair, moisturizing the skin. This method also cuts back on the amount of ingrown hairs you would get from the classic modern shave. It is cost efficient since shaving soap goes much further than the gels and creams you find in an aerosol can. Aerosol cans are much more expensive than shaving soaps; a nickel sized dollop will shave an entire face two times before it runs out. That cuts back on how much you spend for shaving accessories already. This is also a great way to “shave green” for those who are environment friendly and like going green. This item can assist you in achieving a cleaner and greener shave by eliminating the necessity to purchase aerosol cans that are harmful to the environment.

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There are not many downsides to the Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl. It is made of porcelain, however, meaning it can be broken when dropped. Unlike old metal shaving tins, this one is not quite as durable.  If dropped, the pieces are sharp and jagged which causes a hazard for cuts. Always make sure you use extra caution when cleaning up sharp items. Another down side to this item, it only comes in black. This may be a universally neutral color, but if you have a bathroom set that is in pastels, this item will definitely stand out. Try not to purchase just for a color scheme but for the quality item you will be receiving. This product is also very small, smaller than some people prefer so make sure and check the actual size to ensure you will be happy with the size available.

If you are considering ordering an Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl, make sure the size is suitable for you. Look at all the specifications of the item to ensure you will enjoy the shaving bowl to the full extent. This is an item with a great price and is almost perfect for anyone who enjoys a nice wet shave. This bowl is not shatter proof though so ensure it is safely put away if you have small children.

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